How to operate the equipment manufacturing industry website

, a web site to determine the target, make a reasonable position for the site.

four, add Links module, a good relationship with the owners of the machinery and equipment company.

equipment manufacturing main target customer group website, including the equipment manufacturing industry manufacturers, trade manufacturers, agents and other e-commerce enterprises need to understand the students and scholars of national equipment manufacturing industry development. From the manufacturer’s point of view, need to understand and learn more of the equipment manufacturing technology, the national development plan, industry exhibition information, so the industry website should be reasonable and extensive collection of such information; as a manufacturer and trading company, the site should be as far as possible to provide a good platform for display, improve the visibility and online trading opportunities. So the location site features must be at the same time, a good balance between the two aspects. For example, the equipment manufacturing network, provides free advertising, brand enterprise promotion function, with industry owners can take a look.

with the development of China’s industrialization process accelerating and the constant pursuit of China’s high-end manufacturing technology, manufacturing industry is getting more and more attention. In this environment, the equipment manufacturing industry prospects will naturally relatively clear, so this kind of site competition is fierce. The author on the equipment manufacturing site operation and promotion of a share:

Market Research to master effective potential customers demand information, in the provision of products or services at the same time do. As a research object of industry website, the Internet can be placed directly on the target customer base, take the way you can choose online questionnaires (i.e. adding an online voting function on the website). In the design, to grasp the theme, to the point, targeted, content should be used to existing products or services, customer satisfaction, and the potential demand of customers, customers of competitors evaluation can be used as the focus of the investigation.

three, market research, continuous improvement.

two, publicity to the online and offline combination: get more customers.

Links is a great opportunity for you webmaster extended contacts. Everyone in the friendship connection at the same time, may wish to do more communication with other webmasters, learn from each other. Look.

propaganda in various ways, webmaster friends can choose the one and a serious effort to implement online: we can through professional mechanical equipment forum, blog and other publicity. The best way is through the release of all kinds of soft Wen to the major portals, of course it may require a fee support, you can also choose soft exchange cooperation with each stationmaster, such propaganda effect is very obvious; the line we can joint exhibition company to participate in large-scale exhibition activities, the establishment of promotion Hall, increase website in the eyes of the customer’s credibility. At the same time also can promote the communication between the owners and vendors.

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