Inkless Zink Printer Fits in Your Pocket

first_imgIf you’ve ever wished you could print photos directly from your cell phone, a new mobile photo printer from Polaroid is coming that can do just that. Perhaps even more intriguing is the technology the printer uses: it´s inkless. Designed by ZINK (“Zero-Ink”) Imaging, the ZINK printer concept doesn´t require ink cartridges or even dye rolls. Instead, it incorporates dye crystals inside the specially patented ZINK paper, secured underneath a glossy protective layer. When heat from the printer is applied to the cyan, yellow, and magenta crystals in the paper, the appropriate crystals are “melted” to release color.While ZINK Imaging has developed the technology (with more than 100 patents and counting), the company is partnering with others to build and release the actual products. The first products that will feature ZINK technology will be Polaroid´s Mobile Photo Printer and Integrated Digital Camera and Printer. Cell phones and cameras can be directly connected to the Mobile Photo Printer via Bluetooth or USB, providing 2 x 3 inch prints. (The printer itself measures just 4.7- by 2.8- by 0.9-inches.) The Mobile Photo Printer should be released sometime this spring, and Newsweek reports that it will sell for $150.ZINK has recently announced partnerships with three other companies: Alps Electric Co, Ltd., Foxconn Technology Group, and TOMY Company, Ltd. Most likely, future incarnations using ZINK technology will offer larger paper sizes (4 x 6 inches and beyond). As PC Magazine points out, ZINK also has the capabilities of creating ZINK printers embedded into not just cameras, but also cell phones and notebook computers, without adding much weight or bulk.ZINK’s goals for its printers are to provide high quality photos at an affordable price, while incorporating the convenience due to its new technology. In the future, the company hopes to offer something for everyone.More information: Citation: Inkless ‘Zink’ Printer Fits in Your Pocket (2008, January 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Polaroid´s Mobile Photo Printer uses ZINK (“zero-ink”) technology to print 2 x 3 color photos. Credit: Polaroid. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Gadgets: Pandigital printer; Zagg’s Invisible Shields; Kodak Easyshare camera Explore furtherlast_img read more

Gyrowheel to keep new bike riders upright w Video

first_img The Gyrowheel has a fast spinning disk inside that can spin for up to three hours on a full charge of its built-in rechargeable NiMH battery. The spinning disk is completely enclosed for safety. The Gyrowheel replaces the front wheel of the child’s bike, and the spinning disk inside keeps the bike upright and stable, even when a wobbling child is aboard.The Gyrowheel has three speeds, with the highest speed being the most stable. At this speed the wheel is able to resist knocks and shoves even when it is stationary, and without a bicycle attached can travel upright, letting itself down gently when it stops. The gyroscope gives the bicycle high stability even at very slow speeds. Explore further More information: Official website: 12/09/2009: The wheels are now available for purchase through the Gyrobike website.© 2009 Citation: Gyrowheel to keep new bike riders upright (w/ Video) (2009, October 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Video: Swine flu health tips ( — A new device called the Gyrowheel could soon revolutionize the way children learn to ride bicycles, and they will be able to learn on their own, without training wheels, and in as little as half an hour. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Researchers find instance of parasites fueling cannibalism

