Coop bank scam SC refuses to interfere with HC order for FIR

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday refused to interfere with the Bombay High Court’s direction for the police to register an FIR against NCP leader Ajit Pawar and over 70 others in the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank scam, saying the investigation cannot be stopped. A bench comprising justices Arun Mishra and M R Shah was hearing the petition filed by some of the accused challenging the August 22 order of the Bombay High Court. A day after the high court order, the Mumbai Police’s Economic Offences Wing (EOW) had registered the FIR in connection with the scam. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details While disposing of the petition, the bench observed, that the case involves huge money and investigation cannot be stopped. The bench said the investigation will proceed ahead uninfluenced by the order and observation of the high court. Pawar, Peasants and Workers Party (PWP) leader Jayant Patil and several former directors of the bank are accused of violating banking and RBI regulations while disbursing loans to sugar mills at very low rates and selling off assets of defaulter businesses at throwaway prices. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday Such sale of assets, disbursement of cheap loans and a failure to ensure repayment resulted in losses of over Rs 1,000 crore to the bank between 2007 and 2011, it is alleged. The accused allegedly forged records and fudged figures to show the bank was making profits. Pawar, a former deputy chief minister and finance minister, was a director of the bank during the relevant period. Inquiries by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and a charge sheet filed by a quasi-judicial inquiry commission under the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act had blamed Pawar and other accused for the bank’s losses. Surinder Arora, an activist, had filed a complaint against Pawar and others with the EOW in 2015. He approached the high court through his lawyer S B Talekar when no FIR was registered on his complaint.last_img read more

Iconic geese to be memorialized with poems songs after crosswalk accident

first_imgHALIFAX – Two well-loved geese who were run down by a motorist will be memorialized Saturday by local residents who see them as far more than just a couple noisy birds.The geese were among nine known for using a crosswalk to get to their home on Sullivan’s Pond in downtown Dartmouth, a fiercely independent enclave across the harbour from Halifax’s core.Three were hit by a motorist heading downtown at Wednesday’s afternoon rush hour, with one surviving, police said.Katy Jean, a poet, artist and part-time restaurant server whose home overlooks the pond, said Friday she was expecting — and got — skeptical reactions to the idea of a memorial, to be held Saturday evening.But she said the geese are “almost part of the architecture of the area” and prominent in local art and memorabilia.A video of them slowly waddling across a zebra crossing, oblivious to waiting cars, has been featured on American TV host Ellen DeGeneres’ “ellentube” web site.Jean said the famously grumpy birds serve almost as a Grimms’ Fairy Tale for local children.“You will see people walk about five feet around their radius, but we still feed them and they are harmless,” Jean — known for her Dartmouth Haiku Twitter poems — said in an interview.“I’ve never actually witnessed the mythology of a goose biting someone, although my parents lived on the pond 30-some years ago and one almost bit my brother’s toe when he was an infant. But they definitely are Oscar the Grouch and people do appreciate them.”“They’re immortalized in murals and paintings all around Dartmouth, they’re a huge icon of Dartmouth.”The deaths at first prompted an outpouring of anger, after reports that the driver had hit the birds intentionally. One person posted an online petition demanding the driver face motor vehicle charges, garnering about 1,260 signatures by Friday afternoon.But Sam Austin, who represents the area on Halifax regional council, said the driver told police he had glanced briefly at the pond, and hit three of the geese as they were entering the crosswalk.“It’s difficult for me to understand how the driver missed seeing them at the crosswalk since they’re fairly large, slow moving and always cross the street at the same spot. That appears to have been what happened though,” Austin said on Facebook.“The driver remained at the scene and police interviewed him and several witnesses. The driver was very distraught. He got physically ill and called police later that night to check on the geese.”Halifax police Const. Alicia Joseph said Friday officers determined speed was not a factor, and there were no motor vehicle violations.“This is just an unfortunate incident for everyone involved — the witnesses, the driver, the geese who are a staple in the Dartmouth community and who are loved by everyone,” Joseph said in an interview.A Reddit thread on the memorial includes goose puns, ersatz goose recipes and skepticism likening the birds to a well-known dead Toronto raccoon honoured with a shrine in July, 2015.Most of the cynics, though, seemed at least a little charmed.Said one user: “This is ridiculous. But it’s harmless ridiculousness. The best kind.”Local roots musician Eric Stephen Martin, who plans to play a song at the memorial, implicitly acknowledged, and rebuffed, the skeptics in an Instagram post.“The fact of the matter is that it’s not just about geese. The incident that took place could happen to a cyclist, motorcyclist, pet, pedestrian, duck, you name it,” he said.“For me, this memorial represents comfortability and safety on our roads and in our transportation systems. It stands for the elimination of reckless and/or impaired driving in our community. So come down and let’s spend a moment talking about safety, celebrating art, and remembering a few beautiful creatures.”last_img read more

