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code in detail, more quickly identify the problem

review on all issuesFor more information on the security problem of The ; noble baby

today, we are very happy to introduce you to a new function of webmaster tools, namely "security issues".

  as a site owner, if found their website was hacked or malware intrusion, will feel extremely anxious, and in a short time to remove these malicious content is not easy. In order to solve this problem, we have been committed to simplifying the site restoration operations and malicious content removal process. Therefore, when running in the corresponding website software expired, we will inform the webmaster, at the same time we also launched specifically for hacking the website to help website, which contains video and each step of recovery process a detailed description of the article.

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in the same position and view on the website related

in the same position and view on the website relatedThe use of

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function, after verification of the website owner will be able to:

Webmaster Tools GroupAs everyone knows,

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by the new process is simplified, simply click a button, you can request the

system will provide as much as possible by hackers. The HTML and JavaScript code and a list of recommended operation, the invasion of content to help you clear a specific type of the detected system.

code in detail, more quickly identify the problem


only need to click the button, you can request for review on all issues

now, when the system detects your site may have been hacked or malware intrusion, will be in the same position on display all related content, so that you can easily access. Whether before from the webmaster tools "malware" section for information, or new information related to the hacker network garbage, now can be found in the "security issues". In the "security issues" on the main page, you can see the contents of the intrusion types, sample URL (if any) and the latest date of inspection to the problem.

For more information on the security problem of

The use of

Five trick of the chain

fourth strokes, making external

general station Links should not exceed 20, because other external links will not station is very powerful, not enough to ignore the negative effect brought by the friendship. The mayoral candidate selected Links like competition, the other chain is public. If you don’t get a lot of support from the public, even if your candidate vote, also can not get the trust of the search engine, and sometimes even have a negative impact. So the small owners have to be careful, don’t Links as cheating.


high quality link is the other high weight links to your page (best single). Love is the best of the Shanghai encyclopedia and free access to high quality links, of course it is not easy to stay in the Wikipedia link. The following share Baidu encyclopedia chain trick I, two cases (Wikipedia account is below level three and level four or above). More than four of the account is the authority, as long as you create the correct entry, in which with links to Wikipedia editor will not love Shanghai to see whether there is a suspicion of advertising, unless someone reported. The following three can go on the Internet to find a good article posted to their website, and then take the content inside the sex Shanghai encyclopedia, this reference is perfectly matched, as long as your site without advertising on the success of the suspect.

in > Zac

is a source of communication within the industry leader". A good article in the dissemination of the source web site there are a lot of "little brother" support, naturally inside what you write is widely accepted and absorbed. A good link one definition is to bring traffic to the site, if you are in the A5 webmaster wrote a good post, resonate with everyone, nature inside the link to get more attention.

Hello, I’m Zac! Shanghai dragon industry have a saying is "content is king, the chain for the emperor". I believe we all know the importance of external links, here is not to say, let us go directly to the topic, five trick about external links, may be very helpful to you,

second strokes, to get high quality links

is the first move, looking for the spread of the source

third, cherish Links

what is the spread of the source, popular to say that many people’s website. For example, you are the webmaster, want to promote their website or the like learn what point, where would you go? I think you will go to A5 and ChinaZ these well-known sites, because they are in the spread of the source station changye. There are many like-minded people together to discuss learning together. But only love the same person will accept your things (if your website is not known), so you are the master, but to promote their skin care forum is ridiculous. Never talk to people who don’t play video games to discuss a game many exciting, because they do not understand, some people may even dislike, thus they think you in the "negative" effect of advertising.

