A new Antarctic Peninsula glacier basin inventory and observed area changes since the 1940s

first_imgGlaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula have recently shown changes in extent, velocity andthickness, yet there is little quantification of change in the mass balance of individual glaciers orthe processes controlling changes in extent. Here a high-resolution digital elevation model and asemi-automated drainage basin delineation method have been used to define glacier systems between63°S–70°S on the mainland and surrounding islands, resulting in an inventory of 1590 glacier basins.Of these, 860 are marine-terminating glaciers whose ice fronts can be defined at specific epochs since the1940s. These ice front positions were digitized up to 2010 and the areas for all individual glacier basinswere calculated.Glaciological characteristics, such as geometry, slope and altitudes, were attributed to eachglacier, thus providing a new resource for glacier morphological analyses. Our results indicate that 90% ofthe 860 glaciers have reduced in area since the earliest recorded date. A north–south gradient of increasingice loss is clear, as is distinct behaviour on the east and west coasts. The area lost varies considerably betweenglacier types, with correlations apparent with glacier shape, slope and frontal-type. Temporal trendsindicate a uniform retreat since the 1970s, with a period of small re-advance in the late 1990s.last_img read more

Russia: Admiralteyskie Verfi Shipyard Completes Strength Hull Sections for SSK Novorossiysk

first_img Industry news Back to overview,Home naval-today Russia: Admiralteyskie Verfi Shipyard Completes Strength Hull Sections for SSK Novorossiysk February 17, 2012 View post tag: shipyard View post tag: Novorossiysk View post tag: Navy View post tag: completes View post tag: Sections View post tag: Hull JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard has completed manufacturing of strength hull sections for Project 636.3 submarine. The first serial submarine named Novorossiysk is built under Russian Navy’s order and will be commissioned into Black Sea Fleet in 2014.Construction of the submarine under modernized project goes on schedule. At present, the shipyard has started shaping of outer hull sections. Workshops of Admiralteyskie Verfi outfit stern section; its hydraulic pressure tests are scheduled in May 2012. Bow and middle sections are being outfitted as well and will be filled with interior equipment by the end of Feb 2012. Their hydraulic pressure tests will be conducted in July-Aug 2012. All sections will be jointed together in 2013.SSK Novorossiysk was laid down in Aug 2010 and is one of the most advanced modifications of third-generation Project 636 diesel electric submarines. Keel-laying of Novorossiysk opened implementation of defense ministry’s long-term Black Sea Fleet rehabilitation plan.Comparing to previous projects, the new sub is more effective. Optimal combination of silence and detection range, up-to-date inertial navigation aids and tactical data control system make submarines of this project the world’s best in their class. Admiralteyskie Verfi is a leading manufacturer of such subs actively exporting them since 1993.JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi is the key shipyard and the center of Russia’s non-nuclear submarine building. The company is affiliate of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation. At present, the shipyard is fully workloaded with domestic and foreign orders. Two 6-sub series are currently under construction – Project 636 for export and Project 636.3 for Russian Navy. Repair of fourth-generation Project 677 Lada non-nuclear submarine St. Petersburg is coming to end. Presently, the yard conducts mooring trials of research ship Akademik Treshnikov built for Russian Antarctic Expedition. Rescue ship Igor Belousov equipped with deep-sea submersible Bester-1 is under construction as well.[mappress] View post tag: Naval Russia: Admiralteyskie Verfi Shipyard Completes Strength Hull Sections for SSK Novorossiysk View post tag: Russia View post tag: Admiralteyskie View post tag: SSK View post tag: News by topic View post tag: strength View post tag: Verfi Share this articlelast_img read more