Invoking dead husband in online criticism crosses line senator says

first_imgOTTAWA – Sen. Denise Batters was minutes from boarding a flight home when she noticed two-day old Twitter posts that said she was only in the upper chamber because her husband killed himself.Twenty years earlier on the same night, she and her husband had been among the last people to leave their wedding reception.It was the second time this summer the Conservative senator from Saskatchewan was told on social media that she is only in the Senate because Dave Batters, a former Conservative MP, died by suicide.The senator said she is accustomed to personal criticism online — it comes with being in politics and a partisan — but invoking the death of her husband crosses a line.“This was just beyond the pale,” she said in an interview Friday.“I thought, no, they don’t get to do this to me.”Dave Batters was a two-term Conservative MP from Saskatchewan who died by suicide in 2009.The couple met by chance while crossing a street during a provincial Progressive Conservative convention in Saskatoon in the early 1990s.On Aug. 23, 1997, the politically interested couple married.Dave Batters had always thought about being a provincial or federal politician. He became an MP in 2004 as a rookie candidate and won re-election in 2006, even though he had given his wife the chance to run for federal politics. She turned him down, figuring he was better suited for the life of an MP. Denise Batters was more interested in joining the Senate, something she had thought about since she was a child.In September 2008, the two-term MP announced he wouldn’t run again and went public about his battle with severe anxiety and depression. On June 29, 2009, he took his own life. Denise Batters, a lawyer by trade, became a vocal mental health advocate and in 2013, then-prime minister Stephen Harper — who delivered an emotional speech at Dave Batters’ funeral — appointed her to the Senate.Since the Trudeau government’s election in 2015, Batters has become a vocal critic of Liberal policy on medical assistance in dying and towards the Senate itself.In late June, a former federal NDP candidate in Saskatchewan posted on the senator’s Facebook page that she was “only sitting in the Red Chamber because her husband, the MP, committed suicide.” The date was June 27. It was the first time the senator had heard or seen anyone aim those type of comments at her.She posted a response at the time, but kept it off Twitter to avoid it getting national attention and potentially bleed into the eighth anniversary of her husband’s death. The poster apologized on June 28 on her Facebook page.On Wednesday night, she was minutes away from boarding a flight from Toronto to Saskatchewan when she went on Twitter and by chance came across two tweets posted on Monday. A Twitter user with the handle @swancoole tweeted that Harper appointed her to the Senate in 2013 only because her husband killed himself and taxpayers are now supplying her life insurance.The tweets appeared to be in response to online criticisms the senator levelled against the Liberals for paying a new consul-general, one the party recruited who was also a former candidate, more than a female recruited to a similar position.In her response to the Twitter user posted online Thursday with the intent it be widely shared, the senator wrote that she would give anything to have her husband back and that the tweets shame those left behind by suicide and perpetuate stigma around mental illness. She also said she was in the midst of planning a charity golf tournament in her husband’s honour with the proceeds going to mental health and suicide awareness.“The dichotomy of me using my Senate position and my national platform that affords me to try to positively dispel the stigma around mental illness and suicide and then this person, they use their public voice on social media to shame … those left behind by suicide and perpetuate stigma,” she said Friday.“I just couldn’t get over that difference between the two. So I thought people needed to know.”— Follow @jpress on Twitter.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version gave the wrong wedding datelast_img read more

Older adults taking opioids at risk for toxicity or death report says

first_imgTORONTO – When most people think about opioid overdoses, it’s typically a younger person that comes to mind. But it’s often older Canadians who bear the brunt of detrimental effects related to the powerful narcotics.In fact, about 30 per cent of all opioid-related deaths in Canada in 2017 occurred among those aged 50 and older, while adults 65-plus had the highest rates of hospitalization due to toxicity from the painkillers, says a report by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE), released Wednesday in Ottawa.“The attention seems to be on the younger population, whereas the data suggest that it’s older adults who are just as — if not more — adversely affected in this opiate crisis,” said geriatric addiction specialist Marilyn White-Campbell, who collaborated on the study.“And that’s where there’s this idea of the invisible epidemic, because it’s not really seen as an older person’s problem.”Adults aged 65-plus consistently have the highest rates of hospitalization due to opioid poisoning, the report found. While older adults represented 16 per cent of the population in 2014-2015, they accounted for about 25 per cent of all hospital admissions due to opioid toxicity.Hospital stays for opioid poisoning were also more prolonged for those aged 50 and up — eight days longer on average — compared with those in other age brackets, says the report, which was compiled following an in-depth review of research on the topic.Accidental opioid toxicity that occurred as a result of treatment with prescribed opioids, such as morphine, hydromorphone and the fentanyl patch, accounted for a quarter of poisonings among older Canadians.But White-Campbell believes the actual figure may be higher.“Is the person coming to the hospital because they’ve had a fall and a fracture or are they coming in because of an opiate poisoning?” she said. Older people who take the painkillers are known to have a greater risk for falls due to the drugs’ effects on balance and cognition.Dr. Samir Sinha, director of geriatrics at Sinai Health Systems and the University Health Network in Toronto, said older Canadians are prescribed opioids more often than their younger counterparts because they have more pain-causing health conditions, such as chronic arthritis.But because there are changes in how the body metabolizes medications as a person ages, tolerance for drugs like opioids can decline.“We break down medications more slowly as we get older and our livers age,” he said. “That means the same dose of opioids that might have worked for you when you were 50 might actually be toxic when you’re 60.“That’s not a matter of you taking too much, it’s just that your body can only tolerate so much and only needs so much. So if we don’t adjust those medications, you’re at higher risk of opioid toxicity.”Citing 2017 statistics, the report showed 92 per cent of opioid-related deaths across all ages were deemed to be accidental. But among deaths in which medical examiners determined the drugs had been deliberately ingested with the intent to die, a high percentage of fatalities occurred among those aged 50 and older.“While most opioid poisonings among seniors are accidental, an alarming 33 per cent overall were intentional, raising concerns about the role of mental health and suicide prevention in limiting opioid deaths,” the authors write.The report makes a number of recommendations for stemming the tide of adverse events in older people caused by opioid use, including:— Enhanced opioid prescribing education for health-care providers to avoid both overtreatment and under-treatment of pain.— Prescription drug-monitoring programs, with data-sharing across jurisdictions, to alert prescribers and pharmacies of potential cases of drug interactions, multiple prescriptions and misuse.— Age- and gender-appropriate treatment approaches, such as methadone maintenance therapy for those with opioid use disorder, including investment in training for practitioners working with geriatric patients.— Legislative changes, including a national opioid strategy that expands access to substance-abuse treatment programs and rescue drugs like naloxone, to counter opioid drug overdoses in older adults.Sinha said that because opioids can be habit-forming and may require escalating doses over time for effective pain control, there’s an increased risk of patients developing an addiction to the drugs.“So they’re almost sitting ducks for potential negative consequences of opioids,” he said.“And that’s why there is a crisis that is occurring amongst the older population, that sometimes we don’t actually think about as properly as we should.”— Follow @SherylUbelacker on Twitter.last_img read more

