Personal webmaster must keep in mind the four classic

1. People who are in charge of the trend are sure to master money. (Bill. Gates)

comment: Bill Gates. Ronin has become the world’s richest man, because he found the personal computer application is the biggest future trend. With the number of Internet users more and more, the speed is faster and faster, shopping on the Internet and find information more convenient, the popularity of e-commerce is bound to be one of the biggest future trend, individual stationmaster seize this trend and try to make a feature, you can master the money


two, who helps others earn money, can make more money! (Ma Yun)


comments: Ma said that Alibaba can help the China SMEs to make money, the Alibaba will be able to earn a lot of money. Then we individual webmaster also can think of some ways to help people to make money or to help enterprises to make money platform, that finally earned most probably is yourself!


three, as long as the acme of perfection, everything comes in! (Google)

comments: This ronin love quotes Google very much! Do not the best, only better, by all means to achieve the ultimate, and the quality of a habit, make individual stationmaster lifelong benefit will be


four, insist on doing the right thing! (nine days ronin)

comment: some people insist ronin, but not necessarily correct! You are right, but not insist! As personal webmaster, first of all to strengthen things "correct" judgment, once identified is correct, then go forward to go, will see the sunshine one day in the future. Come on, let’s go on with the right things together, correct the wrong things to the right and stick to it, and you’ll find that what you do is getting more and more right.

note: This article from the air ( station nine days ronin original submission, please indicate the source.

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