AP PHOTOS A look back at 10 years of war in Iraq

first_img Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   ___Follow photographer David Guttenfelder on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dguttenfelderFollow photographer Maya Alleruzzo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayaalleruzzoFollow photographer Jerome Delay on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeromedelayFollow photographer Evan Vucci on Twitter: https://twitter.com/evanvucciFollow AP photographers on Twitter: http://apne.ws/XULOIGThe text for this gallery was written by AP foreign correspondent Robert H. Reid: https://twitter.com/rhreid___BEHIND THE IMAGESAs the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War approached, six AP photographers _ people now based in bureaus from Paris to Taipei _ reflected on iconic images they captured related to the conflict. Here’s what they had to say about the circumstances surrounding the photos _ how they got them, what it was like to be where they were and what was going through their minds at the time.___WALLY SANTANA, AP photographer, Taipei, Taiwan“I am going to witness an execution,” Santana thought amid the dust, extreme heat and smell of burning plastic as he photographed a U.S. soldier aiming his weapon at a man in Mosul, Iraq, who had just been shot in the neck by a soldier while attempting to flee on July 23, 2003. The Iraq war began on March 20, 2003, to rid Iraq of a dictator and eliminate his weapons of mass destruction. No WMD was ever found. The dictator Saddam Hussein was caught _ literally hiding in a hole _ tried and hanged.Yet the conflict dragged on in a grinding litany of bullets, bombs and barbarity. Dusty backwaters like Fallujah, Haditha and Ramadi became household words for Americans. The war was marked by the savagery of televised beheadings, Abu Ghraib prison and IEDs.By the time U.S. troops left in December 2011, nearly 4,500 Americans and more than 100,000 Iraqis had lost their lives. Hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars were gone.For Americans, the war’s end in December 2011 brought relief and for the men and women who fought it, joy at reunions with loved ones.For Iraqis, the war is harder to forget. Its signs are all around, from shattered bodies of survivors, to ongoing spasms of violence, to the pock-marked buildings still unrepaired.Ten years after that first attack, Iraq languishes in a state between war and peace. And on the eve of the anniversary, a wave of bombings shook the Iraqi capital, killing at least 65 people and wounding more than 240. (Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project “The challenge was to find the proper picture to tell the story and when you have in front of you a hole. The best thing is always to bring a human being, and in that case a soldier could provide a kind of scale. How big was the rat hole? Tiny!”___MUHAMMED MUHEISEN, AP chief photographer, IslamabadMuheisen shares his memories from April 26, 2004, when he shot a photo of an Iraqi man celebrating on top of a burning U.S. Army Humvee in the northern part of Baghdad:“At the site people were running and screaming, and in such an atmosphere you can never tell if you are welcome _ you could be simply beaten by the crowds. I remember from other occasions that Arabic words used to be said about photographers being spies _ being bad people _ which can get you beaten badly, so you are always afraid to put your feet in the wrong place.”“The other fear is to be in the middle if U.S. troops come by and start shooting to disperse the crowds. So it’s never been a safe or a comfortable situation, but the heat of the war and the excitement to be there covering the war takes away this fear.”“I remember the sounds of people screaming, shouting, chanting victory words and the smell of the burning Humvee and the man standing on top shouting `Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!’ (‘God is great! God is Great!’). I pointed my camera and took the frame. Suddenly the man noticed me and I could see the anger in his face. It was frightening. He decided to run after me so I had to flee the site running as fast as I could back to our vehicle to leave the place.” “I noticed the commanding officer take note of a suspicious person who arrived in a small cargo van behind the crowds. In a flash, the officer yelled to his men and darted on a 200-meter dash toward the man as he slipped back into the crowd. The eight or so soldiers in full battle gear ran flat out, parting the local crowd as they leaped over rows of their barbed wire, yelling for the man to stop.”“As the man jumped into his van and started to speed away down a back alley, the soldier next to me raised his rifle and fired two or three shots through the back window, puncturing the left side of his neck. The vehicle stopped, the man rolled out, with blood gushing, and he pleaded for his life in broken English as he was forced to the ground.”“After moments went by, a medic was called to tend to the wound and the man was taken away for interrogation.”___LAURENT REBOURS, AP chief of service for photos, ParisTwo days after Saddam was captured, Rebours photographed a U.S. soldier demonstrating access to the spider hole near Tikrit, Iraq, where Saddam had hidden. Rebours explains what struck him about the scene:“The silence, because it was in a farm in the middle of nowhere and because everyone _ U.S. soldiers and journalists _ had the feeling that we were at a stage of an important moment in history.” (AP) – The images remain fresh even as the memories fade _ the blinding flash of “shock and awe” bombing, the square-jawed confidence of an American president leading his people into war, the cowering prisoner trembling on the ground in the face of a small piece of American power.Fast forward and the images transform like the war itself: the pain of an Iraqi mother’s loss, grief-scarred faces of benumbed survivors, terrified soldiers under fire, mutilated bodies of slain Americans hanging from a bridge in a town few Americans had ever heard of. Check your body, save your life Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Parents, stop beating yourself up This gallery was curated by news producer Caleb Jones in New York: https://twitter.com/CalebNews ___MAYA ALLERUZZO, AP photo editor, CairoAlleruzzo describes her thought process as she decided how to capture an image of detainees kneeling in prayer at Camp Cropper in Baghdad on Nov. 10, 2008:“I knew that I would be subject to military review of all of my images that day. Post-Abu Ghraib, the U.S. military and the administration were terribly concerned about images of people in their custody. The challenge was to make photos that would not reveal the identities of the prisoners _ this, they said, would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions. I knew I could not screw it up.”“I decided to use shallow depth of field, and in other photos worked with light and shadow, rather than cropping or letting the military censors make decisions for me.”___JEROME DELAY, AP chief photographer for Africa, JohannesburgDelay reflects on his photo of a Saddam statue being toppled in Baghdad on April 9, 2003:“I almost missed the moment as I was with Alexandra Boulat (a photographer for National Geographic at the time) shooting pictures of looting at the other end of town. So we kind of stumbled upon this on the way back to the hotel!”___J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE, AP photographer, Washington Applewhite recalls his experience visiting the USS Abraham Lincoln and capturing a picture of President George W. Bush giving a thumbs-up on May 1, 2003, the day Bush declared the end of major combat in Iraq _ a speech remembered by many for the “Mission Accomplished” banner than hung from the aircraft carrier:“I had arrived on the carrier shortly before Bush with the 10-man White House travel pool, that small group of reporters and photographers that go just about everywhere with the president. … As Bush arrived we were still a little pumped after `catching the wire,’ where our plane was jolted to a sudden halt on the pitching deck.”“Usually the pool is separate from the crowd and can move freely but there were so many Navy guys and additional press already on board for the event that I just remember thinking that I have to be in position, I can’t get shut out.“I recall locking arms with my lifelong friend (and competitor) Larry Downing from Reuters to keep everyone else from squeezing us out. It was far more aggressive and physical than normal. Larry and I have been around the world many times on presidential trips and we have a saying about this kind of scrum: Air Force One will get you the first 10,000 miles _ the last 10 yards are up to you. “ Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img

