nventory of retail O2O that did not explode in 2014 may have been a pseudo concept

business is a kind of all-powerful after reconstruction of the next line of business, then why the concept of O2O, we have forgotten this? Both in quite a long period of time will continue to exist, but the electricity will continue to erode the convenience store shelves on the site, in the class of rich and constantly victim to shorten the delivery time.



titanium media claimed that the first year of O2O retail industry is coming to an end, but the inventory of nearly a year from Offline, Online to go down, go to the "game player" in titanium media, step two, step two, not everyone has to find their own pace.

Jingdong in March blew into the next line of the horn, announced that together with convenience stores, together to create "fifteen minutes of" + "one hour of service system, at the end, the original fuel has vanished in the heroic utterance in the tug of war, and that the Jingdong" a county shop "O2O floor plan.

following the 2011 test water convenience store model, in May of this year, the upgraded version of "Hey customer" and a strong "invasion" several hundred small, once let the outside world exclaimed Ma had an enemy. However, the target crowd positioning "swing" and "pseudo experience" model, so that hi store basically reduced to SF’s "Hi"". Hey off the mall recently on-line can save half-dead "Hi" remains to be seen.

and O2O are those small game player community this year have also touched the wall turn: he completely abandon the dead carry several years of "one hour delivery", bow to reality; once the momentum buzz district overall contraction show, retreated to the Shanghai market, "closed transition"; even a community in the circle of friends once 001 recently broke the repeated pattern is backward, bigger deficit, difficult to continue.

online game player "Avatar", to have the super convenience shop attack at the same time, the line fraction of the giants are not confined to worry, but expect the city to borrow O2O’s own heavy air let the body floating up". "Soul rebel" Su ningyun three quarter online transactions rose 52.26%, is a good sign; Wanda joint Baidu, Tencent, electricity supplier in terms of "willful" throwing money in one or two years with real money "was" a best o2o model; local Darunfa supermarket giant and the Hunan retail "warlord" BBK "flying cow" and "cloud monkey", announced this year, completed from business platform to the O2O platform "turned" back from the dead, the last few years has been half-dead retail business platform can catch O2O


throughout various people this year in the field of O2O retail Paibingbuzhen, although different, but different formations of war, they did not seem to go far in the starting line, resulting in a fraction of society’s movement is far less than the "double eleven" distance, change people’s life "long way to go, still".


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