first_imgThe team notes that cannibalism has been found in over 300 species, which of course, includes humans. While it is not known if parasitic infection may be behind some cases of human cannibalism, the researchers note that one very common type of parasite that infests between 10 and 20 percent of the British population is suspected of making people less risk averse, which could perhaps allow people to resort more easily to cannibalism under extreme circumstances. Scientists have known for some time that parasitic behavior can cause a host to modify its behavior in ways that benefit the parasite. One parasitic wasp for example, stuns its ladybug host into serving as a guard for its larvae, and in another case a type of tapeworm causes a host fish to swim faster or slower to reduce or increase its chances of being eaten by larger prey. Now it appears that certain types of parasites can also increase the chances of a host becoming cannibalistic.The team was studying the shrimp Gammarus duebeni celticus, and the parasites that infest them, known as Pleistophora mulleri—very tiny creatures that make themselves at home in the shrimp’s muscles. Because they are so small, one or two of the parasites do not have much of an impact, but as they multiply to thousands, the team found, they can have a dramatic impact on how the shrimp host behaves. Adult shrimp that were heavily infested were found to eat substantially more of their own young, than did those that were not infested.The team believes the cannibalistic behavior is caused by the increased food demand of the parasite, and the reduced ability of the host to feed itself due to muscle damage from the parasite. Eating its own young provides an easy meal and helps to sate the demands of the parasite, thus, it makes sense—at least for the shrimp. (—A small team of researchers with members from institutions in the U.K. and South Africa, has found evidence that suggests parasites infecting a certain type of shrimp leads to a higher incidence of cannibalism. In their paper published in Royal Society Open Science, the team discusses their study of a type of shrimp that lives off the coast of Ireland and what they discovered about parasites that infest them. Gammarus duebeni celticus pair. Credit: University of Leeds More information: Mandy Bunke et al., ‘Eaten alive: cannibalism enhanced by parasites,’ Royal Society Open Science (2015). is ubiquitous in nature and especially pervasive in consumers with stage-specific resource utilization in resourcelimited environments. Cannibalism is thus influential in the structure and functioning of biological communities. Parasites are also pervasive in nature and, we hypothesize, might affect cannibalism since infection can alter host foraging behaviour. We investigated the effects of a common parasite, the microsporidian Pleistophora mulleri, on the cannibalism rate of its host, the freshwater amphipod Gammarus duebeni celticus. Parasitic infection increased the rate of cannibalism by adults towards uninfected juvenile conspecifics, as measured by adult functional responses, that is, the rate of resource uptake as a function of resource density. This may reflect the increased metabolic requirements of the host as driven by the parasite. Furthermore, when presented with a choice, uninfected adults preferred to cannibalize uninfected rather than infected juvenile conspecifics, probably reflecting selection pressure to avoid the risk of parasite acquisition. By contrast, infected adults were indiscriminate with respect to infection status of their victims, probably owing to metabolic costs of infection and the lack of risk as the cannibals were already infected. Thus parasitism, by enhancing cannibalism rates, may have previously unrecognized effects on stage structure and population dynamics for cannibalistic species and may also act as a selective pressure leading to changes in resource use.Press release Journal information: Royal Society Open Science Study shows parasites may resort to sabotage if there are conflicting interests with a hostcenter_img Explore further © 2015 Citation: Researchers find instance of parasites fueling cannibalism (2015, March 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Gammarus duebeni pair. Credit: Alison Dunn This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Optical highbitrate nanoantenna developed for use with optical waveguide

first_imgScheme of a waveguide-integrated plasmonic nanoantenna for mode-selective polarization (de)multiplexing. The device couples light of orthogonal polarizations into different directions and modes of the underlying silicon waveguide. Credit: Science Advances (2017). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700007 (—A team of researchers from several institutions in Germany and Australia has developed an optical high-bitrate nanoantenna that they used with an optical waveguide. In their paper published on the open access site Science Advances, the team explains how their device works and their plans for improving it to make it more commercial. Engineers invent method to control light propagation in waveguides Imprinting an optical nanoantenna onto an optical waveguide, as the researchers note, is still a new idea—most such efforts have involved devices that couple light to a waveguide mode. In this new effort, the researchers have advanced the idea with a device capable of sorting and routing streams of information that has been encoded into a beam of light using varying polarizations. What’s more, they have found a way to do it using optical components that are much smaller than other devices—down to sub-micrometer size, which opens the possibility of high-density photonics components on a chip. They report that their device is capable of directional, polarization-selective and mode-selective routing on a silicon rib waveguide. Their efforts, they note, demonstrate that nanoantenna integration into waveguides holds the potential for developing new high-bitrate telecommunications applications.An optical nanoantenna works by taking advantage of plasmonics—light striking a metal causes electrons on the surface to move in plasmon waves. These have wavelengths that are smaller than the smallest light wavelength, which means researchers can create devices so small that they are able to convey information using photons. One of the goals of researchers in this field is to create integrated circuits that process and move information using photons instead of electrons. Achieving such a goal requires optical waveguides capable of routing information represented by photons. © 2017 Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Citation: Optical high-bitrate nanoantenna developed for use with optical waveguide (2017, July 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: Science Advances “Our invention can be used to connect these processors with optical wires that will transmit data between processers thousands of times faster than metal wires. This will enable smooth rendering and large-scale parallel computation needed for a good gaming experience.” Credit: Australian National University More information: Rui Guo et al. High–bit rate ultra-compact light routing with mode-selective on-chip nanoantennas, Science Advances (2017). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700007AbstractOptical nanoantennas provide a promising pathway toward advanced manipulation of light waves, such as directional scattering, polarization conversion, and fluorescence enhancement. Although these functionalities were mainly studied for nanoantennas in free space or on homogeneous substrates, their integration with optical waveguides offers an important “wired” connection to other functional optical components. Taking advantage of the nanoantenna’s versatility and unrivaled compactness, their imprinting onto optical waveguides would enable a marked enhancement of design freedom and integration density for optical on-chip devices. Several examples of this concept have been demonstrated recently. However, the important question of whether nanoantennas can fulfill functionalities for high-bit rate signal transmission without degradation, which is the core purpose of many integrated optical applications, has not yet been experimentally investigated. We introduce and investigate directional, polarization-selective, and mode-selective on-chip nanoantennas integrated with a silicon rib waveguide. We demonstrate that these nanoantennas can separate optical signals with different polarizations by coupling the different polarizations of light vertically to different waveguide modes propagating into opposite directions. As the central result of this work, we show the suitability of this concept for the control of optical signals with ASK (amplitude-shift keying) NRZ (nonreturn to zero) modulation [10 Gigabit/s (Gb/s)] without significant bit error rate impairments. Our results demonstrate that waveguide-integrated nanoantennas have the potential to be used as ultra-compact polarization-demultiplexing on-chip devices for high–bit rate telecommunication applications.Press release The new device was created using extremely small gold bars, which, the team notes, presents a problem for commercialization—the precious metal must be replaced with another to make it CMOS compatible. The team also plans to improve the transmission efficiency of their device, and are considering attempting to create circuits by joining their devices together.last_img read more