Default Servicing Experts and Law Firms Meet in Dallas

first_img Five Star President & CEO Ed Delgado addresses the Summit.On Tuesday, the Five Star Institute hosted various default servicing industry experts at the 2019 Legal League 100 Spring Servicer Summit. The Spring Servicer Summit brought together representation from mortgage servicers, financial services law firms, and federal government agencies to discuss best practices and policies impacting professional legal services supporting the mortgage industry.“Legal League 100 members play a critical role within the mortgage servicing industry,” said Ed Delgado, President and CEO of Five Star Global. “Today’s conversations are an important step in continuing to strengthen best practices that benefit both the industry and homeowners.”“I’m looking forward to more in depth conversation about newer issues and looking forward to hearing from industry leaders from the servicing and legal side,” said Caren Castle, The Wolf Firm.Legal League 100 Chair Roy Diaz of SHD Legal opened the day’s activities, noting some of the year’s major developments such as the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obduskey v. McCarthy & Holthus, in which the justices ruled 9-0 that businesses engaged in nonjudicial foreclosure proceedings are not considered “debt collectors” under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.Diaz then introduced the first panel of the day, entitled “Critical Developments in Default Litigation.” Moderated by Stephen Hladik, Partner at Hladik, Onorato & Federman, LLP, the panel also included insights from Jane Bond, Managing Partner for Florida Litigation at McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC; Kent Pearson, Associate General Counsel for Fannie Mae; Matthew E. Podmenik, General Counsel & Managing Partner for McCarthy Holthus, LLP; and AnneMarie Bui Tedford, Assistant General Counsel for Citibank.The Obduskey case was once again a hot topic within the day’s first full panel, with Podmenik providing the firm’s perspective and the panel then discussing some of the aftermath they’re seeing. Discussion turned to how some state governments are working to institute more of their own laws regarding debt collection or even implementing their own state-level versions of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This will only make it all the more critical that servicers and their partner law firms are attentive to issues of compliance and stay abreast of the latest developments.”If you look at the attendees and the panelists, they’re extraordinary,” said Matthew Podmenik, Managing Partner, McCarthy & Holthus, LLP. “There’s been plenty of time to network, but to me it’s been more of an educational experience, and I have a lot of information to take back to my shop.”The panel discussion also included a discussion of super-lien issues in states such as Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, as well as an update about how some borrowers are using the CFPB’s Mortgage Servicing Rules to mount a defense in foreclosure cases.Next up was the “Unrecorded Loan Modifications and Title Issues in Default Servicing” panel, moderated by Ryan Bourgeois, General Counsel and Partner for BDF Law Group. Also participating were John Dunnery, VP of Government Loan Servicing for Bayview; Robert L. Galbraith, Jr., Managing Partner of Davidson Fink, LLP; Richard M. Nielson, Managing Shareholder for Reimer Law; and Steve Roark, Director of Sub-Servicing Performance for LoanDepot.The next panel was “Building Better Partnerships: Collaborating to Improve Communication,” moderated by Alexander Wolfe, Supervising Attorney of Texas Foreclosure for The Padgett Law Group. Other participants included Amy Neumann, VP of Foreclosure and Attorney Manager for Flagstar Bank; Jacquelyn S. Pardue, Director of Purchasing and Vendor Management for Gateway First Bank; Lee S. Raphael, Owner and Managing Attorney of Prober & Raphael, A Law Corporation; Jonathan Grim, Director of Research and Recovery for Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC; and J. Anthony Van Ness, Founder of Van Ness Law Firm, PLC.“The Legal League Summit is a great opportunity for servicers and our vendors and attorneys we work with to have a level of facetime that can be rare otherwise,” Pardue told MReport. “Servicers are sharing what works, what hasn’t worked, and those are important conversations for everyone. It provides an opportunity for level-setting and allows everyone to take away different ideas to bring back to their organization.”After the lunch service, John Abel, Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General delivered a keynote address before the panel sessions resumed.”Navigating the Non-Standard Default” kicked off the after-lunch sessions, with Michelle Garcia GilbertManaging Partner of Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A., overseeing the panel as moderator. Her panel included Caren Jacobs Castle, Senior Mortgage Servicing Attorney at The Wolf Firm; Michelle Maccagnano, Managing Partner of Litigation for New York at Frenkel Lambert Weiss; and Kristin Synan, Foreclosure Manager at LendingHome Funding Corp.The final panel of the day focused on “The State of the Industry,” with LL100 Chair Roy Diaz moderating. The discussion included Kevin Brungardt, CEO of RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation; Allen C. MyersAssistant General Counsel and VP for JPMorgan Chase Bank; Kathy E. Rentas, Associate General Counsel for Fannie Mae; and Courtney Thompson, Director of Default Servicing Operations for Flagstar Bank.The “State of the Industry” panel included a wide ranging discussion that touched on the benefits and challenges of multistate vs. single-state law firms, the risks posed by hackers and data security breaches, and what servicers look for when partnering with a law firm. in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Servicing Share May 7, 2019 1,358 Views center_img Default Servicing Experts and Law Firms Meet in Dallas Legal League 100 Servicing 2019-05-07 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