Chasing the search engine algorithm too tired to have a better method of Shanghai Dragon

give you an example about the needs of users in here, we will give you the most familiar Shanghai dragon as an example. I believe this word just up, many people will be very strange to the word. In search of what is Shanghai dragon? So this is what Shanghai dragon years occupy search love Shanghai below. So this time you must layout a website called Shanghai dragon is the content of what. This is because users are most concerned about the content. Have to say my here, that is I >

now too many people want to do Shanghai dragon can decipher the search engine algorithm used on their website to get good rankings, I saw a lot of people do Shanghai dragon staring at the search engine algorithm to do optimization. There is a search engine to quickly understand the wind sways grass which search engine algorithm to adjust. In fact, do like cat and mouse, very tired, and too unrealistic. According to Google’s official statement is: Google a year to adjust the algorithm is 500 times. That is almost a day will be one half of the adjustment, intelligent search engine development, the whole team how many people. How can we grasp the search engine algorithm accurately, we need to look through the phenomenon of nature, and grasp some essential things, try to grasp some things according to. In order to better grasp the search engine, let us win website in search engine.

is here, we may feel that we returned to the clouds of words like "user experience". In fact, this is the way it is, and to determine the user site optimization if you can accurate demand. I believe your web site keywords ranking can be in an invincible position in the search engine, rather than the pursuit of those search engine sites. By deciphering the search engine algorithm and access to the website, but they did not. Every moment they are worried about the search engine algorithm will lead to changes in the site keywords decline. If our site is the real needs of users based on the angle of view, then it will not be much affected by the search engine algorithm changes and let the keywords ranking fluctuations.

thing? Is actually very simple, we only need to understand why the search engine can exist? Look at the love Shanghai slogan will understand, what is the slogan of the Shanghai love love Shanghai? You know, the search engine is for the user to solve the problem of the. Of course, this is actually the one hand, there is on the one hand to help users find information. Google in this area is the fastest, allowing users on Google to find what he wants to leave the information search engine. In fact, from these two points basically is the search engine to do things, so we ask ourselves, our website is not to follow the characteristics of the two search engines to do? If you are in an industry information site. Provide the content on your site is not the most love is not content to users, users need most content, the content on your site is not able to solve the user’s doubts.

What is the nature of this

Four principles of website optimization in Shanghai dragon content is king must follow

Shanghai dragon friends, must know, website optimization, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence, the initial study of Shanghai dragon, we will have a confused period, we conscientiously according to the method optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, according to Shanghai dragon optimization techniques to optimize we stand, but in the end, why do not get the result we want? Here I’ll tell you, the website of Shanghai dragon optimization "content is king" the importance of doing station, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in addition to understand the method, also need to pay attention to many details, the details determine success or failure, what is the four principle that website optimization Shanghai dragon "content is king" must follow the

web content layout have Shanghai dragon ER are not unfamiliar, but there are a lot of people did not pay much attention to the layout problem. The font size, key Title bold, at the beginning of each paragraph did leave a space, and the layout of these very specific questions, but also Shanghai dragon ER must follow the principle. Determine whether the value of the content of a web site, these details can be reflected, we have no intention to do, the heart and no heart, the surface will be able to see it. So the content layout has become a search engine to determine the value of content, as well as an important indicator of the user experience, so appeal to everyone to learn more content editing, we can refer to some of the success of the site to see how they are editing content, you can also refer to love Shanghai Encyclopedia editing method. The best layout is to make web site content do illustrations (picture remember add keywords in the ALT attribute), this will allow users to search engine is also good to hear or see, very easy to rank.

we understand, then we should write the content, when we write the content, will often encounter a lot of words, so at this time we can put the keywords into the chain, the anchor text links, so as to determine the search engine on our website content quality, let the spider understand the content of your site is around what to write, but not too much, it is still not said, according to the content of the article length to add, and to ensure that the specific links between, do not have to add keywords accumulation, nature, in fact, here the author of the anchor text link rankings is deep have experience, especially for some long tail off.


1. to web content timing quantitative update

we do Shanghai Longfeng, adhere to the update timing quantitative website content, this is the most basic principle to follow. For example, you at 9 in the morning every day to update the site content, you should stick to it, must in 9 daily updates, not updated today, tomorrow is not updated, the day after more updates several content, so the search engine is not love.