Casting his magic over Delhi

first_imgIt’s time to get bewitched in the Capital as the city gears up for the magic wand to cast some spells and weave out some illusions on Delhites. And its happening as a part of Indrajal where renowned magician PC Sorcar Jr enthralls  the audience with his spectacular magic tricks.The month long festival will mark the commemoration of 100 years of the magic show where both PC Sorcar Jr accompanied by his daughter, Maneka Sorcar will take you on a sorcery ride. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Speaking on performing in the Capital, PC Sorcar Jr. stated, ‘Celebrating 100 years of Indrajal’, is a way of thanking our forefathers, who through their skills of creating scientific illusions have transformed the future of modern magic. It is an overwhelming experience for me and my daughter to take forward the Sorcar family’s legacy.”We as artists always work towards adding colour in people’s lives through our shows. Having had the opportunity to perform Indrajal throughout the world, the experience has been a humbling one and that has only added substance to our performance,’ he said. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixFondly called the ‘Merchant of Vanish’, Sorcar along with his daughter Maneka will enchant the Delhi audience with some larger than life and extraordinary spectacles daily as a part of the festival on in the Capital. ‘Magic is my inheritance. It is personally a great moment of pride for me to be able to take this legacy forward and be a part of the celebration of magic through 100 years of Indrajal. We are constantly evolving newer ways to mesmerise our audience and hope to continue in winning many hearts through our small world of illusion,’ Maneka Sorcar said.We can still recall the trick through which Sorcar made the Taj Mahal disappear and got it back two minutes later. Kolkatans cannot forget his famous act of making Victoria Memorial disappear while celebrations of 300th anniversary of Kolkata were on. Now he is back with a bang for you to experience and exclusive combination of a mix of spellbinding theatrical elements like drama, fantasy and scientific illusions.last_img read more

Another facet of living heritage

first_imgOn the occasion of the International Museum Day, the book titled, Long Exposure – The Camera at Udaipur, 1857-1957, will be formally released at the Visual Arts Gallery of India Habitat Centre by the guest of honour Venu Vasudevan, Director-General of National Museum, New Delhi in the presence of Arvind Singh, Mewar of Udaipur, Chairman and Managing Trustee of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur.The book is published by the Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust, under the aegis of Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation in Udaipur. It marks an important milestone in the ongoing revitalization and modernization of the City Palace Museum in Udaipur. It complements the Bhagwat Prakash Gallery of the City Palace Museum, dedicated to the display and exhibition of photographic material from the Pictorial Archives of the Maharanas of Mewar (PAMM). Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘With the Long Exposure – The Camera at Udaipur, 1857-1957 we are witness to the unfolding of another facet of Living Heritage’, said Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, adding, ‘Materials preserved in our Pictorial Archives are now being shared with Indian and global audiences. It is an ongoing process of channelizing the power of our heritage and making it relevant, meaningful to contemporary times. This, in essence, is what exemplifies living heritage and I am proud, that on the International Museum Day, we are formally releasing this publication’.      Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixPainstakingly documented over several years, the photographic collections of the pictorial archives of Mewar’s Maharanas constitute one of the most significant collections of early photography in India. The collection’s importance lies in its wide range – the images are not only a record of the evolution of photographic technology as it was practiced at Udaipur but also reflect the changing tastes of patrons an practitioners, and the society in which they lived and worked thus also providing important insights into the life and times of the past century. The book came about while extensive work was being done to digitize, study and preserve the existing pictorial archives. Arvind Singh Mewar wanted the collection to reach research scholars, academicians, institutions and showcase it to the public across the globe.The Long Exposure – The Camera at Udaipur, 1857-1957 is the first comprehensive introduction to this rich collection. While recalling the story of the Royal collectors and their engagement with photography, photographers and the printed image, it also traces the archiving process and subsequent study of the collection. A technical note demystifies early photographic processes and new research on the archive is presented. The documenting and digitizing of this visual material has meant that an increased access to the collections is now possible for the scholar community, students and the larger public. The book has more than 235 select photographs from the archives of tens and thousands, which is a visual and a cerebral delight to the reader.Pramod KG and Mrinalini who were documenting the collection for MMCF said ‘this book is a natural compilation which followed the curatorial work at the pictorial archives, we are grateful to MMCF and its Managing Trustee Arvind Singh Mewar without whose kind support and guidance this book would not have seen the light of day’. The team also had Girikumar as conservator providing technical inputs to PAMMS and has elaborated upon the conservation process of archiving these photographs in his chapter in the book.Where:  Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre When: 18 May Timing:  6.30pmlast_img read more

