Supervision of the province of swimming place health

Reporters from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission has learned that the province at all levels of health supervision agencies recently according to public health laws, regulations and standards, the area with artificial swimming pool business units to carry out key health management system implementation, testing project, laboratory test items for the content of the inspection work. From the inspection situation, 9 types of artificial swimming pool (currently the province no school, swimming places) can establish complete health archives management according to regulations; the establishment of health management department, with a full-time (Part-time) occupational health management staff; set up smoking alarm and sign language; according to the provisions of public health permit certificate, health credit degree and health inspection report; on the micro climate, air, water, noise, lighting, lighting, appliances for customers in accordance with the provisions of health inspection. Among them, 5 qualified, qualified rate of 56%. The results showed that the main problems existed in the water quality of the swimming places were the exceeding of the bacterial indexes. The next step, the province’s health inspection agencies at all levels will strengthen the health supervision and management of swimming places, strengthen the health knowledge and skills training of managers and employees, and effectively protect the health and safety of consumers.  

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