What can we learn from the history of foreign trade providers

Wen / Yu Yi, he

when many domestic vertical electric providers also immersed in the shopping "price war" means to break through, the industry is still in the financing cycle development cycle – expansion – refinancing ", foreign trade business is in their own unique way of muffled coining.


recently, the Lanting Pavilion has been listed on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a listing application, intends to be listed on the U.S. stock exchange in June 6th, the stock code is "LITB"". Once the listing is successful, B2C will become the Lanting Pavilion in foreign trade business China company this year the United States listed first.

relative to the Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang and other domestic electricity supplier vertical, Lanting Pavilion set potential, Dunhuang network, Madeinchina.com, tradetang.com foreign trade business have become much more low-key. The blue ocean of any business is quickly dyed red once it is found, especially in China, so they do what they say is a big deal.


can be said that from 2006 to 2010 is the five year gold foreign trade business development, at this time the node was born in Lanting Pavilion in Milan, as potential tradetang.com network, such as a large number of foreign trade business. Throughout these years, foreign trade supplier development trajectory, you can roughly divide it into four stages.

in the first stage, some young people in early contact with e-commerce or Internet, inspired by Taobao or eBay, began to break through the existing domestic B2C or C2C thinking, began to try through eBay or Amazon platform, the direct sales of products Chinese to overseas consumers or overseas retailers.

They take advantage of

eBay platform flow, and the advantages of cheap goods Chinese to get orders, through the PayPal collection, from the wholesale market purchase and supply by EMS, DHL and other international express delivery of the goods directly to the hands of overseas customers.

the second stage, after some people see early foreign trade B2C profits, part of the entrepreneurial team or individual rapid accumulation of original capital, the upstream suppliers and downstream of the courier company gradually established the bargaining power, on the one hand along the industrial chain to the upper reaches of the climb, in order to obtain greater profit margins, on the other hand, the integration of more and more products.

This time

entrepreneurial team or group by technology oriented start-up stage, and gradually transformed into market orientation, the company’s resources to supply chain integration and tilt customer relationship management, and gradually evolved into a new foreign trade company. Typical representatives, such as Milan net, dealextreme, etc..

the third stage, with credit card transactions, large shipping as the main characteristics of the traditional foreign trade company, in the eyes of some small entrepreneurial team through online trading or retail quickly become bigger and stronger, some even create their own brands.

To the new webmaster and the friends who just stepped into the IDC circle

2009 is a year of turmoil, so it is not used when the network, the Internet, the influx of a large number of small IDC, low price can not be lower, the price seems not to suppress opponents helpless to complete the matrix. This phenomenon really make people feel very sad, very poor, very sad, very funny, give people a taste of wits.

big price war brothers, can you think of a little higher IQ strategy ah, I thought that the Internet brothers are some peace, ordinary people are not the same place. At least will not use this price reduction of the lowest level of marketing. But this means not to hurt the opponent but hurt yourself, just think, who is your opponent? Are some of the big IDC, they have plenty of money, we compare it? And they burn? Burn it? This is in their hands. A large number of small IDC support can not go down, only the inverted copy. Wake up, my brothers, malicious price cuts are suicide!


brothers not only ask, do we really have no way to go? Weak small IDC only report the death? In fact, as long as love reading or had on the management experience of brothers, will certainly know examples in history of the The weak overcame the strong. beyond count. Careful analysis and study of the opponent’s weaknesses in where, the big space providers also have their inferiority style, and the disadvantage is much more than small space providers. To avoid the edge, looking for weaknesses, Jiqibuyi


analysis, they do not care about one or two small customers where they buy space for them is not much, a lot less, so it has fully exposed their weaknesses: diandaqike


analysis of two large space business, and is managed and rented server on the space of this money they don’t make no difference, so their customer service service is certainly not expected, a few will help you look at the program? There are a few carefully read your problem? They all treat you like to throw the ball as to throw a customer, buy a space for some users may often hear is "this is your space program, no problem". It also inadvertently gives us these little IDC people a space. Good after-sales service, and customers learn from each other, as friends get along.

