BBS to represent Sinhalese at Parliament polls

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) said that they will be contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to be held on August 17 and will represent the Sinhalese community.BBS General Secretary Galagoda Aththe Gnasara Thero said that his group will contest the elections under the party titled Bodu Jana Peramuna (BJP) and their main objective will be to represent the Sinhalese majority in parliament. The party symbol will be cobra. The monks had also agitated against the issuing of the ‘Halal’ certification for food products which Muslims depend on before making purchases. (Colombo Gazette) “Today more than 50% of Sri Lankan parliamentarians are uneducated. The politicians are all two faced. Minority parties representing the Tamils and Muslims are pressurizing the government. We need to change all this,” he added. He further said that the group will be contesting the elections independently as they did not support any major political party and will be contesting in 15 districts in the island nation .Last year the BBS was accused of igniting religious tension in the Muslim dominated town of Aluthgama in Southern Sri Lanka. The tension led to clashes between the minority Muslims and the Sinhalese majority which left atleast 4 people dead and over 80 injured. “While we have many small parties representing the Tamils and the Muslims, we do not have any one representing the Sinhalese. A lot of people are against monks entering parliament but we are doing so as today the political culture in Sri Lanka is very bad,” Gnasera Thero said. read more

Lawrence measures up for Cowboys even with sacks total down

FRISCO, Texas — DeMarcus Lawrence may not reach his career high in sacks during the encore to the Dallas defensive end’s breakthrough season in the NFL.By any measure from his coaches and teammates, Lawrence’s follow-up to 14 1/2 sacks has been a success . A big one.“With the things that we’ve changed in the defence, he has to more disciplined in the run and things of that sort,” defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford said. “Sacks are a good number for everybody else mainly. As far as a good player on a good defence, you’re not going to find a better one.”Lawrence has 8 1/2 sacks through 12 games. The fifth-year pro had that many in five games last year. But Lawrence collected his first career interception on a screen pass two games ago against Washington before helping lead the defence’s signature moment in 2018.The Cowboys bottled up Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in a 13-10 win that set them up for sole possession of first place in the NFC East. Dallas took that spot with the Redskins’ loss to Philadelphia.Now Dallas (7-5) gets its rematch with the Eagles (6-6) on Sunday, with first place on the line just as it was on Thanksgiving against Washington. The Cowboys started their current four-game winning streak with a victory in Philadelphia.“I have my ups and down this season. No complaining about it,” Lawrence said. “I really embrace this season. It just shows how much we really care, how much I really care, just because of how we’re standing as a defence. I feel like everything is looking up.”And that was before the Cowboys held the Saints to 176 yards, their lowest total in 22 years and more than 200 yards below their season average. While rookie Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith have taken a large share of the spotlight at linebacker, Lawrence’s presence up front is significant.Lawrence has played the most snaps among defensive linemen by more than 100. He’s getting the blocking attention of someone who tied for second in the NFL in sacks a year ago. And he’s still stopping the run, something defensive co-ordinator Rod Marinelli says Lawrence has always done well.“I think he is absolutely playing dynamic in every phase of the game,” Marinelli said. “He’s from sideline to sideline to screens to picking a screen off, to doing things exactly right. He can do everything. And he leads this defence by his effort. He’s relentless.”Crawford believes another look at film from last season would reveal more missed assignments by Lawrence than this season, another reason to pick other things over sacks as the measure of Lawrence’s worth. Lawrence also embraced the intangibles coming off his first big year.“The guy has worked harder than I’ve ever seen him work, especially throughout the off-season and into the season,” Crawford said. “He’s become more of a leader in the locker room. The guy’s been balling. He’s just got to keep it up.”Lawrence’s first season with double-digit sacks led to his first Pro Bowl and a franchise tag worth $17.1 million . The 26-year-old happily signed it, believing the security of a long-term contact would follow another solid season.The sides never got close on that deal last off-season, and the question of another year on the franchise tag will hover until they get close, if they do. Lawrence has never let himself get bothered by that question.“Last year is last year,” he said. “Ain’t nobody saying, ‘OK, D-Law had 14 1/2 sacks, he deserves the Pro Bowl this year or he deserves to be in the Super Bowl.’ It’s all on me. Like I said, I embrace it. Absolutely I want to be better than 14 1/2 and I’ve got to keep working day in and day out in order to get there.”The Cowboys are measuring in other ways.___More AP NFL: and Dixon, The Associated Press read more

Ohio State sprinter Maggie Barrie to represent Sierra Leone in 400meter dash

Ohio State sprinter Maggie Barrie will run the 400-meter dash for Sierra Leone at the Wolrd Championships. Credit: Ohio State AthleticsPrior to the start of the 2017 indoor track season, Ohio State senior sprinter Maggie Barrie had barely even competed in the 400-meter dash. In fact, she was intimidated by its length. But that all changed at her team’s time trials at the beginning of the year“We had a 300-meter time trial and and I ran the 300 really, really fast and they were just like, ‘Wow, you can run it really fast, let’s try to put you in the 400,’” Barrie said.So, they gave her a shot at running the 400-meter dash at meets. Barrie took full opportunity and never looked back, becoming an honorable mention All-American in the outdoor 400-meter dash. Recently, Barrie was chosen to represent Sierra Leone at the International Association of Athletics Federation World Championships where she will compete in the 400-meter dash. The event, which takes place in London, England, takes place Aug. 4-13 and her first round race is slated to begin Sunday at 6:55 a.m.Since Barrie only recently began running at the distance and admitted she wasn’t fast at it last year, she said she was surprised to be tabbed to run. But because she had the fastest time of anyone representing Sierra Leone, her name was called.Barrie, whose personal record at 400 meters is 52.27 seconds, wants to run her race at the championships in 51 seconds. The ambitious runner believes this will set her up for success  inher final season of college.“I want to be more than top 20 in the nation. I want to be top five,” Barrie said. “And, so, if I hit 51 (seconds) at worlds, then I’ll put myself in a good place to score even higher when the major competitions for next year come.”Barrie is also a member of Ohio State’s indoor 4×400 relay team which set a school record of 3:31.23 and became the first group in program history to be named first team All-Americans in the event.In London, she won’t be in unfamiliar territory as the Columbus native will have plenty of supporters. Barrie has visited many relatives who now live in London after immigrating from Sierra Leone. Her parents – both Sierra Leone natives – immigrated to the United States, but many other relatives left their home country for England.Barrie was able to travel to the country for the first time since she was a child – she was so young when she first went that she can’t even remember the experience – in July. She said it not only lived up to her expectations, but blew her away.Barrie isn’t a native of the country she will be representing, but Sierra Leone holds a special place in the first-generation United States citizen’s heart.“Sierra Leone definitely drives me,” Barrie said. “Being able to represent it and put it on the map and make an opportunity for sports to be able to drive the nation is definitely and honor.” read more

