On the chain and how to distribute the content on the website in different periods

say that the content and the chain how much amount of

personally feel that the two are very important, see this sentence is certainly a lot of people say: this would you say, cheating is not important? It is important, the key lies in how you on the site in different periods to distinguish which, on which? I think the chain was more important than content, why now? Not before that wine is not afraid of deep alley era, there are in the front or edifice, other smell covered, where can spread so far? So early we advertise more products is more important, your products, content, other people can not see, the hair pulled calf, of course, if your content is willing to work hard to do it, it is still able to go way out, but it is very laborious, time-consuming. Outside chain is equivalent to the website advertising, in the early stage to increase the intersection for the site, whether it is the search engine or the user can have the opportunity to visit your site from this intersection, provide more intersection, more the number of search engines to climb, the more of the weights of the website promotion is relatively fast. read more

The page title in how many articles do

title; >

page title for ranking is still no matter for marketing is the key to the success of today, mainly to introduce in Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranking page title skills how many articles can be done

search engine page in order to improve the user experience, according to the actual situation from the title to intercept the corresponding content to show users, it will be different in different search engines. In the noble baby search results, the length of 64 bytes in the header information (i.e. 32 characters); only 56 bytes in Shanghai love search results (28 Chinese characters), beyond the scope of the content will be omitted. So we should pay attention to your title is too long and is omitted, because the title is long, pertinence is not strong, the weight of more dispersed, so our title should be streamlined, so that is more conducive to ranking. Of course, although the search engine will be omitted in the abstract information beyond that part of the content restrictions, but does not mean that the search engine will ignore its existence, only displays the information from the nearby search keywords to intercept. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 1000 sitemap limited authority sent

Sitemap administrator can easily notice what search for grab "engine on their website. The simplest form of Sitepmap is a XML file, which lists in the website URL and other metadata about each URL (URL of the other important degree of the last update time, change the frequency and relative to the website, etc.) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

on the sitemap access site, sitemap need to obtain permission in 30 days, if overdue, the authority will be recovered. read more

Through the site right down to see the essence of link may blame can not know

love Shanghai every update algorithm is not arbitrary, behind every time the announcement is a K station storm rise, this is no exception, but the K station is the main target of those pent cheating sites, do not know the link problem whether the webmaster friends in love Shanghai announced their algorithm to find the website, because some of the things work delay, to view the site in today’s rankings after the discovery of the site by the Shanghai love third fell in love in Shanghai eighth, I think this is the chain to blame. read more

On improving the site keywords ranking

The quality and frequency of updates

keyword appears and the density of keywords in the


analysis from this figure, the word Qingdao registered company density is 4.3%, ranking third. That is to say the keyword density, the ranking will become. Another aspect is the keyword appears position. In general, the title key position is in the front rank, the better. For the title, description, Keywords tag three respects, simple and clear is the most basic. For example, the A5 station network will be on the admin5贵族宝贝 website | webmaster webmaster information and service center of this title is very brief and clear, not more than 30 words, also highlights the theme of the site is the webmaster information and service center, we can learn good. Description and keywords to describe how the same theme, simple and elegant, this is the specificationmethod. read more

Love Shanghai official statement questioning love Shanghai there is no official authority


at the same time we are trying to restore the normal high priority site query service, we will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems, I am very sorry


6.22 and 6.28 love Shanghai official statement:

!Finally, we emphasize the All in the circle inside with vigour and vitality of everyone!Recently we

out of some conditions in the update process, resulting in site query syntax namely numerical site:xxx贵族宝贝 returns is allowed, most of the site site numerical query syntax and precise index dropped by dozens of times, please do not because site returns a value large decline caused panic and speculation, the syntax of the site value fell do not represent the true love is reflected in the reduction in Shanghai. read more

Love Shanghai update what’s wrong to kill many sites

There are a large number of acquisition or pseudo original web content

The Shanghai crackdown

love Shanghai has made it clear that this update is mainly aimed at the content of low quality of the site, so if your site is used by collecting or false original to increase the amount collected, then it may be blocked. But my website content is 90% of their original, there is a little published some friends reprint articles, but also after they reproduced the same.

site is bad

love big update is still very strong, I love the stars in several sites in this update has been affected, when my own website is affected, the first feeling is not likely to be blocked because of his love for Shanghai, the website is a little bit of doing it slowly, and what is not serious cheating. When you see their love Shanghai issued after the announcement, it is firm to his idea, love the Shanghai hit mainly the relatively low quality of website content website, and their website basically are original content, so it is not within the scope of the impact. Love Shanghai in the announcement of the final accuracy of the renewal of his views, first love Shanghai affirmed the strategy of the algorithm (no one will take the initiative to draw their own a slap in the face), but that may still have wrong kill phenomenon, and remind the webmaster friends, if found their website is wrong kill, can respond to complaints through the love of Shanghai. As for how to judge their own website is not to be loved in Shanghai killing, we can be analyzed by the following reasons. read more

The ideal and the reality of new Qingdao website optimization status

A check the website

In fact, The

A page design

website built, only a pair of empty shelves, this time not to worry, set up the meta label, to ensure that the home location has several keywords, find a few articles and pictures put up, the best is original.

search engine to see whether your site atmosphere is beautiful, but she can from the page design language of your judgment on your page with her habits. Further said that the user’s browsing habits, for example the function button position etc.. read more

How to operate the equipment manufacturing industry website

, a web site to determine the target, make a reasonable position for the site.

four, add Links module, a good relationship with the owners of the machinery and equipment company.

equipment manufacturing main target customer group website, including the equipment manufacturing industry manufacturers, trade manufacturers, agents and other e-commerce enterprises need to understand the students and scholars of national equipment manufacturing industry development. From the manufacturer’s point of view, need to understand and learn more of the equipment manufacturing technology, the national development plan, industry exhibition information, so the industry website should be reasonable and extensive collection of such information; as a manufacturer and trading company, the site should be as far as possible to provide a good platform for display, improve the visibility and online trading opportunities. So the location site features must be at the same time, a good balance between the two aspects. For example, the equipment manufacturing network, provides free advertising, brand enterprise promotion function, with industry owners can take a look. read more

The higher the weight of new sites included the site to increase

is due to second causes of the new content page is not the case, because the site outside the chain is not enough, rich enough to cause the search engine spiders not to crawl the website or is not included but we update the content. In the face of this problem there are two solutions: 1, increase the number and distribution of the chain, with high correlation with the website is better, the main approach is, BBS signature, Links portal, blog and other forms; 2, the use of total station high site links bait to attract spider crawling your latest web page: This is the focus of this article to explain things. read more