How does the webmaster make you use the website to make more

most of us do web work, whether it’s full-time or amateur. Largely in order to make money, earn a little extra money (or a pack of cigarettes money…) but when we have a personal website after the profit how to maximize? Web site to make money, there is what kind of mode, one is selling their products and services, the two is: put ads do alliance. Regardless of the mode to eat, must have their own unique. Even if it is admitted to union garbage station, also have IP flow strong support to talk about money! Website to get everyone’s approval, you must have substantial content to attract others, can bring some benefits for everyone to enjoy or. In addition to real-time update website content, increase website traffic, then put into cash flow through a variety of ways, this is more to our attention. Said the following about advertising, after all most of us are still at this stage.

advertising alliance as the site’s main profit model, to a large extent, the choice of the alliance, about how much web site profit. Not all advertising alliances are suitable for all websites, and websites should choose the right advertising alliance. According to their website as well as the type of audience and other aspects to consider which Alliance for themselves, for example, beautiful picture station is of course what edge network, Adult supplies such as advertising, the rest of the same reason.

We start from the

layout perspective to consider this issue, because the same content sites, the same flow even is the same alliance, but different people earn money I dare to say that decision is not the same, for example the others ten million IP station, GG may one day earn 20 knife some day to earn $10, this is the question! The most important is the choice of advertising position. Typically, a website’s advertising positions basically have the following types: top banner, sidebar, block or bar, text, text, text, and text links.

1, the top of the banner, generally 468*60 or 728*90 banner advertising, such advertising is not suitable for placing click ads. The reason is simple, almost from the advertising alliance before the rise, this position is used as advertising placement, so the Internet users know that things here must be advertising. The click rate of this location is basically not high, so please do not use to click on advertising, such as Ali mom’s long on time billing, advertising should be more appropriate.

2, sidebar block, vertical advertising, and the top of the banner, the sidebar of the advertising although strong exposure, but the click rate is not very high (higher than the top banner). You can click on the billing ads here, but it’s better to have attractive ads like pictures and videos. The effect of text ads is usually not good. In addition to clicking on advertising, here’s the best thing to do with advertising, such as linkworth, text, link, ads, etc.. Of course, time ads are good too.

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