Exelis Seals SLS Supply Deal for US Navy’s P-8A Poseidon

first_img View post tag: seals Exelis Seals SLS Supply Deal for US Navy’s P-8A Poseidon Exelis has completed negotiations for two production contracts from Boeing Co. to supply sonobuoy launchers and carriage and release systems for the U.S. Navy’s P-8A Poseidon multimission maritime aircraft.Exelis will supply systems that will include rotary, single-shot sonobuoy pneumatic launchers and pneumatic carriage and release equipment. The Exelis-designed Sonobuoy Launching System (SLS) is planned to provide aircrews with a high-performance airborne launching capability.“Unlike conventional launch devices, the Exelis SLS employs compressed air, rather than electro-explosive charges, to deploy payloads,” said Pete Martin, director of defense systems for the Exelis electronic attack & release systems business.Introduced into service in 2012, the P-8A Poseidon is a modified Boeing 737 airliner designed to engage submarines and surface ships. Deliveries of the Exelis SLS will begin in October 2014 with work being completed at the Exelis facilities in Amityville, N.Y.[mappress]Press Release,October 2, 2013 October 2, 2013 View post tag: US View post tag: News by topic Share this article View post tag: Supply View post tag: Launchers View post tag: Exelis View post tag: Poseidoncenter_img View post tag: deal View post tag: Sonobuoy View post tag: Defence Equipment & technology View post tag: Naval Back to overview,Home naval-today Exelis Seals SLS Supply Deal for US Navy’s P-8A Poseidon View post tag: Defense View post tag: Navy View post tag: P-8Alast_img read more

Oxford’s lost Michelangelo?

first_imgCampion Hall, one of Oxford’s permanent private halls, may have unknowingly owned an original painting by Michelangelo since the 1930s. Antonio Forcellino, a respected art scholar, has used infrared techniques to examine preliminary sketches underneath the painting. He suggests that this shows the artwork Crucifixion With The Madonna, St John And Two Morning Angels to have been painted by Michelangelo, and not his contemporary Marcelo Venusti, as previously had been thought. The artwork is one of two pieces identified by Mr Forcellino in his book The Lost Michelangelos. The other, an unfinished painting of Mary and Jesus, was found in an American family home where it had been stored behind the sofa for safekeeping. The relatively small work, measuring around 20” x 13′, had simply been hanging on a wall. Since the new evidence, it has been safely stored in the Ashmolean. However the process of identifying an artist is rarely definitive. Dr Geraldine Johnson, lecturer of History of Art at the University of Oxford, hadn’t yet seen the evidence but said ‘even if it turns out to be compelling, it would still need to be assessed critically in light of other available evidence’. This would include ‘close visual analysis of the style, composition, and painting technique’ alongside ‘provenance research and other relevant and historical/iconographic information.’last_img read more

Consent top of OUSU’s agenda for freshers’ week

first_imgAnna Bradshaw, OUSU’s VP for Women, who headed the campaign, told Cherwell, “Working to combat sexual harassment and to promote a healthy culture of sexual consent are high priorities for me this year. This includes the work that OUSU is doing with the University to update their harassment policy, the OUSU sexual consent workshops that are happening in all college JCRs this Freshers’ Week, and supporting the It Happens Here campaign.“These issues are incredibly important, and I am personally very proud of the work that we are doing. I have been blown away by the enthusiastic response that we have had from so many JCRs and MCRs, and am very excited for a busy Freshers’ Week.” The introduction of the workshops has also attracted some debate. Although much comment was very positive, some expressed concerns that the workshops would make freshers feel under pressure to have sex. “We’re piloting the condoms because we think that it is good to have positive messages about sexual consent around all of us, and condoms are one way of getting that message across.” Second-year Hertfordian Josie Dyster com- mented, “Safe sex is a good thing. Consent is a good thing, so generally I would say it’s a good thing. […] However I feel there are much more effective ways of encouraging a consent culture without any great expense.” A second year at Magdalen also had concerns, “I think consent condoms could be great and I get the need to make them affordable, but a lot of people are taking issue with their quality.“The design’s on a flimsy sticker, which hardly looks enticing; I don’t know if they’ll catch on in their present incarnation.”Sexual consent workshops are also going to be a compulsory part of freshers’ week for 22 out of the 30 colleges this year. Wadham student Joe Miles emphasised his support for compulsory workshops, but added that “I certainly think it’s something to be kept in mind by those leading the workshop that we do live in a culture that prioritises sex and treats people who haven’t had sex for whatever reason as abnormal… I don’t want people to be in a position where they feel like they’re not doing university properly because they’re not having the ‘right’ amount of sex.”However, Wadhamite Annie Teriba emphasized that knowledge of consent goes beyond what is traditionally regarded as sexual activity, writing, “Consent workshops are vital regardless, given that consent isn’t just about penetrative or oral sex, or even just about sexual encounters – you need to seek consent if you run the risk of violating someone’s boundaries, even if you don’t have sexual ‘designs’ on them or can’t be attracted to them.” Hertford College Freshers’ Committee president Holly Redford Jones said, “Clearly a one hour workshop is not an immediate solution to any of the consent or social issues surrounding sex, but it does at least get students talking about sex. “These are the kinds of conversations we should be having with one another, and holding these workshops during Freshers’ Week starts us off on the right track from the start.”center_img OUSU has ordered 2,000 condoms with “Got Consent?” written on them, tying in with the sexual consent workshops being held in every college in Fresher’s Week this year. OUSU Welfare Officer Chris Pike described the scheme as “a pilot” and said that this was the reason the condoms, which are purchased by each college’s Freshers’ Committee, cost 36p each, compared to 6p for the cheapest range, Durex Elite. They have since sold out. Pike added, “The idea for ‘consent condoms’ came from a post on Oxford discussion group Cuntry Living and we felt that these would be a good addition to the work we are already doing. “We do not intend to imply that sexual consent is only necessary in situations involving or requiring condoms.” last_img read more

