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with the rapid development of Internet in China, increasing the number of Internet Chinese, Beijing in April 23, (von Xiao Fang, Zhou Dandan) 23 reporter learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology, as of February, the number of Internet users in China reached 221 million people, more than the United States in the world first. At the end of 2007, the figure was 210 million.

everyone who wants to do something in the Internet can think of: China’s network prospects and "money king" have unlimited space for development. This stage of development in China confusion network, personal station friends choose to like me, please recognize the overall situation, should be to do stand in the end! But in the face of China network, such a good opportunity, personal webmaster should be how to gain a foothold, from 10 million personal website Rick talent shows itself? How to innovate the personal website


according to the second China Internet community survey shows that at present 27.7% of the community webmaster no income, only 1% of the network community webmaster income of more than 240 thousand. Thus, the majority of personal Adsense lack of income sources, and even many personal websites facing operating costs pressures. How does individual website gain? How to walk commercialize? Do website still have an opportunity now?

?Dai Zhikang, President of

Comsenz, said that the opportunities for the present era are bound to be many, because the Internet is transformed by a small number of toys into the tools of most people, thus creating many applications.

said that the traditional model allows for new growth opportunities through innovation, whether it’s YAHOO’s door model or Google keyword search, and YouTube’s sharing model.

of course, site commercial operations are facing many difficulties, how to overcome many difficulties in the development of the website, Dai Zhikang to share with you three points: first, personal website content, services and technical characteristics are unique? Is the site of the core; second, whether the innovation of personal website model has value innovation in order to win? Third, personal website; commercial operation of the company, whether there is a perfect management system? Advanced management concept to make enterprises in an invincible position.

according to the experience of other stations, we should change our ideas from the past. Specifically, there are the following points:

1 site positioning. In this regard, we have discussed more in the past, and I do not make a specific description here.

2 change ideas and integrate resources. This is a very important, very critical question. Here, I would like to share some of my personal views with you, and please give us your valuable suggestions.

the idea of opportunity. Opportunity is a conscious search and discovery. It does not mean to fall into the upper body of a person waiting for opportunities, so there is no need to complain about anyone. He can only complain that he does not have enough thoughts. And I like many webmaster may think that their Born Under A Bad Sign, self hate "

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