Hao Peng stressed in Xining research efforts to promote urban transportation and other key projects

October 9th, governor Hao Peng in the Xining area of the south ring highway, Cao Jiabao international logistics bonded center and other key projects. He stressed the need to go all out to speed up the progress of the project, to ensure the completion of the project put into operation.

despite the late autumn, the chill blowing, but from outside to the Huangyuan gorge Xiakou, from Nanchuan in Beichuan, the focus of Xining transportation construction project on the site of a hot. In the morning, Hao Peng came to Xining South Ring Highway caojiabao interchange bridge, Nanchuan bridge, Huangshui River Bridge, the Lake District North District Menyuan road relocation area, a detailed understanding of the north-south high-speed rail project, network link project, road construction, public transit network optimization etc.. Hao Peng pointed out that the construction and optimization of urban traffic, ease traffic congestion, is the inevitable requirement of urban development, is an important part of improving people’s livelihood. To the system of planning, tackling the problem, accelerate the traffic pattern of the construction of Xining "outer ring network", promote the overall development of urban public transport, create intelligent traffic information construction, construction of parking facilities and traffic management, effectively alleviate the problem of traffic congestion, improve the city traffic capacity, strengthen the regional hub of the leading and supporting roles, "for Xining, the service of the province to provide strong transportation security.

in the airport economic zone caojiabao international bonded logistics center, Hao Peng inspected the progress of the project. He pointed out that caojiabao international bonded logistics center is the first special customs bonded supervision places to declare the construction of our province, built and put into operation as soon as possible, for the province to expand opening up, into the Silk Road Economic Belt, undertake international industrial transfer, promote is of special significance of open economy construction. The relevant departments, regions and enterprises should cooperate closely to form a cohesive force, in strict accordance with the time node inverted construction, accelerate the construction progress, to ensure that the year built and achieve closed operating conditions, will create caojiabao international bonded logistics center has become an important platform of open economy development in our province as soon as possible.Wang Xiao, Gao Hua, Han Jianhua

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