Delhi Animeated

first_imgThe Anime convention is the biggest Japanese pop culture celebration in India. In its 5th avatar, scheduled at NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla, the convention is presenting an exhilarating arena of anime, gaming, manga and design. The convention features some of the renowned animators, game designers, illustrators, artists and related companies from countries like Japan, Hong Kong, US, France and India to conduct several master classes, workshops, panel discussions, talks and presentations. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Anime enthusiasts will be given a golden opportunity to interact with some well-known names from the anime world and creators of some of the fantastic anime characters such as Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist and Spirited Away. The Convention will be a unique platform to interact with global animation studios like Ultra Super Pictures and Sanzigen. Ultra Super Pictures has been involved in the production of the anime series like Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Black Rock Shooter, Kill la Kill, Wake Up, Girls. Sanzigen has contributed to various anime series like Shin Gekijo-ban Initial D and Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life. International Japanese animator Daizen Komatsuda will throw light on ‘Key animation’, his notable contributions to anime include: Robotics Notes, Rebuild of Evangelion, Kill la Kill, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Eureka Seven, and Panty and Stocking with Garter belt etc. Yoshifumi Abe is the CEO of JI Style, will share his knowledge on Anime Culture and Merchandise for the Indo-Japan business initiative. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixTo increase the level of zeal among Manga fans at the convention, Ryan Holmberg an Academic Associate will share his wisdom on ‘Garo and the birth of alternative manga’. Y.Nakane, a Tokyo based designer to carry out a design workshop on ‘Learning the Basics of Manga Drawing’. He has worked for clients like Toyota, Microsoft, Sony etc.Further workshops to be held on ‘Monster Attack’, a session on drawing your favourite monster to be demonstrated by Kimiaki Y, a Tokyo based illustrator and graphic designer. His art style is commented colourfully, cute, strange and crazy. His works are being used for publication, website and fashion in various countries. MEGA, the French designer ,who has worked as an illustrator for brands like Nike, Volkswagen will hold a workshop on ‘Discovering the Designer and Artist in you’. A practical workshop on esigning, ‘Classical art techniques’ will be taken by Chris Solarski who is an independent Swiss artist video game designer and author of Drawing Basics and Video Game.For gamers, PS4 gaming booth will allow you to experience the next-gen gaming at its finest. There will be a PS3 Fighting Game Tournament for those who like to battle it out and win some amazing prizes. The convention will also feature a Cosplay booth which will have a team of professional Cosplayers with whom you can click photos, get autographs and more. WHERE: NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla WHEN: 17 to 19 Octoberlast_img read more

Creating and blending

first_imgIt is initiated by artistic director Santosh Nair, where artistes/companies showcase 15 minutes of their contemporary work. The idea is to bring works from both established and upcoming artistes/companies, creating a repertoire that reflects the varied foundations of the choreographers and their unique style of drawing from the same.Different dance companies will be presenting their own interpretations of the ‘contemporary’ style explains Nalini Sharma from Sadhya. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The main idea behind Quarterfest is to bring in varied styles performing the contemporary adding their own touches to it. The festival promises to bring a repertoire of works reflecting varied foundations and their unique style of drawing from the same root – contemporary dance. Quarterfest is taking place under the artistic direction of Santosh Nair of Sadhya.The best part about the two day celebration this year is perhaps that the opening day (8 December) coincides with the birth anniversary of Uday Shankar, the father of contemporary dance in India. Infact, adds Nalini, the opening piece, aptly called Ode to the Gurus – is a tribute to Shankar. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSantosh Nair on the occasion says,  “It is a platform for innovation.  The idea is to create an opportunity for Choreographers  to explore their  creativity.”Sadhya – A Unit of Performing Arts is one of the leading dance academies of India.  Santosh Nair (Artistic Director) the name behind ‘Sadhya’ has left no stone unturned to establish the company to provide a platform to upcoming talents and promote the passion of dance in young. Since its inception the company has taken up many challenges and has evolved as a contemporary dance company that bridges the tradition and modern dance forms.  ‘Sadhya’ which means excellence is not only expertise in contemporary but also has the prowess in traditional, a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary and even creative Bollywood dance. Stage productions, workshops and collaborated projects too are integral to it.  Perfection with versatility is their unmatched feature, vision that is futuristic.When : December 8-9 Where: Indian Habitat Centrelast_img read more

