Personal owners should keep a dog

as a personal webmaster of you, turn off the computer, lie on the bed, close your eyes, carefully think:

is your body getting weaker and weaker,


, are your friends getting less and less,


are your eyesight getting worse,


do your cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae sometimes feel pain?

your right hand wrist is not grind cocoon


is your expression getting cold,


, did your girlfriend have a lot of fights with you,


, or do you think a real girlfriend is not as important as QQ’s girlfriend?..

is smoking any worse than before,


, do you feel more and more lonely,


do you feel particularly empty if you suddenly cut off power or cut off the Internet a day?

as a webmaster, if you have one or more of these, then you should wake up.

the sky is blue, the water is clear, the grass is green, the flowers are fragrant, and you still have these feelings,


you may ask, to withdraw so much, what does this have to do with your dog? As a webmaster, in reality may not understand the traditional code of conduct to the relatives and friends are far away, people will not. If things go on like this.

raise a dog, the dog is a faithful friend of human, wake up in the morning, first take your dog for a walk in a circle, you will find that the sky is so blue, the air is so fresh, slip the ring back and start your work, and your dog to play, while working, the fun ah. In your spare time, you can train your dog to sit, lie, walk, shake hands and go on a circuit. You’ll find that life is so beautiful.

slowly, you’ll feel better and better because you have to run with your dog every day. The body is good, the natural lumbar vertebra also does not ache, the vision also restored. Because of your lovely dog, when you walk the dog, you make a lot of friends, and you’ll find that life is so good and fun. Maybe your dog will meet a beautiful woman who is your future.

why I say this, because I love the dog, the dog let me from a lonely emaciation with sallow complexion is weak, the station became the new stationmaster a robust and strong happy every day good mood, let me know my beautiful wife.

you, or you don’t like dogs, hate dogs, don’t worry. Go to the dog net and look at those cute dog videos. If you delete them, they won’t have dogs because they don’t see Cute dogs, because they don’t have dogs and keep on getting worse – -)

looked at those lovely dogs. I think you must like dogs and keep a dog

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