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page title for ranking is still no matter for marketing is the key to the success of today, mainly to introduce in Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranking page title skills how many articles can be done


search engine page in order to improve the user experience, according to the actual situation from the title to intercept the corresponding content to show users, it will be different in different search engines. In the noble baby search results, the length of 64 bytes in the header information (i.e. 32 characters); only 56 bytes in Shanghai love search results (28 Chinese characters), beyond the scope of the content will be omitted. So we should pay attention to your title is too long and is omitted, because the title is long, pertinence is not strong, the weight of more dispersed, so our title should be streamlined, so that is more conducive to ranking. Of course, although the search engine will be omitted in the abstract information beyond that part of the content restrictions, but does not mean that the search engine will ignore its existence, only displays the information from the nearby search keywords to intercept.

in the title keyword appears position of Shanghai dragon would be affected? Many people love to the name of company or website on the front of the title, especially web page title. In the search engine optimization point of view, this is a very unwise, unless your company or site name is the primary key. Of course, if you want to play the brand, want to let others first see is the name of your company, that’s another matter, if you want the keywords ranking, then keywords the best way is the core of the front. Because the search engine analysis page, from top to bottom in the HTML source code, the content is the first title in the pages of information. Therefore, the primary key in the front page with the title, can effectively highlight the theme of the page, improve.

we summed up the title, < title; > tag optimization needs to pay attention to five aspects: the title length control, title key distribution, key words in the title in the title, the frequency of combination of key skills.

first, the length of the titleThe

in the title tag optimization need to pay attention to what the problem in the process of

Keywords distribution of A


page title that is we often say < Title > tag, equivalent to the title of an article, is on the topic of web content summary. The search engine is generally extracted from the page title < Title > all or part of the information as the title. Therefore, we wrote the title content, to highlight the theme, concise content.

second, in the title

?What is the title "<

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