ER shines bright in field of signalling telecommunications

first_imgKolkata: In the field of signalling and telecommunications, Eastern Railway has excelled in different dimensions.For betterment of train operations, Train Management System (TMS), which denotes total computerisation of train movement on the Howrah – Bandel section of Howrah Division, has been commissioned by Eastern Railway at Howrah Control, along with all way-side stations.WiFi facilities have been extended to Barddhaman, Rampurhat, Namkhana, Bhagalpur and Malda Town stations of Eastern Railway. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAs a step towards energy conservation and improved aesthetics, 326 stations were converted to LED illumination, in comparison to 247 stations during 2016-17. Thus, 573 stations of Eastern Railway have been brought under LED illumination in a short span of just two years. With this, Eastern Railway has achieved nearly 100 percent LED illumination at its railway stations.Meanwhile, to ensure safe travelling of passengers, as many as 191 Mail/Express, 22 Passenger and 125 EMU/MEMU trains, including 14 Ladies Special trains, are being escorted by RPF. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killed487 boys and 270 girls have been rescued from different stations and Railway premises and were handed over to their parents/NGOs. 1,828 calls were received through a railway security helpline and Twitter and the rate of satisfaction has been reported to be 93 percent. 12 persons were nabbed and handed over to police for offering sedative drugs to train passengers. Contraband and narcotic goods worth Rs 19,415,750 were recovered, with the arrest of 3 persons, while gold and silver worth Rs 57,28,123 was also recovered with the arrest of 3 persons. 181 railway ticket touts were arrested and handed over to civil authorities for legal prosecution. 24 persons were arrested on 10 occasions for alleged involvement in fake appointments.210 semi-finished pistols and 7 other country-made firearms with 11 rounds of ammunition were recovered with the arrest of 9 persons, who were handed over to local police for legal action.22,304 persons were prosecuted for travelling in ladies compartment, with Rs 5,28,050 collected as fine.last_img read more

Haldia Dock Complex should be given separate identity Suvendu

first_imgKolkata: The state Transport minister, Suvendu Adhikari, who is also the chairman of Haldia Development Authority, felt the necessity of giving a separate identity to Haldia Dock Complex as Haldia Port Trust. Adhikari was speaking at a programme organised by the Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) based on Destination Haldia Forum 2018 – “Spearheading Sustainable & Inclusive Growth”. The programme was held at Satish Samanta Trade Centre Auditorium in Haldia. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAdhikari inaugurated the second seminar on Haldia. G Senthilvel, Deputy Chairman of Haldia Dock Complex, V Solomon Nesakumar, Superintendent of Police of East Midnapore were present in the seminar. Adhikari said the Haldia Dock Complex should be separated from Kolkata Port Trust and be given a separate identity in the name of Haldia Port Trust. It may be mentioned that Haldia Dock Complex is a profit earning entity and it plays a major role in maintaining the economy of the area. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedHighlighting the key areas that keeps Haldia ahead as a business destination, Adhikari has invited the business community to invest in Haldia for further development. The state transport minister said: “There is enough growth potential of Haldia and more than Rs 50,000 crore has been invested by private investors.” “There is industry friendly atmosphere in Haldia, where strikes are not allowed and measures have been taken for ensuring industrial safety,” he added. Chairman of the Haldia Development Authority further stated that initiatives have been taken to set up a 50-bed trauma care centre. The initiative was taken considering safety of the people working in the area and also for the common people. Discussing about the facilities available in Haldia, Adhikari informed the gathering about the availability of 660 acres of land, where investment can be made. He also requested entrepreneurs to come forward with CSR activities for beautification and making the township clean and green. After the inaugural session, there were two other sessions: “Growth Churners for Haldia: Oil, Petrochemicals, Downstream Industries & MSMEs” and “Smart City of Haldia: Education, Health & Services Sector”. According to the entrepreneurs present in the seminar, the seminar will help in attracting business in the area. It may be recalled that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had earlier directed to take necessary steps to ensure an overall development of East Midnapore district and emphasised on making necessary infrastructure so that enterprenuers face no inconvenience to invest.last_img read more

