These children go to extraordinary lengths to go to school: 15 pictures that show their resilience

first_imgNot everyone gets the opportunity to complete their school education. Keeping aside students studying in metropolitan cities, rural area students have to go through a lot of hardships to complete minimum basic education.Sometimes they have to cross broken bridges which have not been repaired since ages to study in a school which doesn’t even have electricity.(Read: Government schools running with just 1-2 students: Shameful state of government schools in India) While in cities, everything is available at our doorstep– be it coaching centres, availability of books or teachers’ guidance– these children have to travel for hours together to study in schools.Take a look at some of the pictures that shows how important education is for these children:So get some inspiration from these children and complete your education at the right age! Read: 10 quick tips to keep in mind before taking education loan  Read: Top 5 jobs you can get with History degreelast_img

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