The province’s courts from May 1st will be synchronized with the national implementation of the regi

April 27th, the Provincial Higher People’s court held the province’s court registration system reform will promote the deployment of the National People’s court in May 1st will be synchronized with the implementation of the registration system reform.

implementation of the registration system reform is one of the key tasks of system of judicial reform, to fully protect the litigation rights of the parties, from the system, the source to solve the strong masses of people filing difficult problem is very important. The high court to mobilize all police officers to unify their thinking, actively support and participate in the registration system reform, the people’s court should accept the case according to law, to ensure there will be the case, there will be complaints, in order to protect the right of litigants. Asked the courts to firmly grasp the content of the relevant provisions of the registration system, except in accordance with the provisions of the registration filing of the case, the court shall not carry out substantive review of the prosecution, as long as the conditions of admissibility of the case in accordance with the law, be registered.

high court asked the courts to increase public efforts on the scope and conditions of registration, publicity, public registration procedures and processes, strengthen the guidance of litigation, improve the registration efficiency, correct the problem of filing process excessive examination, artificial obstacles etc.. Comprehensive clean-up and correct examination, the defendant qualification will be over can served as filing conditions, the court filing, the end of the month between mutually making excuses for not filing, payment of litigation procedures issued by the materials do not conform to the legal provisions of the "local policies". To increase discipline and supervision, strictly implement the responsibility of the case can not stand, delay in filing, filing, "is not the end of the artificial control case" according to discipline violations, serious accountability related personnel and competent leadership. Consciously accept the external supervision on filing violations in registration, in accordance with the law for serious discipline. Serious consequences or adverse social impact, constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

will also further strengthen the province’s court filing window construction, comprehensively promote the construction of Litigation Service Center, the establishment of litigation service hall, litigation services network, 12368 hotline "three-in-one" comprehensive litigation convenient service platform. Actively explore online booking filing, telephone filing, filing and other convenient measures to maximize the realization of justice for the people, so that the window becomes a real people and the court’s heart to heart bridge".


Sea Lake District will become a new industrial agglomeration area pulling the western economic highl

Xining Lake New Area since the start of construction, concern. Newly built area of nearly 10 square kilometers, the current population of up to 80 thousand people. In February this year, the implementation of territorial management of the new Lake District social management, transferred to the West District of Xining city. May 5th, the reporter learned from the West District, West District will strive to create a new area of sea lake district gathered into emerging industries, has become a new bright spot of economic development in the west.

at present, Sea Lake District, city infrastructure management is lagging behind, although this area of work is on the west of great challenges, but also for the West Zone to speed up industrial restructuring, a huge space for the development of emerging industries. The west area of the lake district will improve the social management and service level, to actively grasp the new city sanitation cleaning, greening, municipal management, combined with the current development of the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action, focus of attention of the masses, good waste management, timely cleaning health corner, improve District livable level. Civil affairs, construction and other departments will speed up the construction work site district two neighborhood offices and community neighborhood committee, strive to put into operation, continuously strengthen the comprehensive service function of new infrastructure, to provide efficient and convenient service for new residents and businesses.

at the same time, will strengthen the layout of the new industrial layout. The relevant departments will carry out in-depth research, combined with the actual area, high starting point, high standard of planning and layout of industrial development, and actively guide the city to extend the function of the Lake District, to Wanda Plaza and the new Hualian square as the core, and actively build the lake center business complex. In addition, it will make full use of the Qinghai Grand Theater, science and Technology Museum, Lake Sports Center and other platforms, the positive development of cultural, cultural and creative industries, vigorously promote the new Hualian Sofitel Wanda Wah, five star hotel construction, focus on the development of conference and exhibition economy, and strive to build the new Lake area into emerging industry gathering area, has become a new bright spot driving the western economic development.


Qingming small holiday most of the fine weather

Today, Qingming holiday began, according to the provincial meteorological observatory of the latest weather forecast, the next three days most of the fine weather, the temperature rose.

several consecutive days of rainfall in cold weather, allow people to experience the taste of spring, in April 4th after the rain the sun to make people feel more comfortable. Around the temperature began to rise, monitoring data show that the same day, the eastern part of the province has picked up temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius, people also opened the plateau warm spring mode.

Xining City, 2011 millions of poor cataract patients project start

May 27th, the Municipal Health Bureau, City Federation of disabled persons in 2011 held a "millions of poor cataract patients project will start, the person in charge of municipal, district and county health department, the CDPF and the city and county hospitals to participate in the meeting.  

to start the meeting, implementation of the project, the program, funding and supervision of the arrangements, in accordance with the "nearby, kiss" principle, to determine the cataract surgery hospital, the district and county hospitals, health federation and the tasks and responsibilities. CDPF department is responsible for cataract screening and delivery work, health administrative departments responsible for the designated hospital for cataract surgery work.


Qinghai beautiful travel

The beauty of Qinghai tourism golden period has come: Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery and other places thousands of tourists every day; every weekend, Dabanshan on vehicles up to 6000 times more than the total tourism income of Qinghai rising…… Even more gratifying is that, with the cultural, sports activities, marriage, so that Qinghai tourism in the transformation and upgrading of tourism brands continue to enhance their visibility and reputation.  

self driving tour in Qinghai 50 year old couple dreams

finally arrived in Xining!" In July 24th, Wen Qianjun from Beijing and his wife after three days of journey, finally feel the cool summer. Because to see a picture of rape flowers in Qinghai, Wen Qianjun and his wife decided to drive to Qinghai.

, I and my wife saw a group of great beauty Qinghai photos, of which the most attractive to us, so we decided to drive to Qinghai this year." Wen Qianjun said. Two people from Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi,, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, the couple took turns driving, just want to see the rape flowers. To Xining, cool and pleasant climate sweep them out. Originally wanted to take a day off and then start, but we think of the appreciation of the beauty, do not feel tired. Xining is really cool." Wen Qianjun bought a map of Qinghai, and began to determine the line of love.

decided to self driving tour to Qinghai, the couple has collected a lot of information from the Internet, what’s interesting, what to wear, a local delicacy and so on, for the trip, they also do a physical examination. The car inside the cabin, medicine, clothing, food ready. We want to take advantage of the energy, to look at the place has been longing for the first time to see the beautiful scenery of Qinghai photos, I was attracted, this time finally got it." Wen Qianjun said with a smile. (author: Li Yanfang)


name runner Qinghai Lake racing

variety of special tourism projects rich in the United States and Qinghai summer colors, from July 28th to August 1st, from all over the country 36 skating experts gathered in Qinghai Lake, in the vast lake of Qinghai experience speed and passion.

July 28th, the blue sky and white clouds reflected in the lake of Qinghai, golden rape flowers are bright, a group of wearing a helmet, wearing a five speed skating suit, roller skating shoes team skating in the beautiful picture. They are from Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Beijing, Jilin, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places of the 36 skaters. This time, they drove to the Qinghai lake, will use 5 days to glide 365 kilometers around the Qinghai Lake, the completion of the five stage of the competition, the average daily taxi more than and 70 kilometers.

"we are inspired by the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, decided to launch a 365 km race on the Qinghai Lake in Qinghai." Skating enthusiasts Wang Dongming said. Wang Dongming is also the 365 round of the Qinghai Lake race;

The construction management system of Xining implementation of the long river system guard clear Hua

In order to accelerate the Huangshui River Basin (Xining section) comprehensive water pollution control work, and effectively improve the environmental quality of surface water area, establish a sound environmental management system, surface water in December 7th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, "Xining River" long river system management work plan "municipal government has agreed to study. Xining long river guard clear Huangshui River, and strive to achieve the surface water, the river water quality standards, river clean, riparian greening and landscape beautiful "goal.

"long river" is responsible for the lead in the area of the river, the main responsibility for the implementation of the "long river system management system; the establishment of river patrol system; responsible for the river water environment area to grasp the overall situation, the formation of" a river "; to study the development of river water environmental control measures, the formation of a policy a river; supervise, guide and coordinate the relevant departments to perform their duties, to promote the sewage interception River, nano tube, ecological restoration, river greening, landscape lighting and other comprehensive environmental remediation work; coordinate the river comprehensive management of the environment in the major problem etc.. The county government and the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the park management committee is the main responsibility of river water environment area under the jurisdiction of administrative area, as the first responsible person in charge of its main, known as "long river", "long river system must fulfill the duties comprehensively. Strive to the end of 2016, the city’s long river system management normalization.  

Small scale enterprises and other issues restricting the development of some of the service industry

February 8th, according to a sample survey, the development level of service industry in Xining city in 2009 has been further improved, but the current industry small scale, short life cycle, the development of the outstanding problems restricting the low profit level part of the service industry in our city to grow.

2009 Statistics Department of the city of loading and unloading and other transport services, warehousing, computer services, residential services and other services, sports and entertainment service industry 11 sample survey showed that the overall size of the city’s service industry to further expand the scale expansion of enterprises greatly: tourism, handling and other transport services, software industry, scientific and technological exchanges and services.

The 2008

survey department, 281 companies all normal business, but again in December 2009 survey, some enterprises have already closed, stop and transfer, the demise of enterprises reached 74, accounting for 26.33% of the total sample survey. The main reason for the disappearance of the large proportion of enterprises is that the size of the majority of enterprises in the service sector is small, the market competitiveness is weak, and the survival time is short.


The provincial quality award Conference

11 15, the Qinghai provincial quality award conference held in Xining. Governor Hao Peng Award for quality award enterprises and speech. Kuang Yong presided over the meeting, Wang Liming read the decision.

Hao Peng in his speech, first of all, congratulations on winning the enterprise, the first session of the quality of the General Assembly held in 2014 since the quality of the work of the province affirmed. He said that over the past two years, the province on the quality of the province around the goal of deepening the reform, innovation and development, quality development steadily, brand driven strategy has achieved remarkable results, basic technology ability continues to consolidate, to promote the transition of industrial upgrading, boost economic and social development and make a positive contribution. He pointed out that the quality of the development is the base power, and the foundation of this transformation, we must firmly establish the new concept of development, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, in accordance with the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the work of Qinghai "four solid major requirements, in-depth implementation of quality strategy, strengthen the construction of" determination and confidence the quality of Qinghai ", to make" quality of Qinghai "and" beauty of Qinghai "each other, provide important support and guarantee for the quality of our province to promote the supply side structural reform.

on the next step to do the work of the province’s quality, Hao Peng made a request, we must adhere to quality first, and steadily promote the quality of the province strategy. Conscientiously implement the provincial government issued the "on the full implementation of the quality of the province strategy", to enhance the product quality, engineering quality, environmental quality and service quality, to achieve the goals and tasks of the quality of Qinghai construction schedule, and constantly improve the quality of Qinghai to build brand awareness, reputation and credibility, enhance the characteristics and advantages of the province product competitiveness and market share. Two to adhere to quality, give full play to the main role of enterprises. From the strict liability, enterprises to improve the management level, strengthen the sense of quality, social responsibility and other aspects, stimulate the enterprises to improve the quality of promoting the transformation of the internal driving force of development, constantly set good image of the state and the society, the masses of the people responsible. Three to adhere to the safety oriented, strict implementation of quality and safety supervision. Seize the quality and safety of the people’s livelihood security base, to further enhance the sense of responsibility, increase the punishment, highlighting the regulatory focus, strengthen cooperation, resolutely safeguard the quality and safety of the bottom line, and constantly improve the quality and safety of the people’s sense of the masses. Four to adhere to consolidate the foundation, effectively improve the quality and technical support. Give full play to the basic role of measurement, the leading role of standards, certification and accreditation benchmark role, inspection and testing support role, so that the quality and technical basis to serve the economic and social development more effectively. Fifth, to make concerted efforts to create a good atmosphere of quality work. Further unite to work together, innovation management, promote the quality of culture, organize and mobilize all social forces broad participation, to create a good atmosphere for everyone to pay attention to quality, create quality, everyone enjoy the quality, promote economic and social development in our province entered the "era of quality".

according to the "management approach" quality award of Qinghai Province, Chinese of water conservancy and hydropower Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Qing Haihua Ding heavy machine tool limited liability company awarded the second Qinghai Provincial Quality Award, the Xining bus station, Xining water (group);

The Yangtze River in Luqiao yesterday officially closed transformation

Yesterday, the provincial capital of the Yangtze River Road, the newspaper office to take full control of the construction of the bridge, the first day of closed construction, the West Sea Metropolis Daily reporter visited found that the traffic around the road a bit chaotic, more than the traffic police are on-site command.

the construction section closed in the morning, the reporter saw at the construction near the road, Qilian route west to east direction of traffic flow has increased than usual, some of the drivers of the Yangtze River Road and bridge construction the newspaper did not know, from time to time the vehicle to the cone headed middle setting, when the driver is closed the road ahead, and turn back. At the scene, there are two police officers on duty are passing vehicles passing.

closed during the construction of bypass bus

during the construction of bus line adjustment: the overall adjustment via the control sections of the 10 road, 19 Road, 21 Road, 80 Road, 84 Road, 104 Road, 6 bus lines.

10 road: to Tianjun bridge, Qilian Bridge Road, five road to the original line, 51.

19 Road: to learn;

Provident fund loans in our province, the extraction of policy adjustments to enjoy welfare workers

In September 23rd, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of housing and Urban Construction recently learned that our province issued a series of preferential policies on housing provident fund loans, and other aspects of the extraction, the provident fund policy adjustments, allowing more workers to enjoy the people Huimin policy. Take a look at the newspaper to see what the benefits of the fund package.

A: monthly repayment welfare

welfare two: provident fund deposit and loan interest rates

issued before August 26, 2015 individual housing provident fund loans, in the period of 1 years (including 1 years) within the individual housing provident fund loans, August 26, 2015 is still in the original interest rate, not sub bearing; more than 1 years in duration of individual housing provident fund loans, August 26, 2015 is still in the original interest rate, from January 1, 2016 (inclusive) started to adjust after the individual housing provident fund loan interest rate period.

three benefits: two suites down payment fund loans fell to 20%

the provincial capital of a real estate company sales sources, Xining residential market appeared recently;