Report proves no racial disparity in street checks Vancouver police chief

first_imgVANCOUVER – An internal report is recommending an overhaul of the Vancouver Police Department’s use of random street checks, even though it has found “no statistical basis” to conclude officers use the checks to discriminate against certain races.The report’s six recommendations include calls to formalize existing street check standards, make street check data public and continue training sessions to ensure officers stay within their legal authority when conducting the checks.Chief Const. Adam Palmer commissioned the study following complaints earlier this year from the BC Civil Liberties Association and the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs about the checks, also referred to as “carding.”He is recommending an independent analysis of the street check data, saying it will provide a balanced perspective to the city, province and police to make policies.Palmer said street checks occur in areas with the highest rates of violent crimes or they are used to check the well-being of at-risk Indigenous women.Josh Paterson, the executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, welcomed Palmer’s recommendation.“We know the police want to protect people in the city of Vancouver, we know they want to find the best ways possible to prevent and fight crime, but one of the things is through the tools they choose, there can be a disproportionate impact in racialized and Indigenous communities,” he said.Advocacy groups wanted B.C.’s police complaint commissioner to investigate an apparent racial disparity linked to carding, pointing to data showing Indigenous people make up 15 per cent of street checks, yet form just two per cent of the population.The report says well-being checks may account for the high rate of carding of Indigenous women, which the civil liberties group said made up 21 per cent of all checks of women in 2016, although Indigenous women only account for two per cent of Vancouver’s female population. Over a 10-year period, the report says 53 per cent of Indigenous women who were subjected to street checks were the subject of a missing person report.Chief Bob Chamberlin, the vice-president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, said he doesn’t trust that statistic.“I find that to lead me down a path where they interacted with an Aboriginal woman and they discovered she was part of a missing person report and that could be years old, so I think it’s a bit of a fortuitous grabbing, and I think that kind of interpretation — if that occurred — is what then skews the data,” he said.Palmer said because the police don’t have a specific category for well-being checks they will add that to the system so they can follow the data more effectively.last_img read more

Judge orders land dispute involving former Alberta chief back to Square 1

first_imgCALGARY – A federal judge has sent a land dispute between two families on Canada’s largest First Nation back to Square 1.Justice Michael Manson did not overturn a decision that transferred land from former Blood Tribe chief Harley Frank to another family.But in a 29-page ruling, Manson noted that the process used by the Blood Tribe, which included a rejection from an appeal board, wasn’t fair to the Frank family.“The applicants were denied procedural fairness,” wrote Manson.“Given the decision that the appeal tribunal’s decision was procedurally unfair, it is not necessary to consider whether the decision was reasonable or not. It would be wrong to go on to speculate what the outcome would otherwise have been.”The dispute on the Blood reserve, home to 12,500 people in southwestern Alberta, involves 600 hectares of prime agricultural land allocated to the Frank family in 1960.Although band members can’t own property outright, they can have it allocated to them with the approval of the chief and council.Frank’s father staked a claim nearly 60 years ago and had two years to make improvements on the undeveloped property near the St. Mary Reservoir.Earlier this year, Frank was informed that the band’s land dispute panel had awarded all but two hectares of the property to a family with adjacent land. Frank said the decision was based on evidence of a hand-drawn map and was approved by the chief and council.His request for an appeal was rejected.Manson ordered the appeal panel to reconsider the case and ordered that the chief and council send it back to the original land panel for a new hearing.He said ideally no one who took part in the original hearing would be part of the new one. But he also said he couldn’t order that because he has to respect the Blood Tribe’s self-governance.“It is particularly important that the appeal tribunal, council and the panel engage in a meaningful and impartial reconsideration,” Manson wrote.Frank’s Calgary lawyer, Peter Leveque, was satisfied with the ruling.“He went about as far as we could have hoped he would go. He set aside the whole thing, requiring them to start over,” Leveque said.Frank, 68, was thrilled with the judge’s decision.“I don’t think I was denied anything, given that the judge or court will only go so far into a First Nations governance jurisdiction,” Frank told The Canadian Press.“You never get all you want, especially in court, but I’m happy. I feel I poured my heart and soul into this. I think I won the war. Not just the battle.”Frank hopes the federal government will address the matter of individual land rights in an eventual overhaul of the Indian Act.“What’s still outstanding is do Indians have property rights? It’s a step forward and maybe this will be the first step for this to be addressed.”There was no immediate response from the Blood band.— Follow @BillGraveland on Twitterlast_img read more

