ASP dynamic language website of Shanghai Longfeng station should pay attention to the problem of sea

search results page page is often repeated or a high degree of similarity is very high, do not understand the meaning of my friend, for example:

mentioned above is just a concept of love, really understand, from the analysis of the principle of search engine, we know clearly that the Internet daily updates is huge, but the love of Shanghai is one, he sent out the spider to crawl the page and page analysis, takes time. Because of these screening page to the database, the time spent is several times of other pages, such as "spider" patient after analysis, and found the station search page has a very high similarity, so it is easy to imagine that the sea will not fall in love with your site to produce a lot of this page and think your site size is relatively large, and have a negative impact, because you waste it in time, and the key is how these pages bring rich content not to your site.

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so that there is no way to deal with this? Because now most websites have the search function, nature also has such drawbacks.

for example taobao贵族宝贝 has 1000 computer products, and then search the notebook, or search for 14 inch notebook, the results were similar, here is only two words in the search, with the product data change, can search keywords similar results will be more and more, so the keyword search results page similarity they even have high repeatability, nature, love is not love these pages in Shanghai.

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, PHP, WEB dynamic language ASP,.NET, JSP etc., are highlighted in the title ASP, is currently on the market because most of the enterprise site or the use of ASP to do, because the language learning threshold is low, and ACCESS is the perfect fit, so most programmers preferred enterprise site language. We discuss the ASP security or technical aspects of things in this article, I only share a new idea to study in this article, is the search function of ASP website of Shanghai Longfeng influence.

because Shanghai Longfeng has certain priority to included static language (although not absolute, but because of the same configuration, static page access speed in dynamic pages, so from the perspective of user experience, love of Shanghai is to optimize the collection and ranking), now most of the concept of work in the company’s Network Programmer begin to contact the Shanghai dragon network marketing, so some programmers will generate static in site planning, but there is a contradiction, is the search, especially for some products or more news and information site, this function is crucial, because the data transmission problem, unable to achieve the total static absolute, or pseudo static, either using the XML as a small database for screening, but in essence, or dynamic.

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