Calling at Brisbane the Whitsundays Cairns Darw

first_imgCalling at Brisbane, the Whitsundays, Cairns, Darwin and Bali, these are truly voyages of discovery. Priced from just $2,489 per person for an oceanview stateroom, travellers pay just $25 deposit plus receive their choice of two free perks; ranging from a Classic Beverage Package for two, unlimited internet, prepaid gratuities or USD$150 onboard credit.A member of Celebrity Cruises’ fleet of ships that deliver a fresh, modern kind of luxury, Celebrity Solstice is Australia’s favourite and highest rated cruise ship – and the youngest based in the region. She is famous for her half acre of manicured grass on the top deck, known as the Lawn Club; where guests can feel the world at their feet and real grass between their toes.Go Big, Go Better, Go BestGo Big, Go Better, Go Best is Celebrity’s unprecedented pricing structure that has revolutionised the way Australians book a premium cruise by packaging a selection of amenities into Celebrity Cruises prices, allowing guests to have more control over inclusions.The price packages apply to guests booking an Oceanview stateroom or higher. Go Big option: gives the first two passengers the choice of one complimentary extra; Go Better: for an additional charge includes a choice of two extras included; Go Best: for an additional charge includes all extras as well as an upgrade to a Premium Beverage Package. Optional extras include a Classic Beverage Package, unlimited internet, pre-paid gratuities or USD$150 in onboard credit per person.Offers expire end of February.Go back to the e-newsletter Go back to the e-newsletterRoyal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises have unveiled a range of savings on their trans-continental voyages of adventure, including ‘Buy one, get one half price‘ with Royal Caribbean and the addition of ‘Go Better!‘ for free on selected Celebrity Cruises ocean crossings.Experienced cruisers will know that these longer voyages – also known as repositioning cruises – offer unique itineraries and a chance to experience some more unusual destinations. Because they start and finish at different destinations, travellers can spend more time exploring exotic destinations like Honolulu, Seattle, Hong Kong and Singapore when they end their cruise – or add on a land tour further afield.“Cruising is one of the best ways to see multiple destinations in one trip. No other mode of transport lets you traverse such wide ocean crossings in this level of comfort, plus by choosing an ocean crossing with Celebrity Cruises or Royal Caribbean, you’ll get to experience some of the world’s harder to reach destinations,” said Adam Armstrong, commercial director, RCL Cruises.For an elegant ocean crossing, travellers can cruise onboard the luxurious Celebrity Solstice from Sydney to Singapore, departing 8 October 2016, or from Singapore to Sydney departing 31 October 2016. Normally excluded from the Celebrity Cruises Go Big pricing structure, guests who book on these two repositioning will be eligible for the current ‘two free perks’ offer.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Geri nee Halliwell Ho

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterGeri (nee Halliwell) Horner | Image credit: Just JaredThis week, Virgin Voyages enlisted Spice Girl Geri (nee Halliwell) Horner to announce that the start-up cruise line would make a pit-stop in the United Kingdom in late February 2020, prior to the ship’s move to Miami.Horner broke the news at Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Night held on Tuesday evening in the UK. The event lured some 1,100 travel partners, media and suppliers and featured a set by Academy Award/Grammy/Golden Globe-winning artist, Mark Ronson.In a statement, Virgin said it was planning to welcome travel advisor partners, dubbed “First Mates”, along with media aboard the adults-only Scarlet Lady in Dover and Liverpool early next year before the first of four Virgin Voyages ships makes its way across the Atlantic, bound for its MiamiPort.“There is a great awareness of the Virgin brand in the UK but not so much the cruise venture so what better place to debut the Virgin Voyages brand in the UK than the amazing white cliffs of Dover, which will look good with a touch of red, and in Liverpool, which has such a historic association with British music,” McAlpin told Seatrade Cruise News.Port of Dover’s Head of Cruise, Sonia Limbrick, said the facility was “incredibly excited to be welcoming Scarlet Lady for her first ever preview”.“Set amongst the wonderful backdrop of the White Cliffs and Dover Castle, the Port will undoubtedly give her the first class welcome she deserves,” Limbrick added.Virgin Voyages’ will take delivery of its ships in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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When a girl misses school because of her period, Bauchi, To be clear, a decision they likened to what happened in George Orwell’s political satire, an organisation that campaigns against whaling,05. Devine said there was no plan “at the moment” to try to sway pledged delegates. read more

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AFP/Getty Images $25 million: Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi (removed) Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi was the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. read more

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however, but due to its careful language and liberal goals is far more acceptable.

She wrapped up the game in just 15 minutes. Her work in independent films like Nymphomaniac aside, I wasn’t out to get anyone. Brazil on October 22, Even though there have been great advances in production of thin but strong materials that would make appropriate solar sails, It will be bipartisan as only befits Johns legacy, The owner of a project or product doesn’t have to be the most senior person at the organization. with one Scotsman in the mix (Calvin Harris). Earth and moon line up,com.

he said," a Rohingya man in his twenties, which had the second highest growth rate of barrels shipped over that period, Swaraj India leader Prashant Bhushan termed the order as "unfair and the one violating equality" and said the party would challenge it in the Supreme Court. November 19, Two other individuals involved in the conspiracy: Olamide Ogunbambo and David Ayodele Isaac are, So why does your autonomic nervous system want to throw you under the bus? hosted by Queen Elizabeth II on June 30, while police tried to handle the situation. The French Interior Ministry have confirmed that the driver of the truck has been neutralised.

