Supervision of the State Council inspection team to implement the minimum living security policy in

recently, the State Council sent inspection teams to supervise the implementation of the minimum living security policy research. During the period, governor Hao Peng met with the inspection team leader, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs palace Po light line, the provincial Party committee, deputy governor Wang Xiao on the urban and rural work in our province in recent years and the implementation of the State Council of China issued 45 documents for the report.

meeting, Hao Peng, on behalf of the provincial government of the inspection team to inspect and guide the work of the green welcome, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the Ministry of civil affairs to give special care and understanding of Qinghai expressed gratitude. Hao Peng said that in recent years, in the help of the state and our province to "finance" to do "people’s livelihood", gradually increase the efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, urban and rural minimum living security basically Yingbaojinbao, established a security standard dynamic adjustment mechanism, improve the funds safeguard mechanism. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the policy, the urban and rural work effectively advance. On this basis, the province of the minimum information management system, the construction of grassroots power management agencies, such as the deployment of work. Hope that the inspection team and his party to strengthen the guidance and suggestions to help further improve the work of urban and rural minimum living security in Qinghai.

in the inspection group listened to Xining City, the Hainan state government and the relevant departments of the 4 counties, and further east, Datong, Guide, Republic of (city and district) 9 townships (town, street) a detailed understanding of the urban and rural work in our province, in November 9th in Xining to listen to the provincial government on topics implement the work report in Document No. 45. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao pointed out in the report, the Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to the work of urban and rural residents, the No. 45 document issued after the province party committees and governments at all levels and the relevant departments to act quickly, to study and implement the spirit of the document as an important measure to protect and improve people’s livelihood, careful arrangements, implement the plan, through the introduction of to implement the views, increase capital investment, improve rules and regulations, strengthen supervision and inspection, to establish verification mechanisms, strengthen capacity building and other measures, the province’s urban and rural work has achieved positive results. Next, Qinghai will further strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen accountability, a good grasp of the mechanism to build a solid foundation for the work, to ensure the implementation of the minimum living security policy.

Gong Po light subsistence allowances for urban and rural areas of our province work achievements fully affirmed, he pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Qinghai provincial government and relevant departments to earnestly perform their duties, attaches great importance to the ideological attitude, initiative, resolute action, has achieved remarkable results. In the improvement of policy measures, standardized operation management, improve the level of protection, strengthen capacity-building and other aspects have achieved remarkable results, and accumulated a lot of fresh experience, some work in the forefront of the country. He wants Qinghai to further strengthen the standardized management of the system, the full implementation of the minimum living security policy in urban and rural areas, strengthening grassroots capacity building, strengthen rural funds supervision, promote Qinghai residents work to a new level.


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