Adsense mentality is the most important profit is next

NetEase in May released "China personal webmaster survival survey report" shows that the overall development of individual stationmaster is good, 60% of the owners to achieve profitability, but also has 40% of the owners do not have real profit. Similarly, the report also accurate analysis on the profitability of owners, the electronic commerce website member service fee and charge become the main profit model, thus the webmaster, because of the economic downturn, the advertising revenue in the webmaster profit model in the proportion is smaller. To seek long-term new profit model is not an easy thing, so webmaster nets satisfied that the webmaster do first to adjust our attitude, earnings should be placed in a secondary position, only to fight a protracted stand ready to long-term profitability and healthy development of the website.

It is also easy to say

to a webmaster said. It is easy to say because now CMS has been very mature, all kinds of templates and open source code, want a webmaster, you only need to register a domain name right, buy a suitable space, and then hang a program, you can do a simple website. Say it is difficult, difficult in how to make the website bigger, how profitable. Earnings for the webmaster, is the survival of the fundamental, can not profit, also lost to do station significance.

but profit is not something you can talk about. Many webmaster do website for more than a year, twenty-four hours a day at the computer keep constantly update a website, but a There are plenty of people who earn only a hundred thousand. And some stationmaster did not see how hard it is updated, the time that the website does is not long also, but monthly income is tens of thousands, even more also many. What is the reason for this? I think there are technical and environmental reasons, but the key is still a good attitude. You can’t complain, also cannot be attributed to their limited capacity, these can be overcome by the effort, the key is to straighten out his own mind to do stand.

a classic example of a psychology teacher his students to a dark room, there is a narrow wooden bridge in this room, the teacher guides his students through the wooden bridge. As they walked along, the teacher opened a lamp in the room, and the students found out that the bridge was a pond full of poisonous snakes. The teacher again asked them to cross the bridge. A few students were full of fear and hesitated, and at last they walked across the bridge very difficultly. Then the teacher opened all the lights in the room and found that there was a protective net underneath. The teacher asked, "who else would like to go further?" when all the students responded enthusiastically and passed the bridge smoothly.

from this story we can see, do stand like the wooden bridge, while the bridge of the snake like to do all kinds of difficulties in the choice of standing face, the face of these, you will have a fear, be afraid of walking. This mentality will make you unable to use your abilities and open your mind. Only when you regain your peace of mind can you exert yourself

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