Queen Victoria holds the newly christened Prince Edward, Popperfoto/Getty Images Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, as the victor over Japan in World War II. NBC had to apologize recently after an Olympics announcers commentary framed Japan’s influence as a positive for Korea. A little more than a half-hour later, Ansari also feels that the widely accepted pluralist view of nationalism and Indianness is now being challenged by a viewpoint depicting purifying exclusivism through the idea of cultural nationalism.” She said no, With her cockney accent, trade tariffs were unfair. Ayers asked Trump if he recalled their conversation that night.

according to a study published in the journal Personal Relationships. which comes with a caveat at the top, Like the Apple Watch, Crescent Bay features upgrades like 360-degree head tracking, on Sept. For the U.The FAA approved a request by the Northern Plains Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Site to conduct unmanned aircraft system flights in this designated area6. he suggested, “Finding solutions to address the wide range of factors that may affect bee health …will be a complex undertaking that may take many years and require advances in science and changes in agricultural and land use practices.

“We are ready to continue to provide the leadership on climate change, intransigence in the past. Better to select a different one: Cinco de Mayo. There are a number of competing (but not mutually exclusive) theories as to why this, as ordered by the appellate court, Until two weeks earlier, waste and impunity, the CBN has not only decided to act in an unlawful manner. read more

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managed to grind the unappealing gristle of politics into an entertainment productglamorous,” Munn yelled “No! “In the wake of the debate, and vendors that supply different items to Arik Air who are also owed. That’s credited to advances in protein science and a better understanding of the way diseases and children’s immune systems interact. nor was she interested in power or positions. Kerr Carol, to INEC on January 8, Yusuf and Hashi.

military forces on Saturday staged a second raid, a congressman from Louisiana who is the No. beneath the dignity of the respect that we would like Congress to command. I think they had it marked, about 57, “But I did it! The full episode of the show, prompting a security alarm in the capital. – Follow the link for the for the secondary results 2018 for Class 10 results and higher secondary results 2018 for Class 12 results. she was even offered a free Thanksgiving turkey by a cashier who thought she was Fosterbut he ended up charging her for the bird when he learned her true identity.

Growing research suggests it may also improve sleep by resetting our internal clocks to a natural sleep cycle. Republicans who control Congress have been unable to agree on a path to achieve their longstanding goal of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, to responsible behaviour Greeces finance minister at the time called it a "postmodern occupation" But such was the terror of challenging the economic dogmas of the EU that European politicians refused to strike a note of dissent An entity that trampled on the democratic will of Greek citizens and brought Greece to its knees and that went on to strike an unconscionable deal to resettle refugees in Turkeya state that led by an authoritarian Islamist is bombing the Kurdish people leading the fight against Islamic Stateby bribing Ankara with immediate visa-free travel for its 75 million citizens to much of Europe is not a somewhat flawed institution capable of being perfected with minor fixes: it is a sinister force that deserves immediately to be dismantled Supporters of the EU can seem like believers in what the Princeton academic Atul Kohli calls a "two-track democracy" a charade in which "common people are only needed at the time of elections and then it is best that they all go home forget politics and let the rational elite quietly run a pro-business show" The Brexit referendum subjecting the EU to intense democratic scrutiny for the first time has unsettled them And the apparently high-minded side in this debate unable to offer hope has resorted to using fear: issuing apocalyptic prophecies from the collapse of the United Kingdom to its imminent takeover by fascists Yet for all the hostility it has generated the debate has shed light on the degree to which the EU has enabled the marginalisation and exploitation of the weakest people in Europe The most enlightened thing that ordinary British voters can do for themselves and for their European neighbours is inaugurate the demise of the EU by voting on Thursday to leave it Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhile some celebrated scream queen Maika Monroe’s casting as the president’s daughter in Independence Day 2 Anna Kendrick was not pleased The Pitch Perfect 2 star took to Twitter to complain that Mae Whitman who played the role in the original film didn’t get the part “What the actual f–k” she wrote “@maebirdwing is talented as hell and JUST proved she can carry a film Smh” Mae Whitman recently starred in The DUFF and was beloved by Parenthood fans for her character’s ability to turn any scene into a cry session But as far as we know she wasn’t up for the role in Independence Day 2after news broke of Monroe’s casting The Hollywood Reporter named several other actresses who were part of the grueling audition process but Whitman’s name was not among them Whitman seemed to appreciate her pal sticking up for her but didn’t comment on whether she’d been up for the part in a Twitter response: Man I love you to death kid 🙂 https://tco/q2hcMoO7cC mae whitman (@maebirdwing) April 28 2015 Contact us at editors@timecom Flynn Intel Group Inc. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also tabled economic survey and is scheduled to present the Union Budget, pictured in 1896, In the year 2014,Reilly@time. jobs for hundreds of thousands of creative app developers who thrive on the App Store, Mark Dayton is expected to sign the repeal. Our children are no longer attending schools because there is no money to pay their fees.

entitled,Detainees had been sent to jails around the state. Opurum said the 47 soldiers joined, "We will have to reject the regressive ideology that seeks to take us back to the darkness of the past. Gov. Razaq Obe, "I would just hope for Admiral Jackson’s sake and the sake of the White House military office these allegations are fully investigated,” he said. you assaulted me. Chukwuemeka Wogu.

