3B the latest fighting wars love sea of chaos 360 smile

launched 360 search, love Shanghai’s market share to maintain the stability of the above 75%. But since the launch of 360 search engines, love Shanghai’s market share continued to decline, has dropped to 66%, while the 360 search is the way up to 13%. The data from Analysys data report from Q1, the strange thing is the second quarter of this year and Ai Ruijun did not publish market share Analysys report, but to publish business revenue share, just at the end of the report: a brief mention of the 360 search this year officially began commercial operation. With the help of the 360 browser and 360>

this evening, as usual, to observe the changes of love in Shanghai, found in the search when I, when I search for network promotion this keyword, found a search engine in history is a bizarre thing. Sina Henan branch out in the network to promote the keywords of the home page (note the Henan Sina home page, not a page), ahead of him were 28 push and push 18 of the page (see below). We all know that sina Henan’s home page title, keywords, description of no network promotion this word, but why will appear in the network to promote the word love Shanghai home page? To think of many strange phenomena before I have found the place, Cai Cai think love Shanghai mess.

In fact,

launched 5 new algorithms with chaotic sea


360 and love Shanghai war between the seemingly calm, but some signs of the nearest point of view, this has not stopped running, and there is a growing trend. According to the observation of the current situation is to fall in love with the sea chaos, 360 smile.

fell in love with the sea is really 360 cornered, even launched 5 new algorithms within six months: green, beads, pomegranate, green 2 and origin. Search engine is a huge database of hard to imagine, just a little change, huge amount of calculation will bring hundreds of millions, there is no a little mistake. But to love Shanghai in the first half of this year but continuously launch new algorithm, there is basically can be said to be one hundred percent.

market share continues to rise, 360 smile.

, in Shanghai launched a series of new algorithm at the beginning, I was very worried about Baidu for so many years, can handle that big changes. Now love Shanghai launched the first Scindapsus algorithm has been half a year, let’s look at the love of Shanghai search results, and there is no obvious improvement, but slightly backwards. The love of Shanghai is now in a very awkward period, the old algorithm is completely broken, the new algorithm has not established effective, so there were a lot of previously unimaginable mistakes. These mistakes I have in yesterday in the A5 submission, "818 of those with the user experience with the keyword ranking" sea draw further apart. This will not give you meaning were introduced, just talk about my new found in today’s bizarre events:

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