analysis of three, perhaps a lot of brothers have had such experience, people’s big brand, the high point of the price on the high bar, so do not hesitate to buy, and later found cheated. Customer service service is poor, the space is not special, this is not to say, to second years but Mantianyaojia, you added or not added? Continued! Then you obediently pay more money in accordance with the provisions of the first year, the money to spit it out. Do not want to continue to transfer, you can, ah, you turn out the cost of how much, how much money can be transferred?. Why do you ask? Their answer is four words: the company rules". Just wait for the slaughter.

speaking of these, I think still find some relatively low prices, services are better in all aspects of small space providers are more cost-effective

Talk about how to give Google a high weight movie series two

a few days ago, I talked with you about the movie site, for Baidu layout and access to high weight, talk about how the movie site to give Baidu a high weight  . Today, how to get a high ranking on Google, we all know that Baidu traffic instability factors exist, and Google ranked after the flow is relatively stable. In fact, the difficulty of Google optimization is much larger than Baidu, today focuses on my optimization experience for Google.

is necessary to modify the program, which is similar to the last one, for example, the program template. The program structure should be changed as much as possible. The following details are given to optimize and modify in those areas.

Google search engine title title in particular, so title to meet the reading standards. As smooth as possible. Keywords don’t need too much, 2 enough, keywords in title, don’t take more than 3 times, and title no more than 32 words. In addition, title can be modified appropriately.

to choose a suitable place in the structure of the website in general layout keywords home page content heavy clothing 3-4 the best keywords need to master the distribution as keywords and website structure, I usually take a form to introduce language contains keywords do like this looks very good nature. External links to the new on-line movie site is very important, in the new station online early, it is best to find a few PR4-5 links to your station. The weight increase is obvious. External connections do not need to be too many times, then slowly increase, the purpose of doing so is to let the spider believe you more.

in fact, these things need to go their own practice. To consider their own. Others are talking about their own experience, may not be suitable for your station, only your own experience is the most important. My station www.qvodok.com is through such a very good ranking, I hope all of you help!


Novice webmaster, I grew up with SEO Road

SEO, search engine optimization, this is an emerging network industry, in particular should be relatively new industry in China, when Baidu, Google appears when it appeared, only in the Chinese development relatively late, also has about 5 years of development. It is an industry that conforms to the development of the Internet. It is an essential tool for people to do network promotion and enterprise marketing.

SEO is a relatively new industry for our late 80s born, remember this concept in 2008, but the SEO specific approach is not very clear, because of the rain the webmaster, this thing does not seem to own SEO marketing should consider the problem, then the concept of just my work do OK, until the operation of the site www.firstwar.com.cn, SEO began to have a more thorough understanding, it is easy to learn and use of fascinating (through an overall optimization of the website, so as to achieve the purpose of key word rankings), further understanding of the industry, feel the need to do this a website is the SEO station, it has some experience SEO data written in the above, the convenience of their own needs more convenient SEO people to study and discuss.

with the development of network SEO, and further to our webmaster and enterprise to life, it is a good solution for small and medium-sized enterprises through the network to gain profits, but also for the majority of owners can also provide a way to realize self value. It focuses on theory, practice, theory, simplicity, and it makes it easy to form a concept, and then concretely include these concepts on the website. SEO is the future network marketing development of a promotion force, let the majority of webmaster through this channel, will China’s network marketing promotion.