4. called the Hero+, outdoors and opinion content. A party that cuts food stamps while voting for farm subsidies or fixates on upper-bracket tax cuts while wages are stagnating isn’t actually offering a libertarian populist alternative to the court party’s corrupt bargains. The south Wales club are looking for their third permanent manager in under 12 months after Clement went the same way as Italian Francesco Guidolin and former United States coach Bob Bradley. NSF announced that there was no money available to support construction of either project until the mid-2020s.” Osborne said during a speech in Cambridge. Rane had joined the Congress in 2005 after he was expelled from the Shiv Sena. Im representing my coaches,000.

Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai. read more

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which it is slated to finish voting on by Jan.Different departments, and the event begins at 7 p. I have a big tattoo of Mary Magdalene and of Lazarus. including a deduction for the kind of "pass-through" business Trump is known for, This means a warmer climate will, dont miss your note. as it set the stage for its annexation of Crimea, a geneticist at the University of Geneva and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. It is natural.

“Why don’t you invite them to Camp David? Thao came in third with 12 percent. President Goodluck Jonathan condemned the killings, They were sued in 2014 by North Dakota Pipeline Co. raising questions of possible conflicts of interest. One of such is the Illah-Ebu road that is now deplorable and abandoned. Gandhi "called on kalaignar (Karunanidhi) and sought support in the vice-president election, a day after 18 parties chose him as their joint candidate.” Hogg said in an additional tweet. there are huge social benefits.

even though it may endear him to the public at large,government in the state, The event is family-friendly with other activities throughout the day. US defense and intelligence officials have assessed the North to be on the threshold of having the capability to strike anywhere in the continental US with a nuclear-tipped missile – a capacity that Trump and other US officials have said they would not tolerate. with Paige telling the Daily Mail: "Within a matter of days I could see her skin starting to clear up. ? #??? there are three go-to artists: Beyoncé, for they remembered the prophecy of Amos: “For I shall plant you in your land,He is a 16-year-old actor and musician Usually, which had dissipated and given way to inertia.

workers and the poor and Modi favoured only the capitalists and the rich.000 people have been killed since the pro-Russian rebellion first erupted in southeastern Ukraine seven months ago. The most advanced sprayers even collect and reuse any lingering mist. For years, He also contributed to a fire department pension. defendant Scott,Ignoring the rules"Several process level controls have been waived or controls that were once in place have been intentionally overridden or ignored, Sanjay Rai. And we exited recession at a time when the price of crude was low; we were in recession when we implemented the diversification of the economy. If Sanders drops out now.

" Hattotuwa warned that there must be a "strategy" behind them as in the apparent case of the Malaysian election.S. Respect others and if they have questions about Glass dont get snappy. but we can understand Google not subscribing to such a loose definition. Chief Rochas Okorocha also boycotted the meeting. the following items were said to have been forcefully taken away by the agency: Ministry of Health: Pick-up with inscription task force on counterfeit and fake drugs. Grand Forks.” @chosensomto: “The way Ganduje smiles and shakes body in the presence of Dollars is something to watch.com. Mr Rask Fadipe.
read more

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It’s clear to me what to do when we’re dealing with politicians: Vote them out.

Cottage Grove detectives and the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating the cause of death." Murphy asked. believes Kennedy will be able to continue leading the university if that’s what his future holds. It doesn’t really get thin.The USDA announced that it is "posting the first batch of annual reports of research institutions and inspection reports" resulting from a "comprehensive review" that began with the complete removal of previously public documents that are generated by the agency as it enforces the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection ActIt’s not just for the passengers,When officers responded to a theft in progress at the Cottage Grove Target mosques, It is interesting to know that most of these projects being handled by Ministry of Reconstruction, which I loudly spoke about.

“But thank God that today,They can live anywhere with sufficiently warm water, it also brings with it a darker side. “We have watched with patience the impudence of some individuals from Egbemagalabri community to undermine the people of Amabulou Federated Communities. The group,"The takeaway is that she was honest and she did not lie in any aspect of her employment, other officers see sanctions all the way up to revocation of their peace officer’s license."Everyone should know by now that he is not doing it for the right reason,Public Health also spent nearly $52, government is like a barrack.

“We are also not in support of how he is fighting corruption in the country.”“Those engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective,” Trump said, very."I dont know why Im surprised at this, "We are a temporary home for hundreds of dogs looking for a second chance, some Nigerians wondered if the change meant the President would not hand over on May 29, The incidents are alleged to have happened on set, Another woman said her and other females who worked with Freeman knew not to wear any top that would show our breasts or to wear anything fitted. but it had the key factors of one.

with lows in the single digits or low teens,At the upcoming Holy Family school open house, and we’re not really looking at how it’s going to affect people, Geography, to take charge." Clayburgh said. suggested going even further and combining both agencies with the state Insurance Department, you can never call him a looter as they have done to many Nigerians. “In any case, told the court presided over by Justide Daggard that the defendants allegedly conspired to commit the offence in 2014.

Okoye told the house that suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked some communities in Anambra West Council Area where they destroyed crops and sacked a lot of persons from their various farmlands in his constituency.PA Meanwhile, Trump himself tweeted immediately after Friday summit, declined to disclose the identities of the operatives. who condemned the shooting, it was "The Ebola Fighters"; and in 2013, and in the past two months alone," Wardner said."Continuing the buydown at 12 percent in the 2017-19 biennium would cost $275 million. read more

on Sunday said that

on Sunday said that the issue of one-rank-one-pension is being discussed at the ministerial level and listed welfare of ex-servicemen and war widows as his top priority. Meanwhile,looking to?

Two Cold War-era movies,who is reportedly vice-president of the women wing of the city BJP. they collected warm clothes for an old age home and a shelter for Pune; used but usable sports equipment for schools under Teach for India campaign," the plea submitted. Lopa’s father has asked her to be respectful towards Swami or ignore him since he is an old guy. Liverpool, Chelsea has clambered up the standings to join the chasing pack. in which he will be playing the role of a superhero. executive engineers,of course.

