Depth analysis of visitors search behavior allows you to easily search for fun

A few days ago on the WeChat


(search information)


, found the problem

found the problem is the need for certain stimulus will know what their own needs, such as we feel sick, feel the time is not competent for the work; there are some factors outside influence, a friend bought a car XX, browse the XX site when I see with their own good advertising, can we find ourselves to the needs of the present stage, we think if I have a demand, will think of ways to deal with the problems found and will not stop before.

users have already successfully passed the two search behavior, has confirmed he is a particular disease or they need through some training methods to improve their energy.

three, search solution (contrast candidate)

and QQ space mentioned a concept, bidding play is the key words, as long as we can segment the needs of segments, and subdivided the inversion point, then use different keywords, different ideas, different pages, different customer service operation if accurate lock the target user groups and continue to guide. The final transaction. In fact, visitors or visitors of the purchase process to meet the needs of the process, we have to do is to understand the needs of visitors and in-depth analysis, and segmentation of these needs, then to continuously meet with our marketing needs. One sentence summary is our starting point is the user needs, the ultimate goal is to meet the needs of users, so a problem worthy of our marketing people to think about is whether we do what is the core of marketing method, we can go back to the starting point (demand), if our marketing or marketing strategy etc. No, can finally return to the needs of users, so our transformation come from our marketing effect, input and output (ROI) as can be imagined.

collect information or search problems, at the stage of understanding, users are not very high purchase intention. For example, to facilitate understanding, if one part of our own body uncomfortable, so this is the most simple love Shanghai, looking for some information and their pain or discomfort were compared to determine whether they would have a disease on the Internet; if we think at this stage is not capable of it is work, you have to not be able to continue to do this work, we think when we encounter this problem, we first want to enhance their ability and not I’m not equal to I do not do, then it will be thinking about how to enhance their abilities, the most simple way is to love Shanghai look, but the user will be through other channels of advertising, magazines, forums, friends and so on are able to collect information.

today is the subject of this article in-depth analysis of visitors search behavior, easy fun bidding, then we analyze the search behavior of visitors:

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