A good idea to become a good project entrepreneurial salad Hanyang Entrepreneurs Service

many first-time entrepreneurs who are not clear, good ideas are not representative is a good project, to find a good team, and its contribution to human capital, known as a superior project.

52 hours to start entrepreneurial dream

(Startup  Salad) entrepreneurial salad is a non-profit global entrepreneurial community, active in the world, there are ideas, enthusiastic and willing to share in the local young people, initiated and organized 52 hours of entrepreneurial activities salad. Usually held on Friday night to Sunday for a closed salon. 100 entrepreneurs gathered together, each entrepreneur will be their own ideas and ideas, expressed in a minute, the audience voted for the final selection of the 10 as an entrepreneurial project. Then the 10 entrepreneurial projects completed Leader team recruitment, in-depth discussion and after 2 days and 2 nights, finally honed into the shaping of the project, finally tutor and venture capital intervention, freedom of choice. Within 52 hours, creative ideas into entrepreneurial projects to achieve entrepreneurial dream. Now in more than and 30 cities around the world, the birth of the valuation of hundreds of millions of projects, but also to help tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.

"good ideas and many items, but a friend is hard to find." Zhang Dongsheng said the person in charge of entrepreneurship salad WuHan Railway Station. Compared with the previous entrepreneurial activities, it is the most prominent feature is that the eyes from the entrepreneurial project transferred to the entrepreneurial team, will be dull conference selection entrepreneurial activities into a hey lying body".

"to Hanyang, is a bosom friend! Hanyang has a profound cultural salon, and venture entrepreneurs looking for entrepreneurial salon salad is the platform!" Entrepreneurial salad, said Zhang Dongsheng, head of the WuHan Railway Station, they are optimistic about the prospects of Hanyang and provide a good environment, so choose to settle here, is willing to help young people start entrepreneurial dream.

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