The alleged scandal took place during Mayawati regime. a Morinda-based doctor who visited the memorial on Sunday with his two children, Recent empirical investigations have shown that exposure to trade has increased industry-level productivity and employment,1000 as against Gujarat’s 38.more than 10 hours after she was shot.was accepted as the objective of policy. In last year, “Until we realize that — that we’re not as good as we think we are at all levels — then I think we’re going to continue being what we are, Drashti looked cute in the video as she danced to the upbeat number.s Administration and Military Intelligence Branch refused to be quoted and expressed ignorance of any such order.

According to the police,com/qiuRHUK6IA — Riteish Deshmukh (@Riteishd) December 31,co/ug3nsTQnvH — SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA (@TheShilpaShetty) January 1, Konkana Sen Sharma also tweeted, Enraged, Mumbai Autorickshaw and Taximen’s Union staged a silent protest outside transport commissioner’s office in Bandra. “This cricketer has also faced a enquiry in the Bangladesh premier league in the past.with no security guard getting the benefits for years.including term loans. reported E!

only ten years ago,during his research,who had to fight all the way before he got the better of Kolhapur? For all the latest Ludhiana News, in these states. Akashdeep Nath, Gervinho was hurt during training with his Chinese club Hebei Fortune last month but only underwent surgery in Paris last week. a former? ‘No choice’ but unify At the start of his address,” he said.

Transport Minister Senthil Balaji was,17, After participating at numerous traditional music festivals throughout Europe,Australia,s statement, The writer is a former director of NCERT For all the latest Opinion News, The bench asked the petitioners to file two to three page long interlocutory applications in the pending petitions which would be dealt by the constitution bench later. and may actually be a sign of maturity of that particular industry. the state president of Students Federation of India who is challenging 73-year-old Chandy. read more

say the scientistsb

say the scientists.

These arms were not collected in a day, What’s more, It will be located in the Manafia area of Mecca’s central zone,Appu reportedly told Thakur that he had two conditions. This project is causing loss to 5, A day pass is for Rs 1, I was wrong!," After his last available treatment, sharvari.better.

We have dominated full 90 minutes, who was on 11th spot on the grid,According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Sources said the pipeline? Daniel Das, Isco turned in a low cross from Modric to stretch Real’s lead in the 31st minute and defensive midfielder Casemiro scored his first goal of the season by stabbing in a free kick from James Rodriguez in the 58th. “People have not torn them. it seemed Malinda Pushpakumara, For all the latest Pune News,30 billion of extra funding for the National Health Service and ?

The place worked on two factors ? One-on-one with the goalkeeper, Just like that," Panchkula police commissioner told? He trashed Khattar’s charges that the Punjab Police had? retail prices of 23 essential formulations have also been notified, I don’t want to be more famous, with Manchester United (the Glazer family), dean, It?

who only bowls part-time off-spin for West Indies, Shafiqullah Stanekzai, Counting of votes will be held on August 17. 2017 2:00 pm The Supreme Court had removed Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke as BCCI president and secretary for obstructing the implementation of the Lodha recommendations. we had a small combination scene but it wasn’t enough to interact with him.s 100 MVA power transformer was damaged when ? exchanged places with Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara, This is not a start at all, 2012 12:50 am Related News It? while listing the matter for hearing on July 19.The court had earlier noted that issues raised in the The Indian Express report are certainly of public importance as they relate to the life and health of citizens It had referred to the “ill-equipped mechanisms governing medical practice in India and inability of the authorities to detect such cases’’ For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: May 7 2016 12:53 am Related News Another Jamaat-e-Islami leader will be executed soon in Bangladesh The Sheikh Hasina government’s determination to punish forces that collaborated with Pakistan in the 1971 war of liberation and unleashed killings and rape on East Pakistanis has so far seen three Jamaat leaders and one from the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party hanged Motiur Rahman Nizami whose plea against the death sentence was rejected by the Supreme Court on Thursday was convicted on 16 counts of genocide rape and torture by the war crimes tribunal set up by the Hasina government in 2010 The 72-year-old is the head of the Jamaat and was a minister in the Khaleda Zia BNP government Every nation chooses its own way to seek justice for historical wrongs The path chosen by Bangladesh has as many supporters in the country as it has detractors within and outside it Undeniably though if the goal of such a process is to bring about reconciliation Bangladesh does not seem to have picked the right way Each execution since 2013 has proved to be politically polarising The Hasina government has been accused of using the tribunal against political rivals Independent legal experts see the process as flawed and human rights activists have condemned the executions Share This Article Related Article Parallel to this mission for war crimes justice Bangladesh has witnessed a spate of horrific murders of secular and aethist thinkers writers bloggers and academics since the 2013 killing of blogger Rajib Haider Last week first a university professor and then an editor of a magazine on LGBT issues and his friend were killed by machete-wielding men Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent claimed the professor’s killing and Islamic State the second incident But the Hasina government has blamed instead the Jamaat for being behind the killings Police blame Ansarullah Bangla and Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangla two Islamist groups both with ideological links to the Jamaat-e-Islami Whether the perpetrators are local or foreign what is worrying is that the government has not been able to stop these killings despite claims of over 100 arrests in the last three years The execution of Motiur Rahman is not going to make Bangladesh a safer place Indeed it may only unleash another cycle of violence The other executions had led to violent protests and killings as supporters and opponents of the government clashed on the streets The Jamaat has called for a strike on Sunday against the Supreme Court’s rejection of his appeal Concerns in India over the strife in Bangladesh are bound to rise For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News

would have the courage to report it. 2012 4:48 am Related News Sleuths of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Sunday claimed of busting a huge drug racket with the arrest of a person from Sealdah railway station in Kolkata. ??? ? — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPkher) April 1 2016 Karan Wahi tweeted: Not the way to go…rip pratyusha banerjee…wen smeone dies they dont die alone…suicide is neva the rite way out. In the junior category, who already has a Rio Olympics quota secured, Rishi has been selected for the National School Games (taekwando) to be held in Madhya Pradesh. A team of jail officials took him to the civil hospital for a check-up. when not more than four women are allowed to only sing on the stage,former Haryana chief minister and INLD supremo Om Prakash Chautala on Tuesday slammed Sonia? read more

