ncrease food safety rectification efforts to ensure food safety and reliability

2012 in the first quarter, the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau to do a good job in the circulation of food safety consumption, to ensure that the general public and children’s physical and mental health in the first place. Positive publicity, pay close attention to norms, strict law enforcement, pay attention to actual effect, organize food safety special rectification activities, and constantly improve the level of food safety regulation and service quality, guide the majority of food business operators, law-abiding business integrity. According to the food safety supervision and management status, has organized the city’s primary and secondary food supermarket, around the campus food safety, direct selling enterprises selling food behavior and health care products franchise stores, imported wine market, the beer market special rectification work.
in the special rectification, inspection of food operating 7367 households, the total coverage of about 73%. Illegal business of food business households 3, expired food seized 1340 bags (bottle), 236 health food box, no Chinese identified 78 imported wine bottles, unqualified "red zone" 8400 bottles of beer. Under the administrative guidance proposal and rectification notice 78 copies, 33 households to help establish a sound cable card into the ticket sales and accounting system, guide the 8 large and medium-sized food supermarket and food wholesale business households established electronic traceability system.
by carrying out special rectification activities, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses and consumer safety, enhance the safety of business operators operating in good faith, a sense of responsibility. In order to maintain social harmony and stability, to create a safe food consumption environment, and protect the broad masses of the people’s physical and mental health and life safety has played a positive role.


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