How to promote green development in Sichuan

sustainable development has long been put on the agenda, and with the increase of environmental pollution, green development has been in practice. Sichuan actively follow the trend of the development of the times, vigorously carry out green development, in order to promote the long-term development of the local, promote the long-term progress of the local economy.

to promote green development, the construction of the beautiful Sichuan, is to implement the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, carry out the new idea of development of major initiatives is to meet the requirements of economic development, accelerate the transformation and development of the new normal times, is to meet the people of the province to play a good ecological environment, the new look forward to a comprehensive well-off society the responsibility is a strategic mission, build a strong ecological barrier of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River to safeguard the national ecological security.

how to promote green development? Eight plenary session of the Ten Session of the provincial Party committee puts forward to promote the realization of "six changes", delegates that the "six change" reflects the realities of Sichuan provincial Party committee, according to local conditions to further promote the dialectical thinking of green development practice.


promote green development concept and practice of

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to promote the development of concept of ecological priority, and effectively build a strong ecological barrier of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River

to promote the transformation of governance to governance according to law, and constantly improve and improve the institutional mechanisms for the construction of ecological civilization, to promote green development, we must first change the concept, from excessive emphasis on the traditional concept of GDP hop." Many delegates have put forward a similar point of view. "Knowing" is the premise of "doing". The plenary session, to promote the development of the concept of ecological priority to change, and effectively build a strong ecological barrier of the upper reaches of the Yangtze river. To carry out a large-scale green Sichuan action, focused on playing the atmosphere, water, soil pollution control battle.

beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan, protect the environment is to protect productivity, improve the environment is to develop productive forces. Ganzi governor Wi Si Dava has deep experience: last year the local start global ecological restoration and protection, comprehensive restrictions on mineral resources, hydropower development, economic development, and therefore did not slow down. Last year, Daocheng did not dig a gold, no new power plant, but the ecological good, more tourists, the county’s local public revenue first break billion yuan, 10 times in 2010."

Sichuan is an important ecological barrier and water conservation in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the tree more than one, into the Yangtze River silt can be a little less." Oostein, director of the provincial forestry department to give data: Sichuan’s forests, wetlands two ecosystems can reduce soil erosion annually by 1 tons.

concept changed, "line" how fast and powerful? The plenary session, to promote governance to governance change in accordance with the law, and constantly improve the ecological civilization construction recommended

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