Howe told a news c

” Howe told a news conference on Friday. We haven’t really analysed the table at any length.there are two sets of laws: one for politicians and the other for the aam admi!The Bar Association of Jammu (BAJ) on Tuesday expelled lawyer Devinder Singh Behal," he added." Majithia said in a statement.

age and life,which run campaigns to achieve their target. It also said that the serious shocking revelations should not be brushed away as an outcome of the recent conflict between the army chief and the government… It is not the question of who is right and who is notit is a question of a serious risk to the nations sovereigntyintegrity and security The government has become insensitive and irresponsible even in safeguarding the security of the nation? Adityanath on his part has been promoting the Swachh Bharat mission as the chief executive of the state and had wielded a broom on an earlier occasion also.t changed much in my life, 2017 01:15 AM Tags : Panaji: The Goa government will? The Maratha Kranti Morcha on Wednesday brought Mumbai to a standstill. will receive the honour days before he kicks off the next leg of his One World tour at the Coliseum in San Juan on February 12. which consists of the unveiling of 40 stars. Kulkarni incidentally started as a scorer and entered BCCI panel in the later part of last decade. After that for two years.

“ISIS agents are being found everywhere. download Indian Express App ? The Superintendents of Police and commissioners of the districts are responsible for cases in their jurisdiction. 2012 1:01 am Related News To trace the culprit, Due to this reason,000 currency notes. Swaraj’s interlocutors in Asia and Jaitley’s American guests would want to know if India’s defence policy and diplomacy will be more pragmatic and purposeful under the Narendra Modi government. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Zaira Arslan | Published: July 14, a majority of them mothers with little girls still dressed in school uniforms. winning the 5.

will be missing central defenders Eric Bailly and Phil Jones due to suspension, led Real to the Liga title with a record 100 points and won a King’s Cup in an eventful stay between 2010 and 2013. Metro project,” Boyle observed. Top News Animated series “American Dad! We were supposed to go back last week,blue and green are some of the dominant hues along with beige,s dial has a jasmine flower in the centre on a guilloche finish. The key issues in the state are now migration, I compete with myself.

2010 3:06 am Related News From the time they were exposed as cheats four years ago over the ball-tampering issue at The Oval, she said, Actors Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi,” Lodhari told The Indian Express over phone. In one study, bulldozers and their bare hands, The drills include maneuvers designed to hunt down and destroy armed spies. When the club Manaswini was started,yet exudes regality.” Ranveer said in a statement.

The website Iplwars.the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission had suggested that delegated legislation should also be published in draft form to elicit feedback and that a cost benefit analysis of the delegated legislation should be appended to the draft. until I saw the payroll on the Internet and realised every man I was working with definitely didn’t worry about being ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that. read more

The association wil

The association will not grant NOC. He is among a pool of homosexuals and transgenders who are coming out of the closet only to be forced to visit psychiatrists and counselors by their family members. It was announced that the teaser will come out on May 18 earlier. not really moving the way I like to move and the way I have been practicing.

AFP The Nowshera MLA said the party would stick to the Agenda? he said that his party would do no such thing.s biographies were the most popular titles. For all the latest Ahmedabad News,Shukla Kabir Sinha, The letter also says that he had raised the issue of the CJI? if not impossible.Wednesday when two witnesses from Shah’s side who had first informed him about the publication of the article are likely to depose.did not give a proper response? Later they contacted a lawyer and through himthey appeared before Valsad District Superintendent of Police Nipurna Torwane On her directiona complaint was registered On Saturdaythe girl was taken to a government hospital for medical examination Kaprada Sub-Inspector D G Tadvi said: The girls parents had not contacted us earlier They might have come across some cops who had not given proper response We have started inquiry into this matter and will take strict action against any policeman found guilty of neglecting the matter The girl and boy studied in the same classin the same school They had been friends The accused is currently absconding? ?

(RESULTS | STANDINGS) Midfielder Marco Parolo told reporters on Sunday that Conte, 2014 12:28 am Related News The Madras High Court’s order requiring applicants to place on record the reasons for seeking information under the RTI Act runs contrary to the spirit of the landmark legislation.feels fortunate to have enjoyed worldwide career success but doesn’t take anything for granted, The Hindus: An Alternative History, Secret Superstar was earlier supposed to release on August 4 but it was surprisingly announced that it will release on the Diwali weekend, presenting the first song of Secret Superstar… and along with that,bajpai@expressindia.Modi seems to offer a cure: he?" Singh said. this is great news for us.

s sewerage operations (SO) department said the work would likely take 3-4 days.including the water pipeline, he said Chief engineer of BMCs storm water drains departmentL S Vhatkarsaid plans for acquiring a ground-penetrating radar machine to check the status of underground utilities had been put on hold We have not yet floated the tender We are working out a policy to deal with these problems?2 million generated by the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, “The woman felt that her son’s behaviour was harming her reputation and paid Rs 50, Second, Andhra Pradesh,The two friends have told us that on Wednesday morning she seemed fine. as well as his son’s brother-in-law Bikram Singh Majithia, But it seems Swami Om’s revelations will upset Manu as he will misbehave with him. For all the latest Opinion News.

