Xining Street catering industry special rectification action to end 3 units subject to heavy penalti

3 home catering unit is subject to severe fines

July 19th, the streets of the catering industry special rectification action to the Provincial Department of health supervision in Xining area is over, all kinds of health safety supervision group of the catering industry to carry out the investigation, ordered the 114 catering units rectification, small building, river Bei Kehai fresh people, Dongxiang Wanhua hand king of the serious problem of 3 restaurants the unit shall initiate, and give the health administrative fines totaling 5600 yuan.

supervision group in this special rectification action, the scene supervision and inspection of 212 catering units in Xining, where large catering units of 21, medium and small catering units of 191. Check on the health permit shows the system is not perfect, very few small catering units are extended, and beyond the scope of unlicensed illegal behavior, employees without a valid health certificates of illegal behavior, food and raw materials catering invoice, certificate, ledger records is not perfect, without changing the layout of production, no colddishes processing cold dishes, not health requirements and corresponding processing sites and other illegal activities in line with health dirty colddishes, on-site supervision personnel put forward rectification opinions, and issued 114 copies of the submissions supervision, and ordered rectification. At the same time, the disinfection effect of 4107 meal (drink) in the catering unit was tested.


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