Watch Pro-Shot Footage Of Gov’t Mule With Marcus King, Nels Cline At Mountain Jam

first_imgJust over a week ago, jam fans ascended Hunter Mountain for the annual Mountain Jam Festival, put on with help from longtime organizer Warren Haynes. The gutiar slinger is integral to the festival, as he not only regularly sits in with other bands, but leads his own Gov’t Mule through some of their most prized sets of the year.Mule held things down on June 3rd, playing some great music and welcoming out some exciting special guests. Throughout the extended set, Mule brought out rising star Marcus King to join him on “What Is Hip?,” and also brought out Wilco guitarist Nels Cline for a rousing mash-up of “Rebel Music” and “Rebel Rebel.”Check out pro-shot footage of both guest collaborations below.Rebel Music/Rebel Rebel (w/ Nels Cline)What Is Hip? (w/ Marcus King Band)The festival has also shared some more highlights from the performance, including a cover of The Band’s “Stage Fright” and a two-song video of “Hunger Strike” into “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” Watch both videos below.Hunger Strike > Dear Mr. FantasyStage FrightCheck out the full setlist below.Edit this setlist | More Gov’t Mule setlistslast_img read more

Odds & Ends: Alan Cumming is (Still) Sexy & More

first_img View Comments Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Broadway Gets Sexy (Erm, Sexier)Still yearning for the studs of the Great White Way, even after Broadway Bares? Roberto Araujo, a photographer and performer originally from Mexico City, is showing off the sexy side of Broadway in Male Exposure—B Side, a new photo gallery at G Lounge in Chelsea. The models include Tony winner/recent host Alan Cumming as seen above in his Cabaret drag, Aladdin’s Yurel Echazarreta and Alec Vargas of the late 50 Shades! (who we’ve gotten to, uh, know, previously). Araujo’s work will be on display from June 30 through July 7.Scream Queens Sets Premiere DateBrace yourself for some fresh hell. The new Ryan Murphy comedy-horror series Scream Queens will premiere on Fox on September 22. As previously announced, the series will feature Broadway alums Lea Michele in full headgear, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and a shirtless Nick Jonas. It’ll be like Glee, but less singing and more blood-curdling shrieks.James Corden Honored with OBETony winner and Into the Woods star James Corden received an Order of the British Empire (OBE) on June 25 at Buckingham Palace. “It’s overwhelming,” the Late Late Show host said of the honor, reports the International Business Times, “the things that have happened in the past few years. I feel very underserving…but I feel very grateful.” Take a look at the overwhelmed but grateful show off his medal below.last_img read more

Ready to learn?

