Pogba: “I don’t want Liverpool to win the Premier”

first_imgPaul Pogba has broken his silence after a turbulent market, but he has not referred to his possible departure from Manchester United with Real Madrid as a candidate to be his next team. The French midfielder has granted an interview to ESPN to discuss the situation of Liverpool, which is leading the Premier clearly and has the title on track, and the death of Kobe Bryant, which “left me in shock.” Liverpool: “As a Manchester United player and with the rivalry between us, we don’t want them to win the title. We don’t want anyone else to win apart from us to lift the trophy. But as a football lover and respectful player with the rival team, I have to say that they deserve to be where they are today. They have not yet lost a single match this season in the league and already have a hand in the Premier trophy. They are even better than last season and that they won the Champions League. “ Kobe Bryant’s death: “It was a shock for me, for the world, for everyone … For all athletes and non-athletes, seeing what happened to a legend like him, a father, a human being, gave us all a blow in the “He was an icon. His words, his advice and his determination were inspiring for me. He was a hard worker and influenced me and the world. He influenced everyone to work hard and believe in their dreams. He showed you can achieve your dreams.” He showed that you can leave this world at any time. It can happen to any of us, whether you’re a superstar or working in the market. It’s a reminder for everyone to enjoy life as much as possible. “last_img

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