Dead Saskatoon tattoo artists skin removed preserved to honour his work

first_imgSASKATOON — When Chris Wenzel knew he was going to die, he had an unusual request for his wife.The well-known Saskatoon tattoo artist asked that his ink-adorned skin be removed and preserved before he was buried. He wanted his kids and grandkids to see his life’s work long after he was gone.“He thought that would be really cool,” his wife, Cheryl Wenzel, said Wednesday. “I thought, that’s different but, yeah, that’s cool.“I don’t care what it takes. I’m going to get this done for him.”Her 41-year-old husband, owner of Electric Underground Tattoos, died after an illness on Oct. 28. Before his death, he discovered Save My Ink Forever, a U.S.-based company that preserves tattoos.His wife contacted the company which had never worked on such a  scale before. There were only a few parts of her husband’s body that weren’t covered in artwork and he wanted all his finished tattoos preserved.Kyle Sherwood, the company’s chief operating officer, went to Saskatoon to surgically excise Wenzel’s skin from 70 per cent of his entire body and preserve it with a special formula in a frame.The entire job will cost about $80,000 and take about three months.Cheryl Wenzel was in the room with Sherwood when he began removing the skin.“I was able to point out which tattoos (Chris) wanted.”Wenzel’s passion for tattoos was evident from a young age when he inked his aunt at nine years old, she said.“He just fell in love with it. He fell in love with art and had such a passion for tattoos,” she said. “He would say he was a slave to the needle because he loved to tattoo so much.”Her husband’s skin art will eventually hang on the wall of his tattoo studio, Wenzel said.“You can hang a picture on a wall. You can do so many different forms of art,” she said. “A tattoo is something that has been done for hundreds of years. It’s just preserving it.”Sherwood said his company has preserved hundreds of tattoos, but  the work he’s doing on Chris Wenzel is the largest-scale preservation in North America. He removed seven designs from the artist’s back, chest, legs and arms.“This is pretty ground-breaking,” he said.Sherwood doesn’t normally travel to do his work, but he didn’t trust anyone else to do the job.Preserving her husband’s artwork is a fitting tribute to a man with a “great spirit,” Cheryl Wenzel said. But she added it’s more for their children, nine and 13, who are already showing promise following in their father’s footsteps.“This tribute means the world to them,” she said. “This is something they knew dad wanted and it’s something that dad’s going to get.”— By Chinta Puxley in Edmonton and Ryan McKenna in ReginaThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

Wetsuweten strike tentative deal with RCMP allowing access to prevent raid

first_imgHOUSTON, B.C. — Hereditary leaders of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation have reached a tentative deal with RCMP, quelling some fears of escalation following a raid on a nearby checkpoint earlier this week.The chiefs say members will abide by a court injunction granting the Coastal GasLink pipeline company access to a bridge that had been blocked, if RCMP agree not to raid the nearby Unist’ot’en healing camp.They plan to meet with RCMP again Thursday to discuss details such as retaining a gate that residents and supporters of the camp say is vital to their safety.Chief Na’Moks told residents, supporters and media gathered at the camp Wednesday that the decision has nothing to do with the pipeline company and everything to do with ensuring the safety of residents at the camp.On Monday, 14 people were arrested after the Mounties took apart a different gate that blocked access to an area where Coastal GasLink wants to build a natural gas pipeline.TransCanada Corp., which announced plans to change its name to TC Energy on Wednesday, says it has signed agreements with the elected councils of all 20 First Nations along the path, including the Wet’suwet’en.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Scientists intrigued by remains of pregnant sixgill shark on BC beach

first_imgSAANICH, B.C. — Scientists say the carcass of a large, bluntnose sixgill shark that washed onto a Vancouver Island beach north of Victoria earlier this week is a great reminder that there are about 12 species of sharks in British Columbia’s coastal waters.Fisheries and Oceans Canada research scientist Jackie King says the creature, sometimes known as a cow shark, was female and roughly four-metres long.It was pregnant and King says it was carrying several young, called pups, when it died, likely of natural causes.The pups also died and King says a necropsy on the remains of the adult is underway.Bluntnose sixgill sharks are deep divers, cruising the continental shelf and submerging up to 2,500 metres but King says the B.C. coast is one of the few areas in the world where the species takes advantage of the deep but protected waters of the Georgia Strait to give birth. She says the bluntnose sixgill is fairly common off B.C., but because it likes deep water it’s rarely seen as it hunts prey that include another type of shark — the spiny dogfish, as well as most types of fish, squid and crabs.“I like to joke that they are sharks, so they can eat anything they want to,” says King, quickly adding that because they prefer cold ocean depths the species is usually lethargic and unaggressive.“Yes, they have teeth, it’s a large animal, but other than that it is nothing really to be feared,” she says.There is no sign the shark was killed by entanglement, hit by a boat or attacked by some other animal, so King says the discovery could offer a rare glimpse into the lives of these little seen creatures. “Opportunities like this highlight to the public that our ecosystem is comprised of a whole number of different creatures, one of them being these top predators, or sharks,” she says.The curious gathered on the rocky beach of Coles Bay, in the Saanich Inlet Wednesday for a glimpse of the remains of the shark, with its comb-like, yellow lower teeth, single dorsal fin, and very long tail.Sidney resident Nicole Wilford called the sight both fascinating and sad.“You know why it’s here and what it died from is kind of sad. But to be able to see it is pretty cool,” she says. King says results of the necropsy could be available as early as Friday. (The Canadian Press, CFAX)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Stars Expected To Attend All In For CP Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament

first_imgThe One Step Closer Foundation will hold its annual celebrity charity poker tournament this weekend.One Step Closer Foundation PokerThe One Step Closer Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization whose main goal is to ease, as much as possible, the lives of those who suffer from Cerebral Palsy.This event incorporates the who’s who of celebrities, poker pros, high rollers and average Joe’s coming together for a very important cause. This event has been overwhelmingly successful and is getting bigger with each year. To date this event has helped raise over 460K getting the charity one step closer to their ultimate goal where Cerebral Palsy is a thing of the past.Celebrities expected to attend include Cheryl Hines, Mekhi Phifer, Shannon Elizabeth, Montel Williams and Scotty Nguyen.WHEN: Saturday, December 8th Tourney start – 2 pmWHERE: The Venetian Hotel & Casino 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89109last_img read more

Oprah Winfrey To Auction Items For Charity

first_imgOprah Winfrey is to hold a special auction to raise funds for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund.Offering antiques, contemporary furnishings, and fine art from Ms. Winfrey’s residences in Indiana, Hawaii, Chicago, and Santa Barbara, as well as items from the “La Quinta” estate and from various properties of Bob Greene. Proceeds from the sale of all lots belonging to Oprah Winfrey will benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund. The fund is dedicated to helping graduates of The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls — South Africa attend colleges and universities around the world.Among the auction lots are items from the film The Color Purple, as well as electric bikes, dolls, furniture and much more.The Auction takes place on Saturday, November 2nd, 10AM Pacific Time at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, 3300 Via Real, Carpinteria, CA 93013For more information call 978-522-5522, or click here.last_img read more

NFL Hall Of Fame Greats Raise Awareness About Veteran Suicide On Thanksgiving

first_imgOn Thanksgiving Day, NFL Hall of Fame members Chris Doleman, Emmitt Smith, Curtis Martin, Bruce Smith and Michael Haynes will be featured on CBS NFL Today to give thanks to military service men and woman and discuss Remembering the 22, an initiative to raise awareness about veteran suicide.According to recent studies, a staggering 22 veterans take their own lives each day due to untreated combat-related stressors and injuries. Doleman will also be sharing details from his time spent with the beneficiaries of the non-profit organization Warriors for Freedom organization. Sportscaster James (JB) Brown will host and narrate the piece created by award-winning television producer, Charlie Bloom, set to air on Thursday, Nov. 26 before the Panthers-Cowboys game at 4 p.m. ET.Remembering the 22 asks athletes, celebrities, individuals and businesses to donate $22 to Warriors for Freedom, to take a stand with them against this epidemic. For more information about Remembering the 22, go to year, thousands of veterans return from service and find themselves struggling with PTSD, the after effects of TBI, night terrors, and untreated clinical depression related to traumatic, life-changing injuries. The statistic of 22 lives being lost each day is staggering, and largely unknown by most Americans. These service members are so challenged by their return to civilian life that many resort to ending their lives – leaving behind broken hearts, and forever-changed families left with tremendous grief and ensuing financial hardship.But there is hope delivered by a rather unique form of therapy. Research supports the fact that one of the most effective methods of counseling takes place between peers. Taking a group out to play together replicates the camaraderie of military service — and helps vets open up with one another about the difficulties they may be experiencing. Reacting to that information, Warriors for Freedom began their program featuring group activities for vets.Last year, when contacted by Oklahoma-based organization, Chris Doleman was asked to travel to Ireland to play golf with disabled veterans as a form of treatment. Doleman will discuss his time spent with military heroes as a form of rehabilitative recreation, and the lasting impact of each of their personal stories.Remembering the 22, has been created to raise capital for recreational outings hosted by Doleman’s online fundraising company, Dolemanity. A donation of just $22 will go toward funding more of these special events for those returning from deployment.“I was shocked to learn about the number of suicides that take place daily by our veterans, and how they struggle when they come home. After being included on the golf trip, I was able to see firsthand that recreational therapy works,” said Hall of Famer Chris Doleman.Warriors for Freedom representative Amber Moulder added, “These men and women are trained to go into battle and survive, but when they return home the world they once knew is a foreign country — and there’s no training to help navigate their new lives. Our organization provides veterans the opportunity to connect with like-minded heroes who understand their daily struggles.”last_img read more