Jonathan Vilma Issues New Lawsuit Against NFL

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma just will not stop. Now, he is suing the NFL in federal court, claiming NFL commissioner Roger Goodell failed to make a timely appeal ruling regarding Vilma’s season-long suspension in connection with the league’s bounty investigation.The lawsuit filed Saturday night in U.S. District Court in New Orleans also asks for a temporary restraining order to allow Vilma to continue working if Goodell upholds the suspension.The suit contends Goodell has undermined “the integrity of the NFL and the Commissioner’s office” by handing down punishments to Vilma and others based on evidence that is either flawed or cannot be substantiated.It is the second lawsuit Vilma has filed in the matter. The first, filed in May and also in federal court in New Orleans, seeks unspecified damages from Goodell for defamation of character.In his latest filing, Vilma claims that the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement required Goodell to rule as soon as was practical following a June 18 appeal hearing. Because players, in protest, declined to present new evidence or argue their case in the hearing, Goodell should have been able to rule by June 25, the first business day after the record was closed in the matter, the lawsuit argues.“We have not yet had an opportunity to review Mr. Vilma’s improper effort to litigate a matter that is committed to a collectively bargained process,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. “There is no basis for asking a federal court to substitute its judgment for the procedures agreed upon by the NFL and NFLPA, procedures that have been in place, and have served the game well, for decades.”In his latest attack of the NFL’s handling of the bounty probe, Vilma contends punished players have only been able to see less than 1 percent of the 18,000 documents the league said it has compiled. His suit also claims that the few key pieces of evidence the league shared are flawed, including printed reproductions of handwritten notes.“The NFL’s alteration of other documents evidences that the NFL cannot substantiate the suspension, and undermines the integrity of the process,” Vilma’s lawsuit states.The lawsuit seeks to discredit a key piece of evidence outlining bounty pledges from before the NFC Championship Game against Minnesota in January 2010, and also takes aim at fired assistant coach Mike Cerullo, who, according to Vilma, produced the document for the league. read more

Baseball Ohio State ends losing streak with 108 comeback win against Ohio

Ohio State freshman infielder Marcus Ernst (28) makes contact with the pitch during the March 24 contest against Hawaii at Nick Swisher Field. The Buckeyes lost 15-3. Credit: Gretchen Rudolph | For The LanternDespite trailing 7-3 heading into the eighth inning, Ohio State was able to rally  to end its five-game skid.In the ninth inning, the Buckeyes (17-16, 2-4 Big Ten)  scored three runs to complete the comeback Tuesday, edging out Ohio (8-22, 3-6 MAC) 10-8.Sophomore catcher Dillon Dingler was able to deliver a two-run double to left-center field to give the Buckeyes a 10-8 lead in the ninth inning. With a four-run deficit through seven innings, freshman outfielder Nolan Clegg scored on a passed ball, cutting the Bobcats’ lead to 7-4. Redshirt sophomore catcher Brent Todys then tied the game on one swing, launching a three-run home run to tie the game at 7.The Buckeyes tallied three more runs in the ninth inning on an RBI single from junior first baseman Conner Pohl and Dingler’s two-RBI double to win their first game since March 30. Todys finished with three hits and four RBI. Clegg also hit his second home run of the season, finishing the game with three RBI.  For the Bobcats, redshirt freshman designated hitter Cole Revels tallied five RBI in the game. On the mound, Ohio State freshman pitcher Will Pfenning struggled, allowing five earned runs on five hits and two walks in three innings of work. After allowing three runs in the next 4.2 innings of work, junior left-handed pitcher Andrew Magno was able to keep the Bobcats off the scoreboard for the remaining 1.1 innings, allowing one hit and striking out two. Ohio State will take on Dayton at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday at Bill Davis Stadium. read more

Pointers to the low emission mine trucks of the future

first_imgAs International Mining‘s article on the latest in open-pit haulers is prepared for the June issue, we hear the technology underpinning the Tesla Roadster, a high-performance electric sports car is showing up in a truck. The Silicon Valley automaker is providing the batteries Freightliner Custom Chassis is putting in the electric trucks it will have on the road next year. Freightliner has offered CNG (compressed natural gas) and hybrid electric trucks for years and it’s about to start selling a hydraulic hybrid. It says electrics are the logical next step.A hydraulic hybrid combines a diesel engine with a hydraulic propulsion system. In most hydraulic hybrids, according to Design News, the diesel engine powers a pump that charges an accumulator, which drives pump motors connected to the wheels. Without a conventional drivetrain and transmission, the engine can run at maximum efficiency at all times. During braking, the pump motors are reversed and can recapture at least 70% of braking energy – nearly three times the amount that can be recaptured in the regenerative braking systems found in electric hybrids.“We’re trying to drive some of the revolution within the commercial sector,” says Jonathan Randall, Freightliner’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “This is one more arrow in our quiver to make sure we’re following the technology and providing what our customers want.” Freightliner says its electric rig will save $15,000 a year in fuel and maintenance costs. Ford recognises this as well, which is one reason it’s rolling out the light-duty Transit Connect Electric van at the end of the year.Freightliner already builds a lot of the delivery trucks – called walk-in vans – you see around US towns. It essentially took the chassis from one of those trucks, the MT-45, and swapped the engine and transmission for a motor and a really big battery.Enova provided the motor, which produces 120 kW peak power and 45 kW continuous. The controller and charger also came from Enova. The power comes from batteries made by Tesla Motors. The pack is comprised of three 18.5 kWh modules for a total of 55.5 kWh. That’s good for something above 160 km range. Mike Stark, who leads Freightliner’s alternative fuel efforts is not sure of the exact range because the truck is still being tested. If more range is needed, simply add more modules to the pack. Stark says the truck can handle as many as five, which would provide 92.5 kWh.The battery is essentially the same as the Roadster’s 53 kWh pack. Each module contains 2,000 cells and weighs 136 kg. The cells are the same kind you’ll find in your laptop – 18650 lithium cobalt oxide. Plug the truck into a 220-V line and it’s good to go in six to eight hours.All of the components fit between the frame rails and what would be the engine compartment in a conventional truck, so there’s no loss in cargo space or capacity. The electric van will have a more than 2 t payload. Although the battery pack weighs 408 kg, Stark says the electric drivetrain is lighter than the engine and transmission it replaced.Freightliner Custom Chassis is a subsidiary of Daimler, which bought a stake in Tesla Motors almost a year ago. “We talked to Tesla because of the relationship with Daimler,” Stark said. “But we also found they offered the best energy density for the price and the packaging. We believe they provide the best product for our application.”last_img read more

