Open an optical shop to get rich quick way to know

is now in the social life, some shop business is actually quite popular, and glasses shop in life is also very common, want to succeed glasses shop business should pay attention to business philosophy, let you easily do the boss to open a violent glasses shop, the method is very important.

position on the glasses store, location is very important, unless you don’t want to make money quickly. Recommended in Colleges and universities around the bustling section.

special investment to open a more than and 50 square glasses shop, need to invest 1000 to pay 50 for optical glasses, contact lenses and medicine, 500 pair of sunglasses. 1000 of them pay, pay 400 to 5 yuan in the purchase price low, the price of 30 yuan, in the following, 300 to pay 16 yuan in the mid-range purchase price, sales price in 100 yuan the following, 200 pay for high-grade, the purchase price of 40 yuan in the following, the sale price in 160 yuan, 100 pay for the purchase price in the high-end 50 to 200 yuan, price in 160 ~ 360 yuan. 300 pay 100 pay grade, sun, price in 10 to 30 yuan, 120 for the mid-range, purchase price in 16 yuan, the sales price in 38 ~ 98. 80 pay 100 yuan in the purchase price for high-grade, the following price in 100 ~ 300 yuan. Now there are a lot of features, this is my most conservative valuation.

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now automatic optometry equipment, some equipment refractometer is better, to a little more than 1, automatic cutting machine is more than 10 thousand points, the 8 thousand is enough, advice or use, such as drilling machine, polishing machine, test piece box 2000 yuan on the line.

An optometrist must open shop

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