Public hospitals now search level information on medical Shanghai Dragon

love "Shanghai cancer hospital" search results for


more than most "disease fighting search + hospital" such words, but in addition to these two words I found the bucket, page not found in other similar public hospitals. It seems that the search results appear in public hospital level and other related information is not a common phenomenon, or that the public hospitals did not participate in these keywords competition! So, if someone ask such questions, engaged in medical work to the optimization of Shanghai dragon fighting think it is necessary to analysis, so the search results show the impact on private medical industry the.

medical industry has been very profitable, whether public or private, it is an open secret, Shanghai Longfeng knows that public hospitals are not optimized, at least know there is no bucket! Shanghai and Phoenix are the most medical services for private hospitals, public hospitals are very clear, so strong, is because of the spread in the ordinary people in the high, good reputation. They don’t need to import from the search engine users! Take over bucket where the Wuhan Wuhan Union Hospital, every day is bustling, Xiehe Hospital around is the most prosperous of the lot, patient registration should be a long row of the team, this is a private hospital and not. However, public hospitals also have their own shortcomings, emergency beds, registration is difficult as everyone knows, but the public hospital fees complicated, if not most serious illness, people in general will not choose to go to a public hospital, private hospital is convenient for selecting patients. This is one reason why private hospital hot

private hospitals to achieve high visibility, more advertising is one, there is to Shanghai dragon, patients don’t want to go to public hospital, in the hospital do not know what the situation on the Internet can only rely on the search engine of the tool to find their own information, so the private Shanghai dragon the hospital’s role is prominent. This is why public hospitals do not Shanghai Longfeng, private hospitals to do root cause of Shanghai dragon

said so much nonsense, we all love Shanghai, as early as October on medical information industry adjust, increase the record information, is regarded as a small private hospital website.


search results

today to search Search ask channel, see such a problem:


love of Shanghai children’s Hospital

! !

I haven’t found the bucket before this, surprise search keywords under more than fighting in the medical industry, and not like the questioner, keywords at least we haven’t seen the main optimization level of public hospitals show similar information, and try to search the bucket over other key results as follows:

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