Why the Porn Show and ces Happen the Same Week in Vegas

first_imgI suppose there’s no such thing as a “normal” week in Las Vegas. As I was walking down the strip last night, going from one meeting to the next, I was attempting to explain my surrounds, trying to come up with a succinct description for the sensation of walking past the Eiffel Tower one moment and then the canals of Venice and the warring pirate ships the next.The best description I could come up with was, “imagine that some supervillian had collected up all of the world’s most famous monuments and dumped them in a few miles of one another,”That said, even with that manner of odd spectacle encountered on a daily basis, there’s something special about the second week of the year, when two distinctly different groups descend upon the city. On one side are the technology enthusiasts, booking hotel rooms for the country’s biggest technology show. On the other are members and fans of the adult industry descending upon the Sands for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.It always seemed to me that it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence that these two seemingly polarizing shows occur in the same city on the same week. This year, I spoke with a spokesman for the AVN show and got the answer–it’s no coincidence at all. AVN was actually born out of ces. “It came out of ces, about 12 years ago,” AVN rep Sean Devlin told Gearlog. “There used to be an adult video section of the show. And then, about 12 years ago, the adult exhibitors said, ‘hey, we can do our own show.’ So they decided to put on their own show. So that’s how the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo was born.”It was all born in a basement–figuratively and literally. “Instead of being the redheaded stepchild of ces, the show’s organizers wanted to get out of the basement,” explained Devlin. “I’m told that it was in the dark basement–literally in the show’s basement. They wanted to come out in the sunshine.”So, why keep it the same week as ces, after all these years? Tradition–and foot traffic. “A good maybe 40 percent of the fan attendees also attend ces. It is an important part of our market. It used to be part of ces, and people expect it to be at the same time as ces. We don’t always overlap all four days like we did this year, but we usually overlap at least two days.”Pornography and consumer electronics–peas in a pod.last_img read more

Tsochatzopouloss property seized

first_imgAkis Tsochatzopoulos, the former PASOK defense minister indicted in connection with bribes for the purchase of submarines, was on Wednesday banned from leaving the country and told to post 150,000 euros in bail as authorities said they would seize one of his properties in central Athens which he is alleged not to have declared to avoid paying taxes.Tsochatzopoulos was released after testifying before investigating magistrate Theodoros Kanellopoulos, following his appeal against alleged discrepancies found during a probe into his finances. According to sources, the former minister told the magistrate that he had acquired the property — on central Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, under the Acropolis – in 2010 and therefore had not mentioned it until the following year in his declaration of assets form (“pothen esches”). Last summer, Parliament voted in favor of indicting Tsochatzopoulos in connection with the submarine bribes affair. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Super Nintendo World Japan Is Coming Together Slowly But Surely

first_imgStay on target One lucky Japanese Instagram user l.c.a.studios_usj was able to capture some construction going on at the park, namely that of what appears to be, you guessed it, Super Nintendo Land. She was able to snap some pictures of hat looks like special bricks from the Mario games, and even the front of a display featuring piranha plants, pipes, and a staging area for the upcoming attraction. It’s absolutely adorable, and likely every Nintendo fan’s dream. It looks like the plants themselves may move up and down in their pipes, which would make for a neat touch.【速報】ちょっと待って…USJにマリオあるんだけど。土管とかブロックとかパックンフラワーとかある……♪たぶん任天堂エリア関連のイベントかなんかあるんだろうね。#USJ #マリオ #Mario #任天堂 #Nintendo #UniversalStudios— USJ情報局 L.C.A.STUDIOS (@LCASTUDIOS_USJ) June 6, 2017Additionally, as if this weren’t a great enough surprise, a Japanese ad for the upcoming park began airing today, showing off a fantastical world of all things Mario and Nintendo with excited park patrons and other awesomely Nintendo touches. All this and all this excitement for an attractive that’s not supposed to open until 2020, and in Japan at that. It has all the markings of something that’ll absolutely be a hit, and we’ve only seen a small snippet of what’s on offer.Hopefully as time goes by and we see more and more of Super Nintendo World, it becomes like the Nintendo dreamland of our fantasies, and will touch down in the west in the supposed planned Orlando version of the attraction inside of Universal Studios Florida. You’re gonna have to pay people to not go there if it’s anywhere as cool as it seems like it’s going to be. ‘Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo SongsHands-On: ‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020’ Seems Fine center_img We’ve known for some time now that Universal Studios Japan is getting its own special Nintendo attraction in the form of Super Nintendo World, but we’ve not heard very much about the park just yet. For instance, we’ve had snippets of news trickling down here and there for the last few months, but now we’ve got some sort of inkling as to what to expect. The Osaka-based theme park could have a special Mario Kart attraction, but more importantly it looks like it’s going to be based on classic Mario properties, if a first look is to be believed.last_img read more