The Hollywood Vampires Rise Again

first_imgThe Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry) will make their television debut in front of a worldwide audience when they perform on the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Feb 15 on CBS.The Hollywood Vampires Rise AgainA super-group comprised of rock royalty and Hollywood superstar, the Vampires will hit the stage offering fans a special surprise for what will be a highlight on Music’s Biggest Night.The Hollywood Vampires live again with the release of a new digital deluxe version of their self-titled album available to all digital partners on Feb 12. This expanded version includes three additional songs, including one original and two rocking covers.The deluxe version includes the scorching new single “Bad As I Am” an original song penned by Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, and Bruce Witkin and features Matt Sorum, Duff Mckagen, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. Also included is “I’m A Boy,” a Who original, that was only available as a Japanese bonus track.“7 and 7 Is” is an unreleased track from the album sessions and is the classic song by the legendary Los Angeles band Love, a Vampires special pick and one that Alice covered on his 1981 solo album, Special Forces.A little history on the Vampires: in 1969 on the Sunset Strip at a club called the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Hollywood Vampires were born in the upstairs bar. It was a gathering place for the rock stars living in or passing through L.A. “To join the club, one simply had to out drink all of the members,” says Alice Cooper, a founding member of the original Vampires.Alice and good friend Johnny Depp got together and decided the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires should live again (minus the drinking). Alice and Johnny were joined by Joe Perry, who is an old friend of both of them, and the recording began: a tribute to the original Hollywood Vampires. An environment was born for great artists to hang, laugh and play together.Joining the Hollywood Vampires for their GRAMMY performance is Matt Sorum on drums, Duff McKagan on bass, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, and Bruce Witkin on piano and guitar.During the recording of the album, Alice, Johnny and Joe and producer Bob Ezrin were joined by an amazing group of modern day Vampires, including Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Slash, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Brian Johnson and Kip Winger, to record tracks by their dead friends and heroes.The album package, an antique book, was created by noted men’s fashion designer (and rock fan) John Varvatos in his signature vintage style.All artist proceeds will be donated to MusiCares, an organization that provides a safety net of critical assistance (financial, medical and personal emergencies) for music people in times of need.last_img read more

NBA Athletes Support Truth Racial Healing And Transformation Nationally

first_imgThrough their work to improve communities across the country, four NBA players and their family foundations are coming together as committed participants in the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) national effort.The Chris Paul Family Foundation, The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, Wade’s World Foundation, and LeBron James Family Foundation will continue to use their voices, influence and work to bridge divides in communities and ultimately create better opportunities for children and families. Their efforts are supported by a $1 million grant from the Kellogg Foundation.TRHT is a comprehensive, national and community-based process focused on transformational and sustainable change that addresses the historic and contemporary effects of racism. Its primary focus is jettisoning the deeply held, and often unconscious, beliefs that undergird racism – the main one being the belief in a hierarchy of human value. This belief, which has fueled racism and conscious and unconscious bias throughout American culture, is the perception of a person’s or group’s inferiority or superiority based on physical characteristics, race, ethnicity or place of origin.The WKKF grant supports the players’ continued efforts to implement and expand the work they do in communities across the country by implementing the TRHT framework within their programs for children and youth, thus making a difference in the lives of children for years to come.“These athletes’ voices and community-based work speaks truth to the inequities facing children and families. Their efforts and involvement can contribute to healing and transformation in communities,” said La June Montgomery Tabron, president and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. “We are eager to see the positive change that emerges from our shared commitment to the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation effort.”The Chris Paul Family Foundation convened this group initially based on their mutual passions and because of the alignment of their work to the TRHT goals and framework. In the past, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have used their voices to promote positive social change. They teamed up to deliver a powerful speech during the 2016 ESPY Awards, in which they called for fellow athletes to use their platform to help heal a country divided by racism, injustice and gun violence. Within that speech, LeBron James said, “We all feel helpless and frustrated by the violence. We do. But that’s not acceptable. It’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what are we doing to create change.”The Chris Paul Family Foundation will use WKKF’s grant investment to continue its work to expose youth to technology advancements in underserved communities while focusing their efforts within the key TRHT priority areas of employment, education, workforce development and safety.“I feel compelled to help bridge the gap that has been the center of division. We must incite positive change in our communities by embracing each other and creating opportunities for children and I look forward to the conversation happening on the National Day of Racial Healing on Jan. 16 when these issues are on the forefront of a national conversation,” said Chris Paul.For Dwyane Wade, this work truly hits home. “My family and I have been personally affected by gun violence. I am committed to continuing my efforts in the Chicago community by providing kids with exposure, access and hope for a better future with supporting programs.”Wade feels that it is time to change that narrative – not through fear – but by shining a positive light on youth in Chicago, empowering them to achieve their dreams. His foundation’s signature program, Spotlight On, provides kids with hope for a better future and gives young thriving leaders the resources to engage in meaningful and impactful work in their communities while supporting the TRHT framework on narrative change.“Last year, I brought attention to the injustice, distrust and anger of people of color that plague this country day in and day out. Facing a broken system, systematic violence and racial inequalities, there is an urgency to create change,” said Carmelo Anthony. “My participation in TRHT and support of community outreach programs for underserved children and families is one of the ways I will work to empower our communities to be hopeful in the future we are creating together. The Kellogg Foundation grant provides additional resources needed to increase our capacity and expand our pivotal work in education within all five boroughs in New York City.”The LeBron James Family Foundation’s (LJFF) efforts to assist and support at-risk students in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio, have continued to evolve and expand since his “I Promise” program began to tackle the high school dropout crisis in 2011. The program has now grown to provide resources, mentorship, interventions and guaranteed college scholarships for more than 1,200 inner-city students who need it most, all with a mission to keep kids in school and on the right path to achieve their dreams through education.The TRHT grant will assist LJFF in creating a brand new public school in Akron that will provide complete wraparound supports for its students and their families. The school will help hundreds of children mitigate the challenges they are faced with in the classroom and at home and create a safe, supportive learning environment conducive to life-long learning and future success.“Real change starts at home in our communities. If we all do our part to strengthen and build up our communities, we can really start to make a difference,” said LeBron James. “Through my foundation, we’ve been able to get to kids at an early age and get them the support they need before they go down the wrong path. I’m humbled to be in a position to help provide a life-changing education not only for these students but for their families as well. This grant will help us continue to make a difference and ultimately create a better future for our community and beyond.”Learn more about TRHT here.last_img read more