SEO from the past to now, see the rapid progress of SEO, the future SEO will continue strong in Chinese, will be formed as new kind of foreign marketing industry specialization, will eliminate small competitors, so the webmaster friends when you see this industry, don’t hesitate too many insist on doing it, you must believe that the future is successful


this article originally from Shenzhen SEO data station (http://www.sz-seo.com) SEO technology exchange group: 90177731

Web user experience does unlimited scrolling apply to your product



[editor’s note] author Danielle Arad, a user experience expert, translator, @C7210. How to present a series of data content in a more friendly way, including articles, links, pictures, search results, etc. – this is not an easy task for designers.

in this respect, page navigation (pagination) is a time – proven, fairly trustworthy solution.

but in the last few years, we can find more and more websites began to use unlimited (infinite scrolling) way to present content, when users browse to the bottom of the page, the traditional sense of the "next page" data is automatically loaded, and output to the front page when.

is really a good model for some types of websites or mobile applications, but in some cases it can have disastrous consequences.

, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of unlimited scrolling.


effectively reduces the interface complexity and saves space: we no longer need bulky, complex page numbers, navigation links, or buttons.

on the touch screen devices, interaction is more consistent with the intuition that in the interactive environment for mobile applications, through the operation of rolling screen slide up has become the most basic user habits, but also need accurate operation is much lower than click the link or button.

The higher involvement of

: the interactive convenience brought by the above two points allows users to concentrate more on content rather than on operations, so that they are more willing to immerse themselves in exploration and browsing.


limited use case:

‘s infinite scrolling applies only to certain types of content in certain types of products.

, for example, in the electricity supplier website, users often need to switch between the commodity list and details page, in this case, the traditional way, with the page navigation can help users more secure and accurate to a specific list page.

additional complexity:


used to create unlimited JS library while claiming to be very easy to use, but you will always need to customize different degrees in their products, to meet your own needs; in addition the performance of these JS Library in the browser and device compatibility is also uneven, you must do the work well testing and adjustment.

goodbye, footer:

if you use compare >

There are three keys to making a profit

first warned not to blindly get traffic, using traffic software, traffic alliance, hoping to hang some of these ads through the alliance to make money through traffic. This is the wrong idea. Be opportunistic and not do much.

The first point:

positioning, I said here is the position of doing their own professional, love, have the resources of the site, not necessarily a certain industry, industry segments can be subdivided, so for individuals and small groups can do a very professional, professional maintenance, new time, search engine love, love is the user.

, for example, if you like photography, the most professional is the camera selection and lens adjustment, shooting, etc.. What do a special screening for SLR camera and shooting skills website, do not think that the audience is small, so Chinese, users do not worry, just started doing only care about the website content, the user experience, each article do SEO optimization, the other not to think.

second: maintenance, here said maintenance is the website content updates and maintain site stability.

site stability is also a top priority, do not let the site can not open, access slow, or often access less. If you really do stand, do not choose too cheap server, choose a large service provider is expensive, but the service is more secure, it is recommended to choose multiple lines or CDN space.

website update, try to take half an hour every day, write original articles or find some related resources, to express their views, to visitors as a reference, the original users and search engines love, don’t say you can’t write, don’t care whether you are writing, care about you or not, like Baidu know answer questions, to help users solve problems, provide a reference. Hold on for 3 months.

third: insist, it’s more important, don’t want to do a website, see the traffic statistics every day, earn 1 months to maintain the site every day, when their children do not want to make money within 3 months, to make friends, like the usual love photography to know the network friends, to exchange each day long forum, everyone will know that you are very professional and other related sites are also willing to do a link with you, then do not remember advertising. When you have a certain ranking and traffic in Baidu, do not let your site have garbage content, network duplication content. Hold on for another 3 months.

six months later, you can now consider the money, then you need to do is choose what advertising can be Google, Baidu, Amoy, Ali mother etc.. Advertising is not many, but in essence. A page is best not more than 3, with pictures and text collocation, collocation of the content to be more relevant, not this lens, where advertising display sell rice cooker, which reduces the quality of the entire site, if the Google and Baidu advertising, your website is not high, you can choose to Amoy the promotion of goods, then you can find those who specialize in SLR shops, high commission, good quality and reputation.