Delhi beefs up security measures

first_imgThe Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung convened a high level meeting with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Commissioner of Police Bassi, Special CPs, Joint CPs, Principal Secretary (Home), Divisional Commissioner, 3 MCD Commissioners, Secretary (PWD), Secretary (Health), Deputy Commissioners of all revenue districts of Delhi and other senior officers of Delhi Government and Delhi Police to take stock of the preparedness in the wake of the earthquake that hit Delhi this morning.  Also Read – Company director arrested for swindling Rs 345 croreThe MCD Commissioners and the Deputy Commissioners informed that minor hairline cracks were seen in three buildings in the East district, two in the South district and one in the North district. All the sites were visited and cracks were assessed. There has been no significant damage to any structure or building and there is no cause for concern. The Secretary (PWD) informed that post the quake, all the flyovers were visited and no damage was detected. Also Read – Man who cheated 20 women on matrimonial websites arrestedThe Lt Governor was informed that the control room of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has been further beefed up so that people can give and share information with the concerned authority. The people can call the DDMA control room on 1077 in case they have any information to share. The control centres are operational around the clock.The DDMA informed that after the earthquake, they analysed the calls received every half an hour to keep a tab on the situation in Delhi.  The DDMA apprised the L-G and CM of their state of preparedness, including the 11 quick reaction teams in each district, the control rooms in all the 11 districts etc, and their standard operating procedures in place for any eventuality. The Civil Defence teams too have been activated in each district of Delhi; their members are making visits and spreading awareness in their respective areas. The Municipal commissioners too were asked to set up control rooms in their offices.  The Secretary (Health) was directed to ensure that all hospitals and their disaster management wards are operational. The Lt Governor and Chief Minister shared the grief of the people of Nepal.last_img read more

Utilising the best out of junk

first_imgThe Junkyard Cafe, as the name suggests, has a lot of junk recycled and incorporated in the theme. How junk can be utilised in the most beautiful way, is something that the café chain has mastered very well. Junkyard Cafe is a luxurious and spacious cafe that derives its inspiration from Junkyard, a yard used to store Junk. How Junk can be utilised, and that too in the most beautiful way is quite evident in Umang Tiwari’s Junkyard. Junkyard Cafe is one of those places in India which are concept driven. It brings out the Raw Junk world which is grungy, contemporary and at the same time very exclusive. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThere are a lot of further innovations here, the most exciting is the Wall dedicated to Michael Jackson with his art work made with Junk, again. Right from the first of its kind interiors and art installations which are made using junk materials like tyres, barrels, parts of car and trucks, to old radios, TVs, chipped board furniture, beer bottles and old junky speakers, all these elements gives The Junkyard cafe, a junkyard look in every possible manner. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”The USP’s does not end here. We bring the food menu which is an ode to all health conscious people who like to indulge in nutritious meals. We believe that entertainment should be guilt free”, states Mr Umang Tewari. “The offerings would be nutritious, healthy and at the same are priced very reasonably. It’s also for those who enjoy keeping it casual while satiating on a good meal in funky environment”, he added. Music will also have another level here and as Mr Umang Tewari states ” I am planning to rope in biggest artists from across the world, so The Junkyard café will be the place for all Music lovers. My product which is on the constant stage of evolving is not only in Delhi, but has also been launched recently in Mumbai and are also working to launch more in 3 of the most promising locations of Mumbai”.last_img read more

Forest dept ZSI identify species from raw meat using DNA forensics

first_imgKolkata: In a major stride towards proper implementation of Wildlife Protection Act to combat illegal trade of wildlife, the state Forest department with the assistance of Zoological Survey of India’s (ZSI) has identified species even from raw meat that had lost its morphological identity usingDNA forensics. The case dates back to November 2017 when ZSI had received a confiscated material, which appeared to be chopped raw meat with no intact morphological identity. The meat was semi-cooked. The raw meat was recovered from a person at Falta in North 24-Parganas by the state Forest Department after he uploaded pictures on social media, displaying his involvement in cooking and eating animal meat — suspected to be of wildlife origin. The seized meat that was handed over to ZSI for identification was semi-cooked and mixed with spices. On homology search through the use of DNA technology, some scientists from ZSI found the confiscated material to be of Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), which is a scheduled species (Schedule II) and protected under Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. The findings have already been published in a noted Science journal. ZSI director Kailash Chandra and scientists Avijit Ghosh, Sambadeb Basu, Hiren Khatri, Mukesh Thakur have been involved in the study. There have been instances where confiscated materials have been altered and fabricated so much that their morphological identification often got difficult. However, in the last few years, DNA technology has revolutionised species identification in forensic investigations and shown its power in the firm identification of those fabricated materials. “We will submit the findings of ZSI’s report along with all the details before the court for prosecution of the person,” said Ravikant Sinha, state Chief Wildlife Warden. A senior official of the state Forest department said poaching of wildlife for local consumption and commercial purposes is a major threat to the world’s biodiversity, which has resulted in the extirpation of numerous species at the local or regional scale. “The current study has generated new hope by showing that documenting species identification is possible even for raw meat for reliable assessment of wildlife forensic investigations,” the official added.last_img read more

