Datong County Civil Affairs propaganda month successfully concluded

for a month to the heart of the social difficulties groups, efforts to build a harmonious chase as the theme of the civil affairs propaganda month successfully concluded. During the Publicity Month activities, invited the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the leadership of the four major groups to participate in the promotion of the activities of the month to start the ceremony, carried out in order to promote the work of civil literature and television performances. A month to carry out the activities are: first, the production of 23 civil affairs exhibition, in the County Cultural Square to the community a comprehensive display of civil affairs in recent years, civil affairs related policies and regulations and work processes. Two is combined with August army day to carry out condolences to the County military and police activities, has stationed in the county of 96361 troops, county fire squadron and armed police squadron condolences. Three families of poor families in urban and rural areas were given temporary living assistance, relief funds issued 152 thousand and 500 yuan in 213. Four is the poor college students in Datong County launched an educational assistance, each gave a loan of $2000, a total of 522 thousand yuan of funds issued by the government of the people’s Republic of China, a total of $261. Five is the township of disaster information and disaster relief volunteer team were trained. The six is to conduct extensive publicity to civil policies and procedures, making home business work in the exhibition County Cultural Square, Civil Affairs issued brochures, community construction and village affairs brochure a total of more than 300 copies of the civil work of a comprehensive publicity.

based on the civil work of the comprehensive publicity, let the masses to further understand the civil work, interpretation of policies, publicity business, marketing experience, reflect the problems, communication, urge us to work, to establish a good image of the Department of civil affairs, civil affairs has an important significance to speed up the pace of social development.


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