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Supervisor: Car Dade, former NetEase LOFTER operations director, Ali operation expert

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The rise of

pictures social

LOFTER is a light blogging product launched by NetEase in 2012. It has experienced great events from PC to mobile, and witnessed the prosperity and loss of light blogging. Over the last three years or so, LOFTER has been changing.

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in Apple’s official website, and application of LOFTER in the same position is recommended by instagram, LOFTER and instagram is that Apple believes the same types of products, pay attention to early LOFTER buddies and we all know, is tabelog, little, Sina and other products, to be defined as light blog.

these years, LOFTER has been transformed, we abandoned the original advantage in the PC side, to create a brand new mobile terminal products. LOFTER is now 4 times more mobile than PC. Our position has shifted from blogging to picture social networking.

I can’t say how successful LOFTER transformation, as a rapidly growing product now, this conclusion is a bit too hasty, so I just share some experiences and lessons since that sum up by LOFEtr. If you want to get involved in UGC pictures, social products, too, may help you avoid detours.

what is social picture,


we can hear from all over the Internet media from time to time on which cutting-edge pictures of social products, we seem to be familiar with the word. But if you ask again what exactly the definition of social image is, I’m afraid few people can give you the right answers from the letter.

the word "social" is like a familiar stranger, and even a lot of people question pictures. Socializing is a false proposition. This question, I also constantly ask myself, I Baidu encyclopedia pictures social word, and the result, it does not give me the answer.

whether or not picture socialization is a false proposition, we must try to question the subject in order to continue to explore the truth in this field.

and I share my superficial understanding, although I can’t give an absolute definition, but I try to picture will be arranged social, the abstract concept into a specific image. In my mind, the so-called picture social products fall into three categories, and the core values they give users are quite different.

photo social to provide users with 3 core values

, from the user’s point of view, I divide them into three camps: information filtering, social interaction and content production.

information filtering


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