What is not selling goods Security products market fire

no matter what kind of business we do, in fact, the most afraid of is the pressure, not only need to place these goods, but also cause the backlog of funds. So, what things do not sell goods? A top priority but a lot of people attach great importance to the theft of electric vehicles today, popular, also let the electric anti-theft broad market, therefore, anti-theft products market fire, sell electric anti-theft products market is very good!

do anti-theft products business market? Data show that each of the three families have an electric car, 1 billion 300 million of the country’s population, more than 350 million households, with more than 100 million electric cars, especially in small and medium-sized city, almost every family has a car, but the vehicle theft rate has been high. Vehicle theft incidents occur frequently, to bring trouble to numerous owners, but also for investors to bring a wide range of security services.

do anti-theft products business? GPS electric anti-theft positioning system is developed by GPS positioning technology to develop a tracking anti-theft device, which contains a chip containing the owner’s name, identity card and mobile SIM card and other information. Anti theft positioning system by binding with the owner’s mobile phone, can be installed in any hidden position of electric vehicles, motorcycles, anti-theft, alarm, tracking, positioning and other functions.

do anti-theft products business can make money? With a population of about 400 thousand, about 100 thousand family units in the county level city, for example, of which 40% of households using electric cars or motorcycles, that is, there are 40 thousand electric vehicles. As long as the development of electric vehicle users in 20% of the market, you can sell the installation of 8000 anti-theft positioning tracking anti-theft device. Anti-theft tracker products wholesale prices mostly in the 144 to 200 yuan, the market price is generally 180 to 400 yuan. According to the calculation of 50 yuan per profit, sales profit can reach $400 thousand!

of course, even with the intention of running the business, but also need to master the business strategy, so as to be able to make money. How to operate the business of anti-theft products? Dealers can cooperate with 4S car sales point of sale, or open up the car rental operations group, such as vehicle monitoring and scheduling management units and other channels.

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