Graduation on entrepreneurship

is a lot of college graduates to work out of the season, with the increasing number of college students now entrepreneurs, graduated on the phenomenon of entrepreneurship is common, then, graduated from the business? Might as well listen to college students how to say!

face "two rich generation" to start preparing

entrepreneurship really so simple? Normal School of mathematics and computer science, Lee said that he has now accumulated a number of capital, including the ability to reserve, networking and funding, but still need to be cautious about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a bit like gambling, the key is to confirm that they can not afford to lose." He said, now the school held a variety of lectures, invited entrepreneurs who are successful. After all, they are just the lucky army, more entrepreneurial failure, has long been quietly disappeared in people’s vision. So we have an illusion, as if the venture is simple and attractive. In fact, we need some of the lessons of the failure of entrepreneurs predecessors." read more

Novice children’s clothing stores need to know what skills

with the opening of the two child policy in recent years, the demand for children’s clothing market is gradually increasing. Therefore, the choice of investment to open a children’s clothing store, the market and prospects are not to say, for those who want to start a business, is a good choice. But there are also a lot of novice, do not know how to shop, below to introduce some of the novice children to join the skills you want to know.

1, customer convenience, service to the public: the design must adhere to the customer centered service tenet, to meet customer requirements. Today’s customers no longer "shopping" as a kind of pure purchases, but saw it as a collection of shopping, leisure, entertainment and social integrated activities, therefore, children’s clothing store not only to have enough goods, but also to create a suitable shopping environment. Make the customer enjoy the perfect service. read more

Operating noodle needs equipment which

ready to open a noodle shop, operating noodle needs equipment which? As we know, we need a lot of equipment to set up shop, so we need to make a simple list of the equipment needed to open the noodle shop today.

1,   1200

cooking stove;

2, small fry stove   500

3,   300

soup stove;

4, four door freezer   3000

5, cupboard   1000

6. Seasoning table   400

7, cutting table   600

8, dishwasher   500

9, baidunzi tool   300 read more

Shenzhen actively create venture capital entrepreneurial talent up to 1 million 760 thousand

now a lot of people have entrepreneurial dream, the government’s encouragement, family support, coupled with their own enthusiasm, entrepreneurs with the ideal road, began his own struggle. Recently, organized by the Chinese people’s daily newspaper, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, Dapeng New District Party committee jointly organized the talent driven innovation seminar held in Dapeng district. In Shenzhen, more than about 10000000 of the resident population, entrepreneurial talent has reached up to 1 million 760 thousand! read more

Korean hot pot buffet lunch to join the cost

China Korean vogue for a long time, along with the South Korean film industry in Chinese popularity, Korean food culture also once again set off a wave of Chinese style, pay attention to a Chinese catering industry innovation, open a strong South Korean style Hot pot shop, it must also be able to occupy the market for good.

"drink cake Korean self-help Hot pot Museum" with exquisite famous, exquisite authentic Korean delicacy, attaches great importance to the fine craftsmanship, because of this, South Korea special snack by domestic "chowhound" favor. China’s huge market, so that the Korean food and beverage companies have entered China, the brightest Korean cuisine competing to distribute delicious to Korean dramas, Korean clothing, Korean food based Korean wave in the country, has become an irreversible trend. read more

Jade mouth wonton can get what support

in the early years of China is still relatively backward, most of the streets are similar alley form. During that winter is particularly cold only the warmth of the alley, is to buy the ravioli vendors, ravioli has an important irreplaceable position in the minds of people. Wonton is one of the China folk traditional pasta, a thin flour skin stuffing, usually cooked soup with food, from North China. Since ancient times, there is a very big market, jade wonton always adhere to the "health and nutrition of food, integrity management, customer first" core business philosophy, after years of accumulation of R & D, have perfected the highly standardized products and services for the future development has laid a good foundation. read more

Standing on the shoulders of giants to see higher to avoid detours in the early stages of entreprene

experienced entrepreneurs who will have their own feelings and experience in the entrepreneurial process, in the early stages of the venture to go, and now think of these are the accumulation of a wealth of life. It had no business to business people should not blindly entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is risky, that everyone knows, especially the problem in the early days will encounter a variety of There’s no telling, everything is hard in the beginning, we need to constantly sum up their entrepreneurial experience, continuous learning, can help us avoid detours in the early days. The whole network Xiaobian to tell you a few examples of successful entrepreneurs, I hope these experiences can help entrepreneurs start early the four walk less detours. read more

Treat customers seriously

is a character, because some are busy, many shopkeepers caused a little careless when dealing with the customer, the owner may not have felt, but for the customer is greatly respected, it could reach the customer churn. So, if you want to let the shop business is hot, treat customers can really be serious.

I often go to a barber shop barber, basically to go once a month, not only I go, I also took his son to go, and sometimes also recommended to friends and family. However, when I went to get a haircut, the barber was different. He was always absent-minded when he cut his hair, while chatting with other people, he kept laughing. This can also be endured, after all, his barber skills. read more

Recommended to the entrepreneurial novice six quality projects

novice entrepreneurs as the name implies is inexperienced entrepreneurs, because they lack the necessary practical experience, lack of control of the entrepreneurial process, so be careful when selecting projects. Which projects are suitable for entrepreneurs? The following is recommended to the novice entrepreneurs six quality projects.

snack hut

with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, packaging beautiful, unique taste of healthy snacks, will be more and more popular. The Spring Festival is approaching, whether you are relatives or friends talk, talk, snacks are indispensable existence. read more

Read inspirational stories to build confidence

some people say: no age is easy! No one venture, do not encounter a little trouble. With the right attitude to face the troubles encountered on the road, perhaps your situation will be better. How to make their hearts become more powerful, how to move forward in the face of difficulties, look at the following four small stories, set up new confidence.

read more

How to choose a home store business model

home industry now as the most lucrative industry has been the concern of entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, the current momentum of the development of solid wood home industry is growing. Investment in the domestic agent industry can get good returns. Many entrepreneurs have to see the opportunity to open up a solid wood home franchise stores.

now of course Home Furnishing market is in great background of competitiveness, in the industry to Home Furnishing money is not an easy thing, so the light of these theoretical knowledge is not enough, but also with the truth Home Furnishing stores location, to find the plan for a long period of development, combined with the actual situation and in the actual operation to implement. This is the key to the home franchise business. read more

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to carry out cross college cooperation to engage

new era, greatly reducing the cost of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team continues to expand. However, the quality of entrepreneurs has not been associated with the corresponding speed of economic development. Therefore, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship personnel training, with the wings of innovation to enable Chinese enterprises to fly to a new height, become the focus of attention of major universities.

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