Survival and development of garbage station

1. The reason for the garbage station

believe that every webmaster friends all know there is a garbage station, because the search engine is still some mechanical, after all it is not so intelligent human machine, in fact, even if is the brain, sometimes wrong when. Another important reason is that the quality of Internet users in China is generally not high, and most Internet users rely too much on search engines.

, for a simple example, my roommate will go to Sina to watch military news. What will he do? First, open Baidu and enter sina". The second step, and then open Sina home page. Then, find Sina’s Military Channel again. Therefore, the most common habit of the users in the dumpster gap can be drilled, take advantage of. This is to do a good job site Keywords: many webmaster more concerned about the ranking of keywords, talk about how to improve the keywords in search engines ranking.

two, garbage station survival status

therefore, to curry favor with search engines is what SEO has to do. In China, Baidu is the biggest source of traffic flow. So, big and small Chinese station, few not to follow a lead. Especially in the online discussion, Baidu is also included in the article, and how to optimize, and what techniques such as pseudo original, etc. information without showing position in Baidu webmaster China in mind. Now the network of rivers and lakes, the station’s entry threshold is more and more low, technically, the hardware is not too big problem, and then on the internal strength, software, but still can not get an effective solution. For the website construction, one of the biggest problems is original content. In this regard, forums and other websites can also be addressed by users. But some CMS class website, but have to rely on webmaster day and night hard to collect, or manually added.

because some people use the mouse in the Internet more times than those using the keyboard, so some CPC ad temptation has become the preferred hot spot. Lack of content, not afraid, can be collected. As a result, a large collection of websites made entirely of collections was born. Replication of resources, to some extent, is beneficial to the spread of the Internet, but this is by no means the essence of Internet sharing.

The most fundamental way for

is to produce, create, and produce new and valuable content. Then, for the garbage station, this is undoubtedly fatal. However, the garbage station SEO has done very badly, from the search engine to bring a lot of traffic, attracted a considerable number of IP, at the same time, it also makes the garbage station owners who get a lot of money in advertising or other income.

three, garbage station development trend

if the garbage station is "not repentant," it can gain some benefit in the short run, but it will not last long. If someone says, originally want to "shoot a gun for a place", do not consider what long-term interests. I have nothing to say. >

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