How Close Are We Really to Achieving Nuclear Fusion

first_imgNuclear fusion has been the practical Holy Grail for clean, sustainable power for decades. Based on the same process that powers the sun, a controlled, human made nuclear reactor could solve a lot of Earth’s biggest problems. One plant could power a significant percentage of the US, and a few more — each of which only need small pellets of cheap, plentiful fuel to operate — could run the planet. And all without any extra greenhouse gas emissions, or the risk of a catastrophic meltdown. So… what’s stopping us from putting these things everywhere? Well… unfortunately, the laws of physics.That’s not to say that building a fusion reactor is impossible (though that may well be, at least for cheap power generation), just that it is very, very hard. Scientists have been working on this since the 50s and, at the time, they suspected the final breakthrough wasn’t too far off. But then, as now, the running joke is that fusion is still a staggering 50 years away. But is that even true? How could it be?Back in the 50s, milestones had fallen again and again. As the Manhattan project grew to consume research into nuclear fusion as well, scientists set to work on figuring out how they might kick start the process.The first came in the form of the test bomb, Ivy Mike. It used the intense heat and power of a standard nuclear weapon to create a secondary fusion reaction. While the experiment was successful and demonstrated the staggering potential of a fusion weapon, the research wasn’t too applicable to power generation. Instead, physicists were working on a means to start up the chain reaction that would create a self-sustaining fusion reaction.Because we aren’t working with stars, humans have some major hurdles in fusing atoms and creating the tremendous amounts of energy we see in the sun. Most of those come from the incredible heat involved. Hot gasses and plasmas expand, but to keep the reaction going, you need the atoms to keep smashing together. You can use magnets to force the material to stay contained, but that uses a lot of power. That’s the fundamental problem with fusion as it stands today. Reactions can be started, but, thus far, they’ve all taken more energy to control than we get out of them. In fact, starting that initial fusion reaction is quite easy, but it can’t just be the spark. That spark has to stick and kick up a nuclear furnace that yields enough to operate what are, in essence, force fields to contain the reaction and send the excess to the mains.So what exactly is so hard about that?Well… a lot, unfortunately. That’s the part we’re stuck on now. Containing the tremendous power involved. Thankfully this isn’t anything like what you may have seen in Spiderman 2. If we mess up the containment field, the reactor will be fried, sure, but that’s about it. Without the pressure from the field forcing more fusion to take place, the reaction will peter out in microseconds, and you’ll be out an expensive bit of hardware, but the city or whatever else was nearby would be just fine.Stars have it easy, actually. Their ludicrously powerful gravitational fields do all the work of pulling in gas and heating it up. We’re trying to contain the same type of power the sun uses with something much, much smaller. We have an advantage though — the power of the electromagnetic force itself.Gravity may be an impressive fact of life, but the force is actually rather weak. Magnetism, however, is many hundreds of millions of times more potent. If you doubt me, think about the fact that a simple magnet can snatch a paper clip from a table, even with the entire planet pulling back on the clip. Even with the advantage, though, fusion is just enormously difficult. You’re playing with cosmic forces and trying to use one of the most efficient reactions known to science.The nuclei, or cores, of atoms are positively charged. Meaning that, much like two bar magnets with the north poles touching, they don’t want anything to do with each other. But if you can squeeze them hard enough, then other effects start to take hold. Some, like quantum tunneling, can fuse two particles by sheer chance. And, if you can maximize those odds enough for long enough, that could be all you need to get the furnace going. Others are more directed. But all of them rely on overcoming what is essentially the repulsive force of trillions of super-tiny magnets.If you can keep pushing the reaction beyond that point, then you can reap exponentially more energy from the system as the fusion happens more and more often. The first sparks of fusion add energy, which makes the particles more volatile, which makes them harder to compress but also more likely to collide and stick.Challenging as all that is, scientists are shocking close to the first reactor that would produce more energy than it consumed. ITER, a massive, international megaproject currently under construction in France is expected to be switched on in 2025. Provided there aren’t any major hiccups (and there very well could be), that would be the date when we’d expect to see some major breakthroughs in nuclear fusion research. From there, it’d be a short hop to the Demonstrational Power Station or DEMO. DEMO is in its planning stages, but it should begin providing the first commercially available fusion power by 2033.If that’s a lot closer than you thought — yeah, I thought the same, but it’s a better forecast than we’ve ever had before. Part of that is because now that ground has broken on ITER, all that’s left is to do is see if it works. Scientists are hopeful, but we have to test, experiment and iron out problems. We’re pretty confident ITER will be the first fusion reactor to yield excess power, but we just won’t know until we try.  It’s also likely that we’ll see some delays here and there, but the fact that ITER is planned as a stepping stone to DEMO and that the goal of the international community is to keep iterating on these designs until it works means that we might not have much longer to wait after all.The only problems at this stage are the fact that fusion reactors are still enormously complicated. And there could be challenges we didn’t foresee. And, even if everything goes perfectly, these reactors take the better part of a decade to build. So if DEMO and ITER do their thing, we could expect a wave of high-yield fusion plants around the early 2040s. That’s far off, but not by much. We’re talking a little over 25 years, and most of that is just grappling with the challenges inherent in building a big, badass power plant. Still, ITER’s already seen some major delays — the reactor had originally planned to switch on in 2016 — and other fusion researchers suggest that the reactor’s tokomak design is an engineering dead end. Which, could well be the case. But, for now, the only way to learn more is to experiment. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Upcoming road schedule for WWE 26 to 212

first_img Videos Articles Ronda Rousey On WWE: I Love This Job, But I Dont Need It Bully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On Twitter Asuka says she only hit her back and is okay after injury scare at WWE live event Now Playing Up Next Velvet Sky Google+ WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Match announced for next week’s 205 Live, 8-Man Elimination from TLC PPV in 2015 Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasionscenter_img Now Playing Up Next Roman Reigns is in Remission Now Playing Up Next Twitter Facebook Ronda Rousey Highlighting WWEs Problems Pinterest Now Playing Up Next WWE is on the road from February 6 to February 12, 2015 at the following locations:* 2/6 live event in North Charleston, South Carolina* 2/6 NXT live event in Citrus Springs, Florida* 2/7 live event in Salt Lake City, Utah* 2/7 live event in Jacksonville, Florida* 2/8 live event in Canton, Ohio* 2/8 live event in Huntington, West Virginia* 2/9 RAW/Superstars TV Tapings in Columbus, Ohio* 2/10 Smackdown/Main Event TV Tapings in Dayton, Ohio* 2/11 NXT Takeover: Rival live special in Winter Park, Florida* 2/12 NXT TV Tapings in Winter Park, Florida* 2/12 live event in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. If you are attending any of these events live and would like to send a live report in, you can do so by e-mailing or Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipBully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On TwitterVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 100.00%0:03Remaining Time -0:27 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Liv Morgan makes first WWE appearance following concussion at live event in Canadalast_img read more

Torres plans to leave Spain

first_imgFernando Torres has confirmed that he will be leaving Spain this summer, after announcing his departure from Atletico Madrid at the end of this seasonThe former Liverpool star has struggled to make an impact at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano this season and the arrival of Diego Costa in January has seen Torres fall further down the pecking order under head coach Diego Simeone.In light of his increasingly restricted opportunities at Atletico, Torres recently announced that he will be leaving his boyhood club for the second and final time at the end of the season with clubs from both the Chinese Super League and the Major Soccer League believed to be heavily interested in signing the 2010 World Cup winner.But Torres, while ruling out joining another club in Spain, did suggest to Cadena SER that he may be open to a move elsewhere in Europe.“I have not made the decision. I will say it as I have said: that I leave Atletico.” said the 34 year-old, according to Sky Sports.“I will not continue in Spain. Europe? I don’t know. One has an idea that can then change.”Fati and Suarez shine against Valencia at Camp Nou Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 15, 2019 With a mesmerizing first half from Ansu Fati and a brace from Luis Suarez in the second half, Barcelona demolished Valencia at Camp Nou.Valencia…Also looking likely to follow Torres in leaving Atletico this summer are Antoine Griezmann and goalkeeper Jan Oblak.While Torres is keen for the highly-rated duo to remain at the Spanish capital, he insisted that Atletico must prove their worth against Europe’s elite to convince the pair to stay.“I don’t know if he wants to stay. I do not speak with him about that. I would love it if he wanted to stay.” admitted Torres.“Griezmann has been third in the Ballon d’Or without winning titles. You have to offer him the possibility of winning them. He has to see Atletico at the level of the big [clubs].”And on Oblak, Torres said: “I have not seen a goalkeeper like him. He’s spectacular. I would do everything possible so that he stays. He will stay if the club lives up to his ambition.”last_img read more

