What is the successful opening of a small noodle shop business

do not look at a small noodle shop, if properly managed, to earn huge wealth but very easy and simple things. For this reason, will attract so many entrepreneurs to open a noodle shop. However, the small noodle shop if you want to succeed in business, it is necessary to master a certain business. So, the success of a small noodle shop business is what?

"I was doing the project, sometimes time very much, just think about the work of investment more than a little business, he is a man of Shanxi, especially to eat noodles, a lot of market investigation, back home and asked several master after that year in Beijing near Haidian District on the opening of the Shanxi Museum", the Song Dynasty brother recalled snapadoo state, but did not guess within a year ten daleshuipiao. Smoking experience.

"write downstairs, no one to eat noodles?"

song brother studied traffic on nearby, and nearby residents, rented a more than and 300 square meter shop ready to open a noodle shop, consultation and the landlord, to pay a rent for half a year, after less than 1 months of renovation, spend about 150 thousand of the renovation costs before this store don’t open a restaurant, place to change a lot, "Song brother explained. Gas pipeline, etc. need to be set up, if it is to take over the transfer of other restaurants, renovation costs will be lower.

shop before the song brother confidence, the store is near the office building, and the residential community, the flow of people, the thought that "business is not bad to go", but since the museum opened, business has been tepid, barely lasted less than 1 years, will be the 200 thousand song brother the transfer price of the yuan, count and later got a transfer fee, how many have lost a little."

later song brother so reflection:

near the office, software park gathered, the community is living in recent years, the new community. Work in and out of the vicinity, as well as the majority of people living in the majority of young people. Eating habits in order to fast food, Chinese food based, not interested in eating food. So the most important thing is to open the site."

chance, let the song brother find a good address, a mature people gathered to barbecue shop owner opened half a dollar, the business just passable here, after the song brother and the barbecue shop owner agreed to hundreds of thousands of transfer fee took over this store opened their noodle shop.

later heard that the barbecue shop owner to find a store near the East Fourth Ring Road four bridge, will own the barbecue shop renamed "China World Trade Center roast wings", business is done fast, of course, this is something.

song brother prompted these details


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