Jewellery shop owner robbed at gunpoint in East Burdwan

first_imgKolkata: Two goons allegedly held a jewellery shop owner at gunpoint and snatched his bag on Monday night at Golapbag Mor in East Burdwan. While they were fleeing the spot some youths tried to stop them. Sensing trouble, the miscreants allegedly fired a shot and escaped.According to the shop owner, Samir Kumar Das, on Monday night when he was preparing to leave for home and locking the shop. Two youth with their faces covered in muffler arrived there and one of them allegedly held him at gunpoint. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseDas said: “The youth took bag and told me to keep my mouth shut and go home.” Immediately the duo started the bike and left the place. Meanwhile, some other businessman of the locality, who witnessed the incident, started shouting. Within a few metres some local youths heard the screams and blocked the miscreants’ way. Seeing resistance they tried to speed up but fell down as they lost control and skidded of the road. A local resident was able to nab one of the miscreants. Seeing his aide getting caught, the other goon fired a shot. Terrified local residents released the miscreant and the duo ran away from the spot. The police were immediately informed. Later officers from Burdwan police station reached the spot and seized the bike left behind by the miscreants. Also, a bullet shell was recovered from the spot. Das has lodged a complaint with the Burdwan police station in this regard.last_img read more

UK expects more bonhomie with India over cricket

first_imgKolkata: Cricket’s biggest spectacle — the World Cup — would further bolster ties between India and the UK, which hosts the multi-nation tournament later this year, a top diplomat said. The UK Visas and Immigration division is gearing up to welcome “tens of thousands of Indian” visitors expected to travel to the UK to witness the 12th edition of the World Cup from May 30-July 14, it said in a statement on Tuesday. British Deputy High Commissioner Bruce Bucknell said India will be a “central part” of making the mega cricket event a success. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose”Cricket brings us together, connects countries, communities and makes us active… “From now until the final ball is bowled, we will work with partners across India to make the tournament a success and further strengthen UK-India ties. “This includes… key visa guidance to ensure those who wish to travel apply for their visa as early as possible, or use our priority services if needed,” Bucknell said in the statement. Some of the services on offer are group appointments, where travellers can apply for appointments together at the same visa application centre, on the same day, for match tickets, passes for rail and other UK attractions. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”We will ensure that whoever wins (the World Cup) in July this is a tournament which brings the UK and India closer,” the diplomat added. Moreover, the process to acquire a UK visa in India has been simplified and made faster ahead of the World Cup. The good news is that the applicants can now digitally upload their documents before visiting a visa office. This process will definitely cut down on the waiting time for applicants at visa application centres which used to be extremely tedious earlier. An applicant will have to carry only his or her passport and submit biometric data. All documents have to be digitally uploaded before the visit.last_img read more

Remembering raza madhya ma

first_imgAt the Shridharani Gallery in Delhi there are a series of works that celebrate the power of thought, inventive ingenuity and emerging trends in art practices. From a brilliant ceramic sculpture to a kindled abstraction created with threads and acrylic the show is a testimony to modern day materials and moods and multiple leanings. ‘Madhya ma’ is the first exhibition of the Raza Foundation, which is an effort to provide platform to young artists of Madhya Pradesh. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”One reason for this is that Sayed Haider Raza one of India’s greatest modernists in abstraction recognized the importance of young people in Indian contemporary art and continued to help them throughout his life,” states Akhilesh an artist who lives in Bhopal and was close to Raza. The exhibition comes at the cusp of Raza’s birthday which falls on February 22. ‘Madhya ma’ then is a tribute to Raza’s love for younger artists and the encouragement he gave to them whenever he came back to India on many visits from Paris. Curator Akhilesh, in 2007, curated a historic show of abstraction for Bodhi Art, entitled ‘Roopadhyatama’, which was a great success.Precisely 11 years later, Akhilesh proves he has the experience and the elean to pick out a number of artists who can be a palette of varied techniques and processes . Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsivePerhaps top of the lot in this suite is the brilliant sculptural ceramic work of Arti Paliwal. The work embodies the power and passion of an artist who has indepth knowledge of the texturing of glazes and the mystery of weaving in human and natural textural nuances into the sculpted creation that has little nodes in the mushroom like creations worked upon in the chromatic charisma of turquoise in the Barium glaze. Yet another wonderful abstraction is the thread and acrylic work of Ekta Sharma. It has a geometry and symbolism that is both magnetic and magical. Curator Akhilesh explains, he is presenting fifteen young artists of the state in Madhya Pradesh. “Curiosity in these artists is gigantic and the weaknesses of some youthful zeal. With all this, it is a yearning to do something. Madhya Pradesh is a big state with a geographical vision, and there are many artists who are doing better. It was not possible for everyone to be included in this exhibition.”Fifteen artists from the exhibition come from different parts of the state and they easily incorporate modernity and experiment with innovation in the art of innovation.”They are curious to put themselves on the unknown paths of art, without hesitation,” Akhilesh maintains. “They have the key to taking risks. They freely walk in rugged colors, do not hesitate to negotiate with the new shapes and enjoy the pleasures of the lines with elegance.”For the Raza Foundation this indeed is an exercise that brims on the beauty of thought and the strength of memory.Show runs till March 11 2018.last_img read more

