Ni Ni Jing Bairan exposure before cohabitation lovers have headlines

there is a William Feng in the sun drying for high speed motorcycle stalls thing hot smell, here is Jing Bairan Ni Ni exposure before and after cohabitation, former lovers’ headlines, the play continued, let netizens a little ignorant!

today (6 days), micro-blog users "leader" broke the Ni Ni and Jing Bairan are in love, two people have sweet cohabitation. The netizen said, Ni Ni and Jing Bairan love cohabitation? I was rejected, a bit of a mess, Ni Ni and William Feng broke up after the man love Lin Yun, emotional woman home now was photographed and little meat Jing Bairan together, two people worked together on "wind", but this does not get the bid leader according to science! Can only say that the entertainment is really fuck the chaos! Do you believe it?" According to the picture broke the contents of the two cohabitation photos will be exposed on Monday.

It is reported that



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