Website is easy to do concentration is difficult to manage

now live website is very simple, basically as long as this man is not stupid basically can make a website. And whether, short time webmaster flood, a person on hand a few stops, I thought to myself, you are really ray. Another company focus on a website, a person you do some busy? Can be focused on? Although I PR website is not high, the weight is not high. But if you put me on a friendship link, I’ll see that the other party is sending a bunch of web addresses for me to pick, and I don’t trade with him any more. Why, I think he is not timely attention, some web site PR high is also very likely to cheat! Imagine, not a successful personal website, who can do more than 3 sites can do very well! The result is that 3 stations are not what to do, not quality.

I also like to do site work, so I made a game station, mainly used to promote the game. I was ashamed of writing it myself to put it into use. It took me about a year. But I’m still not happy with my game station, so many things need to be changed. I also thought of switching to other websites during the period. But think about the energy. A station of the program optimization, experience optimization, I just barely can handle, and besides, there are promotional things, plus long indefinitely update content, energy is really not enough. So I’ve been concentrating on making a game promotion station, and now it’s a small success, and Baidu is doing well. In the same kind of website can also be considered in the upper level. Can only do that I think a person can do very tired, although every day now only need 2-3 hours of work can fix web of things, but to improve the development and experience of the following sites, every day I would like to sleep in! In the promotion is struggling meditation. So, let’s see, just one station makes me like this. I don’t know which comrades have lots of sites, and how do they do it?. Can they conceive of the future of their own station,


has to concentrate on everything. If you think other people’s QQ stand good, do QQ station, other people’s picture station strong in doing a picture station, I think it is difficult to develop, of course, those running flow earn money SEO master can be excluded. But you know they are in the promotion of the same has been very dedicated! If we really do stand, should be the main focus on what he thought was a valuable work on the site, do not believe should at least do chop and change! The same industry medium station! Personal point of view,

pure nonsense!

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