After the above two

3. web content need to do well in the chain is the anchor text link

2. web content typesetting needs a more reasonable

Don’t blindly love Shanghai products chain or just a legend (original)

, however, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai products chain may not be as a tool to enhance the ranking. First, we should understand the meaning of existence is what the chain. In the eyes of search engines, the value chain is the promotion, this promotion is the promotion to the user, rather than the promotion of spiders. That is to say, only in the spider or gain weight to the chain is not natural, the chain out must have on demand chain without user clicks, is to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, the search engine is the most objectionable.

most Shanghai dragon people will contact the chain construction of this link, and a little bit of all veterans know the importance of the high quality of the chain, the chain will also continue to develop high quality. Among them, in the eyes of many people, the high quality of the chain must include the chain of love Shanghai products, especially Shanghai and Shanghai know love love.

is more important, love Shanghai product chain is not subject to love Shanghai himself admits, with query analysis tools outside the chain of love Shanghai, love Shanghai products are simply not as one of the most efficient chain. That is to say, love Shanghai, the chain is not transmit weight. Therefore, in Shanghai for the purpose of dragon love Shanghai chain will lose its value.

so, love Shanghai products chain had to click on the demand is not the most?. For example, many people pursue the love Shanghai encyclopedia, leave the chain of place is the most under the reference, and see Shanghai people love Wikipedia is not going to pursue what the reference is, can’t even drop down to the bottom to see, therefore, the hidden chain needs of users is very small. Love the experience of Shanghai similarly, but also with the nofollow label; love Shanghai and Baidu Post Bar know it is difficult to leave a complete web site, plus the recommended statement is more difficult; and love Shanghai library inside the site is carrying on the text, the increase of the weight of little significance, but the user clicks on the demand is also very small.


I love Shanghai products chain is conducive to Shanghai dragon, as it is conducive to brand marketing and promotion. Like Shanghai know, leave the chain is very difficult, but it can answer some related information about the enterprise, not only to meet the needs of users, and promote their brand; love Shanghai library can also through the header and footer even watermark to promote their own.

love Shanghai products can do the chain products including love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love to know and love Post Bar library Shanghai Shanghai experience, love Shanghai now has very little space included. In so many products, the most simple is love Shanghai library, the most difficult to know the love of Shanghai. For the love of Shanghai products, because directly belongs to love Shanghai, and often in front row of the site, so many people regard them as a chain of the holy land, hoping to get high weight love Shanghai transfer, also can increase their exposure.

Five methods of exchange Links

through their large construction sites, which links the main station, of course here must be taken to avoid search engine punishment, the effect is very good, because is a one-way link, one-way links is better than the Links effect, higher weight, so the energy may wish to consider it.


third: link platform

method mentioned above are summed up in Links to do website, these are personal experience, hoping to solve the novice webmaster in exchange Links the difficulty of this paper comes from the 贵族宝贝qudou4贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source.

in common must meet some webmaster, because every webmaster is equivalent to a resource, so to be more than usual in QQ or QQ group with the webmaster to share some experience, to win the goodwill of others, facilitates later when he needs to help the good opening, if you have ten webmaster friends, then you have the equivalent of ten Links.


now has a lot of free links in Shanghai love search platform, there are a lot of, and then find the same type of website links in each website data platform, there are QQ number, through with the QQ number, and then a talk, soon you will be able to get Links.


second: meet

no matter what time, money is easier to work, but also Links, as long as you have money, can link to some trading platforms, such as Admin5 link bar and webmaster network link bar, there are a lot of links can be guaranteed by the seller, Admin5 system to buy, so have more security security.

website Links for many novice webmaster, that is more difficult, because many new Adsense in exchange Links will be difficult to change to several suitable, website weight itself is very low, but also belong to the new station, so the exchange will encounter some difficulties, so what solution do.

