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you see here, will wonder, why I love Shanghai included in the increase, my chain increased, but my ranking is on the decline? In fact, I also was very puzzled, when my site has reached third of the results, I want to get a better ranking the chain, try to send more, update the content. Is that content is king, the chain for the emperor’s principle to do. But I was wrong, I tried to open my chain, I found that although my chain, but many of them are garbage outside the chain, the chain of ranking useless garbage. What is the garbage chain, you look up the Internet, I will not say. The author is of the opinion that: when the garbage chain and the site of all the chain to a certain proportion, your site is more dangerous, may be right down. This is the so-called extensive but shallow knowledge, impure. We all know the effect is obvious.


naturally occurring natural chain is the most effective so, if your website will provide users with the value they want is the hard truth. I feel like there is value to the author of this lesson, feel worthy of recommendation, I will give this page as a chain, and the chain and maintain a strong correlation, this is a high quality of the chain, and the chain is naturally produced.

this is the chain now ranked first in the website. This chain is how to affect the keywords ranking? And how are we going to hold fast fast stable keywords ranking in the control of the chain row. The first is that the chain in the end is how to influence keywords ranking. The second is the chain in the end is how to control it to our keyword rankings, and stable. Keywords we can actually want to do through you, look at the ranking on the first website, his chain is what his chain is in what place do you then, comparison and analysis, I believe we have their own understanding and methods of the.


The chain,

chain complex and extensive but shallow knowledge, impure not only waste our time and energy, but also let us lose the analysis and Reflection on the Shanghai dragon thinking. Water does not rot, we often time when a door-hinge is never worm-eaten, just the time to think little of the hair of the chain, our brains of Shanghai dragon more and more strange, then we are hundred-percent outside chain workers. The chain of fine but not thin, extensive but shallow knowledge, I what? I in CNC cutting machine to make a comparison of the word. (I have the domain name


just take this list, because the job is busy, is to have some correlation between major BBS and classified information platform to send the chain, then every two or three days to write soft text in A5, outside the chain of high quality and stable chain write soft Wen brought needless to say, we can see through the picture.

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