Chasing the search engine algorithm too tired to have a better method of Shanghai Dragon

give you an example about the needs of users in here, we will give you the most familiar Shanghai dragon as an example. I believe this word just up, many people will be very strange to the word. In search of what is Shanghai dragon? So this is what Shanghai dragon years occupy search love Shanghai below. So this time you must layout a website called Shanghai dragon is the content of what. This is because users are most concerned about the content. Have to say my here, that is I >

now too many people want to do Shanghai dragon can decipher the search engine algorithm used on their website to get good rankings, I saw a lot of people do Shanghai dragon staring at the search engine algorithm to do optimization. There is a search engine to quickly understand the wind sways grass which search engine algorithm to adjust. In fact, do like cat and mouse, very tired, and too unrealistic. According to Google’s official statement is: Google a year to adjust the algorithm is 500 times. That is almost a day will be one half of the adjustment, intelligent search engine development, the whole team how many people. How can we grasp the search engine algorithm accurately, we need to look through the phenomenon of nature, and grasp some essential things, try to grasp some things according to. In order to better grasp the search engine, let us win website in search engine.

is here, we may feel that we returned to the clouds of words like "user experience". In fact, this is the way it is, and to determine the user site optimization if you can accurate demand. I believe your web site keywords ranking can be in an invincible position in the search engine, rather than the pursuit of those search engine sites. By deciphering the search engine algorithm and access to the website, but they did not. Every moment they are worried about the search engine algorithm will lead to changes in the site keywords decline. If our site is the real needs of users based on the angle of view, then it will not be much affected by the search engine algorithm changes and let the keywords ranking fluctuations.

thing? Is actually very simple, we only need to understand why the search engine can exist? Look at the love Shanghai slogan will understand, what is the slogan of the Shanghai love love Shanghai? You know, the search engine is for the user to solve the problem of the. Of course, this is actually the one hand, there is on the one hand to help users find information. Google in this area is the fastest, allowing users on Google to find what he wants to leave the information search engine. In fact, from these two points basically is the search engine to do things, so we ask ourselves, our website is not to follow the characteristics of the two search engines to do? If you are in an industry information site. Provide the content on your site is not the most love is not content to users, users need most content, the content on your site is not able to solve the user’s doubts.

What is the nature of this

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