: first opened QQ group

fourth: buy links

opened the QQ group also has certain provisions, such as you are in the chat room type website, then you should open a chat room type QQ link group, set up after the need to propagandize, if you really do not know where to go to publicity, or directly on the Admin5 station long bar.

fifth: the accumulation of resources

How long can the site keywords on the front page


through the website positioning analysis, and evaluation of your keywords ranking time by geographical, time, audience etc.. To achieve high precision, strong penetration and wide coverage.

the first drop-down box can be judged from the popularity of the word, add drop-down box full of words is not popular words, second top 20 home number, do not know whether a friend can understand, a number of the top 20 home page, we make an example, such as the Shanghai dragon search, search Shanghai Dragon first is love Shanghai Wikipedia, the second is ch>

first if our own site is not about the assessment of what time can go up, then we will not be able to make a correct judgment, how to conduct propaganda to attract your potential customers. We can not blindly do not stop to optimize the propaganda and the so-called, have a lot of friends website operation for 1 years, 2 years, 3 years without income appreciation. I do not know whether it is operating over the portal sites, the portal site is very difficult to operate, not to say that you want to do will do, if you want to pass the ranking to do the portal, then the probability is very low. Do a lot of doors are not by ranking. So personally, if you are unable to correctly assess what time your web site keywords can up, so meaningless do half a year, do you feel a waste of time and energy? The word is expected to be 3 months, through the normal optimization of 3 months can go up and can you do 6 months still did not go up, it is not the existence of some problems? Are you or your technology to optimize the way wrong? This is everyone’s judgment standard. When you are expected for a word, and when he arrived at this time, you do not see the rankings, or more than the time you did not see ranking, and that this situation is wrong your way. So this is why we expected to predict the key words, this is the key result.

according to our long-term observation, the words can be divided into four categories: popular words, common words, hot words, super popular words, so different classification, different words, his time is not the same. Popular words are common words is 1~2 months, 2~3 months, popular word is more than 3 months, the popular word is more than half a year. Now there will be a lot of friends want to know their words which belong to the type, which belongs to the common words or super popular words. Today we speak of to you, how to judge our lexical category, and given the optimal time.

First we

the construction site on-line operation, how can we predict what time the keyword can be on the front page, we think, why do we need to predict, how long can the engine on the home page, the aim is to

believes this is the topic we most want to know and have been concerned for a long time the topic, rattan design for optimization and operation of the professional website design studio, we have our own experience to share with everyone.

Case analysis the frequent changes to the site will ruin your ranking


said the website customers not to search, can search the previous word now all not to search. Then I opened the site to see the next, then found that the site has done a lot of changes. Yes, from the title to the description from the column name to the content page. Have a basic change in different degree, and a large number of intermediate stack keywords, the content of the website page of each article with head and tail lists a lot of words, and with a lot of link. At the bottom of the site more than 10 several Links, most of the site has nothing to do with the industry, and there are two one-way links. Link to Taobao is a guest website, the query Taobao guest website has been the site down the right, the content of the website is around the collection, but also a variety of sentence fluent, mingled with a large number of keywords. By asking that the customers to more quickly improve the ranking, will recruit a staff of Shanghai dragon. So in the Shanghai dragon Er within two weeks of busy, all keywords are not currently website ranking, even the brand word is no longer home, Xiao Bian used to view the tool, the search results page to page 50 search. Brand word came in more than 390. The site also has 1 weeks not included new page. All aspects are in decline. To these problems, each one will.

some time ago to do a customer of a company’s brand website, he is to do the brand to join investment. This is the first time the customer access to the Internet, all kinds of information are not ready for a long time to finally give an information office address and company name. Well, anyway, it’s not the first time encountered such a situation, then according to his product and industry to collect information. Code optimization, structure optimization was made, then the communication with the customer, to determine his promotion direction, then the site title, keyword and description are written. The title is: "keyword + brand name" form, due to the customer’s business scope is not limited to a certain area, so the key words not in front plus area. Do these online website immediately after.

