Qinghai Grand Theater trial business perfect end

the evening of September 10th, China’s famous Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the Qinghai Grand Theatre offer the audience a wonderful symphony performances, this is the last show 500 million yuan investment in the Qinghai theater after the completion of trial operation, the end of the trial business performance means it is about to begin operation. Provincial Party committee, Secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Department of the United Front Work Department Dorje Geltan, municipal committee, publicity minister, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, together with the masses of the people to enjoy the performance of the night with the fun of Wang Haihong. read more

Strengthen traffic management services urged school bus safety operation

according to the municipal Party committee and municipal government arrangements, Xining city traffic bureau from the actual traffic, how to play the advantages of the transportation industry, to ensure the safe operation of the school bus held a special meeting to study the deployment of specific work.

is transferred to the transport department, bureau of city yunguanchu backbone, attend the city bus management joint inspection group, conscientiously perform their duties, to complete the inspection task of governance. Requirements of Transportation inspectors to pay attention to the operational status of school bus in the normal law enforcement inspection, timely find and stop bus illegal operation. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of urban and rural planning to build a digital planning fine management plat

This year, the Urban Planning Bureau of Xining city to firmly establish the fine work concept, constantly strengthen innovation consciousness, innovation ability, the use of advanced modern management tools to build "digital planning" fine management platform, to promote the effective implementation of meticulous planning

this year, the Urban Planning Bureau of Xining city to firmly establish the fine work concept, constantly strengthen innovation consciousness, innovation ability, the use of advanced modern management tools to build "digital planning" fine management platform, to promote the effective implementation of meticulous planning. read more

Qinghai medical workers mutual protection scheme officially launched nearly 300 thousand employees t

June 30th, when Ma Shunqing, Cao Hong, and so on, the leadership of the province together to press the start of the ball, the provincial medical staff mutual protection plan officially launched in Qinghai.


staff hospital medical mutual protection of trade union organization to mobilize the masses of workers to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, mutual help, by means of economic and effective way of helping workers to get sick in hospital, get some subsidies in the enjoyment of basic medical insurance and other benefits, the important guarantee system and the activities of patients hospitalized to further reduce the economic burden of individual workers. Mutual protection of medical workers have a tiny bit of commercial color and profit to pay workers mutual protection a dime for all employees in need of help. read more

Suggestions for the development of the city’s reform and development

The afternoon of November 11th, Xining City, people outside the party will hold a briefing, informed the special Municipal United Front Work Conference, let non party people grasp the spirit of the meeting, the municipal Party committee jointly implement the relevant requirements, cohesion and strength, promote the development of. Su Rong, deputy secretary of the United Front Work Department presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

, we study and implement, implement the municipal united front work conference spirit, Su Rong pointed out that the democratic parties, non partisan, non-public economic and religious circles to study and implement the spirit of the meeting of the United Front Work Committee as an important task of the current and future periods, earnestly do well, reinforcement learning, clear objectives, the working conference of United Front Thought and action into the party spirit. To further study the spirit of the meeting, adhere to the correct processing consistency and diversity principle, in accordance with the China socialist political party requirements, strengthen democratic ideology, organization system, especially the construction of leadership, and constantly improve the ability to grasp the political, political ability, cooperation ability and ability to solve their own problems. read more

What do we learn from Mr


has a Communist Party, the more I think the more people miss – a simple discourse, a moving story, a moving music…… Actually, simple without China, but quietly touched your heart to your soul, cause you deep sympathy, reap your full touch, ignite the passion in your heart, close to your deepest dreams, inspire you to stream power.

who is this communist? What kind of simple words? What kind of moving story? What is the spectrum of moving music?

his name is tip, his simple words is "for the people", his moving story is "for the people", his moving music is "for the people". read more

Xining City East District condolences to the disabled

in May 12th, the twenty-fifth "National Day" is approaching, Chengdong district held a "focus on children with autism, towards a better future" in the Taining square garden theme of the campaign, the expression of the party and the government’s affection to the 14 thousand people with disabilities and their families.

at the event, the area of 70 families with poor families were concentrated condolences to the families of the payment of about $500 worth of sympathy and condolences. In addition, the district last year, 590 poor people with disabilities on the basis of assistive appliances, this year will be carried out in succession, the number of people with disabilities to benefit from poverty will exceed last year. It is understood that in recent years, the region has made considerable progress in the cause of the disabled, the disabled social security system and service system is improving. Through the implementation of the new rural cooperative medical care and the new rural social pension insurance, the rural disabled people into the social security system; through the development of 0 years old to 6 years of age, poor children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation, cataract project, mental illness medical assistance, "sunshine homes" planning, community rehabilitation and other activities, and constantly improve the system of the disabled services and greatly improve the life of disabled persons, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled. read more

The province’s courts from May 1st will be synchronized with the national implementation of the regi

April 27th, the Provincial Higher People’s court held the province’s court registration system reform will promote the deployment of the National People’s court in May 1st will be synchronized with the implementation of the registration system reform.

implementation of the registration system reform is one of the key tasks of system of judicial reform, to fully protect the litigation rights of the parties, from the system, the source to solve the strong masses of people filing difficult problem is very important. The high court to mobilize all police officers to unify their thinking, actively support and participate in the registration system reform, the people’s court should accept the case according to law, to ensure there will be the case, there will be complaints, in order to protect the right of litigants. Asked the courts to firmly grasp the content of the relevant provisions of the registration system, except in accordance with the provisions of the registration filing of the case, the court shall not carry out substantive review of the prosecution, as long as the conditions of admissibility of the case in accordance with the law, be registered. read more

Sea Lake District will become a new industrial agglomeration area pulling the western economic highl

Xining Lake New Area since the start of construction, concern. Newly built area of nearly 10 square kilometers, the current population of up to 80 thousand people. In February this year, the implementation of territorial management of the new Lake District social management, transferred to the West District of Xining city. May 5th, the reporter learned from the West District, West District will strive to create a new area of sea lake district gathered into emerging industries, has become a new bright spot of economic development in the west. read more

Qingming small holiday most of the fine weather

Today, Qingming holiday began, according to the provincial meteorological observatory of the latest weather forecast, the next three days most of the fine weather, the temperature rose.

several consecutive days of rainfall in cold weather, allow people to experience the taste of spring, in April 4th after the rain the sun to make people feel more comfortable. Around the temperature began to rise, monitoring data show that the same day, the eastern part of the province has picked up temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius, people also opened the plateau warm spring mode. read more