CN domain name is egg or chicken bones

CN started from 1 yuan of registered domain names registered last year, the volume of domain name crazy rise, second years to add a yuan, and one yuan of registered activities.

I was the domain name registration activities mixed minded, leaving a total of nearly 10 thousand dollars in July 2008, in the face of the expiring CN domain name, I don’t know whether to lose or should renew. I am in the era of Internet, beautiful orange, new network agent 5B, resources, Eastern Ruipu (basically collapse) and many other organizations registered a domain name, including Chinese registered domain name, domain name

cnWhat is your domain name

CN, egg or chicken bones? Because when I registered is food, do not choose institutions, do not know what domain name trading rules. Not even think of the back can not transfer.

is not easy to have a liking for me a millet, two people talked about the sale of the time, I consulted my registrar registrar, domain name can be changed before the free transfer of attitude, asked me to fill in a form, and mail to his superior management department. I don’t know whether I was cheated or not, but my domain name can’t be sold. I learned about the change of the Registrar of domain names, a larger domestic domain name registration institutions, they gave me the argument is that CN domain name registrant must be an enterprise legal person, the recipient must also be an enterprise legal person. Both parties shall sign and seal the domain name transfer agreement before they can transfer their shares.

I’m silly, I registered the domain name even the sale rights are not only on their own, so here to rot. Look at themselves this year to register a domain, my money has become a symbol of the end of the Internet! Who can tell me how to give back, why I registered but not let me deal, don’t let me make money. The CN domain name, I think you are chicken bones, I’m not going to renew, when is your a lesson.

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