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pet community to the traditional model of BBS+ mall, emphasizing product sales. EMU zoo is the main emphasis of the social atmosphere of the community, first of all to meet user demand for photographs. EMU zoo website was founded in early 2008, a group of animal enthusiasts to edit and maintenance, one of the earliest independent blog for China pet theme, to collect and translate interesting pet stories and maintenance knowledge. By the end of 2012, officially transformed into a pet community.

currently has 20 thousand users and 15 thousand PV and 3000 UV access. Founder of the ball (@underone) was Sina, China network, Sohu and other companies game product manager, resigned in 2013, officially launched. Originated from the blog period, the founding team of 4 people is now living in Beijing.


company is to digest 1 million yuan angel investment, and hope to obtain new financing 5 million yuan, R & D personnel to solve new business expansion project, cross industry cooperation and marketing and other aspects of the problem.

new things,

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EMU is very high quality independent blog, as now translated all kinds of information Fried Eggs, the difference is it special attention to various animal related anecdotes. The news team still exists in the revised "new things" plate, you can point in to see what their article was like.

in 2009, because a named "cat" Japanese adorable cat, EMU zoo manuscript was reproduced, really was a fire for a while. It is said that in those days, the one-day visit was as high as 200 thousand, so that the server was overwhelmed.

The year of

, Underone is also a WordPress theme designer, but I have been difficult to find that EMU zoo shots, this is his personal blog. (source: Mochizuki blog)

blog is generally updated with the spare time, energy can not be guaranteed, and advertising a meager income is not enough to turn this into a full-time job, sometimes have their own money to subsidize the cost of the server. Most of the personal blogs that emerged at that time ended up updating. In the era of the blog zoo is the biggest blow EMU shield Taobao back links, and started to prevent diversion, guide website development. We know that such a process to promote the "beautiful" and "mogujie.com" has been transformed into proprietary electronic business platform. And meatballs do not want to simply give up this project, so in 2012 or so from the blog transformation into the community.

first, in order to let your pet community and other similar sites differ, balls have tried pet medical consultation plate, line activities and other functions, and finally decided to site the initial positioning function for the camera and the sun shine. At present the main functions of the website is to "see", to encourage users to communicate with each other through drying out as to promote pet adorable (do not want to simply develop dating features and has become a street street.

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