The chain site has a vast number of why ranking still suck

so here I told you Shanghai dragon Er, you can also do a chain, but do not do too much to the chain, or is likely to cause the website ranking has declined, finally turned into a sieve.


light chain number is not enough, a high quality of the chain is in need of more relevant chain and website. For example, we do website construction, but the chain released to some entertainment forums, such as the low quality of the chain even sent ten thousand and did not have any positive effect on ranking. The above-mentioned website is a typical example, the author of domain, and found that the chain 90% are unrelated website:

two: not too much the chain, the chain leads to the lack of correlation

The first step is to select the

wrong chain platform, cause the chain no active

chain chain platform, it is very important to choose the chain platform, some Shanghai dragon Er believes that the chain platform as long as it is good, the weight is high enough to ok. It will wantonly in these chain on the platform of the chain. But I think, if the chain platform is not active, so the chain we release is a pool of stagnant water, even collected tens of thousands of is a little. A simple example, some Shanghai dragon Er love forum to do outside the chain, they think some forum included, and whether the forum is active, put the chain to the forum, finally caused the chain activity is too low, even included will soon be in love in Shanghai. Therefore, here I suggest you choose the chain platform to pay attention: first, the weight is high; second, included large number; third, the per capita PV value reached steady degree.




now love Shanghai algorithm has repeatedly stressed that the chain of the role of the website ranking has not so much in the past, but the Shanghai dragon Er all understand that the chain is not completely lost, so they are still a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will go to the chain. However, when we look at the many crossed the chain number gradually up, but found that the vast amount of the chain does not really improve our website ranking, as the website:

three: the chain is too single, resulting in the lack of diversity chain

now love Shanghai more and more emphasis on each algorithm ER in Shanghai Longfeng chain construction should pay attention to diversity, International >


is really such as speculation, the chain does not work? I think it is not so much the number of the chain and is one of the reasons there is no rankings, following by the author to explain and discuss and we believe.

One reason:

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