The ideal and the reality of new Qingdao website optimization status

A check the website

In fact, The

A page design

website built, only a pair of empty shelves, this time not to worry, set up the meta label, to ensure that the home location has several keywords, find a few articles and pictures put up, the best is original.

search engine to see whether your site atmosphere is beautiful, but she can from the page design language of your judgment on your page with her habits. Further said that the user’s browsing habits, for example the function button position etc..



very beautiful ideal, the reality is very cruel, this sentence in the Qingdao market in the website optimization image but a lot of friends together to talk to this topic, appears the helpless resentment. In Qingdao, the entire Internet industry downturn, website optimization how alone? Next to you to share cutting-edge website optimization under the ideal and the reality of the.

1 website planning stage:

is the site of local storage space, so the space access speed and stability of space providers must be ensured, otherwise the visitor’s user experience will be greatly reduced, the search engine will not favor.

URL code you can not remember, the search engine will be more difficult. So when writing URL, as simple as possible, clear hierarchy. And the best way to use the static URL.

3 early

site architecture of the search engine spiders play a very important role in guiding, the three layer structure of popular, deep level will not only affect the visitor’s browsing mentality, but also makes the search engine think your site "inscrutableness"

website optimization The

B buy

Although the

A domain name

C architecture design

B improve the content of

ideal in website optimization steps and points for attention:

2 site construction phase:

programming language is very critical to the search engine, is a choice of language, DIV+CSS is now the search engine is the love. The two is the integrity of the code and standard, make sure the only useful code in web pages, and to ensure that the code is not wrong.

website optimization from the domain name selection began, when choosing a domain name, as registered with the company name or main business domain name or domain name meaning try to contain the keywords. This domain name for the keyword optimization will play a very good role in promoting.

website is completed, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection of the site, check out the bug repair one by one.

A list of the

B code


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