Under the help of the Civil Affairs Department of the eastern city of 20 households living in new ho

 : "now the house is ready, my brother is working, and I’m married.". In the future we must redouble our efforts to get rid of poverty as soon as possible." In December 18th, a Xining City East District of Yun Jia Kou Zhen Zhu Jia Zhuang Cun Zhu Chunyi, at the home of a bright and spacious house, full of confidence for the future.

Zhu Chunyi’s father died years ago, grandma to pull him and his brother bear bitter hardships. The house has long been dilapidated, the house of the wood structure was worm empty, wall cracks up to four or five cm. Looking to the collapse of the house, three heavy-hearted. A few years ago, even eat a problem, flip the house did not even want to think. However, the east district government for the practical projects to the Zhu Chunyi hope. This year, East District Civil Affairs Bureau to actively seek government funded by the provincial reconstruction project, solve part of the building cost for them. In April this year, the two houses started, the villagers out of work, the town, the district is also helping each other. Now, Zhu Chunyi house built 5 bungalows, the house of white tiles and floor tiles spotless, closed glass in the sun shine.

, deputy director of the East District Civil Affairs Bureau Guo Youquan said, this year, east district government support for the civil affairs departments reconstruction project funds, the area of rural housing difficulties low-income housing reconstruction work as a project for the tangible things, to rebuild the house as the home town of rhyme 20 destitute villagers or reconstruction. From the start of the building to the acceptance of the new premises, the District, the town of two civil affairs departments throughout the supervision, to ensure that the government funds are used in the building, and now, these 20 villagers have been admitted to a new house.


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