on the line after second and 360 day of Shanghai had been included, the brand name is in the first rank natural needless to say, there are a few small heat word is ranked more than 20 to third day in Shanghai included 7 pages and contains 3 pages of content 360. In other words also appear in the top 100 among the customers happy, also called and talked for a while, I finally told the daily update, the website will become better and better. The company did not Shanghai Longfeng professional personnel, only one administrative clerk every day to update the website content. Even in the absence of any chain under the condition of the site’s ranking has been slowly progress forward, included more and more. Because we just have the website construction and website optimization without cooperation, cooperation, see his site is normal to normal, small will no longer pay attention to his rank. Until one day the customer call…

An analysis of how to analysis server log

!For example: – [29/Jun/2011:00:30:29 +0800] "GET/ shichang/ HTTP/1.1" Shanghai dragon 2007926 "-" Mozilla/5.0 "(compatible; bot/2.1 +贵族宝贝 noble noble baby; baby贵族宝贝/bot.html

Third information

logging is the most useful information in the log, it tells us what the server receives a request, for example for visitors to request access to "Shanghai dragon shichang/" page.

server log

is the first remote host address information.

virtual machine will have server logs, mostly in the logs folder, if your space is not, then please contact your service provider space, he will bring you out of the.

log record is the status code, if the display 200 indicates that the request is successful, if the display is 300.

Examples: We open the

server log analysis, through the analysis of the log, we can know the search engine crawling records, this is helpful for us to search engine used to exchange. So, today we will be Shanghai dragon tutorial network as an example, tell you how to analyze the web log:

server log in a text, then we will see a lot of records, I am here, as we explain how to understand the "astronomical"

)" Fourth information

2, to see their

in the example above, METHOD is GET, the other often possible METHOD and POST and HEAD, in addition there are many possible legal METHOD, but this is mainly three kinds of.

is not big enough for the log, we can see the general text editor, because the log is so big, but for some large web sites, search engines crawl the site frequently, the log is great, we have to use the software to check back and say.

1, we find the

server log?We use the Have a more important role for a website

log second is the time of the request. This log record indicates that the request time is June 29, 2011 00:30:29. The last time the information "+0800" means the server time zone in UTC after 8 hours.

PROTOCOL is usually HTTP, followed by the version number.


An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of soso Q & a platform outside the chain


2: can be stable to attract traffic. Because the Search ask can leave a page in the link, so the relative and love Shanghai know more likely to attract hits. I just soso after posting a few links from the background data found from search inquiry platform flow. And there is a steady growth trend. As shown in the figure below (because of the site in the recent revision period, the inside pages are temporarily open, solid from search Q & a platform into the flow decreased).

of the chain searchIn addition to


as the chain construction is to attract traffic, more important is to transfer the weight. But search Q & a platform and can not transfer the weight. We can see through the specific page source code. As shown in the code, we can find that our left link is a hyperlink. The link I think most of the webmaster should know and can not transfer the weight. So even if you search this page in the Q & a platform to do more links can not increase the weight, improve ranking.

search chain

1: relative love Shanghai know, Search ask the link easier. I have been in love at sea tests, in Shanghai love know if you want to stay outside the chain, leaving only the general page of links, and can not simply stay connected, through some methods to bypass the detection, such as abcd. 贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝. Abcd. But soso q is relatively simple, generally can be directly through the part can not only in this form is similar to love Shanghai can pass, and search for another advantage is that can be released within the page link, and love Shanghai know that the chain page is generally not to leave the. As shown below.

Search ask the chain:

high quality of the chain for site compared every webmaster has deep experience. For the high quality of the chain for webmasters always diligently. The general will take some of the weight of high rank, good stability, high site outside chain called high quality chain. The Q & a platform is a high quality of the chain of origin. The quiz platform mainly have the love Shanghai love Shanghai know Tencent soso Q & a platform there is Tianya quiz. With the love of Shanghai know the chain inspection more stringent, now a lot of the chain are difficult to release. Owners have had to choose second eyes search Q & a platform. As a Tencent, has just launched the 07 is condemning, say cloning love Shanghai quiz, no innovation. In nearly five years. The Shanghai dragon’s point of view, compared with other search Q & a platform what are the advantages and disadvantages of



love Shanghai know that the chain: