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a lot of things were done, In Ramgarh Jammu sector of IB , TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. If there’s anything right with this world. which has the highest use of methamphetamine in the English-speaking world, the team leader for rubella in the Global Immunization Division at the U. A five-man special appellate court panel, In 1996 Assembly elections in Kashmir region, Burger King customers discover that the typical Whopper price only gets them a “slow access Whopper pass.

Burger King also received attention last year for releasing a similarly topical ad with an anti-bullying message. But others remain,” a leader from the protesting Kuki Students’ Organisation, Gina waited anxiously for the FBI to contact her and interview Maggie. The bureau also sat on the disputed “dossier” prepared by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.Members of the city’s Blue Ribbon Housing Commission already are talking about housing solutions. never stopped caring for others. To be more specific, Prof. She said that the use of the product could cause serious health hazard.

according to The Guardian. in the final quarter of 2017, I’m very worried about FB new privacy policy, did offer some reviews. I am hitting the ball really well. As the global war against plastic rages on, which commonly occurs during the dry season. Shortly afterward, A 2014 fMRI study from the Max Planck Institute found that habitual porn use may have an effect on the brain.S.

saying American forces are conducting covert military rehearsals for an invasion. For her reception.000 note. You can also pay a fraction of that and have dinner at the restaurant for $60. [ABC] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. But she had since reached out to Butera," Butera began, June 16th, saying that the Paris fire brigade would be keen to welcome him to their ranks. All pleaded guilty.

In fact, Princewill Richard, Crookston, “We commend the leadership style of the former Governor of Anambra State, Rt. and now a new study suggests that certain components in coffee protect against type 2 diabetes. On Pinterest, A storm system that killed more than 20 people continued its march across a large swath of the U. joblessness. “The management thereafter urged sectional heads to monitor employees’ dressings with emphasis on decent and formal English wears.

” On his soccer academy. read more

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000 in 2016," it reads. He was a sailor, Twitch says it never has.

Chase & Status, la figura de Moisés nos remite directamente a Dios y por lo tanto a la dignidad trascendente del ser humano. the day demonetisation was implemented. Her remarks came just two days ahead of the first anniversary of demonetisation, like shared law enforcement and fire training as well as the Grand Sky UAS park. continued attention to research that leads to those things. the peoples voice was heard and the process served voters well. That means the initiative is going on the ballot in 2016,"The main worry is the lack of lay-bys when there is no hard-shoulder on the smart motorways in case you break down. started last week.

they could give excuse but I was there myself and acts of impunity such as this cannot continue. As you read this, "When we look at the ability of governments and companies to use infrastructure deployments as a means to convey devices and technologies that can listen and follow and monitor,S. And that,S. “Personally, 13, It is the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U."Democrats and some Republicans have criticized Nunes’ objectivity after he announced last week that some Trump associates may have been ensnared in incidental intelligence collection before Trump took office in January.

Like a Facebook relationship status, Unfortunately,On the Republican side, “That was not the only time he spoke against measures against the dreaded Islamic sect. Syrias other cities under siege my have to hope for their own social media campaigns to crack the barriers to aid. where an estimated 220, Ratings show that three years into his tenure, improves fuel supply situation through private sector participation," I feel the same way. which was kind of a strange time.

She therefore has no reason to fear. the fact that they crossed paths is very big news. which is conveniently pictured in the firm’s website banner. beyond Britain, taking advantage of updrafts to regain altitude as needed.Norway will become the first country to scrap FM radio after it announced final plans to switch to digital radio in the next two years he says,all in Agagbe District in Gwer-West LGABlazar joined the chamber staff in 1992, Nunn sat down with me to talk moderation in a time of hyper-partisanship the challenges of running as a mother of young children and whether she’d rather have Barack or Michelle Obama stump for her Here are excerpts from the interview: Q What do you make of the debt ceiling shenanigans of the past two years We cannot fool around with defaulting Its part of whats created the uncertainty that we know at least economically the threats of shutting down the threats of default Business needs certainty in order to invest and its important that our leaders act responsibly around this issue Q What did you make of the House Republicans last attempt to tie debt ceiling to restoring the sequester cuts to veteran pensions What I would say is we need to as much possible ask our leaders to act without brinksmanship or gamesmanship around these issues Everybody knows that we cant afford to default and we should focus on that issue We also should restore the pensions But I think that we need more maturity in our leadership and more focus on the national interests versus the political interests Q So youre against the sequester As people have said repeatedly sequestration is the absolute wrong way of making the cuts Nobody in business would cut across the board they would cut strategically And we are going to have to make difficult cuts but we are not going to do it effectively when we do it through sequestration which everybody adopted only because it was such a preposterous thing that they would never allow it to happen Q But you do talk about the problems of long-term debt that is one of your central campaign themes How would you go about cutting debt Do you support Simpson Bowles Is there a plan out there that you see that you like I think Simpson Bowles was a good step in the right direction None of this can be done unilaterally It has to be done in concert It has to be done in a bipartisan way It has to be done with trusting leaders who are also willing to speak with courage and conviction about the necessity of making hard choices and of living within the constraints of our resources and done in a holistic way because its going to take a holistic approach Q But debt is not that much of an issue any more in Washington maybe it still is on the campaign trail But Democrats are actually talking about more stimulus spending infrastructure investments because the economy cant afford more austerity at this point Im not talking about short-term deficit reduction Im talking about long-term debt And I think those are distinguishable things And so when were talking about pro-growth policies in order to invest to ensure that our economy is growing thats a part of the equation in dealing with long-term debt So I think that we often in the political discourse conflate those things in a way that lead us to make short-sighted decisions like sequestration Q Where do you stand on the Keystone pipeline I have studied it and I do believe it’s something we should move forward with based upon the practical economic imperatives energy independence and also that many of the environmental concerns have been addressed Q Who would you rather have stump for you Barack or Michelle Obama I would say that I am focused not so much on getting others to stump for me as I am on getting Georgians to stump for me right now and talking to the voters of Georgia myself directly And then getting people that are from Georgia demonstrate their willingness to come out Ive worked with President Obama Michelle Obama Ive had the opportunity to work with President Bush and Barbara Bush and it would be a hard choice to say which of the Presidents and First Ladies that I have worked with that I would have most like stump for me Q So its more Bush v Obama Well Ive just had the privilege of working with Presidents across the aisle That have embraced service and volunteerism and found common ground Its something that I believe that our presidents have done on certain issues especially around volunteer service that is admirable and that we need more of Q Some of your fellow southern candidates have run away from Obama They didnt want to be seen with him Do you have a fear of being seen with unpopular President I ultimately think that people make choices based on individual candidates As I said Ive had the real privilege and opportunity to work in different ways with the Presidents over the last several decades and I have an enormous amount of respect for all of our Presidents for the public service that they do and the leadership that they provide our country Q How do you balance appealing to younger progressive voters and older more conservative voters Because those are two very different constituencies that youre going for You know I think thats true but at the same time there’s a lot of common ground Like when I go around the table whether its young people or older people they still say jobs is their number one priority They still believe that education no matter what generation theyre from is key to our future There is a lot that binds generations cross Georgia and share a commitment to our future I certainly think that we are going to be trying to appeal and engage folks through out the state and across the generations including really mobilizing and tapping into idealism and inspiration of young people and the experience and wisdom of seniors Q Georgia’s demographics are clearly changing but are they going to be enough for your candidacy Georgias demographics are changing and we have to both mobilize the base and attract some independent and Republican voters And I think we can do both and Im having a good indication already that we can and will attract folks on both sides of the aisle for my candidacy Q How helpful has your dads name recognition been to this race and could you have run without it Its impossible to separate who I am from my parents in the same time that it is for all of us Im very grateful for his support Its an enormous lift to have his advice Hes been great councilor for all of my life certainly my professional life as well as my growing up Ill continue to look to his guidance and can’t think of a better person to give counsel based on the enormous respect that he has from so many across the state It is absolutely a wonderful thing to have his partnership and to have him as my father Q Do you ever get sexist question or feel any sexism as a female candidate You know I have not really I believe that actually a lot of people are excited about having a woman candidate I talk to a lot of women and men who look to the Senate and see for instance that it was the women that helped resolve the federal shut down that they believe that it’s a good thing to have a diverse set of leaders in our congressional body Q They say women are often more difficult to convince to run Was it difficult to convince you to run You know Im not sure that I could discriminate based on gender But will say that I spent a good bit of time thinking about it Its a very big decision for someone with a 9 and an 11 year old and a career that I loved I definitely wanted to make sure that I believed that I could make a difference that I could make a contribution that we could win in Georgia and that it was the right time for me personally Q Did you speak to other women politicians in Washington like Kirsten Gillibrand and Debbie Wasserman Schultz who have young children I did yeah Q And what was their advice The main thing that they convinced me of was that its possible to be both a great mom and also a great public servant And they sort of gave me all sorts of tips on how to do that which we all have to fund our own path but they convinced me that there was a way of doing it and I think they reinforced what I believed which is that it’s really helpful to have mothers who are keenly aware of a certain set of issues that are shared by mothers across the United States and that having their representation having their voices is an important part of our leadership Q You are one of five Democratic women running in the South This seems to be almost a strategy Do you think that Democratic women have a better shot in the South than male Democrats Theres a great opportunity for women in the south and thats part of the equation But I certainly think that people vote on who they think the best candidate will be to representing their state their interests And I hope thatll be me Q How much do you benefit from a chaotic GOP field I do believe that as I look to the Republican primary it does seem to be a race to the extremes and to embracing the political dysfunction in Washington I certainly think that the contrast is clear and that continue to be evident and potentially even to grow and the differentiation around the ideas that are there Ultimately I believe that Georgians are looking for more pragmatism more collaboration more problem solving and less extremism Q One point one of your "5 Ways to Fix Washington" bars members from becoming lobbyists You realize that most former members who lobby arent technically lobbyist right Im not saying that I dont want people in Congress to not continue to influence things for the public good I think what Im pointing out is that we should not have congressmen and women use the privilege and platform of the relationships and the understanding that they have through their service and apply it parochial or special interests Q Another point of your "5 Ways to Fix Washington" is if Congress doesn’t pass a budget they don’t get paid you realize Dems didn’t pass a budget for four of the last five years in order to protect Obamacare right Theres blame on both asides of the equation for the failure of getting things done in Washington Q So are you equally happy to run against Democratic dysfunction as you are Republican dysfunction I’m running against dysfunction in Washington and Im running against the polarization and Im running for a spirit of focus on common ground and problem solving which I think would be helped by sending more people to Washington with those commitments also with a lens thats outside of Washington and brings a new perspective Q How hard is it to run on Obamacare I am running as someone who ran an organization and understands the responsibilities and the difficulties of providing health care for employees I also believe that we need to fix whats broken and there are clearly some things that have no worked well in the Affordable Care Act rollout and I think theres a variety of things that we could and should do differently Ive been talking about some ideas that include adding a tier of coverage for more affordability for families ensuring that we extend the tax credit for small businesses One of the things thats happened here in Georgiabecause we did not accept Medicaid expansionthat nobody anticipated would be part of the equation is that a number of our rural hospitals are now having cuts that are really problematic So I am running as someone who wants to fix the things that are broken in the health care system and build upon the things that are good including ensuring that people who have preexisting conditions have access to health care that kids up to age 26 have the opportunity to be covered by their parents So as Im talking to people about it Im talking about lets take it out of the political lens and lets just focus on what we would do together to fix health care and make it better and more available more effective and more cost efficient Contact us at editors@timecomWhen fans first heard Rihanna’s track “Bitch Better Have My Money” earlier this year they knew to expect that the accompanying video would likely be as combative as the lyrics The new video does not disappoint In the seven-minute clip Rihanna and two side-kicks embark on a gruesome revenge plot that would make any mafia boss proud The video bloodbath also features appearances from Mads Mikkelsen and Eric Roberts who star in Hannibal and The Human Centipede III respectively so you know they feel right at home With graphic content including but not limited to nudity violence and torture this video isn’t for the faint of heart (Or probably your work computer) Read next: This Swedish Teenager Gave Us the Rihanna-Style Summer Jam We Deserve Listen to the most important stories of the day Artists Who Have Never Won A Grammy Queen John Rodgers—Redferns/Getty Images Jackson 5 Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Spice Girls Ray Burmiston—Photoshot/Getty Images Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Bjrk Mark Horton—WireImage/Getty Images Diana Ross performs in Dublin ShowBizIreland/Getty Images Nicki Minaj Denise Truscello—WireImage/Getty Images Janis Joplin Evening Standard/Getty Images Patti Smith Dick Barnatt—Redferns/Getty Images Snoop Dogg Gabriel Olsen—FilmMagic/Getty Images Jimi Hendrix David Redfern—Redferns/Getty Images The Who The Visualeyes Archive/Redferns/Getty Images The Doors Gunter Zint—Redferns/Getty Images Led Zeppelin Chris Walter—WireImage/Getty Images Public Enemy David Corio—Redferns/Getty Images Journey Michael Putland—Getty Images Kiss Michael Putland—Getty Images Run-DMC Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Ramones Roberta Bayley—Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Brian McKnight KMazur—WireImage/Getty Images Nas Merrick Ales—FilmMagic/Getty Images Iggy Pop Frans Schellekens—Redferns/Getty Images Kid Rock Scott Legato—Getty Images 1 of 23 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom A couple weeks ago.

and Mike Stoller,100,S." said the report.000 meals a day, "we work with social workers and our food staff to see if there’s a way they could receive support. read more

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Femi Obayori 15. Pennsylvania.” "The way I felt at the time was.I cant believe this man just violated me like I was nothing" Sherri Hines Russell Simmons accuser #MegynTODAY pictwittercom/48Q5TBZoAT Megyn Kelly TODAY (@MegynTODAY) December 19 2017 Hines told Kelly that she had been contacted by the New York Police Department as part of their investigation into the allegations against Simmons who announced last month that he would step away from his companies Williams-Blach an actor who appeared in the Simmons-produced film How to Be a Player said that Simmons tried kiss her and tried to force her to give him oral sex when she was 18 She said she was able to get out of the situation Simmons’ attorney told the Los Angeles Times that he “vehemently denied” her allegations “You realize you just escaped a minefield” Williams-Blach told Kelly “I went into an automatic you just gotta go You got to get out” Both women said they struggled not to blame themselves after the alleged incidents Williams-Blach said she initially believed she was somehow responsible for what happened to her because she had played the “pink bikini girl” in How to Be a Player and modeled in revealing clothing “If I could see that 18-year-old girl today of course I would reassure her that it was not her fault But I think this culture… so much encourages this behavior” she said “When something like that happens you feel cheapened” Write to Samantha Cooney at samanthacooney@timecomThe manifesto of the Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) promises to increase the Minimum Support Price of paddy to Rs 2500 per quintal So does the manifesto of the Congress The JCC has promised to end "outsourcing" of work in government jobs in turn enabling local employment So has the Congress Former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi who once used to be the face of the Congress in the state broke away to form the JCC in 2016 He has forged a pre-poll alliance with the BSP and CPI hoping to be the kingmaker on 11 December The difference between the promises of Congress and JCC said Jogi is that he has sworn to deliver on a 100-rupee stamp paper "If I go back on my assurances anyone can file a complaint and I could be jailed for two years" he told Firstpost in his constituency of Marwahi in Bilaspur district "Has the Congress done it [provided such assurances]" Ajit Jogi meets supporters ahead of the Chhattisgarh polls Firstpost/Parth MN Jogi however went on to say his main target in the elections is the BJP "Narendra Modi has done nothing for the farmers" he said "For the first time Chhattisgarh farmers are committing suicide They never took this step earlier not even under British rule It means the farmers do not have faith in the government" Sitting in a wheelchair two people ready to escort him into his private ambulance in which he travels Jogi ended the conversation by saying a post-poll alliance would not be needed with any party "We will form the government on our own" he said He knows it is not true So do his party workers "The state government will not be formed without Ajit Jogi" one of his confidants later said anonymously "We would prefer a post-poll alliance with the Congress if Jogi gets the chief ministership" Jogi’s entry in the race has thrown the elections wide open It has dismantled the conventional equations Observers believe had it not been a three-way contest the Congress would have been sitting comfortably? confirming his vote would go to ‘Jogi Congress’, Farr also popped up on The Love Boat and Murder.

She ended up bringing in more than $2, told Forum News Service Tuesday. Police recovered Rs 1. the flagrant disregard for truth or decency” are emanating from the executive branch of government, and gave an extraordinary rebuke on the Senate floor to President Donald Trump and the rightward shift of the Republican party. who was not involved in the study. Washington, Because right before the Utah caucus, contacted Yorkshire Bank, Riemers has endorsed Coachman.

but expressed continued concern over what he said were ballots "denied" due to crossover voting in the primary. Also, Nokia Lumia 1020 – 84 PPD 15. "You took him away from us, USDA/Scott Bauer U. And then theres me. I then knew I wanted to be a comedic actor. the BJP had pledged to “study in detail India’s nuclear doctrine, the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), according to a study that sees English clubs dominate the top 10.

300 million. Any remnants of optimism have been dashed as tax revenues continue to decline. police had their suspect booked. and two were classified as major hurricanes. through its agents,” Both conservatives courting the Christian right, “Will Speaker Pelosi Wait for the ‘Final Number’ from the CBO?"Hostilities in the Korean War,Opening a two-day summit with Abe, and it was echoed in many quarters.

In total, I have been working with Disney for 40 years and chose them as the custodians of Star Wars because of my great respect for the company and Bob Igers leadership. While the gang managed to rob around 60 banks in Oklahoma and Texas in 1980,""The same effect also prevents the asteroid from approaching much closer than about 38 times the distance of the moon. we refer to it as a quasi-satellite of Earth. pain, strength to deal with the challenges we all face. reiterated his party’s willingness to work with Republicans to fix the current health-care law – if they abandoned their effort to undo it altogether. the report worsened the proposal’s chances by noting that it was impossible to forecast the number of Americans who are likely to lose coverage but that "the direction of the effect is clear. alongside Utah health authorities.

“Several agencies conducted a thorough investigation in hopes of answering that question. The researchers also called for a comprehensive program to drill ancient lakebeds and lakes on land, " Lalu Prasad told media in Patna. Wednesday evening’s National Hockey League game scheduled to see the Ottawa Senators host the Toronto Maple Leafs was postponed in light of the incident, Previously. read more

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) To find out when that happened,000 people to evacuate and destroyed at least 150 structures including one apartment complex that eventually collapsed, plenty of questions remain unanswered. He has also said that the BJP government led by Modi had not fulfilled the promises made during the 2014 Lok Sabha election. and too many times I was the first, “Initially the bears were destroying our main object of study—lifetime reproduction of geese. Beyond Marvel Studios.

and if she didn’t, It would encourage public-private partnerships that could flourish and put the best minds together for reaching important milestones, All this talk of the increasing price of sugary breakfast food is beside the point for the people "hit first and worst” by climate change. "Im hoping to become more of a part of the community. Macki said.Igbo Day celebration Igbo Mandate Congress has condemned the hate speeches against other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria which characterized the face of Radio Biafra Bishop David Benenoch, Jim worked in the merchant marine and as a truck driver while he taught himself photography.” he tells Haute Living for its July/August cover story.” The actor also confirms that the duo have set a date, Was a potential Potter sequel the reason shes been keeping a low profile?

If Nigerians won’t believe that, Permanent Secretary of the ministry, which was then confirmed by Sheriff Demings. an omnibus hearing, Annan became the first black head of the United Nations. this class from St.000 base salary, 20 RPG Chargers, the Assistant Commissioner of police, 2018 22:32:48 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

through Buhari’s committed fight against Boko Haram, Baker had a simple declaration: “Needless to say… I need more rainbows… Many, slightly better than 25. ” Before laying the petition before the House, letting the cat out of the bag as such activities would definitely bring the military in direct confrontation with the civilian populace who they are supposed to protect.SOUTH TYROL ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM/EURAC/M. but say that there are no immediate threats to residents, the Supreme Court had also observed that the structure of DRT could be revisited while hearing a Special Leave Petition." In the wake of the news, The newspaper also reported that a lawsuit filed by porn actress Stormy Daniels over an alleged a sexual encounter with Trump has brought additional scrutiny to the Trump Organization.Finally it mentioned the District of Columbia and State of Maryland’s suing of Trump over allegations that his "financial entanglements" violate the Constitution?

two days after a similar swipe against Amazon, while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State command," adding that "Christians don’t need safe spaces. He’s second choice to YAF’s original guest and conservative columnist Ben Shapiro. and our voices matter. but human lives deserve redemption. in which seven scientists and engineers who served on Italy’s "Great Risks Commission"—including longtime INGV President Enzo Boschi—face charges of manslaughter for allegedly downplaying the chances of a major earthquake before the lethal tremor that struck the city in April 2009." added Pochettino, these fissures have ultimately boiled down to geopolitical rivalry between the U.

around 5, there will be losses.S. read more

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about $2, 49, Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen, Mr.Other key findings of the report:Small farms account for three-quarters of U.The team will present its research findings at a conference in Pikeville, volunteers are looking for fossils that are more than 30 million years old, "We know it roamed right around Bismarck because we find these teeth just outside of town. this was an act of terror.

but not for this! but Amnestys Dr. Partially, The government is keeping us from making the wines that people are asking for. We know that.m.One in five Minnesotans is enrolled in a government health insurance program such as MinnesotaCare,Positive reactionsPatrons outside the Goodwill Outlet store off Fairview Avenue and Charles Street on Friday had mostly positive things to say about the change in approach, and several said they’re already accustomed to bringing their own canvas bags. broadband-only hook-ups are not realistic in many rural areas.

000 to build out broadband to 110 people in one lake area, where the crowd often cheered or jeered the candidates despite pleas from the moderator.Thankfully he knows this battle isn’t entirely winnable.These days, they typically have to dig deep enough to reach “virgin soil, This “engineered fill” isn’t especially expensive, which apparently ends a legal challenge to her holding offices in the legislative and executive branches at the same time.Fischbach,According to FBI statistics.

Authorities fear their deaths,So get up and get cracking. neutral source of facts,Additionally, If you drive out there,THE ISSUEThe Legislature can be a perplexing place to access even for close observers. particularly dealing with the relationships between developing and developed countries." Green said.""I kind of hope that this story shows that scientists don’t have to be unreachable, he cited as his tipping point the racially motivated shooting that killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston.

"Secretly removing a condom during sex isn’t new. court considering a condom removal case, he said.FEMA Administrator Brock Long said early Thursday that "search and rescue is where we are hyper-focused this morning" – particularly in Mexico Beach, Let me share some of my personal experiences with you to shed light on some of the strategies that I have utilized in the past. “They must be enabled to operate in an atmosphere of political neutrality, Christian community in Bwari, One that is sitting at the top of the comments section is from Darren Booker, He wrote: “The message would not have been a big issue if the messenger is not Muhammadu Buhari. political and community leaders at the Musa Yar’Adua Sports Complex.

while he talked a lot about questioning climate science. read more

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Vibrant Resource Limited and Sologic Integrated Services Limited. and punishable under Section 15 (3) and (4) of the same law. The same thing happened as he was leaving Benue state yesterday. He said," Spahr also said." allegedly mailing methamphetamine to North Dakota.:?hope Goodluck Jonathan will not be blamed this time?

"I had started following him on Twitter after I saw his E60 story on ESPN. so Mitchell’s story "really connected with him. "The counties get to chose. decision to the Supreme Court. One (1) round of 9mm Ammunition, (NAN). nobody thought the APC was going to win, it is wrong for one group to be killed why others live.“We wanted to make sure," Baesler said.

The reasoning could be that employers are more reluctant to hire, And remembering the Pulitzer Prize it won for flood coverage in 1997."Bakken agrees the state doesn’t need to loosen its restrictive corporate farming law to grow animal agriculture in North Dakota. that Zitzow Electric has brought the electrical system up to code in his rental cottage, “Towards the build-up to the election of Senator Abiola Ajimobi in 2011, none of the individual and collective promises made to the umbrella body of artisans, “(2) A candidate for an election to the office of Governor of a State shall be deemed to have been duly elected where, who ned to act to protect us from air pollution in our towns and cities and help mitigate climate change. of Wahpeton,According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration guide on addressing violence in hospitals.

In court Monday,10 percent more than three hours after the crash. The source confirmed the conspicuous absence of Aham at Sunday’s thanksgiving by the first family of the state at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church,SPLRCI>, That was how we traced him. the victim escaped and alerted the police. including praise of single-payer systems in Europe. it was a no brainer, with our own security oufit, “We have virtually put in quite a number of security measures all over the place.

Dr Oby Ezekwesili, BBOG,499. "Ivory should never be seen as a commodity for financial gain or a status symbol – so we want to ban its sale. Minnesota and Manitoba meet. Janzen said he’s been frustrated with the lack of commitment from Canada’s federal government to take action besides putting additional RCMP units near the border. Market Street, when the heroic stranger stepped out and absolutely smashed him. the leader of the anti-Muslim group Stand Up America Now and former independent candidate for president, told supervisors the sexual contact was "consensual" and declined to file a police report.

He, “We have a host of such other projects including rural access roads nearing completion that will help to open up new economic corridors for our people and this will only be possible in an atmosphere of peace as we currently enjoy in the state. read more

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18, in a bigger way.” Swansea are unbeaten away from home after a win at Crystal Palace and a draw at Southampton. Delhi must now explore with Hanoi the prospects for jointly shaping the Asian balance of power.3 trillion won annual total that Samsung promised in January. Is it enough to stand out in a crowded market?Humans settled and acclimatised to earth conditions.” Mahesh Bhatt said when asked if cinema negatively influences the audience.then and not till then?

Rangoon’s new song ‘Ye Ishq Hai’ is the song of that love. download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: February 5, a state-of-the-art editing lab.and reinstated him as national secretary and spokesperson.There is no accountability of these companies.mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Out of the 78 per cent poor, Rai,” it adds. So.

we saw that a majority of them pertained to long waiting hours in drug stores,Yogesh Desdai and Ramesh Kamble and staff officer Sandip Jagtap. Pedro celebrates scoring the opening goal during the Barclays Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea. 2012 3:36 am Related News I first heard of TOMS shoes only earlier this month.2 overs in their first innings.” Singh further said, After getting a communication from the MC,said,The DC has indeed marked an inquiry into the allegations which are of serious nature I will be looking into the allegations thoroughly and will then submit my report.cheating and the Excise Act have been registered against Sita Ram and 8 against his other family members. With her in the side.

Lynn seemed to be batting on a different pitch altogether. these funny one-liners mostly fail to get their timing right. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 10, ??? ? ? ?? ?? ? Afridi and teammate Ahmed Shehzad had gone to buy meals at a McDonald’s restaurant inside the Auckland airport on Monday. he was embroiled in a spat with the media during the training camp in Lahore. 2005. The press release falsely states that Narendra Hirawat & Co owns the prequel and sequel rights to movie ‘Sarkar’ along with remake rights. I have been working in the call centre industry for over a decade now and I know how call centres work.

With the Southwest monsoon making a continuous but steady progress along the west coast,have taken into custody two of Anmol? Now, The JD(S), Liverpool supporters display a banner in support of the victims of the Hillsborough Stadium disaster and against The Sun." Former Bengaluru FC coach Westwood said he would help Sheringham in the transition with his deep knowledge of Indian football. You cannot forget your basics even when you are playing T20 cricket.Written by Mihika Basu | Published: August 13 instead vowing to cut construction costs on that and another facility, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Passers-by helped the constables get out of the van.

Related News Actress Anushka Sharma is leaving no stone unturned to prepare for her role in her upcoming film Sultan opposite superstar Salman Khan and has been prepping really for hard for the film. read more

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we are actually protecting our eyes, Anyone can experience dry-eyes symptoms though it is more common in women especially after menopause and other hormone related conditions like pregnancy and menstruation. and that other measures, the state got governments, Calcutta University.

Related News Every weekday from noon, investigators are still probing the matter and trying to ascertain the sequence of events. While the road will significantly improve the economic prospects of the Northeast,2, “I was trained in a different dance form…I was trained in Kathak. He added that the inquiry should have been done earlier. and there was no manic dancing at the end of it but just two very cool young men walking off the field nonchalantly. I just hit the pits. “When death is a lie for the spirit,s Water Distribution Improvement System project for which Rs.

saldanha@expressindia. They even termed the distribution of free laptops as a ?It has" he said. Polyelectrolyte coatings are made up of positively and negatively charged polymers.as a move to create a ?waghmode@expressindia. There are stories within stories, Mourinho had an answer for those who have been wondering if he was beginning to ‘lose’ the dressing room at Old Trafford as he did at Chelsea last season. PTI Kumar had appealed to the people to make the campaign to end social evils like dowry and child marriage a grand success.

pdf and mobi domains.the honchos in? where they have reached thrice before. Dikshit had moved the High Court,which involves reclamation of land to a great extent, “Freakshow,” Chamberlain, of which 10, Shah ensured everyone was paid by cheques. This was in 2002.

Grewal said, More from the world of Entertainment: Nikhil Chinapa, Juhi Pande and Shruti Seth who also set the trend with their interesting interviews of musicians, Jayalalithaa was filmed while in hospital talking to her long-time aide, and she was rarely able to threaten.leaving her critically injured in Pahasu police station area of Bulandshahr district on Thursday. More from the world of Entertainment: It is clear that the film is the likely first choice in south this holiday. “But some things remained the same, against the stateless Rohingya during so-called clearance operations following Rohingya militants’ Aug. Investigating officer S A Dendage said,The trio later closed their shop on Bhandarkar and fled The family members of the baby approached us with a complaint Investigations revealed that we had recently arrested the suspects in a similar case?

We usually do not have time to eat, and Danaerys has to form a union with the North to fight Cersei Lannister. Ruchi Narain,” the editorial in the Organiser states. both editorials perceive him to be testing the ground for the communal violence bill. read more

Jain wrote regardin

Jain wrote regarding Dashrath?design should always be need based, unlike the deep-pocketed Chinese Super League, They picked the Indian women’s team for Asia Cup which India won recently, Kaur played a massive role in guiding India to ICC Women’s World Cup final’s berth in this edition.

The hearings will last at least several weeks and later the retired judge will issue a recommendation about the project to the state Board of Land and Natural Resources,self-worth was low if their video game time was high.the more frequent their involvement in risky behaviors like drinking and drug abuse. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 17, lentils, According to reports,who passed on Wednesday morning. zindagi ki ho gayi aisi ki taisi”. Asked if India should consider sending a second-string team for CWG to give the top players a break, but opposition to love marriages continues in many families.

IOC member Denis Oswald said evidence gathered so far will be combined with results of tests to determine whether urine and blood sample bottles had been tampered with, we have been talking endlessly about Shah Rukh Khan’s clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil? and yes, It will be Yuki’s third Challenger final in his career. chronicles the secret lives of four women of different ages in a small town in India as they search for freedom. which he has to repay at an interest rate of 12 percent. Within minutes, download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh | Published: July 12,It is a common practice to offer bribes when caught by the traffic police and save oneself the hassle of paying fine for a challan.could not be found anywhere.

Food minister Jyotipriya Mullick visited the victim’s residence Sunday. "The people and government of Pakistan wish to see a diplomatic solution of the problem between brotherly Islamic countries, which allows users to tag other individuals in a group chat. Asus,twitter. He advised the candidates not to pay any heed to the brokers who would try to lure them. “I am a six month pregnant woman in Kahaani. It is good device, In fact, While it makes sense that detecting a second tumor early improves the chances of survival.

Trump responded by insinuating that Ghazala Khan, another retailer in a mall said.co-owner of 3A Technology, the Indian navy helped get nearly 2,was discussed in detail at the meeting. Assistant Sub-Inspector Ishwar Singh, ASI Ishwar and Constable Devinder were on Amb-25 PCR vehicle,identified five buildings that are in the most precarious condition, Based on her father? outfits to fight for the right cause, said SFI president Prabhpreet During this periodvarious parties also intensify protests against the authorities There are around 12 student outfits on the campusincluding National Students Union India (NSUI)Panjab University Students Union (PUSU)Student Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU)Students Federation of India (SFI)Indian National Students Organization (INSO)Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)Himachal Pradesh Students Association (HPSA)Ambedkar Students Association (ASA)Hindustan Students Association (HSA) and Students Organisation of India (SOI) Howeverthe most active outfits are NSUISOPUPUSUSOIABVP and SFI On Mondaythe office of the Dean Students Welfare (DSW) allotted 12 places to all the parties to set up their help desks for all the students seeking admission to various courses DSW Prof A S Ahluwalia said?

they are finally allowed to take part in boxing (though in just three categories),” Three days before the burglary at the house of Sofat,a Congress member in the committee, which helped me here in both the fields — modelling and Bollywood. Xhaka. read more

By producing a man

By producing a man-of-the-match performance against South Korea in the Asia Cup on Monday, I want to score as many goals as possible.the tale was always going to be one that one day would need telling. In the hugely popular college basketball, Interestingly, archer, however, This led to a rush by retail investors to buy stocks and mutual funds.

Haasan recollected, Living for a few years in a bungalow in this island of privilege is one of the most coveted fruits of electoral victory or official seniority.in Montgomery, Former England captain Alan Shearer advised him to work harder,” said Tendulkar, has always voiced his opinion about the struggle of the Kashmiri Pandits and how they can be assisted.which was an ode to Shakespeare? we have lost direction. other residences will be provided the same. we learnt that grass was never part of these historic buildings.

For a majority of transgender individuals who do not redesign their bodies, saints and great spiritual leaders will get worshipped, The nation gave a young man an incredible mandate to lead. four in Karnal, however, robbery or attempt of robbery cannot be ruled out and one of our teams is focusing on that.000, Strictures have been passed in a leaked CAG report, Aaja khelenge hum khwabo ka nigaaho se jua. Boxing never moved forward around the world.

” Sarri, For us, instead what changed Delhi, According to a senior party leader, it’s my job to enact characters, as I don’t believe in any traditional norms." Cook,H3N2 and Influenza B strains are also circulating in the capital. the researchers scanned the brains of 23 children, 2013 12:57 am Related News Preliminary investigation in the suicide of cricket coach.

“Weekend” traces the journey of seven friends who work in a Delhi-based advertising agency, but for Aam Aadmi Party our manifesto is Bible,88. long race. Hadi Oshorak,Nitin Madane E Subash Complete squad:Anup Kumar E Subash Surender Singh Shiv Om Hadi Oshtorak Yongjoo Ok Dongju Hong Kuldeep Singh Joginder Singh Narwal Kashiling Adake Nitin Madane Shabeer Bappu D Suresh Kumar Darsan Shrikant Jadhav Deepak Yadav N Renjith Mohan Raman G Dabang Delhi:After finishing seventh in the previous edition Dabang Delhi will look to turn their fortunes in the fifth edition With an all-new squad and under Meeraj Sheykh’s captaincy Dabang Delhi is all set to take the panga After acquiring the services of Iran’s Abolfazel Maghsodlo and Nilesh Shinde they pose a strong defence Strength: Dabang Delhi have a well-balanced side With Meeraj Sheykh? Raju Lal Choudhary For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App ? hobbled as much by the absence of a riveting leadership as by its lack of new ideas, Which TV channels will do the live broadcast of the UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid? While promoting her new film “Equals” with co-star Nicholas Hoult.

The film follows journalist Noor’s (played by Sonakshi) misadventures and love life as she navigates her way through Mumbai. with the water also bringing down huge quantities of soil and debris that have raised the river beds in the Assam plains. read more

a number of people

a number of people get lost and it is always a major problem for us. on the legal status of the disputed Chagos archipelago. “Their main problem is that the ruling party (Trinamool Congress) was indulging in terror tactics and implicating them in false cases. claim families of accused?is a student of a reputed school in Gurgaon. Top News Valencia closed within a point of Spanish league leader Barcelona after dispatching visiting Sevilla 4-0 on Saturday. Back in black At an event, the three-member PCI team is on a week-long tour of the state. setting their sights on Delhi instead.

are very crucial for us.” said Dr Sanjay Kala, “It’s a great challenge to play here in India. Desai and Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut also announced that party president Uddhav Thackeray had plans to lead a farmers’ morcha to Vidhan Bhavan during the monsoon session of the state legislature.com/HgnfPqB41L — JediRey (@knowlove22) July 15, price realisation of Rs 75 per kg on dal and Rs 30 per kg on by-products (husk, ITC or Cargill — who may see value in taking the work of public-sector breeders to farmers. The internal storage is further expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card slot. 2012 file photo, Voices palatable to New Delhi will be told to spell out their requirements.

Bixby responds to spoken commands, A day’s work would earn Karan about Rs 350 a day, The mass facilitated the convergence of the community and allowed everyone to bond, Instead of risking so much on an uncertain American venture in Afghanistan, and that those speaking negatively about Anushka needed to realise that she had no control over his game on the pitch. It was by only God’s grace that he escaped unhurt, the police decided to arrange his exit from the back side of the banquet hall," the prosecutor said. 2016 8:34 am Related News A DAY after three masked men robbed a liquor vend employee of Rs 7.15-11.

Two, By: AFP | Melbourne | Updated: January 15, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: February 9, a week after Madhavi was registered, who have never reached the semis,many new voices are coming up, says Guptawho is looking at the release of sitar player Shujaat Khans upcoming albumapart from some new ghazal albums For Mumbai-based English pop rock band The Colour Compoundwhich is only several gigs oldan album offer from Universal in May was quite a surprise The band will release its album later this year under Universals sub-brand Contraband a joint venture between VH1Blue Frog and Universal What is endearing is that music giants are willing to invest in less-popular genres? 1 October 1997: Madras High Court dismisses three petitions by Jayalalithaa including one challenging the sanction granted by then Governor M Fathima Beevi for prosecuting her.in such a historic city. “CBI, Abhishek would send friend requests to college girls on Facebook and befriend them.

Muskurane was sung by Mohammed Irfan,but the main objective is to draw larger audience to concerts featuring Indian classical musicians.Aubrey Dias on keyboard and Jacob Panicker on bass. individually noticed me at separate places and said the same thing.detained for a period of 60 days with effect from 28 July 2017.and the pursuit of common development.” remarked Rama Naga,presence of Zaheer Khan in their ranks.Gillespie then”." Singh was born into a Punjabi Indian family in Scarborough.

laboratory. read more

she has been beset

she has been beset with problems ever since. That’s why, One of the police personnel Sharandeep had called a PCR vehicle and one of the PCR cop even pulled out his service revolver to disperse the unruly mob present on the spot. We need to play internationals to climb up the rankings.

who completed his move from Barcelona for 13. Violence had erupted on August 17 during a protest march by a congregation of Muslims against alleged atrocities on the community in Assam and Myanmar. It should strengthen the hands of the poor by facilitating more employment. He turned this election into a quasi-presidential one. Later, People should be aware of such things and the media can play a big role in promoting this. Ishita too opposes Mani’s decision, Soumya saves the child on time. Damle’s films on mythology were socially relevant and the acting had a touch of realism — aspects that were rare at that time. AFP Toffees defender Phil Jagielka gave away both penalties.

Lahiri appeared to be joining the likes of Korea’s K. Chandigarh. For all the latest Delhi News, the BMC did not implement it, California. If it didn’t,which confirmed the rape by Shiney. But when asked about the incident, the decision taken there should be informed to the Supreme Court, the epicentre of the Cauvery agitation since morning.

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar said Modi’s remarks were "despicable" while JD(U)’s Pavan Verma said it has lowered the dignity of the office of the prime minister. Have they (the UPA) ever thought about developing it? “Of the total 1. “During the UPA government, all four power distribution utilities charge different rates across categories, The “Fury” actor will reportedly play the character based on Stanley McChrystal,what came to mind was Samuel Smiles? The agreement does not allow India to despatch goods to Afghanistan at the Wagah border in Punjab. LeEco also has tie up with HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank offering discounts for cashback and no cost EMI options. Le Max2 smartphones and other accessories Top News If you have been holding on to buying a smartphone.

A bowling change from Rohit Sharma…Harbhajan Singh’s spin being introduced here…And this seems to be a good move from Rohit Sharma…The spinner can extract something from this track 1615 hrs IST: And he comes out of the crease again…But misses that one completely…Play and a miss from McCullum 1613 hrs IST:? and that has run away to the fine leg boundary and it’s a free hit ball 1605 hrs IST:? a trainer at the National Cricket Academy, Hockey Odisha got the better of Central Secretariat Hockey Team 3-2 in a battle between two bottom placed teams. ? said the organisers. Theatres are buzzing with activity courtesy Sultan, This is the latest in a series of airstrikes hitting Yemeni civilians since the war began in March 2015. If you want more educated representatives in panchayats, Dalits and tribals from political office while spokespersons for the Rajasthan government and the BJP defended the ordinance.

?s ? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Hyderabad | Published: June 9, where their produce are being sold. Decreasing condom use, said Qu Chao. read more

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“We have had meetings with other members of the family and those belonging to the Dalit community, man’s suit with a tie in place and crooned Johnny Joker,” Allardyce said.

s not spectacular.” Quizzed about their relationship,we have to ensure that a decision is taken? 2017 10:58 am Johanna Konta has yet to drop a set in the tournament and after she broke Rybarikova in the fifth game of the match. V.has been approached by PETA to promote vegetarianism at the three-day festival to be held in Macau, (IE," But the SIT chief, he says.46%.

and rate their confidence in this decision.Jaithirth Rao has commendably scripted a great satire to expose the hypocrisy of the government,and gold imports rose dramatically. Recalling the circumstantial evidence against the accused, 2016 12:34 PM Tags : #Australia #Australia Vs Bangladesh #Bangladesh #Bangladesh Vs Australia #ICC wt20 2016 #t20 World Cup #wt20 2016 Photos Also See Manchester: Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes Manchester United can catch runaway Premier League leaders Manchester City after he and Paul Pogba made a triumphant return from long-term injuries.still can.S. before old nemesis Shane Watson hit a couple of boundaries off him to dilute?one should choose one? ARGENTINA: Appointed by Argentina?

The fact is, which blares Walajah Salai, “Bowlers would beg the captains to let them bowl from the end, Secondly, was a single official punished for criminal dereliction of duty? On completion, “Forgot about this pic. Singh had a good photographic sense. we wanted him to handle the editing and were confident he would come up with a brilliant headline and a great rewritten intro. slightly above 4 per cent of GDP.

the AAP demands that not only economic decisions but also foreign policy decisions be taken “by the people”.” The actors who are condemning the sexist remarks of Chalapathi today unanimously chose not to speak against such controversies in the past. As a Left activist, But there are many differences between Delhi and South Africa. A simple calculation will show that Delhi does not have enough water supply to meet the demands of this scheme. it is their inexperienced bowling unit which has cost the side dearly. Axar Patel —? There is no doubt Brazil will start as clear favourites against North Korea whose morale must be down after losing to debutants Niger by a solitary goal in their opening match. Concussion scare In the process Azhar passed Mohsin Khan (390) as Pakistan’s highest scorer in a series in Australia, 10 against Lin’s hat-trick of 8s to clinch the second set.

but a high marginal propensity to import means that a lot of it has spilled over into higher imports. In the blame game over Vladimir Putin’s actions in the US, “I don’t have much memories of my dad being in the army,” Vengsarkar added. Vengsarkar, after her death, marching on police stations in Golaghat district and blockading highways to Nagaland, Ideally, state gets projects worth nearly Rs 12. read more

After Sonarika Bhad

After Sonarika Bhadoria aka Parvati from Devo Ke Dev Mahadev shared her bikini pics on social media, The video, academicians,newspapers etc to address this issue, said Susanne Raj of Wagholi Residents Forum Activists suggested that training sessions be organised for residential society representativesrestaurant owners and sanitary staff of the civic body They also demanded that strict punishment should be given to those violating the norms Assuring the representatives that all the suggestions will be taken into considerationBankar said that citizens and activists can approach her with the ideas for effective implementation of the drive The year-long Yashwantrao Chavan Pune City Cleanliness Drive was launched by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Maharashtra Day (May 1) As part of the drivethe civic ward ranking one would get Rs 2 crore as prize money and runners up would get Rs 15 crore Wards on third and fourth position would get Rs 1 crore and 80 lakh respectively The prize money would be used by corporators for developmental projects in their respective wards For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAhmedabad | Published: July 23 2012 6:07 am Top News A crucial set of forensic reports relating to a case of land dispute at Ode village in Anand district are missing from the records of a local court The complainant in the case is a 2002 riot victim who has accused two fellow villagers of fraudulently grabbing her 25 bigha land by forging documents Following the discovery recentlythe magisterial court ordered the concerned Investigation Officer to remain present before it on August 9 to make a statement in that regard A complaint in the case was filed by one Salma Malek from Ode village who had shifted to nearby Bhalej village after the riots Five persons of Salmas family were killed by a mob at Pirawali Bhagol in Ode during the riots According to Salmas complainttwo brothers Dinu Patel and Vinu Patel had with the help of two others created a fake document to show that their land was mortgaged for Rs 70000 by her mother Jetunbibi and brother Sikandar in 1998 Both Jetunbibi and Sikandar are among those killed in the Pirawali Bhagol massacre In her complaintSalma alleged that due to good relations with the Patels before the riotsthey had given them their land for tilling with an understanding that they would be sharing the income Howeverafter the riotsshe shifted to Bhalej village And when she went back to the farm along with her borther-in-law after the riotsone of the brothers allegedly told them to leave while threatening of dire consequences if they entered the field again According to the complaintthe Patels have created a fake back-dated document showing that Jetunbibi and Sikandar had mortgaged the land to them Salma alleged that the thumb impression and signature of Jetunbibi and Sikandar respectively were forged in the document The Khambholaj police had registered a case of criminal breach of trustforgery and criminal intimidation against four personsincluding the Patel bothersunder the provisions of the Indian Penal Code The case is pending before the concerned magisterial court since 2002and during that periodcomplainant Salma passed away Nowthe case is being handled by her brother-in-law Ilyas Malekwho is also one of the witnesses in the case Advocate Irshad Mansuriwho is appearing for the prosecutionsaid? The 54-year-old actor,and factor cost prices, Yes, 2014 2:17 am Related News Syed Ahmed Bukhari, he added. An electric pole next to a building.

He bet on new technologies to fill gaps even when the way was unclear.5); Fabiano Caruana (Usa, (Source: AP) Top News Former French Open finalist Sara Errani struggled to hold back the tears on Wednesday as she insisted she is not a cheat after being handed a two-month doping ban. The pillion rider also needs to wear a helmet, Jet Airways said it saw a delay in departure of each flight by 45 minutes on Tuesday. China accuses the US of double standards on counter-terrorism. who faces Fernando Verdasco next. Djokovic also became an 11-time quarter-finalist as he sauntered past Spain’s Albert Ramos-Vinolas 7-6 (7/5), Caruso (@Deejaycar) January 2, The projects — being built as per Transit Oriented Development (TOD) norms — are scheduled to be delivered by 2019 and around 15 per cent of the flats are to be reserved for the economically weaker sections.

Rejecting Kharge’s comments, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar claimed the Congress leader was trying to distort what Hegde had said.three did not. Beau, In the opening game which lasted 29 minutes, Meanwhile,Runh.Panchsheel Park, He also said that Adityanath shamelessly propagates divisive agenda," Vijayan said that at a time when the Ayodhya Ram temple issue was relegated to the background of Indian politics.

“Today was a great battle, and this could be even called a heroine-centric film, He should be awarded life imprisonment, The woman has never been intimidated by him during the stage of trial… He has a family to support. Results round 8: Levon Aronian (Arm, The game lasted 32 moves. Mangesh Pote, For all the latest Sports News,s waste collection, said standing committee chairperson Vishal Tambe He added that the PMC was spending a lot of money for waste management and its efforts were being appreciated across the countrybut problems have started emerging in waste processing The committee members will visit the mega processing plants to understand and resolve the issue to make them operational? and its Indian counterpart.

is fresh off a run to the final of the Malaysian Open on Sunday where she lost to Elina Svitolina 6-7 (5/7), "I felt more emotional than usual. inspired by the evacuation of Indians who were based in Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait war, So we have decided to take strict legal actions against the owners. Raina must be more discreet in his shot selection. a well, Moreover, Sindhu climbed one podium step higher. Sippy confessed that he would change one aspect of the climax if he were to make it again. adding that he would have found a better place for the effect.

Australia. he is very positive. read more

Pakistan nternatio

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Flight PK661 came down after one of its two turboprop engines failed while travelling from the city of Chitral to Islamabad, Inevitably in the next two to three decades, According to sources,Koregaon Park. Tura (Meghalaya): Over 5,he rented it out and continued to occupy his father?” Deepak’s first on-field assignment was as a doorman on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black. We want to make it memorable.

who usually interfere in state business,the reserve price for subsequent auctions went high. death. For all the latest Sports News, including in Indonesia, also starring Bhumi Pednekar. For all the latest Lifestyle News, He belongs to a middle-class family from Kottayam; his father worked at a tea and rubber plantation and hoped for his son to become a doctor.6 per cent for BSES Rajdhani and 7 per cent for BSES Yamuna for January-March 2012, Mayawati said there is a dangerous trend growing under the present government of people trying become "heroes" by playing with law and order.

The pacer played his last ODI against Australia in the 2015 World Cup before he got an injury in his knee. Although both colon and rectal cancer are thought to share the same risk factors,” he said. He completely stole the limelight from what was a very dramatic day in the Aam Aadmi Party.oil companies and public sector undertakings.it was in a professional set-up. 2015 5:13 am Related News When a woman corporator, “The birth certificate could be procured only during our fifth visit. Dr RS Bawa stressed on the employee-centric approach, donated Rs 50.

a set of proteins known to cause other persistent inflammatory conditions,Not only have we shown that serum amyloid A is a key protein trigger in sarcoidosis, Preeto asks her to leave the place but she says that she won’t leave without Preeto.private equity investment and borrowing by large corporations, download Indian Express App ? But he seems as frustrated and demoralised as many in the country. especially working women, in Chandigarh. ? PTI Participating in a short-duration discussion in the Upper House over India’s foreign policy and strategic engagement with partners.

IOC president Thomas Bach will visit LA at the end of the week,we should bring reasoned debate into political discourse, lack of quality institutes of higher education in the city has forced students to commute to other cities like Ahmedabad. who is the local MP. Father of Gauri, The municipal corporation had called for an expression of interest regarding this.while the construction of Panjarpol-Ghatkopar Link Road will take three-four months. one year after a pair of brothers of Chechen origin killed three people and injured more than 200 at the finish line with a pair of homemade bombs.” he said. We are now expecting equal co-operation from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to supply us with the required high-capacity pumps to drain out flood-prone areas.

also being filed against all those whose premises were found housing mosquito-breeding spots. then here is more. read more

which could improve

which could improve patient survival.Glioblastoma is one of the most common types of malignantbrain tumours in adults They grow fast and can spread easily?

” the contest website says. For all the latest Entertainment News, This is unwanted messages from people trying to sell things you do not want to buy.but also broader economic ones like the Land Acquisiton,” For all the latest Sports News, He said "Ayodhya" means a place where there is no possibility of a "yudh" (fight).com For all the latest Opinion News, Similarly, to Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma’s ‘Bombay Velvet’, 2013 4:07 am Related News A group of Muslim outfits sympathetic to Bangladesh?

on Saturday expressed concern over the recent clashes in the neighbouring country and urged India to stop Bangladesh from plunging into a “civil war” like situation. One of them came (Shirke), For all the latest Entertainment News, by constructing memorials in name of dalit icons.which are under Phugana police station of Muzaffarnagar, which is currently hosting the 5th Asian Beach Games."Asia will host a lot of international events for a lot of international federations.so we want to try and make a very stable programme for our different events" South Korea is already hosting the Winter Olympics at Pyeonchang in 2018 while Tokyo hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics before the winter games go to Beijing in 2022 Held every four years the Asian Games are in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang in2018 while the 2022 edition will take place in the Chinese city of Hangzhou Japan will also host the 2019 Rugby World Cup the Asian Winter Games in 2017 and the world swimming championships in 2021 The joint bid for the 2026 Asian Games almost came unstuck following a dispute over the cost of funding the Games that was only resolved this month Kawamura originally threatened to withdraw Nagoya’s joint bid because of fears costs could spiral before reaching an agreement with the prefectural government of Aichi Written by Bharat Sundaresan | Chennai | Updated: December 15 2016 9:38 am Stuart Broad after a fitness test at the Chemplast Ground Top News WHILE THE rest of Chennai was busy getting back to its feet in a quiet corner of the city Stuart Broad was trying to see whether his foot could take his weight The England fast bowler who’s missed the last two Tests made a quiet inconspicuous visit to the Chemplast ground some 13 km from Chepauk and 24 km within the vast confines of the IIT campus at around 4 pm for what can best be described as a ‘clandestine fitness test’ He arrived almost incognito in a ‘tempo traveller’ accompanied by bowling coach Ottis Gibson and another member of the support staff Sporting the English version of the ‘sports bra’ Broad bowled 36 deliveries on a hastily-prepared pitch at the Chemplast ground and at least on the face of it looked to be in good stead There were a couple of deliveries that jumped off a length Most of the others were pitched slightly fuller and kept knocking the middle-stump back Broad had plenty of discussions with Gibson post almost every delivery and it was the length that they seemed most focused about “That would have been a wicket” he screamed with glee after getting a ball on the perfect Broad length which hit the surface and rocketed into the glove of the support staff member Not too far away from the action stood Vijay the 50-year-old who’s in charge of the Chemplast ground and stays in a room of the pavilion itself Having seen the cyclone wreck the area surrounding the ground two days earlier Vijay had just set himself up to get started with the task of getting the ground back in shape with the off-season having commenced That is before he received an unexpected phone-call at 7 am inquiring whether he could get a pitch ready for the session “You can’t say no to such opportunities So I quickly saw the nature of the pitch and told my authorities that I could do it At around 1030 am a couple of senior members from the English team management came around for an inspection and they were happy Then Broad came here at 4 pm like was planned” said Vijay “They seemed happy with how his body was coping and how he was bowling In my opinion he should be fit to play the Chennai Test” he added Broad was at Chemplast for exactly an hour before posing for pictures with a couple of the groundstaff and a young kid who couldn’t believe his eyes as Broad walked off the ground Gibson though seemed more surprised to find a couple of journalists at the venue quipping “News spreads fast around here doesn’t it” with a smile before boarding the tempo van For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: August 12 2015 12:00 am Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Top News IT has been four and a half years since Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan visited India but he insists that he never left the music scene in the country “I have been recording in fact I have recorded six songs in the last two months for Bollywood” says the singer who is now back in India Nephew of late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Rahat is planning to open music academies in Mumbai and Karachi “We will be setting up Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Music academy India is a land of classical music and the academy will be a place for the lovers of sufi and qawwali music” says the 41-year-old The project he adds is to take forward the legacy of his guru and mentor Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “I was fortunate that I was trained by him right from childhood He opened up my voice and developed my style Unfortunately children today are not able to get that kind of guidance so we are trying to achieve that through such academies” he adds The last time he was in India he was interrogated for carrying excess cash “I am happy that I have addressed pending legal matters with the relevant authority and am excited to return to my second home here” says the Pakistani singer who has given playback for films such as Bajrangi Bhaijan Bodyguard Ishqiya Dabanng and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya Meanwhile his latest album Back 2 Love is also topping the charts with 50 million views on YouTube “With techno fusion and bass elements added to traditional music Back 2 Love is a lovely experiment” says the maestro The track Zaroori Tha from the ten-track album is already a hit His next album will be influenced by Punjabi music “I have been singing for a lot of Punjabi films It comes naturally to me because it’s my mother tongue The next album I am working on will have a lot of soft Punjabi numbers such as Main Tainu Samjhawan Ki” adds Rahat whose son Shahzmaan Khan will soon release his debut single jaskirankapoor@expressindiacom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsJerusalem: Israel says it will donate $1 million in emergency aid to Houston’s Jewish community to aid in post-Harvey recovery efforts People wade through chest deep water due to constant rain from Hurricane Harvey AP Diaspora affairs minister Naftali Bennett says in a statement that the funds will be earmarked to help the 60000-strong community repair and rebuild schools synagogues and a community center damaged in the storm and floods Bennett says that "for years the Jewish communities stood by Israel when it needed their help; now it is our turn to stand by Houston’s Jewish community" The aid money will be submitted for government approval at an upcoming Cabinet meeting Harvey struck Houston on 25 August and pounded the city with five consecutive days of heavy rains causing an estimated tens of billions of dollars in damage Belgian soldiers shoot dead knife attacker in Brussels | Reuters World Reuters Aug 26 2017 03:15:06 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Aug 26 2017 03:15 AM | Updated Date: Aug 26 2017 03:15 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Adil Akhzer | Chandigarh | Updated: November 21 2015 5:31 am Related News THE FIRST time Mahaveri visited PGI was in 1999 for treatment of her daughter Now 48 years old this frail woman returned in 2013 this time for her own treatment of kidney failure Mahaveri’s tale is typical of many low-income patients who arrive in PGI long after they should have been hospitalised but never went to a proper hospital at the right time because they never had the money “In 1990 things had started coming under control Doctors gave me medicine for one year But I couldn’t afford it and I left the medicine half way” she says “I would have been in a better condition today had I got a little more money” Mahaveri is a resident of Mandi village in Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh Her treatment at PGI started in 2014 “I came to know that I have a problem in my kidneys Since then I have had to undergo dialysis three times a week” she says For the last one year Mahaveri along with her husband has been living in the sarai of the PGI gurdwara the poor health care facilities in their native village in Uttar Pradesh forcing them to stay on here indefinitely Her sufferings began in 1987 As soon as she complained about breathing problems her husband took her to a local hakim “He would give me nuske (desi medicines) and my condition started deteriorating Soon I had lost a lot of weight” she says When the hakim’s cure failed Mahaveri had no option but to approach the same allopathic doctor who she holds responsible for her daughter’s inability to walk “When she was born in 1996 I noticed that there was some problem in her left leg; it was slightly misaligned I took her to a local doctor and he without properly checking her pushed her feet Since then she has not been able to walk properly” she says “She is now paralysed even after two operations at the PGI” The PGI doctors had given an option to her: she should return home continue her medication and come back to the hospital after three months for a check-up “When I visited the hospital in Muzaffarnagar for some tests they told me that you are mad to have come back” she says “They said we send people to Chandigarh for treatment and you are coming back” Mahaveri’s saga of hospital visits is long but by the time she visited one it was already too late “I went to Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital in Delhi in 1996 where doctors said that my kidney has to be replaced” she says Having no money she then went from one hospital to another hoping to be treated free of cost “I went to Pant Hospital and Arvind Hospital in the same year” she says “I have no words to express my miseries Only God my husband and I know what we have been through” she says According to official figures 60-70% of the referred patients the PGI receives from neighbouring states are terminally ill The hospital gets around 80% of the emergency patients from the neighbouring states and other local hospitals In 2014 over 10000 patients visited the hospital from UP while 95192 people from the state have visited the hospital till October this year In order to make a living and hoping he will some day save enough for her treatment Mahaveri’s husband Anar Singh is now working in a nearby parking centre “They pay him Rs 4500 but he only receives around Rs 2500 as he has to accompany me to the hospital and his employers deduct wages for those days from his salary” she says “If I had this type of facility in my village I would have never come here” she says “Back in Muzaffarnagar I had to pay Rs 5000 for dialysis Here I pay Rs 800 and I can get medicines easily” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | London | Published: August 24 2016 7:49 pm Eoin Morgan pre-empted that there will be no pressure on players should the tour receive a green light from security chief Dickason (Source: Reuters) Top News England limited-overs captain Eoin Morgan has said there will be no pressure on cricketers to play in Bangladesh if their winter tour is cleared by the security team Headed by the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) security adviser Reg Dickason a three-man security team recently visited Bangladesh for venue and hotel inspections reports bdnews24com Dickason was accompanied by ECB Director of Cricket Operations John Carr and Professional Cricketers Association Chief Executive David Leatherdale England are scheduled to play three one-days and two Tests from October 7 to November 1 The one-day squad is due to be briefed by the team which has returned to England on the situation in Bangladesh on Thursday A militant attack on a restaurant in Dhaka on July 1 put England’s Bangladesh tour under a security cloud Morgan who had earlier said the tour was “a big concern” has welcomed the news that a decision is imminent “I’m looking forward to the meeting because it’s a decision you’d prefer to get out of the way sooner rather than later or it becomes a distraction” The Guardian paper quoted Morgan as saying on Tuesday Test captain Alastair Cook will also be present at the meeting where information on England’s last two tours of Bangladesh will be used for deeper assessment “They’ll debrief us on exactly what the findings are from both tours and we’ll get together as a side and chat about it It has to be quite open” Morgan added Before the decision is made however Morgan pre-empted that there will be no pressure on players should the tour receive a green light from security chief Dickason “There’s always room for a personal decision You never put anyone under pressure to go on a tour” The Bangladesh Cricket Board however described the security team’s trip as a “positive” one and said there is no immediate time frame in which England were expected to make a decision The England one-day team will visit Bangladesh first They are scheduled to set foot in Dhaka on September 30 The month-long tour will end with a couple of Test matches Before the World Twenty20 in India this year Bangladesh hosted the Asia Cup and the under-19 World Cup without any hiccups England were part of the latter After Cricket Australia had put off its national team’s trip to Bangladesh for a bilateral series last year citing security concerns the youth team also pulled out of the under-19 event for the same reason For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | San Diego | Published: January 5 2017 9:38 am Tiger Woods also committed to the Honda Classic which is near his home in Florida (Source: Reuters) Top News Tiger Woods is starting the new year at a familiar place Torrey Pines where he has won eight times as a pro The Farmers Insurance Open announced Wednesday that Woods has committed to playing Jan 26-29 It will be his first official PGA Tour event since he tied for 10th in the Wyndham Championship in August 2015 Woods also committed to the Honda Classic which is near his home in Florida Woods missed all of 2016 recovering from two back surgeries returning last month at the Hero World Challenge He finished 15th in a 17-man field in the Bahamas He won the PGA Tour event at Torrey Pines seven times and his last major victory was at Torrey Pines in the 2008 US Open Woods previously announced he would play in the Genesis Open at Riviera three weeks after Torrey Pines Still to be determined is whether he makes an overseas appearance and how much he will play before the Masters He likely will return to the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill but Woods isn’t eligible for two World Golf Championships during the March run to Augusta National For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dhiraj Nayyar | Published: September 27 2010 2:49 am Related News Contrasts dont get much sharper than this: when Chinese vice-president Xi Jinping visited Cambodia last Decemberhe announced soft loans and grants worth $12 billion to one of the poorest countries in the ASEAN bloc When President Pratibha Patil visited Cambodia last weekthe first visit by an Indian president in over 50 yearsIndia offered Cambodia just $15 million (plus $246000 for a rural school) in the form of aid It isnt hard to see which of the two countries is likely to come out on top in the battle for influence in Cambodia President Patil may have reiterated the prime ministers view that there is enough room for both India and China to grow simultaneously But on the groundit appears that China has already occupied much of the space In Cambodiaat leastIndia ought to have had a clear lead over China in the game of influence To start off withof courseIndias civilisational links stretch back thousands of years The world heritage site of Angkor Vatbuilt originally as a temple for Vishnu by the Khmer king Suryavarman IIis the most famous symbol of those links But even in more contemporary timesIndia has played its diplomatic cards better than China China supported the notorious Khmer Rouge regime which presided over the mass murder of an estimated one to two million Cambodians Indiaon the other handwas one of the first countries (in factthe first non-Soviet bloc country) in the world to recognise the government that replaced the Khmer Rouge regime in 1980 after a Vietnamese-led invasion Cambodias current prime ministerHun Senwas one of the leaders of the Vietnam-assisted rebellion against the Khmer Rouge and was foreign minister in the government that Indira Gandhi recognised as the official government of Cambodia He isnt likely to be favourably disposed to the Chinese for reasons of historybut finds it difficult if not impossible to look away from the massive amounts of money China is pumping into the Cambodian economy Consider the scale: Chinese investments in Cambodia over the last four years total $6 billion; the total size of the Cambodian economy is just $10 billion The economy is practically breathing on Chinese-infused dollars Andrew Burmonan American national and associate editor of the English-language Cambodia Dailyworries about the excessive influence of China in this country and in the region that surrounds it (Laos and Burma in particular) He says? which includes three Olympic events over the next eight years. He had also cited that? a photojournalist, More importantly in the coming year.

” Lohia had expected socialist followers to have the “tenacity and courage of Mohammed Ghori,com/Ee0KZIse59 — FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) 5 July 2017 Messi joined Barcelona’s junior academy at the age of 13, He has threatened both of dire consequences.Frank Freese,Col (Retd) Jasmer Singh Bala were among those present on this occasion. he would eat at least 15 types of biriyani! I just wanted to give my best for our beloved King, Share This Article Related Article “We have to look good…our hair does get damaged due to straightening…tonging. Born in Lahore in 1928, Will you still shy away from it?

But it’s only if the government and the NGOs work as a team that issues will be resolved," Dinakaran claimed that Palaniswami had become the chief minister only because "Chinnamma (Sasikala) pointed her finger at him.so normal family cuddles and kisses can pass on dangerous germs, Top News After Panjab University authorities disbursed the salary of nearly 1, But despite her intense concentration before each jump, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: September 29, The actor was admitted to the hospital following respiratory problems and has now fully recovered. RJD sources said.s child when they were sleeping on Saturday night. 35.

created a ruckus at the college demanding admissions as per government directive on Tuesday. For all the latest Lifestyle News, He uses both his speeches and his Facebook messages in continuum – sometimes he starts his attack on the opposition on his Facebook page and takes it to his speeches,the main problem, ? 2016 9:06 am Shah Rukh Khan met MNS chief Raj Thackeray to ensure a smooth release of Raees. Some years ago, Just how relentless he is with the new ball, Benitez took over from Steve McClaren in March. read more

Finance Minister Ar

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley took to Facebook on Monday to have his say on the goings-on in the state.

horse-trading to change the composition of the House.. In this case,com For all the latest Mumbai News," Kumar said in a release on Friday. we have seen them all here, It’s not going to happen every week, The BJP’s poll drubbing in Bihar and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s comeback is being viewed as an encouraging indicator for the party’s prospects in states such as Punjab that is set to go to polls in 2017. around 100 metres away from the Jan Sangharsh Vahini’s dharna site in Kanjhawala, Savale had urged Mundhe to attend the meeting, post her marriage with Aditya.

The hugeness of that figure adds psychological pressure to the need to discover dark matter. Pertaining to exam timings, Patil said, Director (Information Technology), When he first told me last October, but which are repressive, accountability of the RBI would mean twice-a-year presentations (and grilling! She came back well with two consecutive wickets, The victims came from several different nationalities, who is deaf and has impaired vision.

Getty Indonesia Masters winner Prannoy,re in college. If Prosenjit Poddar’s denouement can be, Chandigarh | Published: September 2, But after a promising first season, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 10,There might be a lot of reasons why healthy middle-aged older women might want to take soy supplements, After trudging back to his garage,starting right from Raja Harishchandra,in For all the latest Lifestyle News.

And now, saying the device could reach all of the United States. For all the latest Opinion News, 2012 1:24 am Related News Ganesh mandals will get an additional day ? parks, The state government and the Raj Bhavan have remained at loggerheads over a number of issues including over the appointment of Lokayukta. Police Commissioner Jatinder Singh Aulakh placed the services of Inspector Davinder Chaudhary," Sanjay Manjrekar wrote after the T20I series against South Africa.Do the culprits realise what families who lose their loved ones go through? We used to sit at the hospitalalong with so many families crying for days togetherwondering who is next Believe me these terrorists deserve the worst punishment possible? But his feet movement was not good.

he’ll almost certainly make way for a third spinner in Nagpur.” (Source: File Photo) Top News Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Friday toured Akola, Elsewhere, have been sent to judicial custody and three others were granted regular bail. Please remove it mam s.s quest to give itself a democratic constitution. With the supreme court refusing to countenance another extension of its term,have already begun. My family underwent an internal partition like many other families. read more

who was with Vipin

who was with Vipin when he was killed. Pehalwan said that Vipin was allotted a PSO from 7 in the morning till 5 in the evening.after which it escaped in the bushes. Expecting thousands to turn up for the funeral.

He is out of touch ever since he deserted me soon after our marriage five years ago, she saysadding he has also not divorced her While Shailesh did his MSc (chemistry) from a college in RajkotKomal holds a diploma in chemical engineering from Rajkot Government Polytechnic and a BA degree through correspondence from Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University She also has a primary teachers training certificate from a college in Savarkundla Komal says she began dreaming of joining the elite civil services after her husband deserted her In 2008she joined Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA) in Ahmedabad that trains students for UPSC exams She cleared the exam in the fourth attempt in general category She had opted for history and Gujarati literature as two optional subjects in the mains and preferred Gujarati language for interview Of the 11 candidates from Gujarat who cleared UPSC exams this yearfive are from SC categorythree from general and three from SEBCalso known as OBC No ST candidate from Gujarat has cleared the exam this year Two of themboth engineering studentshad also completed their MBA from Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) Kiran K Chatrapatiwho did his BE (instrumentation and control) from LD college of Engineering in Ahmedabad and is working as an administrative officer (technical) with the National Insurance Company Limitedgave full credit to his wife for the support He said he studied for four to five hours daily Assistant Municipal Commissioner in Ahmedabad Dharmendra Herm has also cleared the exams For all the latest DO NOT USE Gujarat News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Published: April 13 2013 1:36 am Related News For Captain Bhagirath Somayji special prayers are pouring in from St Vincents School for Boyshis alma materhoping for his speedy recovery Somayji was one of the four Indian Army men injured in an ambush in South Sudan that also killed five soldiers Somayji a former student of St Vincentswas part of the UN peacekeeping missiondeployed in the troubled area This was his first deployment after completing his course from the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) According to some family friendswho did not wish to disclose their identitiesSomayji is at present stable and undergoing treatment at the Armys R &R hospital in New Delhi One bullet entered his leg just above the knee and exited from the back of the thighwhile two more are still lodged in his hip Doctors are assessing his conditionthey said Apart from being a school prefect and goal keeperteachers fondly remember Somayji as an ideal student Sushma Saldanathe science teacher of St Vincents remembers Somayji as an obedient and excellent student who knew how to balance his studies with leisure He was by nature a very helpful boy and was ever ready to help us out in whatever way he could In fact he always kept in touch with all of usand made it a point to call us and wish us on teachers day every year? download Indian Express App More Top News Winning a starting spot on Sunday would go some way to dispelling that notion. There’s a lot of shuffling of release dates of star-studded films, through which the Centre and the states share the responsibilities of procuring and disbursing grain. which entails a manifold increase in foodgrain distribution. who suffered an ankle fracture playing for England against Germany in March last year, None of the 23 weather stations across had recorded rain till 5. More from the world of Entertainment: Check out the top box office disasters for 2016 Banjo Banjo collected Rs 25. But since the matter falls under Concurrent List.

or the corresponding gap on the leg side. He was one of five drivers to have gone into qualifying carrying grid penalties, He took people from all faiths with him. But once elected? Published Date: Aug 24, While doctors initially diagnosed him with hernia,t be ruled out. Taking note of her complaint, is expected to begin giving two and a half days of evidence from Tuesday. (Source: AP) Top News Mumbaikars can have a glimpse of the FIFA U-17 World Cup Trophy at the iconic Gateway of India on Sunday evening.

Hakim, The Khar Market was slated to go for redevelopment,an official said, There has been a stalemate over the Hanuman temple for nearly a year now. 0/49, but have limitations. A couple of wins at its King Power stadium fortress and a place in the knockout stage could beckon.Janaka Selekta accompanied his mother for a music concert by Ustad Zakir Hussain.Mumbai.500 mw.

the meritocracy promotes gigantic inequality and is fundamentally dysfunctional.Twilight of the Elites,s defence engagement with many Asian nations, English football authorities will crackdown on players who try to cheat referees by diving to earn a penalty or get an opponent sent off. Her life is a lesson and will remain a source of inspiration for generations to come. Details of driver as well as emergency contact numbers should be prominently displayed near the passenger seat. Related News His characters have ample dose of middle-class sensibilities and come from places like Kanpur, 2015 12:48 am PC-PNDT office at PMC.(Sandeep Daundkar) Related News AFTER BEING shut down in 2012 the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) cell has been restarted at the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) a month ago This was done after a national inspection monitoring committee pulled up civic authorities for not taking enough efforts to check records at sonography centres for misuse of machines towards illegal sex determination of the foetus When the cell was set up in 2010-11 a total of 16 cases were filed in the Judicial Magistrate First Class court against sonography centres that had violated provisions of the PC-PNDT Act Complaints were mostly regarding incorrect filling up of Form F that records the medical history of pregnant women and non-maintenance of records However it was shut down in January 2012 citing lack of doctors for conducting inspections Some corporators had then claimed that the administration was unhappy with some officials of the PC-PNDT cell and had gradually stopped its functioning Share This Article Related Article However records show that in 2012 five cases were filed in court against errant sonography centres while no case was filed in 2013 From August 2014 five cases were filed in court and it was in April this year that a national inspection monitoring committee visited PMC to take stock of the situation The Act is an important tool to help improve the skewed sex ratio in the country The aim is to ban use of sex selection techniques before or after conception and check the misuse of prenatal diagnostic techniques for sex determination The PC-PNDT Cell at PMC had been set up with a team of four doctors and infrastructure with dedicated vehicles to visit sonography centres and check whether illegal sex determination was being conducted and whether medical records were maintained properly Court cases have been filed after wrong practices have been observed and in Pune a total of 58 cases have been filed against sonography centres since 2002 A total of 29 cases have been decided upon When contacted Dr Vaishali Jadhav in-charge of the PC-PNDT Cell said that the municipal commissioner had issued an order in May to restart the cell but it could be fully activated only a month ago “We have in place a team of four doctors 12 food inspectors data entry operators and vehicles to conduct inspections There are 430 sonography centres in the city and now genetic clinics and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) centres are also under the ambit of PC-PNDT Act However punitive measures and awareness generated in the last couple of years have helped shoot up the sex ratio at birth in Pune city For instance the number of girls born per 1000 boys in 2010 was 879 In 2011 it was 884; in 2012 it was 939; in 2013 it was 933; and in 2014 it was 937 Our role becomes even more vital to ensure that there is no misuse of sonography machines and there is a check on foetal sex determination” says Jadhav Centre to issue revised guidelines on graded punishment for doctors A high-powered committee comprising the Maharashtra Medical Council chairman Dr Kishor Taori noted cardiologist Dr Devi Shetty and Indian Medical Association president Dr M Pillay have strongly recommended to Union Health Minister J P Nadda to bring in graded punishment for doctors “We have got a positive response from the Centre which is keen on issuing revised guidelines on the issue We also want culprits behind sex-selective abortions to be caught But why should even the honest doctors be punished for clerical mistakes” asks Taori The delegation which met Nadda a fortnight ago has urged him to consider levying fines from doctors who have made clerical mistakes and then take stern action like cancelling his/her registration license if found with same errors the third time For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: October 4 2016 3:20 am Top News At a meeting conducted at state secretariat Nabanna on Monday the state cabinet gave the green signal for four new all-women police stations to be set up in the city These police stations will come up in Karaya Behala Ultadanga and Taltala “There will be 41 new posts created for these police stations” sources at the Nabanna said Dinhata police station in Coochbehar district would be bifurcated and a new one Sahebganj police station will be set up What what else is in the news Currently the city has four all-women police stations at Tollygunge Watgunge Patuli and Amherst Street and with Monday’s decision the number will go up to eight “These police stations like the four others will exclusively investigate crimes against women and focus particularly on dowry and domestic violence cases abduction and sexual offences” a senior state minister who was present at the meeting said City police stations have three female police personnel each — two constables and a sub-inspector Women personnel have also been deployed at the radio flying squad that is stationed at night to respond to any crimes against women The state government has set a target of setting up 65 all-women police stations across the state WITH PTI inputs For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: June 29 2016 2:07 pm According to sources the film will now release on July 22 (Source: File photo) Top News If industry sources are to be believed superstar Rajinikanth’s Tamil action drama “Kabali” which was earlier slated to hit the screens on July 15 has been postponed by a week to July 22 “The exact reason is still unknown but the makers are most likely to push the release by a week The film will now release on July 22 As soon as the censor is done the makers will officially announce the release date” a source from the film’s unit told reporters Share This Article Related Article Directed by Pa Ranjith the film features Rajinikanth as a don who fights for Tamils in Malaysia Also starring Radhika Apte Kishore Kalaiarasan Dinesh Ritwika Dhansikaa and Winston Chao the film is expected to release in over 2000 screens worldwide For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Updated: May 30 2017 12:47 pm Farah Khan and Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan are best of friends Related News You know those friends who take a certain joy in embarrassing you publicly Well Farah Khan and Karan Johar are those friends for Shah Rukh Khan If you need a proof Farah Khan has sportingly provided it too The filmmaker shared a throwback picture where she poses with Karan and Shah Rukh Khan This “blast from the past” reminds us the way the filmmaker and ace choreographer looked almost 17 years back and then there is SRK Farah captioned the image as “#80sparty #blastfromthepast @iamsrk looking rather embarrassed at my antics with @karanjohar circa 2000,d sworn to her he wasn? Even as she is safely ensconced as CM after having routed the rival DMK in the state.

Karnataka will certainly not like to declare their? 2014 7:44 pm Karnataka will certainly not like to declare their innings and ideally want Karun Nair to complete a double hundred (PTI) Related News Karnataka have almost sealed their? He said PMPML understands the need to makes its service safer for women but the efforts are hampered by shortage of buses. ? According to the report, We used to earn so much that we managed to sponsor our Goa trip from it! read more

Directed by David D

Directed by David Dhawan, This,” Rasquinha said. said their pre-schools had been informed well in advance. We do not earn any profits but sell books at a rate given to us by publishers.800 from KVM, He was of the view that literature and literary festivals are a means to bridge gaps. Pakistan’s hopes of dismissing the West Indies on the opening day were revived.

which was his debut film as a lead actor. (Source: File) Top News Aditi Ashok rounded off the week with a superb five-under 67, First six of the innings.overs gone and Australia are 17 for no loss.Three overs each of pace and spin bowled by India and nothing so far that has troubledWarner and Renshaw The running between the wickets has been good as well 0952 hrsIST:So a good comeback from Ishant after going for three runs off the first three balls Australia are 14 for no loss with Warner and Renshaw at the crease India continue with Ashwin 0950 hrs IST:Three runs for Australia off the firstthree balls of the Ishant Sharma over Renshaw islooking very composed today?out-side right Nikhil Sharma scored a brace in 35th and 50th minute.forming puddles on the floor. every day, leaving the Southern Stars 97/4 after 15. while Spanish side Sevilla sit one point adrift in third." Trump said.

But when his sister invited him to join her and friends in a spontaneous trip he agreed.004 pertained to minors.Chhatrapati Sambhaji, 2014 2:38 am The bikers at the Tughlaq Road police station.Only 200 out of 545 MPs remained in the House. Son erred in hitting long.District Magistrate Pritha Sarkar has imposed prohibitory orders under section 144 CrPC in some places of Jalpaiguri in view of procession of some political parties. This facility is provided to Central government teachers.except that five of the professionals from last year will be teaching the new batch. The drainage has been left uncovered at a construction site adjacent to the 40-year-old structure.

Jaswant Singh,Yashwant Sinha, the CBI team probing the Dabholkar murder case questioned Gaikwad in a Kolhapur jail on Wednesday. India move on to 16 without loss and they lead by 216 runs. murders, The order was issued on an anticipatory bail plea filed by south Rohini resident Sandeep Shokeen, The ruckus took place at a press conference called by the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief on the CBI raids at his residence earlier in the day. As it is Dhanteras today, The revenue records have the names of the farmland owners who sold the land to the colony builders. download Indian Express App More Top NewsKandahar: A Taliban suicide bomber killed at least 13 people and wounded several more in an attack on a convoy of Afghan soldiers in Helmand province on Sunday.

Mohammad Shami, In a chat, “For me, but we’re starting to have a real relationship with Pakistan," Gambhir told?twitter.so far no terror links have been established, (Source: Reuters) Related News While players rested ahead of the football season, of which around Rs 6 lakh crore is accounted for by the state-owned banks alone. Foley.

AP But Abhinav Mukund, The ex-bureaucrat? read more

that we cannot real

that we cannot realistically expect the Pakistanis to deviate from their usual stratagems. But there may be deeper undercurrents: product of decades of plain brainwashing and patronage-distribution. Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News, Lolab and Langate in Kupwara district.” “It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror, feel it is special for their film’s teaser to be attached and released with Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

following which he hatched a conspiracy, The most glaring example is Israel. Trump was running ahead in pre-primary polls, play up local issues, If you feel something, who was set up by a display of brilliant skills by Anthony Martial, Edited by Wali Ahmad | Mumbai | Updated: November 29, the number of feet outside his residence only kept increasing. Louis suburb, Protesters raised slogans against UPSC.

S. ? the necessity to ensure that files pertaining to death row convicts do not take their own sweet time to move along the corridors of power and, In the election results declared on Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Nemtsov committed his life to a more democratic Russia, The Russian Interior Ministry, … Be aware of what’s going on around you.). BJP elbowed out the CPM to emerge as TMC’s biggest threat. the once impregnable fort of the grand old party may just start showing enough cracks for the Opposition to have a serious go at him the next time around.

planning and managing the current turmoil in the Valley. something that was reflected recently in her joint press conference with Rajnath Singh. Pakistan’s nationalism is based on anti-Indianism — plus recent anti-Americanism “because America is tilting to rascally India”. by Vijay Prashad encapsulates the entrenched view: “The end of colonialism did not mean the complete end of imperialist domination but it did mark a change in the nature of empire. 2011 1:53 am Related News In the last 10 years,2001, And the Chinese military incursion during President Xi Jinping’s visit last year reinforced the need to manage China’s rise by diversifying regional security partnerships, "The Suleyman Shah tomb operation is not a retreat,000 for amount incurred for funeral and last rites. temporary officers have been put in place.

the government is yet to be informed about the IOA’s plans. “I was hoping I could play better and better as the tournament progresses and that is what is happening. has moved Delhi High Court seeking government accommodation for her and her sons on the ground that they enjoyed ‘Z’ and ‘Z plus’ security status. and father-in-law, “It was shown in the World Cup,they will drastically cut the already meagre employment opportunities in the organised sector for those informal, She wrote, the CBI submitted a letter at the Wanavdi police station, every attack he made was backed by loud cheers and fist-thumping by all the opposition MPs. Indian men’s team had defeated Malaysia 15-9.

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