Ronaldo boost for Real Madrid

first_imgReal Madrid have received a welcome boost in the return of Cristiano Ronaldo after the forward completed his first training session of the week, reports MarcaThe five-time Ballon d’Or winner has been out injured after being replaced at half-time with an ankle injury in Real’s 2-2 draw against Barcelona at the Nou Camp ten days ago.Head coach Zinedine Zidane had expressed his confidence that Ronaldo would return in time for Real’s Champions League final against Liverpool in Kiev on May 26 and was hopeful on including him in time for their final La Liga game of the season on Saturday against Villarreal.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.More good news for Real is that their defender Dani Carvajal also returning to full training with the squad and is expected to start, alongside Ronaldo and co, in the Champions League final in 10 days time.Real won their final home game of the season against the lowly Celta Vigo 6-0 last Saturday to keep the pressure on city rivals Atletico Madrid in the battle for second place in La Liga.last_img read more

Free Car Seat Safety Check At Kenai Fire Department Tomorrow

first_imgTucker said there’s more to installing a car seat than simply strapping it in… Chief Tucker: “Probably the most common mistake is the seat’s put in too loosely. They really need to be tightened down. The adjustments on the car seats themselves to properly fit children. Those are the things that are most commonly found.” Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Kenai Fire Department will be conducting free car seat safety checks at Station 1 on January 26, from 1-3 p.m. The free car seat checkup will take place from 1-3 p.m., at the Department at the corner of Main St and S Willow. No appointments are necessary.center_img Story as aired: Audio PlayerJennifer-on-car-seat-check.mp3VmJennifer-on-car-seat-check.mp300:00RPd Kenai Fire Chief Jeff Tucker: “People buy their car safety seats and there’s really a proper way of putting them in and we have people that are trained to do that. They actually take a 40 hour class to learn how to properly install car safety seats.”last_img read more

Kenai Elks Awards Grant To Central Peninsula Hospital

first_imgIn a press release from the lodge, this year the Kenai lodge averaged $42.85 in donations per member, which was the highest average among Alaska lodges. According to Jackson, they began donating to the CPHF in 2012 and has since donated a total of $13,500. The Elks Care Fund was created to help provide medical financial assistance for people who are under-insured or uninsured. Jackson: “We found this grant program through our Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and it’s called the Elks Foundation. The Kenai lodge is always eligible, because we always give more than our grand national office requires.” Lodge trustee Mary Jackson: “6 or 7 years ago we established a fund through the Central Peninsula Hospital Health Foundation, it’s called the Elks Care Fund. We started with just $2,500, and each year we have contributed and this year we were able to write a check from $3,750.” Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Elks Lodge donated a grant totaling $3,750 to the Central Peninsula Hospital Foundation. The grant was awarded to the Elks from the Elks National Fund which was turned around and given to CPH.last_img read more

2014 Media Supplier Perspective Part 2

first_imgThe exhibitor floor at FOLIO:’s annual MediaNext event is likely the one place to experience the full breadth of services for the magazine media industry. It’s also a unique opportunity to take the pulse of the market from the perspective of those who are on the front lines driving the changes in technology and adapting to what publisher clients—and their audiences—are demanding from the marketplace. Here, we present the second and final part of a collection of commentary from some of the top media service providers straight from the show floor of MediaNext 2013. If you missed part one, click here. GTXCEL  Kim Keller, Executive Vice President, SalesJill Baker, Director of Marketing1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? Kim Keller: Increasing their digital product acceptance with both readers and advertisers. Jill Baker: Revenue, monetization. I keep hearing, ‘This is great, but how do we make money?’  To me, there seems to be an awakening sense of competition—not only from within the magazine industry but also among content generators and distribution engines all vying for the time and minds of readers. I think next year will separate the ‘dos and don’ts’—those who have embraced new technology from those who have not. 2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. Keller: One out of every three Americans has a tablet. This is a wave that is not going to go away. Just as radio, TV, PCs and cell phones have changed the world, the tablet will, too. Newspapers resisted and lost. We think magazines can learn from the mistakes they made.Baker: Magazines are relevant, vibrant, and strategically poised to revolutionize the publishing industry. If we can get beyond our delivery channel in-fighting and emerge as a cohesive, cross-platform information source, we’d not only survive but thrive.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?Keller: Responsive Design without question. Like color screens for mobile phones a few years ago, we will look back on 2013 and realize that Responsive Design changed the face of how websites were built.Baker: Responsive design websites and apps. These solutions allow publishers to re-flow, re-package, and re-sell content, to streamline production and give readers a better experience. Couple Responsive Design with sophisticated analytics, and we’ve got the ability to deliver information that matters in ways readers want to consume it.MEDIA SERVICES GROUPTed ThomasonNew Business Representative1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? They are looking for integrated solutions that connect them better to their customers.2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. We are bullish on the magazine and content-provider industry. Magazines build community and our software helps them engage those communities.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I have noticed that in the evolving media ecosystem content providers are doing more and more exhibitions and conferences. It is another revenue stream for them and it is becoming more of a trend. They are not just doing print and digital advertising. They are also doing conferences and exhibitions.QMAGSScott JohnsonVice President1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? It’s to be on mobile and tablets. 
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. Because magazines are a proven commodity, and have been for readers for decades. And no matter what your age bracket is, you still like a magazine format. A lot of creativity is put in to the layout of the magazine pages—design, stories, and photos, and until that changes I think the magazine format will be around for a long time, although it is making a transition to a digital platform of some sort. It is just moving from paper to digital but the format and idea will stay the same. If you don’t have good content, it doesn’t matter what platform you are in.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I think the biggest trend is that people are looking at how to monetize their digital publishing. Even though that had begun before 2013, it picked up a lot of steam this year. That’s a question that a lot publishers ask you when you are talking about your platform. We are working on something that will revolutionize the publishing industry. I think it will be very helpful in monetizing a digital edition and it will be a big story to write about if it proves successful.HALLMARK/EBSCOJeff DeneenMarketing Director1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? In speaking with our clients and industry leaders, there are two trends that have been prevalent and we see will continue to persist throughout 2014. The most persistent priority we are seeing is defined by one term, “audience centric”. “Audience centric” is really an all-encompassing term for publishers to better know their audience, and how they interact with the brand—who comes to conferences, reads print, digital, all, etc. This audience centric concept ensures media owners are marketing to their audience based on their preferences, propensity and engagement and providing advertisers the highest ROI. 