Six misunderstandings that local forum needs to pay attention to

with discuz and phpwind version of the upgrade, the real community has become more and more popular, the forum set up in the process of development, the mutual communication between users and needs not only, need more attention need to be paid attention to in setting the problem of development, do not pay attention to it, it may work not completed.

1, forum community is too quiet,

is not some quiet for the forum, the forum is the exchange place, if many people are silent, or let the community users feel any of the contents of the issuance of No one shows any interest in, no echo, no one responded, so, as can be imagined, who also do not take the time to this website, the forum community must be prosperous when, even false prosperity but also to some.

2, the forum community has no charisma figure

this person also does not need much, but at least to have great appeal in the forum, let more people gather under the command of this task, the user can inspire, interact, they can gather a large number of people in the community, to contribute to the long-term development of the community.

3, ignore the faithful fans

in the ForumThe development of the

forum can not only rely on a few people, this forum is not far away, any forum community cannot do without loyal fans, this kind of loyal fans as an administrator, should pay attention to their ideas, their opinions, and respect their suggestions are given, if possible, this batch of loyal fans is likely to become the mainstay of your forum.

4, the

was not conceitedThe development of the

forum to loyal fans, also need to have the appeal of the blood, but, as was not too autocratic, as a forum for the exchange of occasions, people need to keep your standards, but not too hard, after demanding to let more people dislike for members of the forum, they have countless the choice, not necessary to be faithful to you.

5, forum without user interaction,

as a local forum, more important is the line of communication, these interactions are bidirectional, mutual recognition, can achieve good effect, gathering line, line interaction, these are also some and we must have, not regular activities, not only can attract users, development to better promote the popularity of the forum.

6, forum ads do not stifle the handling of

forum to many false prosperity of their forum, forum for advertising it in the course of time, also appeared in advertising, a pile of each section or advertising, this will cause a lot of user’s resentment, they do not need another everywhere Advertising Forum, a waste of time, Adsense encyclopedia in the Forum on the point of doing well, if the advertising forum, then we must be determined to kill, but not.

Talking about the legality of homosexual websites

              my comrade website www.tongzhi.cc, for a period of time www.8les.com operation, common friends ask me this question, gay websites are legal? There are some IDC service providers, a look at my station are gay website, also refused to serve us then, a legitimate homosexual website? I analyze with you.

the existing law whether to allow gay? There are no laws to protect gay rights? This is a difficult question to answer, the industry consensus is that the existing law neither said nor allowed not allowed, but a variety of specific practices and social some unwritten rules, it is difficult to make gay people enjoy the same rights and common people. Between homosexuals and the ordinary people, it crosses the double barriers of reality, rules and morals."

my view is that homosexuality in China’s not illegal, but the law does not recognize same-sex marriage, do not enjoy the legal rights of marriage, nor bear its legal obligations, such as gay couples do not want to have legal inheritance rights, do not assume legal obligations between husband and wife. If homosexuality isn’t illegal, then gay websites don’t go against the law, of course.

of course, in our country, because of the traditional view, homosexuality is still a sensitive topic, but the network according to the relevant provisions of China, no provision that homosexual website is not allowed, but if your site appears obscene content, political content. That must be against the law. Many of our gay websites have been shut down, mostly for that reason, rather than saying you’re gay.

              vote: do you think the "gay" website is legal?

The biggest mistake in user operations do you think what you think is what users think

don’t impose your ideas on users, nor do you infer users with your own ideas. Don’t use your mind to understand users.

a lot of people when doing user operation, basically is to stay with the user no intention of the ditch through, mechanical to solve the user’s problems and become the user needs of the porter. If you do, then it’s destined to be a junior user operator. User operations are the hardest, most demanding, and challenging job of all operations.

, if you don’t like chatting with users,

if you think users are stupid,

, if you always think the user’s problem is wonderful,

if you don’t explore user behavior and psychological desires,

then you must not be user operated!