They already did the Rio Olympics it was called Fear Factor

first_imgColin says:Low maintenance Kevin Durant left because high maintenance Russell Westbrook wore him out.Stating negative facts about competitors isn’t negative recruiting.Why Colin isn’t sold on the Warriors inevitability.This year’s opening weekend in college football might be the best ever.Guests:Joel Klatt – Fox Sports College Football Analyst joins the show to talk James Franklin’s complaints about negative recruiting, Jim Harbaugh’s impact on college football, whether Clay Helton is on the hot seat at USC, and why eliminating kickoffs is like the Treaty of Versaille.Ric Bucher – Bleacher Report Senior NBA writer and Sirius XM host joins the show to discusses the perception of the Warriors as low maintenance, comparing Westbrook’s personality to Kobe’s, and potential problems for the Super Warriors.Christine Brennan – USA Today sports columnist discusses the problems facing the Rio games, whether she has anxiety about covering the games, whether there should be rotating sites or be limited to a few competent cities like the Super Bowl, and her most memorable Olympic memories.last_img read more

Belichick is headed for the exit in New England

first_imgBelichick is headed for the exit in New EnglandSeth Wickersham’s bombshell piece revealing dysfunction in the Patriots organization was the dominant sports topic today, but it largely confirmed what Colin has been saying for weeks. Bob Kraft’s decision to step in and force Belichick to trade Jimmy Garoppolo and keep Tom Brady was an unforgivable sin in Belichick’s eyes, and it’s all been downhill from there.Colin thinks Belichick is headed for the exit and New England, and every move he’s made this season shows he wants to leave Kraft with nothing but Tom Brady and the TB12 training staff.Also:-Gruden won’t be a $100,000,000 home run in Oakland-Belichick to the Giants makes sense-Colin’s new theory: Belichick set up Brady to look bad in MiamiGuests: Albert Breer – The MMQB writer joins the show to talk Patriots drama; and if it’s the beginning of the end of the dynasty.Danny Kannell – FS1 Analyst is in-studio talking Belichick, Kraft, and Brady; and his experiences wiath power struggles on football teams;Rob Parker – FS1 Analyst is in-studio to do a victory lap over the Patriot news; and why Belichick wants to prove he can win without Brady;John Middlekauff – Former NFL Scout and host of Haberman & Middlekauff joins the show talking Gruden to the Raiders; if he’ll face a learning curve; if Gruden and Carr’s personalities will mesh; and what went wrong with the Raiders this year.last_img read more

Colin and Joel Klatt debate if Michigan and Texas should still be

first_imgTexas and Michigan got off to disappointing starts to the 2018 college football season with both programs losing their openers, and today Colin argued that given their recent subpar track records he doesn’t consider either as “football schools” anymore.FS1 lead college football analyst Joel Klatt begs to differ and sat down to tell Colin to pump the brakes on declaring both traditional powerhouses dead because their strong brands still deserve respect.Watch the boys go at it in what each would describe as 5 minutes of wrong from the other guy..@ColinCowherd: “I don’t see Texas and Michigan as football schools.”@joelklatt: “Wellll…..relax a little bit on that.”— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) September 12, 2018 Advertisementlast_img read more

Watch 1000 Robots Dance in Unison and Set a World Record

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. August 10, 2016 1 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globalcenter_img There’s a world record for everything: longest escalator ride, largest collection of garden gnomes, most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime or even the most robots dancing simultaneously.Recently, Chinese company Ever Win set a new Guinness World Record with 1,007 robots dancing simultaneously for 60 seconds. The company beat last year’s world record of 540 unified robot dancers. Who knew this was already a Guinness category?Each of the just-under-18-inch robots were controlled with a single smartphone.But just like humans, even robots crack under pressure sometimes. Thirty-three of the bots fell over or “refused” to dance during the performance, reported Wired. These stagefright-ridden bots were disqualified, but their absence had little effect on the record breaking event.From singing androids to robots that sell life insurance, this feat comes as no surprise as 2016 marks a big year for robotic technologies — especially in Asian countries such as China and Japan.So if the singing human-like android named Alter wasn’t enough, take a look at these dancing robots that performed at the Quingdao Beer Festival in China. Register Now »last_img read more