Second, the industry is showing a flight towards quality, in all senses of the word. Also, [that applies to] quality data, content quality and advertiser quality. This all starts with audience data. A publisher with a better quality audience and better quality data on that audience will warrant a premium to advertisers. 
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. Hallmark is bullish on media. We don’t believe the industry is narrowly defined as magazine media any longer. Specifically, Hallmark is bullish on trusted, expert, insightful content and analysis that serves interested subscribers and marketers, regardless of the distribution medium, whether it be a magazine, a website, a conference, etc. We do believe magazines will continue to be a viable distribution channel as they play a core component of the overall brand. Until a subscriber can smell a tablet or feel the quality of the paper the editorial is printed on, we do believe print is still viable. Saying that, the need for content will never go away. In fact, trusted content is even more essential today with all the surrounding noise. Media owners have successfully stabilized their business from the ’08 recession and we see them in growth mode today. 3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?The media owner/publisher is now thinking outside the paper. The media owner is no longer a print media company, but rather a marketing firm predicated on leveraging content to connect great audiences with great advertisers. This has a good deal of implementations, but mainly it’s turned the editorial model on its head. No longer does an editor need to file a story monthly to meet a deadline, an editor must continually file new content, push it out to the Web or the app edition. Additionally, design is even more critical as editors are no longer confined to a set size to publish content as a webpage can scroll as long as it needs to and there can be unlimited pages on a web site. Last but not least, subscriber-reading habits are different in the sense that they prefer smaller snippets of content digitally.BLANCHARD SYSTEMSGary DolginsDirector, Sales and Marketing1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? We haven’t gotten into a lot of discussions about that but in principle they are looking for solutions that will improve their productivity and streamline their operations. They want to free people up to do other tasks. That is all motivated by what we do—we design solutions to improve productivity.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. We are bullish on the industry. We have been a vendor for publication printers for almost 20 years so it’s what we know. We know their requirements, their challenges and that’s what we know. We think some of the technologies like tablet and [the] Web give the magazines some opportunities to explore different ways to deliver their content so we have to stay abreast of that to provide the solutions they need.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I am a little stumped. We are not in an industry of innovation so therefore it leans back to how to be successful with what we have. A lot of the focus is on content delivery and repurposing content and those are huge assets for publishers. The challenge is how can they make money from that and does it involve changing the paradigm of how they made money before. That’s the challenge of the industry—how do you survive?CAMBEY AND WESTJane GilesDirector of Business Development1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? The whole mobile app arena.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. That is our business, so we better be! It’s an exciting time and it’s a tricky time and we are trying to help them navigate their way through the tricky times successfully. It’s all about content delivery.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?Responsive design would be one of them. That’s reformatting your web page to be recognized on whatever device you’re on. It recognizes it and maps it properly rather than you having to hold it sideways on your iPhone or whatever it is.ADS GLOBALHeidi SpanglerVice President1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? Our clients say their priorities are cleaning up emails and integrated database development and engagement programs.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. I think we are bullish on the media industry in general because there are more people finding solutions for the problems that have been plaguing the industry for a long time. They are discovering different ways to engage their audiences. There are different ways to measure the quality of the audience and that is opening up a lot of new avenues as well.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I think there was a larger focus on lead generation and measuring the engagement. There is more of a focus on quality over quantity.INFO GROUPClaude MaradaSenior Account Manager1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? We are a data solutions company so as far as what we provide it is all in the data segment. They are looking for quality data through acquisition, multi channel solutions.2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media.Publishers are a core part of what we do on a daily basis.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I think the trend for us is email retention and email acquisition, lead generation solutions versus traditional telemarketing. A lot of clients are migrating toward prospecting databases or co-op database solutions for their audience development needs, which reduces costs.MEDIARADARElliot YaxleySales Manager1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? For us it’s the integration of what they are doing whether it’s print, online or email. But primarily we are hearing about online video and trying to monetize that in some way and bring in TV dollars. Also, trying to help the online side. We are always talking to people about advertising and ad revenue and things like that and that certainly is the big topic of the moment—how can we monetize online video? We have all this content so how can we take in TV dollars as a new revenue stream?
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media.We work with people who are digital-only properties and they still want to see the print stuff because with print stuff they know that those people are serious about spending the money—70-80 percent is still coming from print. The issue is they are losing some of that and it’s going to digital, but it’s not commanding the same fees. I think they are seeing online video maybe coming in to fill that gap. 
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?For us it’s the online video. It’s what everyone is talking about and people are adding far more video onto their sites. The biggest issue is not having the full advertising dollars come online.EBSCO TELESERVICESDonna MarlettAccount Executive1.What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? They want to increase their circulation and revenue stream.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. Yes this is our world. Yes we are looking at some other avenues for lead generation or something other than just circulation. But it is still about 90 percent of what we do.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I think it goes back to the FCC rules and some of the rules that have come out about wireless calls and new ruling from the BPA and some of the amendments they have made. The TCPA rulings are huge, actually, because of us having to go back in and renew to the consumer and anyone under 50-years old they are giving up their land lines and for us not to be able to use our prior business relationship on a renewal line. That we have to go back and use express written consent from the publisher before we are able to call these guys is an absolute killer and it concerns me for renewal calling.PROIMAGE AMERICADana BascomSales Manager1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? Digital publishing
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. People still want to read print magazines. 
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?HTML5 technology. Internally it’s because you can do more on the tablet and mobile devices with smaller file sizes.ATMOSPHERE APPSEric PoirierCOO1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? We are seeing a lot more of our clients develop mobile-first or mobile-only products, whereas before we were focusing on converting an existing Web or print product into a mobile app. Now we’re seeing them create whole new products that either will start mobile and branch out from there. The idea is that mobile offers features that you cant get anywhere else, like the camera for example.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. I think it all comes down to great content and magazines have been providing great content for many years and that’s why they exist. The model may have to change but the idea of delivering great content should continue to be successful.