first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity of GeorgiaA television or computer may be easier to find than a babysitter. In the long run, they may even be cheaper. But they’re far from ideal ways to give your children a head start on their education.Too much screen time could hurt children come school time, says Don Bower, a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension human development specialist.Bower said the issue for many teachers is “at what cost is a child spending time at a screen instead of playing with friends and exploring outside, activities that are important for a successful school experience.”Schools focus on teaching children specific subjects. When kids show up at school lacking the basic skills necessary for learning, teachers have a much more challenging task.”The kids who show up ready to learn usually go on to be more successful students and, in turn, successful adults,” Bower said. “Schools do try to address students’ deficiencies. But it’s when children show up at pre-kindergarten and kindergarten without the building blocks for learning in place that puts them behind.”Bower sees a connection between intense screen time and decreased readiness to learn.”Kids involved in screen time aren’t involved in activities that are more interpersonal and physical,” he said.Television is the No. 1 activity for children ages 6 to 17, according to the Center for Media Education. By mid-adolescence, the average child has watched 15,000 hours of television. That’s more time than they’ve spent with teachers, friends or parents.”The number of screen time hours continues to increase,” Bower said. “The average U.S. child watches 25 or more hours a week. The American Academy of Pediatrics says there should be no screen time for kids under the age of 2 and only one to two hours per week as children get older. There’s a huge disconnect between what is healthy and what is actually happening in many homes.”Electronic media isn’t necessarily the bad guy, Bower said. “There are many electronic activities that complement and supplement educational learning. I hope parents become better consumers of electronic entertainment so their children can become better users.”His main concern is unmonitored screen time.“Parental monitoring of their children’s activities is a strong predictor of kids staying on track,” he said. “That monitoring includes discussion of the amount of time that kids are ‘plugged in’ and regular checking of their online activities.”When the screen goes off more often, students have a greater chance of developing building blocks for school success: the seven elements research has shown all successful students have in common. Bower gives tips on each to help students hit the ground running when they show up for school.Sense of curiosity: Children are naturally curious. But with more time in front of an electronic screen, there is less time to feed curiosity.Imagination: Electronic media doesn’t ask for much interaction. Instead of screen time, help your kids play games, make projects and read books.Ability to focus attention: Reading, art, science and building projects, as well as outings, are all activities that reward your child for paying attention.Ability to maintain attention: Too much fast-paced media trains children to expect constant sensory stimulation. Avoid extremely fast-paced programs, movies and games, especially when children are very young.Persistence: Television and computers often offer instant gratification. Too much media affects a child’s ability to stick with an activity when things get frustrating.Language: Talk to your children, read to them and expose them to the wonder of books from their earliest days. Early school success is related to the kind and amount of reading and talking at home.Inner speech: Most electronic media doesn’t engage critical thinking. Encourage your kids to think before they act. The ability to reflect and have a private conversation with ourselves helps us think things through and control our impulses.”When it comes to success in school, a healthy media diet is just as important as what your child eats,” Bower said. “Do your kids a favor and turn off, or limit, the electronic screens.”last_img read more

Revenue-boosting opportunities in the new year

first_imgThe environment credit unions operate in is constantly changing amid new regulations and compliance issues, evolving technologies and shifts in members’ needs. But while these changes present their own set of challenges, they also come with great opportunities. When leveraged correctly, today’s financial services environment offers many ways credit unions can stay ahead of the curve while stimulating their own growth. Here are a few options to consider as you seek new ways to help your members and grow your credit union’s  bottom line:Investing in technologyCredit unions are investing significant resources in new technologies, and it’s no wonder why – technological advancements are disrupting the way consumers use financial institutions. From online banking to remote deposit or contactless payment, credit unions need to embrace the tools and services that can make it easier for members to manage their finances. Credit unions that stay ahead of the technological curve – in both services and the protection of members’ sensitive data – will be the ones best positioned to grow and thrive in the marketplace of tomorrow.Member business lendingCredit union member business lending – commercial lending – can be critical to boosting local economies and strengthening credit unions’ bottom lines. Commercial lending can mean the difference between the success or failure of a member small business. When conducted in a safe, sound manner, it offers an avenue for diversifying the credit union loan portfolio and growing net interest income.Investing in a credit union service organization (CUSO)CUSOs can offer a cost-effective means to expand member services and strengthen the bottom line. As fintech expands and more market disruptors enter the financial space, CUSOs can help drive down costs per loan, increase access to new technology and expertise and give credit unions a stronger foothold in the consumer financial services market.Other growth opportunitiesMy own expertise in strategic growth planning includes significant experience guiding Webster First Federal Credit Union through a number of mergers over the past many years. Some institutions approach mergers as a way to strengthen and diversify the balance sheet, but it’s important for credit unions contemplating a merger to consider how the institutions involved will complement one another and ensure the best outcome for members.I’ll be speaking about the merger process during the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions’ Strategic Growth Conference March 5-7 in Nashville. I’m excited to be part of this conference – NAFCU has built the agenda to give attendees revenue-boosting solutions that are achievable now.We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world, so it’s important for credit unions to take advantage of these opportunities before they’re gone. I hope to see you at the Strategic Growth Conference in March – the strategies it will cover will help you as you forge a path to keep your credit union the best financial institution it can be. 57SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mike Lussier Mike Lussier is the president and CEO of Webster First Federal Credit Union (Webster, Mass.) and has worked in the credit union industry for 30 years. He is the author … Web: https://www.websterfirst.com/home/home Detailslast_img read more