A small card to let Duan Zhaoliang shop business

can be said that in order to allow the business of the shop can be hot up, and now many shopkeepers are constantly thinking about the business strategy, and for Duan Zhaoliang, he was taking out some small cards. Let me think of printing, issuing convenience cards due to an accident. One day last May, I went to a restaurant with a couple of friends. Before leaving, the hotel waiter gave each of us a card with the hotel’s telephone, address, main features and service types. More important is on the back of the card, there is a line of bold caught my attention: this shop invite customers recommend, recommend the menu and order rate reached 30%, with exquisite gifts.

I was inspired by the small card at the

hotel. So, I also printed more than and 500 convenience service card, printed on their own store address, telephone, the main business of goods. And promised that no matter how much shopping will be door-to-door. As long as the customer enters the shop, I will send a small card. The transmission of the card is very popular with the customers, especially for the middle aged and old customers. Or because of their hands and feet inconvenience, or because of housework, as long as the card on the phone a few waves, I will arrange for the customer to the goods needed to send home.

little card also saved the rich District Zhang aunt’s life! Aunt Zhang is an old customer in my shop. Son working in Beijing, his daughter married to the countryside, usually Zhang uncle and aunt zhang. Uncle Zhang has a chess hobby, usually as long as the weather is good for playing chess players would go to the park. Aunt Zhang is not very well, suffering from high blood pressure disease. On this day, Zhang aunt felt half of the body numb, talking mouth does not listen.

Zhang Aunt Zhang uncle’s phone call, but the old man did not pick up the moon. In desperation, Zhang aunt dialed the phone on my card. Zhang received a phone call, I let my wife keep shop, he immediately called the county hospital 120 emergency telephone, and then ride the electric car went to the big home. Soon 120 ambulance came, Zhang aunt was sent to the hospital in time, I went to the park to find uncle zhang. A week later, Zhang aunt rehabilitation home, Zhang uncle came to the shop to thank me.

Zhang uncle holding a small card in my store, said this is a life-saving card! You are a great benefactor to our family. Zhang uncle said that people say, I shop in a small card to help things, many families have the old man’s customers are also dedicated to my shop to shopping, to a convenience card, in case of unexpected needs. For a time, I shop, customers are crowded. Soon, the small card in my shop was finished, I quickly printed a batch.

tasted the sweetness of my little card, and Strike while the iron is hot. printed a batch of birthday cards. Because I have to the store shopping consumer registration, every time I meet old customers a few days ago, I will send a birthday card, and promised to rely on a birthday card to my business

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