3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?We’re all about app development and mobile development—helping people to take their content mobile and all of the work that goes around making that profitable. One of the things that makes it interesting is the rise of the “freemeium” model which is to say that you give away something really valuable and capture an audience for that content and now you have essentially targeted the audience for your content and you can then go and sell other products to. If you look at the App Store, the top 10 grossing apps are all free. They give away a lot in order to capture that audience and then they can sell them add-on features. A lot of them are games but a lot of those strategies are moving into other areas as well.IMIRUSJeremy MillerVice President, Client Operations1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? It’s actually varied because we work with some small publishers who feel they need to advance their digital magazine product and by advancing that might mean they need to move into the app world. For the larger or smaller companies who already have apps they are more focused on how to drive traffic so that they can monetize with advertisers. They are looking for bigger numbers to gain the attention of advertisers.2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media.We feel like advertisers are finally starting to recognize the value in digital publications. A lot of our customers are actually having a lot more positive conversations with advertisers and we are seeing publishers creating unique content within their digital editions and advertisers are more welcoming.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?We are seeing that there is a blend of magazine and Web content. Static pages are being updated with dynamic content and that’s a trend.MAZKristie MarciulionisAccount Manager1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? Seeing investments on the Android platform and Google Play pay offs. And meeting the expectations that Apple sets.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media.We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the publishing business. Our product is geared toward the consumption of content. [Magazines] are a natural fit; the industry should have a presence on tablet devices and smart mobile devices.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?When it came to Maz it was down to the app world and creating a central hub for all of your content.KANTAR MEDIAMichael ForgashSRDS Account Manager1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? It’s to grow digital, to get involved in mobile and to expand on events. That has been a big part of their growing business.2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. Because every time a media company decides to discontinue their print magazine and go online only it never seems to work out and while print revenues aren’t necessarily growing, it all still centers around print sometimes. It’s all about their brands. No magazine is going to really survive these days if they don’t have brand extensions. Still, print remains profitable.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I have been hearing that a lot of brands have been becoming more successful with their tablet editions and they all seem to sell it differently. Some sell sponsorships, some package it in with whoever is advertising in print, but also some of their subscribers have been paying to have access to their magazine’s content on tablets. There seems to be a lot of growth in that area.PRESS READERSteve ChapmanDirector, Publishing1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? I think the most important thing we are hearing is “digital first.” I think you are seeing that everywhere. But what’s actually interesting is “digital first” means  something very different depending on where you are in the world. For some that means building a really positive experience that’s interactive and branded. Elsewhere in the world it may mean moving from print to digital for the very first time. Our clients are having a wide array of answers to that question.2.Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. I think because people are accessing more content then they have ever accessed before, so the magazine has an ability to make a comeback and really be an integral part of people’s lives, especially in a digital way. There’s a whole new generation that’s coming up with this type of content and they are reading and engaging with content in a different way and so that’s very exciting for magazine publishers, especially as they start to engage differently with the content. It’s not just about what the writer is writing anymore. It’s how people respond to it and how that conversation evolves and changes the article beyond just the written word. As publishers find new and interesting ways to engage with those readers and allow that feedback, rating and social interaction—that’s what’s going to make them successful in the future.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I think it goes back to that interaction. Going from a one-sided article to a two-way interaction, where the reader is a part of the story. Elsewhere, it’s exploring some of those new channels that are available through global kiosks that are available such as ours.DATASYSTEM SOLUTIONS Lorna FenimorePresident1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? The top priority has been implementing more paywalls and putting more content behind their paywalls but still including part of their content online and selling different levels of subscriptions where you have access to articles at no charge. Maybe a few articles you have to register to get a few more articles—still at no charge, but you are giving your email address and beyond that moving to media subscriptions. So we are seeing a lot of clients who are interested in implementing that and more sophisticated paywalls than they have in the past.2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. I think the things publishers are doing with technology is just amazing. So I think all of the technology programs and integrating social and digital platforms that are more engaging then they have ever been before. I think that’s all what’s going to continue to make the magazine business successful.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?For us it’s being able to integrate with CMS systems to incorporate Web engagement levels into their subscription database. So for them to be able to add a subscriber and say `ok this person is getting my magazine, getting my email newsletter, they have attended my event. And I can also see that they have gone on my web site and they have downloaded this many articles on real estate or technology. And they last downloaded yesterday.’ So it’s being able to include this sort of integration into their subscriptions database.
COMPUTER FULLFILLMENTKathy ManciniSenior Product Engineer1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? Really it’s database integration and targeting their customers more finitely. It’s no longer throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks. They are really doing a lot more data mining and finding out a lot more about their customers.
2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. Everybody thinks it will go away and we are not of that opinion at all. People are just going to be reading on different mediums.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?It was probably the iPad apps and the integration with subscriber databases.PUBLISHERS SERVICE ASSOCIATIONAndrew ContiVice President, Sales and Marketing1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? The trend seems to be outsourcing the back end fulfillment work and taking more of a focus on their editorial content and monetizing their editorial content on other platforms—the back-end services, the fulfillments, the payments, all of that  is moving towards being outsourced so they can stay lean and mean and do what they do best. 1. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. I have been in the industry for 25 years and it wont go away any time soon. People find comfort in magazines—physically holding the print copy. And what’s old is new again. There is a whole generation that has grown up with iPads and digital products that are going to look at a magazine and appreciate everything that we appreciate—to be able to be on a train or a beach and be able to reading a magazine. 2. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?I think for us it would be events. A lot of magazine publishers are looking to monetize their readership, so they are setting up these online villages and putting on events where people can actually meet face-to-face and not just virtual or cyber. Events are really big for publishers right now.WEISER MAZARS LLCBarbara IsraelPartner1. What are your clients saying is their top priority this year and for 2014? We are an accounting firm so we are a service provider. My clients are saying that their top concern is that they are trying to increase profitability because of what they see is happening as digital revenues are increasing, the margins aren’t there. So their margins are actually declining.2. Tell us why you’re bullish on magazine media. The content is still what’s important to the user but I personally think there will come a time, maybe in the next generation where print may continue to diminish and perhaps disappear.3. What trend or development was most significant in 2013?Mobile.last_img