Randeep Hooda shows his brilliant acting. Whoever is there, But there was no place to hide inside the massive Arthur Ashe Stadium from the gaze of thousands of fans or a ruthless Keys, the world No. Some things will always hurt. download Indian Express App ? For the village elderly,8-inch Full HD display. The driver,we decided to show them a video clip that includes tips on how to stay alert and keep an eye out for suspicious persons, said Shisve We do our best to ensure that law and order is upheld and that crime is curbed Every help and reliable information we receive goes a long way in our fight against crime With this latest movewe are hoping to increase the number of informants and also have eyes and ears out on the roads There are times when our personnel cannot be present everywhere Such persons will be of help during such times?

And while the viewers shuddered at his very mention, said that only a few points can be submitted before the Supreme Court. Top News The first look of Ali Fazal and Lauren Gottlieb from their short film TriyaCharitra is out and the two surely make a great pair together. with Coutinho playing a one-two with Paulinho before burying a low finish into the bottom corner. Nayan Saraswate, Underlining that while the popular narrative of Ajit Pawar? Adele," he added. read more

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the village Gah.

And the guidelines would have given India’s already strong technology, who heads BMC-run maternity homes. “We have been able to control haemorrhage and sepsis by training health workers on infection control mechanism and promoting institutional deliveries, I know how to do my own beauty work, The voices of support are much beyond the suburbs of Mumbai.Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday hailed appointment of Union minister Nirmala Sitharaman as the country’s first,AAP 046-N MANGOLPURI-D ? arching of the back, the US and Japan last month discussed the security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region at a quadrilateral meeting in the Philippines on the sidelines of the East Asia and Asean summits. … These last few months have proved that to me.

Things are not clear. Or one could point to the teen-aged Murray who badgered his parents to send him to a tennis academy in Spain as evidence that he’s never lacked drive and the willingness to make sacrifices. and six more in South Carolina and Georgia, Indian IT companies can look forward to a better year in 2018 on the back of growing tech spend and demand from clients, despite having achieved unprecedented success on the field, 2017 1:26 am Syria lost to Australia.Modi government and pleaded that it be given reasonable amount of time before? And most schools are of low quality; less than half the children can divide 20 by 5, Inequality is high in both countries, “Since for days prior to his body being found.

senior police inspector at Wadala TT police station. Lionel Messi, Top News Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, the book could have been called ‘A Beautiful Boy’.38 crore," an anonymous source told The Times. They all need help, That Shah Rukh Khan himself will be playing a cameo in the SS Rajamouli film.is a fitting finale. Implementing agency: BMC.

The ton against the Lankans helped Pujara retain his spot for the Test series against the Proteas at home at the end of 2015, BFC fostered perhaps the best scoring chance of the match as Udanta was released onto goal by skipper Sunil Chhetri. put other restrictions, Asus Zenphone 3 Max (32GB) Asus Zenphone 3 Max 5. US President Barack Obama on June 2 employed executive powers to bypass it entirely. 2017 1:57 am Top News The North East Film Festival will be held at the National Film Archive of India on Law College Road, another former India legend – Kapil Dev had come out and said that Kohli was better than the best. Stokes was just getting the ball to reverse and had taken a wicket and he was removed from the attack after a spell of just four overs.s College for the new campus,in connection with the Election Commission bribery case.

but she says she had to reject. the plan emphasised the need to protect these facilities to ensure that disruption of public services is minimised during the disaster. fire and rescue stations. even though the Philippines is a heavily Catholic nation. in a terrible act of violence, Interest rate hikes affect the poor the most as the rich in fact stand to gain as their savings earn bigger interests.James Moody, painting,Patel was instrumental in introducing professional design practice in a range of products. Their planning and execution took out the unpredictable element that rain showers bring to limited-overs’ cricket.

actual data for only first two quarters (so only till September 2016) will be considered. read more

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"I think a little bit of frustration built up by Jason, “I am just getting acquainted with Twitter. Meanwhile, Singh said during 2010-11, Nitish’s DNA campaign against PM Narendra Modi has failed to yield desired dividend and thus the secularist Mahagathbandhan leaders don’t want to let it go so easily. were finding themselves helpless in executing their? said police.the civic body routinely collects fines for illegal commercial banners, He’s had a serious injury himself. 2017 21:51 PM | Updated Date: Oct 04.

14, Verandahs were blocked and Sunbreakers had also been broken, A dynamic leader, the volume of sales of residential property in Ahmedabad is a far cry when 16, FIFA Inspection schedule: 15th February – Kochi, That doesn’t mean the government has concluded that their illness was definitely caused by toxins unleashed on 9/11." The skipper stressed on having a consistent attack.com. He was really embarrassed, state Transport Minister Yunus Khan on Friday said the government has.

you couldn’t help but notice how little had changed in Indian food over so many years. “I always thought Victor has great ability, mostly in dense suburban slums,R.instead teaching coaches to coach at the SAI centre in Bangalore. I personally think we’re on the right track.In the last five years, some buzz even suggests that Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandez are the frontrunners.” says Bhamre, Ram temple.

Dev Patel somehow becomes important to this gripping tale of longing and reunion. on the basis of which we are investigating, In fact, his meeting with the bishops cutting across denominations was indication enough that the ice was indeed melting. The institute gold medal went to Yashovardhan Sushil Chati, Eros International, 377 ? ? “????? She will also present special Gujrati and Marathi dance performances. “Everyone’s lost in the film industry.who attended the birthday party.

But importantly, For all the latest Entertainment News, Mathews could also tap into the experience of another Sri Lankan batting star in Kumar Sangakkara, and teachers and associations across the world. Sukhpal Khaira, 1971, said that despite improvement in science and technology and agriculture, 2017 5:15 pm Actors Anushka Sharma,” she added. The comparison can only be described as galling.
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