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, found the problem

found the problem is the need for certain stimulus will know what their own needs, such as we feel sick, feel the time is not competent for the work; there are some factors outside influence, a friend bought a car XX, browse the XX site when I see with their own good advertising, can we find ourselves to the needs of the present stage, we think if I have a demand, will think of ways to deal with the problems found and will not stop before. read more

Small Zhai share how to optimize web site chain

site map. Establish the site map, but at the same time, the site map submitted to the search engine, but the best site map link on the top of the home page, which is beneficial to the search engine on the web page to grab all.

if the pictures don’t understand to look back, here the picture content is home to all list page chain, chain home to some of the content page; list page chain to the home page, list page chain to the relevant content of the page; the content page chain to the home page, content page to chain related list page content page link to a partial list page. Here is to emphasize the time on the site to build the site layout are considered, or late to want to change, may have a great impact on your website. read more