Tickets go on sale for Beatles legend Paul McCartney in Costa Rica

first_imgRelated posts:Hard day’s night! McCartney rocks Costa Rica’s National Stadium Spanish mega-star, haunted houses, and other happenings around Costa Rica ‘Elvis’ and ‘Sinatra’ descend on San José Paul McCartney to perform in Costa Rica on May 1 The wait is over: Tickets have started to go on sale for the May 1 Paul McCartney concert at San José’s National Stadium – perhaps the only building in Costa Rica that could hold even a fraction of his fans.After his exhaustive “Out There” tour in 2013, the beloved Beatle decided to extend his travels by at least two more stops: Santiago, Chile, on April 21 and San José, Costa Rica. His concert likely will feature many songs from his album “New,” released in October 2013, although Beatles fans can expect some classics as well.According to the daily La Nación and concert producers Ocesa Costa Rica, a limited number of tickets were made available on Monday through Sir Paul’s website, As of 7:10 p.m. on Tuesday, tickets were still available via McCartney’s website, which redirects fans to That’s your best chance to get tickets now, before the limited number runs out.On Tuesday, also made tickets available to Credomatic American Express cardholders. On Thursday, March 20, tickets will be available for all Credomatic cardholders, and on Friday, March 21, tickets finally will be available to everyone who missed out on the pre-sale.At 71, McCartney seems as energetic (and eccentric) as ever. Ocesa filmed the following YouTube promo, which has already garnered nearly 20,000 views. Facebook Commentscenter_img While VIP tickets can be incredibly pricey, assume that the stadium will run out fast. After a half-century of making music, McCartney is one of the best-selling musicians of all time.Paul McCartney plays May 1 at the National Stadium in La Sabana Park, in western San José, at 7 p.m. Available tickets are priced as follows: General Admission (back main floor) ₡30,000 ($60),  Upper South seats ₡40,000 ($80), Lower South seats ₡55,000 ($110), Upper East and West seats ₡120,000 ($240), Lower East and West seats ₡170,000 ($340), Silver seating ₡240,000 ($480), Gold seating ₡285,000 ($570), Platinum Square (in front of stage) ₡345,000 ($700). Buy tickets online at: eTicket website.last_img read more

Thailand aims at becoming Asias ultimate destination for sports tourism

first_imgThailand is positioning itself as a dream destination for sports tourism by promoting the kingdom’s world-class sporting facilities, wide-ranging expertise, and reputation for hosting successful regional and international sporting events and tournaments.H.E. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, unveiled the plan to turn Thailand into a sporting hub to delegates attending the Thailand Travel Mart Plus Amazing Gateway to the Greater Mekong Sub-Region 2016 (TTM+ 2016). This event opened on June 8, 2016, at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre and was attended by tourism professionals from all over the world.Her Excellency said, “Thailand is entering the sports and tourism era, and I would like to invite the world to enjoy some of the many opportunities the kingdom can offer sport-loving tourists – whether you are enthusiastic amateurs, professionals or somewhere in between. Sports can give people a new way to enjoy and experience Thailand – playing games of golf or football with friends, taking in the scenery while cycling or running or meeting, and competing with Thai people at any of our gyms and sports centres.”Sports; such as golf, are already popular among tourists coming to Thailand and the kingdom boasts over 300 world-class courses. But now, the Royal Thai Government, with the support of the Sports Authority of Thailand and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, wants to help visitors discover other facilities where tourists can enjoy sporting activities. These include 5,000 boxing rings, many with Muay Thai training centres, over 50 diving clubs, and an increasing network of urban and rural cycling lanes which are spreading across the country and are being promoted at a government level.These world-class facilities mean that Thailand has already played host to many international sports events including the 1997 and 2007 World Weightlifting Championships, the 2014 Asian Beach Games, the 2015 Asian Cycling Championships, and the World Touring Car Championships 2015 (WTCC) held at the Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram province. There are also popular boating events; such as, the annual King’s Regatta which takes place every year off Phuket. Thailand has also hosted the Asian Games four times and the South East Asian (SEA) Games three times.In addition, Thailand itself has a proud sporting history and many of the kingdom’s sportsmen and women have earned renown at an international level. These include Badminton player Ratchanon Inthanon who was the first Thai to become Number One in the Women’s Singles and who became World Champion in 2014, and rising golfer Ariya Jutanugarn, who is the first player in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour history to get her first three wins consecutively and is now number 10 in the world rankings. Team sports are popular in Thailand too, and the National Volleyball Team recently ranked 13th in the world.In terms of training and facilities, there are four national training centres in Saraburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Songkhla and Chiang Mai. There are also private facilities up and down the country that can be used by sports lovers including Thanyapura Phuket, which has some of the best sports facilities in Asia including two 50-metre Olympic class swimming pools, and is the first Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) training centre in Southeast Asia. Many international sports people and teams come to Thanyapura to train including the British and Australian national swimming teams.In addition, Stamford International University in Bangkok recently partnered with Real Madrid to offer the first MBA in Sports Management in Thailand to train a new generation of sports trainers.H.E. Kobkarn concluded, “Thai people have always been crazy about sports, but now we want Thailand to be seen as a centre of sports excellence too, and for people to come here to develop their skills and enjoy their favourite sports, on land and in the water. With our outdoor lifestyles and range of destinations, we have the potential to be a magnet for sportsmen and women.”last_img read more


first_imgairlinesEmiratessalespecials A range of competitive fare deals*, across over 50 destinations, is on offer from Emirates for Aussies who book by 1 July 2019 for select travel periods.Economy Class fares start from $1,229 to Dubai, $1,359 to Manchester, $1,369 to Porto, $1,469 to Paris and $1,529 to Rome.Business Class fares start from $7,049 to Dubai, $7,279 to Porto, $7,429 to Manchester, $7,449 to Paris and $7,539 to Rome.Perth travellers can also enjoy additional connectivity to Emirates’ global route network this Christmas, with EK424/425 between Perth and Dubai from 1 December to 20 January 2020, operated by a Boeing 777-300ER. While Sydney travellers can experience Emirates’ iconic A380 aircraft on EK416/417 service from 1 December until 2 February 2020, which has been upgauged to meet demand from Australians travelling during the holiday season.Emirates operates 84 flights a week to Dubai from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, including daily A380 services.*Terms & Conditions applylast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 1990 first-round pick Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling When the 2015 NFL Draft begins Thursday night in Chicago, the Arizona Cardinals will hold the 24th overall pick in the first round.How long they keep it is an entirely different matter.We saw as recently as last season that Keim is willing to move down in the draft if it means accumulating additional picks. And just as the GM noted, the opportunity to do just that is something he will pretty much always look into.Would it really be a surprise if the Cardinals traded down from 24? It shouldn’t be. Since 1970, the Cardinals have traded down in the first round four times, moved up twice, traded for a player three times and used a supplemental draft pick once.Here’s a look at the deals the team has made since moving to Arizona. “I think it’s always important, but at the end of the day you can’t control what other teams are doing, so you have to be prepared. And, it’s a fluid process. As long as you have 130 good players who you feel comfortable with, stay true to your board and don’t panic. That’s, to me, one of things on draft day — I’m not ruling out that we wouldn’t trade up, but as you’ve seen in the past, any time you can acquire more picks, I think it gives you a better chance of hitting on players. Last year, to be able to trade back and get Deone (Bucannon) and to be able to acquire John Brown made us a better football team.” — Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim on how much he needs to understand the needs and wants of other teams around them in the draft orderlast_img read more