Jason George Launches Emmys Sweepstakes on Prizeo to Benefit Television Academy Foundation

first_imgActor Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19) kicked off a Prizeo online sweepstakes today in which one lucky TV fan and their guest will win a VIP trip to Los Angeles to attend the 70th Emmy Awards.For the second consecutive year, Prizeo, the online sweepstakes-for-good platform, is partnering with the Television Academy Foundation to offer this opportunity-of-a-lifetime to raise funds for the Foundation’s renowned educational programs.With just a $10 donation to the Television Academy Foundation via, made between June 26 – September 1, 2018, fans will automatically be entered to win this ultimate 70th Emmy Awards experience at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Monday, September 17, 2018, which includes:● 2 VIP Tickets to the 2018 Emmy Awards telecast, hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost and Michael Che ● Emmy Awards red-carpet access ● 2 VIP Tickets to the Governors Ball, the Official Emmy Awards After-Party ● Backstage tour and rehearsal access ● Roundtrip airfare and accommodations for two guestsIn addition, George is offering the sweepstakes winner and their guest a chance to start their VIP Emmy Experience at his side on the Red Carpet before the telecast begins. After viewing the show from some of the best seats in the house, the winner and their guest will attend the star-studded Governors Ball after-party.“The Television Academy Foundation is doing vital work to create a more inclusive industry through their fantastic education programs,” said Jason George. “That greater diversity on both sides of the camera will change the way the next generation sees the world and themselves. I’m proud to partner with the Foundation to get the public engaged with their efforts, and take one lucky winner and a guest to the Emmys!”“Prizeo is especially honored to offer this truly one-of-a-kind experience to TV fans around the world,” said Lauren Werner, General Manager, Prizeo. “Our goal is to make a significant financial impact for the Television Academy Foundation so it can continue its important work while also providing an amazing experience for the winner of the campaign, who can give small and win big.”“Our sincerest appreciation to Jason George and Prizeo for their support,” said Jodi Delaney, executive director of the Television Academy Foundation. “Together, we are dedicated to preserving the illustrious oral history of television while inspiring and educating those who are shaping its future.”The 70th Emmy Awards will air live coast-to-coast from the Microsoft Theater at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles on Monday, September 17 from 8:00 -11:00 p.m. ET (5:00 -8:00 p.m. PT) on NBC.last_img read more

Bachelorette Canada host sees real emotion behind the scenes

first_img Login/Register With: Twitter Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement “It was an amazing experience. You’re kind of getting this free pass to peer behind the curtain. . . . The first time I got to walk into a rose ceremony and say, ‘Gentlemen, this is the final rose of the evening,’ it was like I could feel myself in the television screen,” he says, joking that he started practising the line even before he got the job.And what’s behind the curtain, he says, is a lot of genuine emotion. Advertisement Noah Cappe isn’t just the host of The Bachelorette Canada; he’s also a fan.Cappe, 38, a Toronto actor and TV personality known for series like Carnival Eats and The Good Witch, has been watching The Bachelorette and Bachelor in the U.S. almost since the beginning.“So when the opportunity arose for me to potentially be a part of the franchise and be a part of the Canadian version it was a weird kind of blurring of reality and work,” he says.last_img read more

Content a la canadien

first_img Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment There are a number of content creators based in Toronto, Canada that are doing their thing nationally and on the global scene. A few names I’ve run across lately are the gentlemen over at Conquering Lion Pictures, Clemente Virgo and Damon D’Oliveira, who released their hit 6-part mini-series, The Book of Negros on CBC and Netflix. Or Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier, co-executive chairs of Boat Rocker Media, the parent company responsible for, Orphan Black. Both are binge-worthy series’ doing their part to eliminate Canadian cinema stigmas.Carrying the torch forward are the newest additions to CBC’s television line up: Shoot the Messenger by Jennifer Holness & Suds Sutherland and Kim’s Convenience, a show written by Ins Choi and picked up by the broadcaster after premiering as a Fringe stage production in 2011.Keeping in mind Polonius’ famous line in Hamlet, “brevity is the soul of wit”, I won’t talk about STM or Kim’s being on the air. If you are anywhere near a TTC stop, station, bus, or train, you already know they are. And I won’t discuss if they are good. First, because to each their own, and secondly, because years ago a major network thought the stories strong enough to develop and see the process through. That fact brings me to the point I will articulate: it got done. Creators of Canadian programs, all of the ones I’ve listed here and more, but especially the ones behind Shoot the Messenger and Kim’s Convenience, were given budgets, support, and resources to put together quality entertainment. And I for one, am damn proud that greenlighting projects made by, for, and featuring Canadians of colour is picking up steam in executive’s offices. It’s about damn time. Yes, sure, we’ve seen it done from time to time – thank you Global and CTV – but now, now maybe because it’s 2016 as our Prime Minister so flippantly pointed out it’s a thing. It’s expected. It’s not a sideline feature or special occasion anymore – we are in the game. Advertisement Advertisementcenter_img Advertisement Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

