Volunteer service in the city four of the 100 elected start

The day before, the reporter learned from the municipal civilization office, the central civilization office to carry out publicity and selection of 100 of the most beautiful, the best 100 volunteer volunteer service program, the 100 best volunteer service organization, the 100 most beautiful volunteer community volunteer services such as "four 100" advanced typical activities in the organization. In accordance with the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial civilization office arrangements, from now until December, the city started volunteering four 100 propaganda and selection work.

it is reported that the most recommended volunteers must be in line with the formal registration, and long-term active participation in voluntary service activities, with the necessary expertise and ability to participate in volunteer service activities. Recommend the best volunteer service project activities shall comply with the steady implementation of the project, more than 1 years (including 1 years), the number of participants has a certain universality, the principle of registered volunteers involved in the project is not less than 20; a positive demonstration effect, which guide the public, in accordance with the actual conditions and the needs of society have to be copied, and in the province to promote conditions and value etc.. Recommend the best volunteer service organization shall comply with the established 2 years (including 2 years) above the legal voluntary service organizations, without any bad record, strong credibility; the number of registered volunteers on the principle of not less than 20 (the number of registered volunteers volunteer service organization of the most outstanding performance of the special low not less than 10 people) and other conditions. The most recommended voluntary service community must comply with the spirit of volunteerism, community volunteer service atmosphere, the number of registered volunteers accounted for the proportion of the community resident population of not less than 10%.

the selection process is divided into the organization of merit selection, focusing on the selection and release of advanced typical three stages. The County Office of civilization and municipal organs of work on the basis of the selection of layers on the basis of the proposed recommendations to the municipal civilization. December 5th to 20, the organizing committee will recommend broadcast in the main site of various departments throughout the project, the candidate, the candidate candidate and the candidate list of community organization and brief introduction, then, the public can vote online to. In late December, the National Organizing Committee will organize the review committee, refer to the online voting situation, from the list of recommendations to select the four list of recommendations, and in the main website of China civilization network publicity.


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