The Glass photosphere easter egg every Android device should have

first_imgGoogle’s has a fun Easter Egg inside of Glass, leaving us to wonder why this isn’t a feature built into every Android phone and tablet.Like most of Google’s products, there’s something fun hidden in one of the Glass menus for you to smile at and show off to friends. While Glass is still very early days, with system level changes expected to be made every month based on the feedback from explorers, it is unlikely that this little gem will be going away anytime soon.If you navigate through the settings menu to the device info for Glass and try to look at the licenses stored on the device, you can tap your touch panel nine times and find yourself staring at a photosphere of the Glass team. Photospheres were a big part of the last Android release, but it would appear that Glass has a special feature that is not yet available even in the most current Nexus phone. With Glass on, you can view photospheres just by moving your head.On Android, and on the web, when you go to view a photosphere you just swipe around on the screen. You can zoom in where you like, and if you do nothing it animates itself, but you are otherwise stationary. When the Wii U gained the ability to view Google Earth locations and videos by moving the gamepad around instead of just standing still, it seemed like this would be coming to Android with some kind of software update.Now with Glass, you can rotate your head and body, and you can look around the photosphere in every direction. It has been strongly suggested that future versions of Glass OS will allow users to take photospheres, but that ability is currently not available to users. Based on what we’ve seen, the time it would take to capture a photosphere would likely consume a quarter of your total battery life in one shot, which may have something to do with why the feature is not currently available.For now, Glass is still very experimental, but things like this Easter Egg make it clear that there are big plans for Glass as the project moves forward. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY GEE2GEE2GEE3GEE4GEE5GEE6GEE7GEE8GEE9GEE10GEE11GEE12GEE13GEE14last_img read more