7 major movies and TV series filming in Toronto right now

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Advertisement Starring: Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, R.H. ThomsonThis one’s cool because it reboots a classic Canadian novel and allows you to appreciate Anne Shirley’s story in a way you might not have in elementary school. Breaking Bad writer Moira Walley-Beckett is in charge of the script and production of the CBC/Netflix series. It will be interesting to see how they’ll portray late 1800s P.E.I. in Toronto. The term ‘Hollywood North’ is an admittedly tired cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true.Every year, some of the world’s biggest talents in entertainment arrive northside to shoot the next big Hollywood hit. And when September rolls around, they show off their work on the world stage at the Toronto International Film Festival.While the next edition of TIFF is almost a year away, that hasn’t keep Hollywood biggest celebrities from The 6ix. Here are 7 productions – and their star-studded casts – filming in Toronto this fall.1. Anne 3. KinStarring: James Franco, Dennis Quaid, Zoë Kravitz, Jack ReynorIt’s a Franco film, so it’s probably worth checking out for one reason or another. What we do know about the sci-fi thriller is that Kin tells the story of a recently released ex-con (Reynor) and his adopted younger brother who are forced to go on the run from a vengeful criminal (Franco). There’s a very important ancient weapon at play as well. Fascinating enough. 2. Molly’s GameStarring: Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Michael Cera, Kevin CostnerHere’s a can’t-miss cast. On top of that, it’s the directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin, writer of such classics as A Few Food Men, The Social Network, and The West Wing. Molly’s Game illustrates the story of 26-year-old cocktail waitress Molly Bloom, who ran a private weekly poker game for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Don’t be surprised to see it on Oscar lists. Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

E Keeps it Real this Spring with Three New DocuSeries FIRE ISLAND

first_img Facebook From the high seas, to tropical islands, to mansions in the Hamptons, the drama is everywhere this spring as E! adds three new reality series and one returning fan-favourite to its lineup.Things get steamy when six young men move in together in New York’s LGBTQ beloved summer getaway in the hot new docu-series FIRE ISLAND, airing Sundays at 10 p.m. ET, beginning April 30. Next, viewers get a look at the champagne highs and gold-gilded lows of being a second, third, or even fifth wife of a millionaire husband in the debut of SECOND WIVES CLUB, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET beginning May 4. Then, E!-favourite BELOW DECK: MEDITERRANEAN docks for a second season on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET beginning May 7. Finally, E! brings viewers  inside the “Best Gay Bar in the World” to find out exactly WHAT HAPPENS AT THE ABBEY on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET beginning May 23.See below for descriptions and preview links for new and returning series. All dates are subject to change. Visit to confirm local broadcast times. @EOnlineCanada @SecondWivesClub @BelowDeck @TheAbbeyOnE Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment FIRE ISLAND – Sunday, April 30 at 10 p.m. ET – Series PremiereThis unscripted series follows six young professionals living together in a beachfront home for the summer as they search for the romance, temptation, and thrills that have brought the LGBTQ community to New York’s Fire Island for decades. Advertisement Login/Register With: BELOW DECK: MEDITERRANEAN– Sunday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET – Season 2 PremiereFan-favourite BELOW DECK: MEDITERRANEAN returns for Season 2 as celebrity chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members embark on the 150’ luxury yacht, Ionian Princess, around the Greek Isles. With demanding guests, cultural differences, and a predominately single group, it’s guaranteed to be a rocky ride, even for the most experienced crew member. WHAT HAPPENS AT THE ABBEY– Tuesday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET – Series PremiereGo behind the bar and inside the lives of employees at the world-famous hotspot The Abbey in West Hollywood, CA, where labels are abandoned and everyone comes to mix and mingle with celebrities. Managed by owner David Cooley, the staff juggles delivering first-rate service to the VIP patrons, relationship drama, and the pursuit of their own Hollywood dreams. Advertisement About E!E! is television’s top global destination for all things pop culture. The network is currently available to 6.5 million cable and satellite subscribers across Canada. E! content is available anytime and anywhere, including, @EOnlineCanada, Facebook and other emerging platforms. The pulse of pop culture, E! features a variety of programming including hit reality series, fascinating profiles of the world’s biggest stars, up-to-the-minute entertainment news, witty talk series, and the best live red carpet coverage from Canada and around the world. E! is a division of Bell Media, which is part of BCE Inc. (TSX, NYSE: BCE), Canada’s largest communications company. Social Media links Advertisement SECOND WIVES CLUB – Thursday, May 4 at 9 p.m. ET – Series PremiereSix women who are married or engaged to wealthy, powerful men are followed in this brand-new docu-series. Though they may live enviable and luxurious lives, they also have to deal with having stepchildren, managing their own careers, and being a second, third, fourth, or even fifth wife.last_img read more


first_img Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement NEW YORK, United States — In a new report published Saturday by The New York Times, fifteen current and former male models and 13 male assistants and models have accused top fashion photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber of a pattern of coercive sexual behavior. The investigation has been in the works since at least the week before Thanksgiving.Representatives for both photographers objected to the allegations, and Weber denied them in a statement. The law firm that represents Testino “challenged the characters and credibility” of people who made complaints and said former employees were shocked.Publishing giant Condé Nast told the Times it will stop working with both Testino and Weber “for the foreseeable future” and announced a new code of conduct to protect models from sexual harassment. Both photographers work frequently with its fashion titles, including Vogue, as well as some of the industry’s top brands, including Burberry and Michael Kors. Login/Register With:center_img Facebook Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more