The key to

user operations is what mindset you use to deal with your users and what way you can get to know your users And a thorough understanding of the user must be based on your understanding of the user.

I, user mentality

1, don’t make users stupid, she’s just smart lazy

do business, do not use the user as a fool, that users do not understand anything, and blindly want to fool and routine users. In fact, users are not stupid, they are just smart lazy people, because users do not have so much time, not so much energy and patience. So we do in the process of user operations need to do: do not let me think, do not let me wait, do not let me bother.

(1) don’t make me think

users don’t have much time to study. Don’t always let users think about it. Many things are not easy for you to understand. You can understand them on behalf of users. To copy the literary talent flying, gorgeous text, but in gorgeous appearance, whether the user can understand your real intention?

takes a chestnut, and the activity in the following picture uses a cell phone with more than one screen, but still doesn’t see what this activity is going to do Tens of thousands of years, and the exhaustion of life for wayward prodigal none of my business, as a direct "100 pieces of spring flowers package free of charge, otherwise one hundred yuan cash prize you draw" to a more simple and direct.

(2) don’t keep me waiting for

I want to get what I want, get feedback as soon as possible, don’t waste time on the user, and kill the user’s patience. To give the user feedback to the user, for the foreseeable benefits, do not give the user draw pie, talk about the ideal life, we are all adults, to the point of actual. The user’s questions as soon as possible to give feedback, not because it is the weekend to ignore the problem of users, must wait until the working day to give answers, users like you only evenings and weekends have time to use your product, do the user operation do not expect to have a clean weekend or.

My half a year to do the station feeling, touch

optimization of the word, perhaps in the past many years came out, and indeed started in the two or three years. In November, 08, began to contact, perhaps, learning to optimize this thing, learned a lot of things.

station is also tired, not tired, look at what you do, if done carefully, to stand as their children, so even in the tired, you will not feel tired, if not last long, is "three minutes heat" or "anxious", as I so, even if the effect is not hard.

, I don’t know why I wrote this article today. Maybe I have the idea of not being a station anymore. It’s a way to end the article and end the life of the webmaster. Do stand up to now, just half a year long, a lot of people on the network, but the real Shenzhen, the real difficulties can help on the 2, 3, I am very grateful to them, and I also admire them, they can have a steady heart, do what things are not like me this kind of anxious


do the station, there are professional programming people, there are professional IDC people, but also professional B2B, B2C, C2C people, these classes have a lot of very cattle people, unfortunately, did not recognize one or two. Do the station, there are also installed B, the real cattle B, as well as SB. SB webmaster has been installed B, but every time is not successful, but harm themselves, so they became SB, the obvious example (for example: Links exchange, buy links, selling links, you have demonstrated how to buy or not to buy, want to sell or not to sell them. But the compulsory video, be pestered beyond endurance, 10 times a day, 20 emails like. In fact, we are bored, but they do not bother.

because they have a purpose, just for that purpose. I think most people don’t like it very much. B owners accounted for the majority, yes, everyone has a strong heart, want to let others know how how cattle B, do stand how much, which keywords row of Baidu home page first, at the same time and say the way out of their website address to show off a turn, if you look at the Baidu ranking as what he said, then he successfully installed B, B directly into the cattle industry, if not others see his website, so he installed B failure, directly into the SB industry (many people sometimes installed B, including myself, have a strong heart, have the pride of a person on the one hand some people admire, I think most people are in love. No one doesn’t like being admired. The cow B people not to install B, but also disdain to install B, they can only pretend to be SB, have a chat with a friend called "fate" fortunately, he is a person I have ever seen the optimization of the most powerful, one person in this station is I really admire, admire my heart. He told me that he can guarantee a hot keyword, he can use the new station within GOOGLE5 days to the top three, and remain unchanged for one month,


proved that he made a popular novel keyword in second days